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Aamy Spears Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


No other choice than to go down

Aamy Spears, unbelievably cute, sexy young girl, with the most beautiful, tanned natural body seemed almost shy and definitely nervous when she first showed up but let me tell you, all that went away as soon as I had her under my control. As I always say, calm waters go deep and in Aamy's case, they go very deep. I can't tell you how exciting it was to watch her go from being sweet, innocent and shy to horny, submissive and very sexual. One of the things she told me about herself was that her orgasms are usually quiet which is something I would have never known if it was not for her telling me.

The way she went off once I took all her inhibitions away is more than exciting and believe me, there is nothing quiet about her orgasms at all. Aamy was born in Russia and although she moved to this country a while ago there is still a hint of an accent when she speaks and that my friends makes her even sexier. What else is there to say about Aamy? Well, she is certainly one of the sweetest girls I have met and it seems like there is a friendly smile on her face at all times which makes her quite irresistible particularly when you like the" Daddy's little girl" type of girl.

Aamy seemed already entranced throughout most of the balloon/floating hands test as her eyes stare into nothingness. Using the watch for the eye fixation was not even necessary but I decided to do it anyways so we can all enjoy her slow blinking eyelids during the closing process. Handheld close ups of her entire body during parts of the induction.

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Aamy Spears Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I have no more control

So much for quiet orgasms

This first segment after the initial induction already shows the intensity with which Aamy surrenders as soon as her inhibitions and will are removed. Her beautifully tanned young body starts to quiver and shake when she feels her legs helplessly spread apart while her hands are magically drawn between her legs. Unable to stop her hands from caressing her already wet clit, my little girl starts to moan and groan and the more I make her feel my control over her the more her moaning and groaning turns into lustful screams.

She keeps repeating, "I have no control" and her lustful screams become louder and more intense with every repetition. I keep driving her further up the wall until all she wants is to cum for me. Now it is time for her to learn that she has to obey and that being a good and obedient little girl for me is all she ever wanted. The intensity with which her young body quivers, particularly her legs, is indescribable. I had a feeling that Aamy loves to please and this segment proves that I was right. Finally she is allowed to cum for me, over and over until she screams "I never came like this ever", " I will learn to obey you".



Aamy Spears Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am here to be trained

Feel who makes you orgasm, feel that I am your master

Open eyed orgasms, intense mindless stares, yes masters, slow repetitions, screaming hard orgasms on command, Zombie/sleepwalking pose and deeply felt surrender. Aamy's beautiful eyes are focused on the watch in my hand as her mind is first captivated and then slowly removed. Her hands are helplessly forced to caress her wet pussy as she is ordered to keep her eyes wide open. I can feel that she is intensely turned on by the fact that she is not allowed to close her eyes which makes her feel vulnerable and exposed and that makes it very clear to her who is in control over her body and mind.

She starts calling me master without me having to mention it and that is, as we all know, a sign of surrender. Of course that is all just the warm up. I keep draining her thoughts and mind before making her orgasm on my count of three. Repeating, "I am a mindless slave" drives her over the edge while sending her into unknown bliss. Again, her young body quivers and shakes with an amazing intensity under my suggestions.

he more I force her the more she gets off and the more obedient she becomes. With her arms stretched out in front of her, our little girl learns that she is orgasmed by her master without even so much as being touched "I surrender, I am cumming for you master". More standing up masturbation and orgasms on command, finally leave her exhausted and empty as she just stands there staring into emptiness. Too many slow repetitions, screaming hard orgasms, mindless stares and excitement to mention it all.



Aamy Spears Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Thoughtless horny slave

I hear and I obey

More mantras, orgasm training, mind removal and the most intense orgasms of her life, drive her into unconditional surrender.

Our beautiful little girl is slowly turned into a mindless shell as she is starting to lose all strength in her body. Her eyes stare at me, her mouth opens and she drifts even deeper under my control "Slaves do not need thoughts nor mind". Her over and over repetitions of " I hear and I obey" become slower and slower as she drifts deeper and deeper. Now she is ordered to masturbate herself to orgasm while standing up and with one arm stretched out in front of her. Why did I chose this position? Well, Aamy has to learn that slaves do not have to be comfortable when pleasing their master. It is almost impossible to describe the intensity with which she brings herself to orgasm for me and watching her beautiful natural firm breast jiggle and bounce will make you hard. She keeps begging me to make her pleasing and every time she says it, it makes her feel even more aroused until it eventually makes her orgasm just by saying it. Now it is time to put her in the slave position on her knees as she screams "I am a mindless slave". Unexpectedly her hands and arms feel pulled up and tied to the ceiling. Helplessly strapped to the ceiling, she suddenly feels fucked and used. Again her body goes into lustful convulsions and it becomes more intense with every repetition of I am just a mindless slave. Now it is time to slowly remove the rest of her will and mind until she just sits there staring into the abyss. Empty and helpless, our little girl is taken through yet another round of mantras, screaming hard hands free orgasms until she completely surrenders to my will. I have no control over my body and mind.



Aamy Spears Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
The fucking machine

I can feel that Aamy is ready for her final surrender and all it takes is a bit more mind removal, some mantras, a fucking machine and a whole lot of intense breath controlled orgasms. Placed on the chair, Aamy is starting to feel the intense vibration and deep penetration of, what she believes to be, a fucking machine. It is amazing to watch her go nuts every time I set the machine to a higher and with that more powerful setting. Her young sexy little body quivers and shakes and her beautiful breast jiggle up and down as she gets more and more aroused. I decide to make her cum like never before.

Harder more intense and exhausting than any orgasm she has ever felt. I wish I could describe the intensity of her orgasm, her screaming and begging and her complete devotion to her master, better but I think you might just have to go ahead and watch the clip to see what I am trying to say here. Of course we are not quite done yet. Let's see how far our little girl can be pushed and how complete her surrender really is. Placed on her back and ordered to masturbate, Aamy finds out about the power of the breath controlled orgasm. What follows is a whole lot of screaming, repetitions like I surrender and there is only one master as well as eye checks and more.

Aamy is orgasmed until her sexy young body quiver a twitches to the last second as she loses all strength and energy in her entire body. Trying to describe the intensity of all this is really not quite possible but let me tell you, if you are into female training and complete, unconditional surrender, you are going to love this one. I always recommend to watch clip two through five together as they really are one segment which I unfortunately have to split up due to the size of this segment.



Aamy Spears Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
So you got a new watch, big deal

Aamy believes to be my girlfriend who found an old sex flick of mine while I was a work. I guess she could have lived with the fact that I have some porn movies but did it have to be a foot fetish movie? Disgusted by the whole foot fetish thing, she threatens to leave me which of course is something I just cannot allow. What can I do to keep her. Oh, I know, why not show her the new pocket watch I bought during my lunch hour. I have to say, at first she does not seem to be too impressed by it but slowly but surely she seems mesmerized by the shine object in front of her eyes and despite some attempts to take her eyes off, she sinks into deep mindless trance. Obsessed with her feet, my sexy young girlfriend starts to sensually touch her feet, show them off, slowly and seductively that is and she even demonstrates with the help of a vibrator how she would please me by giving me a foot job.

Aamy gets so turned on that her hands wander between her legs as I am very close to the bottoms of her little feet. Looks like it is time to reward my sexy yet mindless foot lover with an orgasm, don't you think. I decide to switch her to being my willing and quite aware foot slave who now loves to please and entice me with her sexy feet and legs. I can feel her getting intensely aroused again as her body (her legs in particular) starts to quiver like a leaf. My little girlfriend is so aroused by now that she just cannot stop what she is doing although she knows that she is doing something she absolutely did not think was anything she would ever do. Aamy is put back to sleep in the middle of a very intense marathon orgasm. Sorry about that honey.



Aamy Spears Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
You are not my type

Aamy, the hottest girl at school has asked me, her least favorite classmate, to help her with her homework. When I am saying here, her least favorite classmate, what I mean by that is that she makes it perfectly clear during our conversation that I am absolutely not her type what so ever. The snooty little girl keeps mentioning her boyfriend who is the captain of the basketball team. Oh well, it hurts a bit but what else is new. Anyway, at some point I just had it with the whole boyfriend talk, after all, she came to me for help. I tell her that I have something in my eye and that I need her to look at it and tell me what it is. Of course there is nothing wrong with my eyes, all I want is for her to look into my eyes which she reluctantly does. Big mistake. Mesmerized by my eyes Aamy sinks into a deep mindless trance and with that she is now ready to be trained to obey. With her arms stretched out in front of her my entranced slave repeats, I follow and I obey until it sinks deep into her subconscious. Of course there is the masturbation with a not so happy ending, the bowing and crawling, more repetitions, the stares and some hard and very intense orgasms as well as the yes masters, that make her a very obedient love slave.




Aamy Spears Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
What do you mean by attitude adjustment

Why am I naked

Up and awake again, Aamy seems completely confused and very nervous particularly about the fact that she is but naked. In fact she is so confused that she does not even realize that the clothes she is putting on are not hers. I guess, I have to admit that I put them there for her to put on while she was asleep. Anyway, confused and a bit embarrassed, she still does not seem to be all that interested in me. In fact she believes that I might have something to do with the whole being naked thing and all. Of course she is in no mood to play the "obedient robot" game, which of course is one of my favorites.

All of a sudden though it seems like she has a change of heart though as she suddenly snaps at attention with her arms in an almost ninety degree angle. Could it be that some hidden Post Hypnotic trigger caused her remarkable transformation into an obedient robot? Now it is time to program her while she is ordered to pleasure herself while standing up, which as we all know, is always a good time to make the programming more effective.

Aamy's cute little body quivers and shakes as she orgasms so hard that it almost makes her fall over. Of course there is a lot more programming, deactivation of her excising programs like her will as well as her human personality, many, many yes masters, slow and robotic repetition of my orders, salutations, stiff robot walk and so much more to come. Oh, maybe I should mention that before she is ordered to deactivate herself, our little girl is programmed to bring her sexy little girlfriends the next time she is summand so they can become obedient slaves as well.



Aamy Spears Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen, speechless and very helpless little school girl

Aamy seems so confused and embarrassed this time that she does not even seem to remember who I am. Could it be that she thinks I am Mr. Jackal and Mr. Hide. You will know what I mean by this once you watch this fun and very sensual freeze clip. Anyway, still not smart our little girl goes on and on about getting the hell out of here when she suddenly turns into a mindless statue. After playing with her for a bit, I decide to have her mind come back, at least for a while. Naturally, she seems confused about the fact that she cannot move and me taking of some of her clothes does not seem to help her what so ever. Well, at least I tried to help her.

Of course she does not think that an orgasm under these circumstances would do her any good but then again, she cums anyways, despite her futile attempts to suppress it. At some point, she seems so speechless about all this which makes me think that the best way to help her is to render her mindless by waving my hand in front of her eyes. Believe it or not, at some point she even enjoys being frozen and orgasmed but still, the need to get out of here is still there. Lots of freeze fun, yes no orgasms and a hell of a lot of confusion.



Aamy Spears Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
I am so so sorry

Aamy believes to be at her first photo shoot ever and it is understandable that she is very nervous about it. Given Aamy's level of experience when it comes to being in front of a camera the whole scenario is not farfetched at all. Anyway, my little girl tries her best to show me all those sexy poses but unfortunately for her, she seems to be plagued by a nasty itch which might be caused by her clothing. Of course she tries hard not to show her discomfort but that only goes so far. It almost seems like the itch is becoming worse and yes, taking off those itchy clothes might help but that is of course out of the question. The poor thing tries so hard not to take off her clothes but at some point she just cannot take it anymore. The second those dam itchy clothes are off our little girl is facing another problem which would be the sudden and quite unexpected orgasm. I am so so so sorry, I don't know....blablabla. BTW, the way she is trying to cover up the orgasm is worth seeing. I think it is time to put her to sleep for a while.



Aamy Spears Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
What's with the legs?

Our young and quite inexperienced model wakes up after a brief deepening and it seems she is very confused and very apologetic about being naked which she cannot explain or at least not in a way that would make sense. Of course, being the nice guy that I am, I help her through this awkward moment and now it is time to pose for the camera. Here again, Aamy tries hard to give me what I need but her legs seem to have a mind of their own and they seem to be doing the opposite of what I want her to do. For example, I tell her to stand up and her legs cross immediately which makes it impossible for her to get up, not to mention stand. Go see what else her legs come up with in order to sabotage her. After a very brief rest, Aamy comes back and now the situation has worsened. Not only are her legs not cooperating but now her hands seem to be under my control which really leaves her even more confused. I think she might have enjoyed all this a bit more if she could have just enjoyed the very intense orgasm at the end but unfortunately for her, she....



Aamy Spears Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
The importance of staying focused at all times

“I am a mindless shell”

Our sexy young model wakes up again confused and apologetic about her lack of focus, meaning the fact that she does not remember what just happened. I explain to her that it is very important to stay focused at the photo shoot. Aamy could not agree more and she promises to do better. Five seconds later, she just stands there as she stares mindlessly into blankness. She even takes off her dress when I tell her to do so without realizing it. Snapped out of it again she promises to do better and not "lose time" again. But as many of my girls, she promises too much. Mindless and empty, our young model just stands there with her dim eyes wide open. Let's do this again, shall we? This fun segment is all about a young girl going blank in many different ways.



Aamy Spears Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Please select any channel

It was a very special night for me, for the first time I was being treated to a home cooked dinner by my new date. I guess I was a little too anxious and showed up a bit too early. Aamy was preparing her special dish and is running about the apartment finishing up a few chores so she invited me to sit down and offered me some wine and was apologetic about the mess in the living room.

As I was walking towards the couch, I accidently stepped on what appeared to be some type of remote control. I was very embarrassed as I picked up the remote and attempted to quickly inspect the device and reassured her that I could easily fix it for her. However, I was quite surprised when I heard the panic in her voice as she begged me not to touch it! When I asked her what it was, she explained that it was the universal remote for her home theatre system and she was taking it to the electronic store to have it fixed”.

I continued to reassure her and told her that I knew what I was doing, but she was still watching me as if I was diffusing a bomb! I started to arbitrarily press buttons, to see if any are sticking. As I continued, she began to complaint “That really isn’t nec…nec…necessary its under warranty”. I insisted to examine the remote and noticed to my shock that she suddenly stood stiffly at attention.

Her left arm bends mechanically at the elbow with another squeeze of my thumb and then her head jerks left and right, her eyes blink rapidly and then stare off into space. She is quite ridged and a bit wobbly. “Hello I am AamyBot please select a channel, Any Channel”… Well needless to say; this is where I realized this was going to be a date I would never forget!

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