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Abby Paradise Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Your mind is mine

Abby P, incredibly adorable, sexy, horny, cute and smart young blond, is certainly one of those girls who love to explore new ways of getting high and when I say high here, I am talking about sexual heights. Playing with her (including her sexy young hard-body) was a whole lot of fun and teaching her a few new ways to reach those sexual heights was what this is all about. Of course I had to get her under control first and after that, it was just fun, fun, fun. Go ahead and see what I mean by all this.

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Abby Paradise Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Get to know your master

Abby's sexy young body is still limp and incapable of moving when I take my time to play with her, pick her up, remove her flip-flops, inspect her feet, check her empty eyes and so on. Slowly but surely though, her body starts to quiver under my suggestions. Her legs spread apart as if by force and I decide to tease her with the vibrator in my hand by holding it right on the tip of her clit. Our little girl starts to shake and now her hands feel (magically) drawn towards the vibrator.

My suggestion that her hands have a mind of their own and that they are starting to make her cum, without she having control over it, works like a charm. Now it is time for her to learn who her master is and that obedience is her only choice. Abby just stands there in front of me, her eyes seem to roll in the back of her head while her eye lids flicker when she slowly repeats, I am your controlled slave master. Let's drive her up the wall for lust again.



Abby Paradise Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Limp and Posed

It all starts with our little girl being driven close to orgasm before being put to sleeep. Now I can take my time to pose her, move and mess with her, check her beautiful tight little ass, fingers, eyes and, and, and. Sensual slow limp body manipulation. Of course towards the end, we have to make her feel helplessly aroused again by holding a vibrator on her clip while she is unable to wake up




Abby Paradise Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Zombified foot slave

Like the title says, Abby is trained to become an obedient foot slave before being placed in the zombie position. Of course she has to learn that posing her feet, spreading her toes, lick and kiss them and so on, is just the beginning. Placed on all for, she learns to please us by raising her sexy well taken care of feet (for better viewing), while masturbating herself to orgasm. Still just the beginning. Intense orgasm training, rolling eyes, and more. At some point, our little girl is dropped again into oblivion so that I can take my time to inspect her limp feet and....  




Abby Paradise Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I was born to serve you Master

Thank you for making me your object

Highlights : Slow repetition of mantras while in the zombie/sleepwalker position and or while turning in circles, entranced rolling eyes, mindless posing and or being mindlessly posed (by me) while in deep trance, kneeling, crawling and more



Abby Paradise Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Shake your butt

Three in one segment

Here we get to enjoy watching her being turned into a sexy yet cute little doll which has an on and off switch so that we can turn her off at some point and then pose her empty little doll body. Of course our doll can do a few other things as well but you will see that once you watch the clip

At the snap of my fingers, our dolly turns into a sexy and very playful kitten which loves her fun kitty toys (chase them) as well as a big portion of catnip.

Of course there is more like the sleeepy masturbation, her first breath controlled orgasm and limp body play at the end.




Abby Paradise Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Don't mess with the Tudor

Your mind becomes a sponge for my teachings

Looks like Abby, who seems so sweet at first can be quite the little shi... Here we get to believe that she is waiting for her Tudor, to finally make it to her house. Believe it or not but she gives the guy, who offered to help her for free, a hard time for being late. Guess who the Tudor is. Anyway, not only does she bitch about him being late, she also turns down his (well meant) offer to go for pizza afterwards. Oh well, you will see and hear her nasty comments once you watch this.

Anyway, the poor guy introduces her to new learning method which includes looking at his watch. I have a feeling you all know where this is going. Abby, at first reluctant, suddenly drifts under his, let's call it, spell. Time for her to learn a thing or two about obedience and servitude. Her training includes the repetition of mantras like, thank you for teaching me master, standing up masturbation on command, having to bend over while spreading her ass cheeks and so much more. Of course she is also frozen in place (right before she can orgasm) and made aware of her dilemma. Will she still be bitchy? Limp play




Abby Paradise Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Still not nice enough

Abby, who has no recollection of what just happened, wakes up and again, she complains about me (her Tudor) being late. Some people are just slow learners. Anyway, this time she freezes up in mid sentence and now she just sits there, dim and mindless while staring off into the distance. Let's see what happens when we make her aware of her, let's call it, misfortune. Just like I thought, she still complains. Me telling her that she is naked with her pussy wide open, does not help and or defuse the situation one bit. In fact, she gets even more upset when my (well meant) clumsy attempts to help her, do not seem to go anywhere. More to come, so go ahead and watch it. Limp play  




Abby Paradise Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
You can do anything to me

I could be your girlfriend, just.....

Abby is now made to believe that her Tudor is the best looking and hottest guy she ever met. Wow, what a change. All of a sudden, she seems head over heal in love/lust with the guy and nothing he says or does could possibly be wrong. Our little girl goes as far as offering him to fuck her from behind. Can you believe it. All that changes though when she freezes up (bend over with her pussy and ass wide open) and with that, comes to her senses. Now she remembers who I am. You got to watch this one, priceless comments and excuses. Wait until you see what happens when I hold that thrusting vibrator right on her wet pussy




Abby Paradise Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen foot slave

Abby, our formerly quite disobedient little schoolgirl has to learn that good little girls please their master with their feet whenever he desires so. Enjoy watching our little brat being "turned" into an obedient, crawling, foot kissing and sucking foot slave who loves to pose and entice her master. Of course we have to make her aware at some point (after freezing her in place again) just so we can listen to her confused comments. Needless to say, she does not quite believe me when I mentioned that I am using mind control to make her do all these things.


Abby Paradise Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Runaway Bride in distress

I have been disobedient, I need to be punished

Abby, our sexy Runaway bride, has no idea that she has been programmed already. Thinking that she can make it, she runs to her car and that is when it happens. The second she starts the engine, our disobedient little girl, fall into a deep trance. Unable to think and or do anything without being told what to do, she gets out of the car, raises her arms and walks back inside. Time for her attitude adjustment. Back inside (still with her arms raised in front of her) she is taken deeper yet and then programmed to strip, bend over and spread her ass cheeks and masturbate while her master spanks her tight ass. Needless to say, we get to enjoy watching her going deeper and deeper while rolling her eyes and finally being played with while limp and sleeepy. Eye checks  



Abby Paradise Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
The Nano-bot transmitter

Superheroines are impervious

After a brief deepening, our runaway bride wakes up and now she has no recollection of what just happened. All she remembers is getting into her car. Interestingly enough, she now believes to be a Superheroine and that I cannot touch her. Needless to say, my comment that she is nothing more than a fembot (with a program that makes her believe to be a Superheroine) and that there is something wrong with her programming, makes her feel quite upset.

Oh well, before she knows what hits her, she is hit and eventually flooded with Nano-bots, which take over her system. Robot Abby is ready to be used. Let's test her "cleaning lady" program and see how she handles the vacuum cleaner and some dusting before testing the "love slave" program and so much more.



Abby Paradise Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Final surrender

In her last segment, we make our runaway bride believe that she left my younger brother at the altar and that I am here to, let's call it, reprogram her into being a good little girl who does not do those kind of things to a man. Needless to say, she tries to talk her way out of it (really hilarious comments and lies) but that does not go too far. Enjoy watching her being frozen, turned into a dim minded (eye rolling) love slave, frozen again while aware of her helplessness, tickled out of nowhere and eventually being turned back into a robot. Bitching, excuses, confusion, mindless stares, yes masters and so much more



Abby Paradise Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
That stuff is worthless..worthle..

Frank is selling off his collection of fine jewelry to pay off his gambling debt to Guido the bookie. Guido has sent his assistant Abby to collect the debt - Abby arrives to collect the money but Frank tries his best to talk her into looking at the jewelry as an option - she is not interested, but after some convincing she humors Frank and begins to look over and examine the jewelry, She is not impressed, and warns Frank that if Guido does not get the money he is not going to like the outcome. Abby tells Frank that the jewelry is worthless - and might be worth something in jewelry store but not at a pawn shop!

Frank asks her to try on a special necklace - as soon as she puts on the necklace - she begins to glitch and starts to malfunction. After reprogramming her, she begins to seduce Frank thinking he is Guido her boss/owner. She makes comments that the jewelry is exquisite and worth a lot of money...and we may be to work something out...back to jewelry is junk and worthless and worth nothing at the pawn shop...Find out what happens to our sexy Dept collector


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