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Addie Juniper Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


Struggling hands and flickering eyelids lead to bliss

Addie Juniper, sexy, horny and very curious young girl with a fun loving attitude, wasn't quite sure about how submissive she really was. The first thing she told me was that she liked to be controlled but that she also liked to control how much she is controlled. Does that make sense? Absolutely, many subjects are dying to find out what it would feel like to let go and to just feel, but they also have never had the courage to actually let it happen. I had a feeling that Addie's deep hidden desire to just let go and to experience something she never thought was even possible, was stronger than her fear of letting herself fall under someone else's control. Turned out I was right and although it was not always easy, our afternoon turned into an amazing experience for both of us and hopefully for you as well.

I noticed right away during the balloon/magnetic hands that Addie was struggling to open her hands and to pull them back down but the harder she tried the more they seemed to be stuck. I let her try as hard as she could until her fingers started to turn red from the pressure. The relaxation part has lots of flickering eyelids and yet another impossible attempt to keep the eyes open.

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Addie Juniper Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
To follow and obey is good for me

The first thing Addie learns is that it is good for her to follow and obey me. Her beautiful young body feels helplessly immobilized, her legs are pushed apart and her pleasure center is mercilessly licked and fucked. It does not take long and she finds out that she has no choice but to fall under my control. Her body is shivering like a leaf and I keep encouraging her to fight it. She is trying to free her immobilized body and to control what is going on between her legs but the harder she tries the harder she feels it. It is obvious that the intensity is driving her insane for lust and that her surrender into bliss is immanent. She starts begging me to let her cum and repeats: “To follow and obey is good for me." Of course she has to wait for some time which makes her feel even more controlled and helpless and only when her tight body goes into convulsions is she allowed to cum and cum and...



Addie Juniper Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
To be obedient makes me feel good

Addie is ordered to remove her panties and as soon as her wet pussy is bare her hands are magically pulled between her legs. Unable to stop her hands from pleasuring her clit, Addie is again driven up the wall. With her big dark eyes staring at me, she is now taken deeper into a state of mindless obedience. Repeating the word “obedience” over and over makes it even more intense and her body starts to quiver and shake uncontrollably. The idea that being obedient makes her feel good penetrates deep into her subconscious. The stare in her eyes intensifies and I can see her drifting into blissful mindlessness. Intense and just the way she likes it. Now it is time for the orgasm on command training.



Addie Juniper Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
Obedience ritual

I am mindless for my master

Addie is mindlessly removing her clothes while being taken even deeper, "I am mindless for you." Almost naked and vulnerable she is now placed on the altar and her hands are magically forced behind her head. I have her feel the candles all around her and the heavy scent of the wax is clouding her mind. She feels hands touching her helpless young body. I can feel how she is drifting into blissful oblivion, her stares intensify and her body goes into lustful convulsions. I keep driving her up the wall until she starts begging me to make her obedient. Addie's eyes role and flicker like mad and her orgasms become more powerful every time she is ordered to cum.



Addie Juniper Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
Masturbate yourself into obedience

Take my mind, I am your mindless shell

That is exactly how she ends up, a mindless oversexed shell who is staring into nothingness. Addie is overcome by the insurmountable urge to masturbate for me. Her eyes are wide open and I have her stare at the crystal in my hand. Her mind is slowly sucked into the crystal while her body is absorbed by the intense pleasure she is allowed to feel, “I am your mindless shell, master”. Of course that is all just the warm up. Mindless and empty, she is now put on her knees. Her legs are spread and she feels mercilessly fucked and taken. Again her tight young body goes into lustful convulsions and explodes on my count to three. After she bows to her master, I have her stare at the crystal again and remove whatever mind and will of her own might be left and then put her to sleep. Eye checks and some limp body play follow.



Addie Juniper Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
So many ways to go blank

Addie slowly wakes up not remembering a thing. We start talking about what I do and she seems very skeptical. In fact she laughs at me when I mention that in some stage shows the subjects are rendered mindless and blank. How would that be possible? Well, let's see, what was your name again? Oops, there she is, blank and mindless with no expression on her face whatsoever. I order her to take off her top and then snap her out of it again. Of course she has no idea that her top is missing. I guess it all does not work. Anyway, she kind of laughs again when I mention that some of the girls who have been here can not seem to count back from one hundred to zero. What is so hard about that? One hundred, ninety nine, ninety eight, ninety seven....Oops, here we go again, my little girl is blank, mindless and ready to be played with again. Great sudden transformations from alert to completely mindless and empty...



Addie Juniper Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
Even more ways to go blank

Looks like some people, like Addie for instance, are slow learners. Up and awake again, she still can’t seem to believe that anything could make her lose her mind. So, I guess my hand waving in front of her face might not do anything after all. Oops, suddenly we have the same dull and empty expression on her face again, just like before. No, does not look like there is anybody home. I have her take off her skirt and then snap her back out of it. Still, she does not realize that she is almost naked and why would she? As I mentioned, she is a slow learner. When I mention that some subjects even turn into mindless kittens, she laughs yet again, “Meow, meow”. Let's play a little with our mindless kitten, shall we? After having some fun with her it is time to put her back to sleep, only to let her wake up with an orgasm. Now, do you think that would make her a believer in what I do? No, of course not, after all she is a woman. It is actually funny watching her denying that she just orgasmed in front of me. Looks like it is time for the waving hand trick yet again... Oops...




Addie Juniper Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
The oh so proper nurse

From Mrs. Proper to completely fucked up, oversexed and promiscuous

Addie believes to be waiting for a job interview together with another guy who is applying for the same job. Guess who the guy is? It is kind of awkward to sit in a waiting room together with someone else who is applying for the same job. Addie is so cute and sexy in her nurse’s outfit and naturally, I start hitting on her but that does not go anywhere at all. She keeps talking about a boyfriend, Blablabla. Things get even worse when I mention that I am a male nurse. I am not saying here what she has to say about that but it does hurt a bit. It turns out that my sexy little nurse is way too proper for her own good. She does not drink any alcohol, does not smoke and she does not even drink coffee.

What my little nurse does not remember is that every time I snap my fingers, she feels like she just had a big shot of very strong liquor. Oh my god, that girl gets so fucked up, horny and wild before she finally passes out. All of a sudden, her boyfriend has a small penis and she wants to get fucked by me, seems the best thing that can happen to a girl. Watching her fall off the couch and play with herself while trying to stay in proper control is hot and fun...




Addie Juniper Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
Oh no, I am very focused

Feeling the itch while frozen is just no fun

Addie, for some reason, believes to be the model for our new fall fashion catalog. Being professional and all, she does not like to go out with the photographer after the shoot. Being as sensitive as I am, I have to say that hurts. Before long my professional model starts to scratch as if there was something wrong with the dress she is wearing. Hold on girl, I can not take pictures like this, you have to stand still. Standing still seems to become increasingly harder for her. The dress is just too itchy and no matter how much she tries to fight it, she has to get out of it. The only way to get her to stand still is to freeze her in place. Boy, she really does not like that one. Being frozen and itchy is just not a good combination. It gets even worse when her nose starts to itch as well. Would you like me to help you? Waving my hand in front of her face makes her go blank but I am afraid the itch is still there. Poor thing, at least it gives me some time to mess with her clothes.



Addie Juniper Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
From itchy clothes to horny clothes

Besides being confused and a bit out of sync, my sexy little model seems to be glad when I offer her to change into a different outfit; check clip nine and you know why. Thinking that she is going behind a wall into the dressing room, Addie feels perfectly protected from my goggling eyes. Of course I am enjoying myself watching her do all the things girls do when they are all by themselves. Finally ready, she steps out and for a second there it all seems fine. All of a sudden though, she feels all orgasmic and even more uncomfortable than she did in the previous segment. Boy, that girl is trying hard not to orgasm but the second she peels her cute body out of those clothes, it hits her anyways. Can it get any worse? Oh yes, try being frozen and helplessly orgasmed, rendered mindless via the waving hand, undressed while protesting, being confused, clueless and apologetic, to name just a few of those even more embarrassing moments. Too much going on for me to go into all the details...




Addie Juniper Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
The Proper Respect

Yes, I am a robot, I have to learn proper respect.

Again, Addie does seem to suffer from short term amnesia. Thinking that we just met, she seems to be in a great mood and does not even realize that she is wearing something very revealing and sexy. I don't mean to spoil her mood but after some very hot posing, I do have to break it to her that she will be a very obedient and perfectly trainable robot, very soon. Somehow that does not seem to go over too well but at least it makes her laugh. I think, besides the whole idea being a bit crazy, my little girl does not seem to believe that it would work on her anyways. Luckily, she accepts my peace offer and her big smile is back as soon as I mention that I have a little gift for her. What a beautiful bracelet that is and it fits perfectly. I don't think she really knows what hit her but all of a sudden the smile disappears, her eyes stare into who knows where and her body snaps to attention. The training begins and it includes obedience programming, vibrator masturbation, nipple pinching deactivation, lots of yes masters, spoiled orgasms and more of your favorites. Of course I have to snap her out of it again and mess with her a bit before turning her back into my sexy little fembot.




Addie Juniper Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
The not so focused Babysitter

I do not believe in Post H. suggestions

Addie is applying for the job of a babysitter and of course she tries to make the best first impression possible. She keeps talking about her experience and how much she likes . Well, that is all good and nice but how about being a great role model for the young ones. No problem here, I am very straight laced. That all changes quickly though as soon as I show her the toy I just bought for my four year old.

All of a sudden she breaks out in laughter, her body squirms all over the couch and all seriousness is gone. Could it be that she feels tickled? Naturally there is a whole lot of, “I am so sorry, I don't know what just happened”, “I am never like this”, going on. OK, let's try this again. It will never happen again, right. Oh , here we go again. Feeling tickled, Addie bounces all over the place again. Can things get worse? Try having a tickle attack and an orgasm at the same time, in front of your new employer. No wonder the girl falls off the couch.



Addie Juniper Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Spoiled orgasms in front of everybody

Addie, in the middle of being interviewed on TV is suddenly overcome by the insurmountable desire to masturbate and to play with her tits. Embarrassed beyond belief but unable to stop, she begs me and all of her close friends who are watching, to please leave. The poor thing keeps begging and apologizing and being the nice guy that I am, I decide to help her by putting her to sleep. You think I should have let her cum first, I mean she was close and all. Na, maybe not. After some eye checks it is time for another round of fun. Looks like Addie still has not learned a thing, now she is pleasuring herself with a vibrator, poor thing, looks like I need to put her out of her misery again. You think I should have let her cum first? Na, maybe not. The girl is out and I play with her mouth and eyes for a bit then pull her limp body off the couch and prepare her for another round. Now she feels like masturbating again. Some people never learn. Using the waving hand trick, I render her mindless and with that making her more manageable. You think I should have let her cum before putting her out?



Addie Juniper Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
Spokes model with a drinking problem

The drink of the future and your wife will love you for it

The drink of the future is a gentlemen's drink that guaranties erections for hours and hours and for that your wife will love you. Our new spokes model Addie seems the perfect girl to advertise our new super drink. Very sexy, incredibly cute and a bit ditzy, she just makes you want to drink the stuff and fuck the hell out of her. She seems perky and just a bit nervous which is understandable, considering that this is her first big time photo shoot but I am here to help and there is no reason to panic. I still don't know where I went wrong but maybe I should not have tried to hit on her or make her actually drink the stuff but then again how was I supposed to know that this beautiful creature was a fembot? I know I should have put it together when she kept talking about not being thirsty but all I could see was a beautiful girl, I just had to have.






Addie Juniper Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Broken spokes model with a whole lot of problems

After my sexy thing twitches, glitches and malfunctions in the last segment, I am finally getting what I wanted so badly in the first place. My own personal spokes model that has only one thing on her mind and that is to please me. The way she tries to seduce and please me makes me hard even without the dam drink. Thinking about the whole thing now though makes me wish that I had been a better programmer.




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