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Addison Reily Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


Prepare for the experience of a life time

Addison Riley, soft spoken, sweet and incredibly sexy young blond is certainly the kind of girl who most men fall in love/lust with the second they lay eyes on her. In addition to all that, Addison is very beautiful, sensual and believe it or not, quite a little brat at times. Can a girl be sweet and bratty at the same time? Oh yes and trust me, exactly that combination makes for a very hot trainings session. It took me a bit to figure out that the only reason she likes being a bratty little girl at times, is so that she can be put into her place or I should better say, put into submission. Makes sense? After all, surrender feels so much sweeter after having been conquered.

During the initial tests, I noticed already that Addison would be a great subject and I decided to use the induction to prep her in different ways for the session, after all, she was here to experience something she had never even dreamed of.

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Addison Reily Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Blind feelings lead to intense arousal

Unable to see and helplessly immobilized, Addison has no other choice than to succumb to the intense penetration and the tongue-lashing which is mercilessly pushing her closer and closer to a very powerful orgasm. Her body is starting to tremble under my suggestions and I can feel that the idea of being helplessly driven up the wall for lust, is exactly what she needs to let go of herself. Being in deep trance makes her experience her body with an intensity she has never felt before. Her moaning and groaning turns into screams and her lust intensifies with every word I say but I keep pushing her until I decide that she is ready for the take over. Once orgasmed at my command, Addison keeps Cumming as long as I want her to, thus showing me that she is a good little girl.



Addison Reily Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Learn to mindlessly follow and obey

Addison's young body is still quivering and shaking and it is time to take her even deeper. Her hands are a helplessly pulled between her legs and she can not stop pleasuring herself. Addison's eyes are open while I suggest that she is still not good enough and that she needs a lot more training. Her mind is drained out with every swipe of my hand in front of her eyes. My little brat tries to close her eyes here and there and I know exactly what she needs. Unable to hold on to her will and mind and to stop being insanely aroused, her eyes finally turn dim, her body quivers and shakes into unconditional surrender, "I want to be a good girl, please". Very intense, great surrender and mindless stares. Let's not forget the "waving hand."



Addison Reily Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
My mind is drifting master

I am letting go of all my mind master

There is again a lot going on in this one everything from mantras, mindless stares, intense orgasms, begging, watch- reeducation and waving hands. Time to have her take off her top and then drive her into insane lust which will send her into mindless obedience for good. Addison is put into the spread eagle position with her wet pussy wide open. I can see her juices dripping out while she is repeating: "my mind is drifting master." Her body is trembling under hands free orgasm and I can feel that there is nothing bratty about her any longer. Put into her place, my little sweetie mindlessly obeys her orders. Of course that is all just the warm up. Put on her knees, Addison's wide open eyes are fixated on the watch I am holding up. The mantra: "mindless shell" takes her into the abyss and makes her feel more aroused with every repetition. Addison ends up orgasmed out and empty, her young body is kneeling in front of me and her wide open eyes seem to stare right through my waving hand.



Addison Reily Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
I was born to be your mindless slave master

Once a female in training has accepted the fact that she has become your love slave, she has also accepted the fact that you can do with her as you please. With her arms stretched out in front of her, Addison feels mercilessly fucked and orgasmed at will. She keeps repeating, I am your mindless slave master, over and over. Driven by her own lust and the desire to surrender, my horny little trainee lets go of herself and sinks into bliss. Her repetitions become slow and monotone and I can feel her dropping. It is now time to finish her up. Bent over with her ass pushed out at me, Addison is ordered to orgasm herself so intense and hard that it puts her out. Her young body is twitching and shaking to the end and finally drops like a rock. Her helpless limp body is there for me to play and mess with as I please. Very intense eye checks at the end of the segment, showing only the white of her eyes.



Addison Reily Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
I would rather masturbate first

Addison, suffering from short term amnesia, does not seem the least bit interested in being put under. Thinking that we just met, she keeps showing off her pantyhose while telling me how arousing it makes her feel to fondle her own legs and pussy. For some reason it seems perfectly normal to her to do this kind of stuff in front of a stranger. Wearing those sexy pantyhose seems to be an incredible turn on and Addison can not seem to stop touching herself. I can feel her getting increasingly aroused and there is no other way for me to make her stop than to freeze her. Of course, the second she is immobilized and unable to pleasure herself, she starts to complain. Why did you do that, please unfreeze me. The way Addison begs me to help her is so amazingly cute that, believe it or not, I feel sorry for her and allow her to move. Now she really gets going and it does not take her long to almost orgasm. Why almost orgasm? Go and see for yourself. Addison is really amazing, the way she feels turned on by her pantyhose, her complete disinterest in the session and her reaction to being frozen, is absolutely priceless.



Addison Reily Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen and very sleepy pantyhose lover

Awake and able to move again, Addison is now even more aroused and ready to make herself cum for me whether I like it or not. Of course I keep playing with her by pretending that I want her to stop. After all, we have not even started the session yet. All she seems to be interested in talking about though is how sexy and horny she feels in her pantyhose and it seems even more important to her that I like watching her. Do you like my pantyhose? Again, Addison is incredibly cute and very sexy. It is not easy to describe her but it is sort of a mixture of naive, horny and very sensual with the desire to be pleasing.

Of course being frozen again comes like a shock to her and the begging starts again. Being the nice guy that I am, I let her cum while still frozen but unfortunately the second she unfreezes, still in the middle of her orgasm, Addison goes out like a light. Oops. I turn her sleepy body around and take a close look at her sexy little ass and feet and then make her cum again in her deep sleep. Her body is still twitching when I remove her mind and drop her back under. Really hot ending.




Addison Reily Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Who needs IQ with a body like this

Addison believes to be a medic in the army who was just transferred to my post. Of course I have to make it very clear to her that I am running a tight ship around her and that the discipline of my subordinates is very important to me. Addison is very eager to agree and salutes her superior just as she is supposed to. There is one other thing, I have to mention to her and that is to stay away from all the little bottles of lotions and potions around here, those are experimental potions which might cause severe loss of IQ and extreme arousal, particularly in women. I don't think, Addison was paying attention to a word I was saying and sure enough the second she feels alone her little hands wander over to the little bottles.

Like all women she has to sniff and try all of them and it does not take long and my proper little cadet turns into a horny and quite silly little slut. All of a sudden she seems to suffer from memory loss, all discipline is out the window and promotions are not as important as getting fucked. Really nice transformation from proper to bimbo and Addison's loss of IQ is quite obvious.




Addison Reily Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
I rather get fucked

From low IQ to mindless lust

I have given my sexy yet not so bright cadet one more chance to straighten out her act. As I mentioned in the last segment, I am running a tight ship around here and we can not have a horny, oversexed young cadet ruin the moral.

Thinking that she is by herself again, Addison goes right back to sniffing the forbidden potions. Sure enough the panties come off and all she is interested in, is to pleasure herself and to get fucked by guess who? Addison still insists that she is perfectly fine but then answers my question of how much is two plus two with six-ish! Addison is getting increasingly aroused and all that's on her mind, I am using the word mind loosely here, is to get fucked.

She keeps giggling and laughing and I can feel that she is an orgasm away from drifting into mindless bliss. Sure enough, that last orgasm takes it all out of her, leaving her mindlessly staring into who knows where. It is very hot to watch her lose a few points of her IQ every time she inhales the potions (Aroma therapy oils by the way) her growing excitement, the increasing lack of inhibitions. In other words, the perfect bimbo-fication which eventually leads to complete mindlessness. Of course I have to snap her out of it towards the end of the segment, just to see what my little cadet has to say about all that.



Addison Reily Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
I believe women should be strong and independent

I am a robot, I have no more thoughts of my own

Addison believes to be my son's little girlfriend who is waiting for him to do some homework. I can tell that she feels uncomfortable talking to me and she is certainly not interested in my advances. It gets really weird when I tell her that I like my women robotic, promiscuous and very obedient. She tries to be as polite and evasive as possible but I can feel that being turned into an obedient robot seems too far out there for her. She keeps talking about independent women and that she likes to stay away from the boys.

A final warning, a slow count to three and a split second of transformation, changes my little girl's view of the subject. Stripped of her personality, will and mind, as well as the ability to think for herself, my sexy little fembot is now ready to follow and obey her new programming, "I have no more thoughts of my own", "I am a robot, make me obedient master". What follows is a lot of yes masters, wet pussy spankings, bent over ass out masturbation, denied orgasms, nipple torture, zombie pose and lots more. Addison's transformation from the cute young girl into an obedient and very horny fembot is absolutely amazing.




Addison Reily Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
To serve and protect the strong mind

Dirty nose, itchy finger, uncomfortable blouse, pantyhose galore and the waving hand into mindlessness.

Addison believes to be on a live TV show promoting her new book. In her new book she goes to war against sex and explicit behavior in the media specifically on the internet. It seems to be her main concern that TV and the Internet have become somewhat instrumental in weakening the minds and the moral of our youth. Being a firm believer in a strong mind, she has no compassion for any type of manipulation through the media or otherwise. Interesting, don't you think? Naturally she des not think much of what I do and she certainly does not think that she could possibly make a good subject.

The second she tries to clean the little smudge on her nose she freezes up. Unable to move, she tries to explain the whole thing by telling me that she has some type of muscle spasm. She seems awfully confused. All I have to do next, is to snap my fingers and she can move again. Unfortunately she can not seem to remember what just happened. Next, I mention the itchy finger and all of a sudden she keeps scratching her index finger which is not really a problem, right? The problem is that when she scratches her finger, she feels penetrated and fucked. I am so glad the girl has a strong mind.

Snapped out of it again, my sexy little author feels terribly hot and uncomfortable in her blouse and has to take it off. That is all not so bad but once the blouse is off, she starts to pleasure herself through her pantyhose. What's really strange is the fact that she is not aware of her masturbation. While she is telling me that she would never do such a thing in public, her eyes suddenly turn dim, her mind ceases to exist and she is just an empty shell of her self. Lots more going on but this description is getting too long, so go and see for yourself.




Addison Reily Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
We should turn off the camera

While being programmed for this segment, Addison is just standing there with her big eyes staring into nothingness. Once snapped out of it, she keeps apologizing profusely for being almost naked. She even asks me to turn off the camera. No such luck honey but how about you looking at my finger. Oops, the poor thing is frozen and mindless again. After a brief deepening, she comes right back and takes off her skirt. She tells me that taking off her skirt makes her look more professional on TV! I wonder what or who gave her that idea? Addison looks really sexy in her pantyhose and bra, particularly with her hand all the way down into her panty hose. She keeps talking about the strong mind again and that she can not be trained when I wave my hand in front of her eyes. I think, by now, we all know what that does.



Addison Reily Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
I must have done the man-hand in my pantyhose

Addison wakes up with her hand still deep down in her pantyhose. Here goes the "I am so sorry and I don't know what happened" again. Poor thing seems to suffer from short term amnesia. Anyway, all of a sudden she seems to get very sleepy. In fact it gets so bad that she wants to postpone the interview. No matter how hard she tries, at some point she just goes out and it is time for me to play with her sleepy body. After some really amazing eye check (all you see is the white in her eyes) she comes back and her hands wander into her pantyhose and right to her wet pussy.

She is not quite aware of what she is doing and as soon as I touch her forehead, she goes out on me like a light. Snapped out of it again, my little strong minded author is suddenly horny as hell and all she wants to do, is make herself orgasm. Unfortunately she goes out again before she manages to orgasm. Let's try this again. The poor thing can not seem to win. Now the waving hand interrupts her orgasm and she ends up mindless and empty. Let's try this again. Oops, now she ends up frozen in place and the waving hand comes again.


Addison Reily Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
This looks a lot more professional

This clip has some tickling in it but it is certainly not only for our tickle fans. Addison is still mindless and frozen while I program her for this segment. Once she wakes up, my little girl is overcome by the desire to change her clothes. Thinking that she is all by herself, she strips out of her pantyhose into something more appropriate, at least that is what she thinks. Finally ready for the TV show she keeps going on and on about the strong mind. She actually laughs when I tell her about the YouTube clip I saw, in which a guy made a girl feel tickled, simply by snapping his fingers. Oops, here she goes. Let's put her to sleep and try again.

Next time she snaps out of it, she feels tickled by her skirt. Naturally the dam skirt has to come off. Still my little non-believer can not believe that a person can really lose their mind over anything. The waving hand renders her mindless in the middle of her tirade. You think she can mindlessly orgasm for me? Let's try it. Addison is standing in front of me when the sleep command hits her again and she falls all the way back onto the couch.



Addison Reily Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
Modeling is all I was designed for

Do you agree to the terms and conditions of this rental agreement?

The hardest part about being a sketch artist like me, is to continuously find new models who are willing to take off their clothes and are able to sit still for hours at a time. Imagine how thrilled I was when I finally found an agency that specializes in renting out fembot models who require little to no consideration, were able to sit still for days at a time and did not need any breaks, food and what have you. Well, that is what their advertising said anyways. I decided to give it a try, after all what did I have to lose? I have to say, it was not quite what I had expected.

The second she showed up, she stated her name and then went into all kinds of legal stuff, which I had to agree to before we could get started. I vaguely remember agreeing to the part of the agreement in which she informed me that I was responsible for all damages and repairs, in case something would happen to her during our time together. What the hell could possibly happen to her, right? Little did I know.

The whole thing just did not feel right and I should have sent her back the minute she told me that she is not a nude model. Putting lotion on her chest to make her look like she is on the beach, was certainly another one of my not so bright ideas. By the time she malfunctioned it was already too late to send her back and the idea of reprogramming her into a promiscuous, horny nude model seemed to be the obvious smart thing to do. Looks like I was thinking with the wrong head, yet again.









Addison Reily Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Fucking is all I was designed for

I am Cumming for you

Finally, after all kinds of glitches, malfunctions and a lengthy repair jobs, my sexy little model is convinced that the sole purpose of existence is to please me and to do what ever I want. Sexy, seductive, pleasing, sexually completely uninhibited and ready for anything I could imagine. In other words, she was a dream come true. I will never forget her wide open legs, her wet pussy and her intense orgasms and all that just for me. OK, besides all the hot action, the masturbations, strip dances and her devotion to me, there are a couple of other things I will never forget and those would be the glitches, malfunctions and repairs. I am back to using human models but one thing is for sure, it was worth a try.





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