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Aimee Addison Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


Experience the unthinkable

Aimee Addison, cool, blond seductress with a kil.ler body and an insatiable appetite for physical pleasure was not quite sure whether or not she was trainable. The idea of being tamed by someone she had never met before, seemed a bit far fetched but well worth checking out. Aimee came in for her first session quite a while ago and at that time; she had never been entranced by anyone. In other words she had never been trainotized which made it even more exciting for me. The second I saw her, I just knew that I had to take her places she had never imagined and to let her experience her body and mind in ways she would have never dreamed of. Luckily, Aimee turned out to be another one of my amazing subjects and taming her was incredibly exciting, somewhat challenging and as you will see, sizzling hot.

Aimee seemed quite confused yet more convinced about what I do, right after the magnetic/floating hands. Taking her down with the swinging watch was relatively easy despite her attempts to keep her eyes open as long as possible.

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Aimee Addison Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Finding the trigger that makes her obey

Feel it like never before

The segment right after the induction is always very important. For one, it shows how well the subject in training follows suggestions and orders. It is also a great time to find out what kind of suggestions work and which ones don't. Aimee seems to be turned on by any suggestion that makes her feel choice-less and helpless. Her beautiful young body starts to quiver and shake and goes into convulsions when I suggest that her body feels and experiences every sensation twenty times more intense than when awake. Her moaning and groaning turns into lustful screams while she feels helplessly fucked and licked at the same time. At some point, Aimee's hands claw into her own thighs while her body is withering all over the couch. Finally, I stumble into one of her triggers. The need to be "daddy's" good little girl which will make her succumb to my control over her.



Aimee Addison Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
At the snap of my fingers

Aimee is still incredibly horny from the last segment and the suggestion to take off her panties makes her even more wild. Her hands are forced between her legs and she feels them masturbating her wet pussy in a way she has never felt before. The intensity of this segment is not easy to describe. Imagine an oversexed, insatiable horny young girl with nothing else on her mind than to please you. The idea that she has no other choice than to make herself cum for me drives her out of her mind and believe me, you can see it in her face. Finally she is allowed to cum at the snap of my fingers and that is only the beginning of her orgasm training. Orgasm and mind control at its best.



Aimee Addison Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
First mindless bliss

Please make me mindless, the mantra into unknown bliss

Aimee's intriguing and seductive eyes are wide open while she is staring at the magic wand. Her body shivers and shakes while she is experiencing her first open eyed orgasm. As you all know by now, open eyed orgasms are very intense. The eyes are the only part of the body that can not fake an orgasm. The pupils always give it away, which is why most people close their eyes in order to hide their most private moment. Driven by her own lust and the desire to please me, Aimee has no choice but to let go of her thoughts, will and mind. The words: "Please make me mindless" become her mantra which sends her into a deep, obedient and mindless trance. Her young body is going into lustful convulsions and she begs me to drive her over the edge. Please, I want to be a good little girl, please make me mindless for you. Very intense segment with even more intense stares, mantras, incredibly powerful orgasm and complete surrender.



Aimee Addison Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your mindless slave
Empty stares, open mouth, waving hands and touch free orgasms only begin to describe some of the action in this segment. Aimee is an empty shell of herself. She is just barely standing there with her intriguing eyes staring into nothingness, her mouth open and her will seems broken. All of a sudden, she feels the most intense penetration ever and her body starts to quiver and shake under the relentless bounding of her wet pussy. Repeating: "I am your mindless slave" seems to make her feel it with even more intensity. Orgasmed out, Aimee is ordered to pinch her nipples and to feel her breast with an intensity she had never felt before. Now it is time to teach her to address me as her master at all times. Her body is quivering like a leaf and I can feel that she is ready to give it all up, "There is only one master and that is you." Too intense to describe it all.



Aimee Addison Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
I am cumming for you master

Pretty girls like me don't need a mind

Aimee is learning that good little girls cum on command until they pass out. Again, her sexy little body seems weak as she is standing there with her arms stretched out in front of her. Her legs are submissively spread and Aimee obediently orgasms when she is finally allowed to explode. Her desire to cum for me and to let me know that she is cumming for me seems incredibly strong. I decide to send her down on her knees and order her to pleasure herself for me. Aimee is completely absorbed by her own lust and that is the perfect time to remove any remaining mind and or will which might still be there.

The mantra, "No control" drives her even deeper down into oblivion. Aimee's empty eyes are still staring at the wand and it is time to finish her up. After all, good little girls cum until they pass out. Too much and too intense to describe every detail of this great female training segment. Lots of mantras, rolling eyes, a very intense yet short attempt to resist (watch her face and eyes) and a final surrender that's sizzling hot.



Aimee Addison Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
That would make me feel uncomfortable

Aimee believes that she was sent by her cleaning company to clean my house. Watching her dust and clean in that sexy little outfit of hers is just too much for me to take. BTW, Aimee has no idea what she is wearing, I wonder why? Naturally, I start hitting on her which unfortunately seems to make her feel uncomfortable. My little prude starts to talk about her boy friend and on top of that, she "Sirs" me, doesn't that you off? Anyway, I make her believe that I give up and that she can go ahead with the cleaning. Being the nice guy that I am, I mention to her that she can clean pretty much everything in the house except the big hanging crystal. Why is that? Well, it is better for you if you don't. Like all women, the second I leave the room, curiosity takes over and my little prude just has to check out the mysterious crystal.

Her eyes slowly lose all fire and she stares dull and empty minded at the ever so slowly turning crystal. Turned into a willing yet empty minded subject, Aimee submissively raises her arms straight out in front of her body. I wave my hand in front of her eyes to make sure there is nobody home. Put on all four, my reluctant little cleaning lady is paraded back and forth the room, learns to carry her duster in her mouth, orgasms when ordered to do so and lots more. Female training at its best with lots of yes masters, zombie stares, crawling and forced orgasms.




Aimee Addison Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Denied orgasm training

I have a feeling that my sexy little cleaning lady still needs more training. Well, maybe she does not really need it but it is just so much fun and after all it is up to me what I am doing with her, right? Anyway, Aimee submissively spreads her legs and takes off her shoes. Her pretty little feet are stretched out so I get a better look of her soles. No this is not a foot clip but it does show a few close ups of her bare feet. Aimee's young body is placed on the top of the couch and she is ordered to hold the thrusting vibrator right on the tip of her clit. Her body shivers and shakes uncontrollably, her eyes role back and then cross as she is driven out of her mind. Aimee is way too horny and orgasmic to even notice that every ounce of will and mind are drained out of her. The fact that she is not allowed to cum, drives her nuts and makes her even more trainable and obedient. Of course, at some point, I have to snap her out of it, just to see what my little cleaning lady thinks about all this. Go find out what she thinks.




Aimee Addison Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
I will be a good officer now

Aimee believes to be a police officer who has a warrant for my arrest. I guess, hundred and sixty four unpaid parking tickets can get you into that kind of trouble. Of course I try to talk my way out of it but that only seems to make her even more determined to take me in. Every time my sexy little officer addresses me as "Sir" and she does that a lot, she feels penetrated and licked at the same time. Watch her agony and her futile attempts to prevent the inevitable orgasm. Aimee seems terribly confused, somewhat embarrassed and dead set not to orgasm but she just can not stop calling me Sir. The segment ends with me waving my hand in front of her eyes which instantaneously renders her mindless and willing.



Aimee Addison Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
The mirror game

Maybe I fainted

Short but sweet. Officer Aimee snaps out of her mindless trance and feels terribly embarrassed about the fact that she is half naked on the floor. She is desperately trying to explain herself. She even goes as far as trying to tell me that she must have fainted. Well, that is ok, don't worry about it. Officer Aimee is not too thrilled about the idea to play the mirror game but I think she is too confused to really know what she is doing. Finally, she agrees and lifts the veil off the mirror. Her eyes seem to get caught in the mirror. Unable to look away, officer Aimee starts counting backwards from five to zero and guess what happens at zero. Now she is even more embarrassed and confused and I see no other way to put her out of her misery than to wave my hand in front of her eyes again. Aimee drops into a mindless and finally peaceful trance, "I will be a good officer now."




Aimee Addison Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
Pretty little robots like me need to be programmed

Aimee thinks that she is my new interior decorator who absolutely does not like my place. In fact, she thinks it is so hideous that she does not even know where to start. Of course she hates my brown couch and pretty much all the other things which are dear to me. Things get even worse when I mention that my wife left me because of my robot affection. Now that really blows, who would want to be turned into an obedient and always promiscuous robot? Aimee of course has no interest what so ever to even give this idea a try! However, the transformation device changes her attitude in no time. Aimee's body stiffens, her eyes lose all personality and within seconds, her memory is wiped out, leaving her open and willing for my programming. You guys know what follows next. Jiggling tits, bottomless masturbation, salutations, repetitions, forced orgasms and navel-self-deactivation are just the beginning.




Aimee Addison Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen, mindless and finally very obedient Interior decorator

There is too much going on in this segment to describe it all. My sexy yet somewhat reluctant interior decorator is frozen, in the most unexpected and inconvenient moments. Her mind is removed by the waving hand, I don't know how many times, leaving her empty and willing. Our sweetie is orgasmed at my command which is not always when she thinks it should be happening. I am sure you all know what I mean by that. You will hear her bitch and beg, apologies and curse and more. There is also a really hot slow freeze scene towards the end which really leaves her confused and an amazingly hot and very orgasmic finally.



Aimee Addison Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Sleepy go go dancer

Aimee is made to believe that she is a GoGo dancer who is auditioning for a job in my new night club. She is very eager and quite determined to get the job but all that changes when I mention her name. My little girl goes out like a light, in mid sentence of course. After a brief deepening, she snaps out of it again and now she tries to find some kind of explanation for her strange behavior, "I am so sorry, maybe I passed out." Well, it sure looked like it to me. We keep talking but as soon as I ask her whether she had just fallen asleep, she drops again.

This is probably a good time to play with her sleepy little body. After waking up yet again, Aimee feels terribly embarrassed and very apologetic. OK, maybe you finally show me some dance moves. Strangely enough, as soon as I mention the word "tired" my little Go-go girl goes out yet again. Maybe we try something else. How about showing me some hot moves while being on your back? You know the scissors (really hot particularly without panties) and the spread eagle. Too bad, here she drops again like a rock. I should probably let her sleep and do some eye checks, open her mouth and rearrange her almost naked little body.


Aimee Addison Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a horny foot slave

After a brief deepening, Aimee comes back thinking she is a foot model who is auditioning for a new job. Obsessed with her own sexy feet, she starts massaging them while telling me all the things she loves to do with her feet. She describes her feet while holding them into the camera and wiggles her little toes for me. It gets really hot though when I tell her to push a very sensitive acupressure spot, she goes wild and while one hand is pleasuring her pussy the other one works that magic spot under her feet. I have not seen a girl cum that hard while playing with her feet, in quite a while. Unfortunately, my little girl gets sleepy again and drops like a rock into deep trance. Cool, more time for me to undress her even more and to have some fun with that limp body of hers.



Aimee Addison Clip XV Members - Click here to view this clip

No I am not ticklish    

Snapped out of her trance yet again, our poor girl feels all embarrassed and somewhat strange. She seems to remember that she has been very apologetic for quite some time but she does not seem to know why. Oops, here she is out again. Poor thing just drops like a rock. Well, let's try this again. Fully awake yet still confused, my sexy gogo dancer suddenly feels tickled and there is no way she can give me a demonstration of her dance. No matter how hard she tries to cover up her, let's call it, sudden tickle attack, she keeps giggling and laughing. As sudden as it started, it subsides but then it comes back again, the tickling that is.

Of course now she is begging me to help her. Being the nice guy that I am, I help her by mentioning the word “sleep”. Oops, more time for me to play with her sleepy body and do some eye checks.



Aimee Addison Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
You are not supposed to be here

She seemed eerily calm for a woman who had just run into a burglar in the middle of the night. I have broken into a number of houses but have never been caught. Strangely enough, I was more startled by the whole thing than she was. She calmly kept saying that I was not supposed to be there and then she offered me a glass of water! It was almost like as if she did not really grasp the idea that I was a burglar. When she started to talk about this Mark guy not mention anything about people breaking in, it finally started to dawn on me. The little lady of the house was a poorly programmed pleasure bot that had simply no concept of what was going down here. What really pissed me off though was the fact that she did not tell me where I could find the safe. She kept telling me the safe is upstairs. Great and how many rooms are there? Anyway, she did not leave me any other choice than to shut her down and to reprogram her to my specifications. What a change. All of a sudden, I had my own pleasure toy and she was more than willing to fulfill my dirty dreams.








Aimee Addison Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
The safe is............

My first reprogramming attempt in the last segment did not last for too long and her memory came back right in the middle of her starting to play with herself. Did she have to malfunction? I just hate that. She kept talking about this Mark guy again and then I guess the opposing programs made her go into overload again. Ok, maybe I should not have tried to turn her into my personal sex toy but please look at her. Who could ever resist that? Will she pleasure herself for me, will she become my personal sex toy and go home with me and will she tell me where the dam safe is located? Go find out for yourself. Malfunctions, confusion, hot action and more of your favorites with a surprise ending.




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