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AJ & Nikki Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


Rule number one - Be prepared for the experience of a life time

AJ and Nikki, stunningly beautiful, naturally horny yet quite inexperienced young girls had never met before and the idea of turning them into lovers and friends was more than exciting and I could not wait for the session to get started. As for the girls, they seemed to feel the same way and as it turned out, the two were the perfect match. I am sure you will agree, after you watch their clip series that these two beauties have an amazing chemistry and the fact that both of them are very submissive made this another one of my intense sessions.

As I mentioned, both girls did not have a whole lot of experience when it comes to being on camera and or making love to another women (it actually was AJ’s first time on camera) which is something I definitely like. Why you might ask? Well there is something very exciting about taking two inexperienced strangers and not only turn them into a couple of horny love slaves but to also make them experience and feel it with an intensity they never knew excited. You will know what I am trying to say here, just watch a few of the clips. What made the session even more fun is the fact that both girls have a wonderful attitude and believe me, the second you see them, you want to grab them and do....

The first part shows a lot of flickering eyelids, a balloon test which shows the girls’ arms floating up in the air for over five minutes (try it and you know what I mean) great close-ups of their sleepy bodies and feet as well as a nice long induction.

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AJ & Nikki Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Rule number Two - Learn to follow and obey my suggestions

When dealing with two subjects who have never met before it is always a good idea to make them horny first, before getting them to play with each other. Believe me, once they are horny, they are so much easier to control, besides I think it is very hot to watch a couple of young girls quiver and shake without even being so much as touched. It shows right away that the girls respond very well to my suggestions and orders. Their moaning and groaning turns into lustful screams, their tight young bodies shiver and shake and finally go into convulsions. It gets really intense when I make them feel that they have no control over any of this and that their bodies and mind are mine as long as I want. The feeling of being helplessly fucked and licked until I decide to orgasm them seems to drive them crazy for lust and when I see them sliding off the couch without even noticing it, it becomes quite clear that this will turn into a hell of an afternoon.



AJ & Nikki Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Rule number three - Learn to mindlessly follow my orders

My suggestion to take off their panties and expose their tight, wet little pussies makes them feel even more aroused and drives my two sweeties even more up the wall for lust. Their hands are magically forced between their legs but no matter how hard they try, they are not able to orgasm before I count to three. Now it is time to let them feel the power of their first mindless, open eyed orgasm. The girls’ eyes are fixated to the swinging watch I am holding up and one at a time their minds are sucked out while their young bodies are quivering and shaking. Nikki's eyes are rolling back and it is obvious that she is drifting into unknown bliss. AJ keeps screaming, “I want to be a good girl” and before she knows what hits her, she ends up feeling the same mindless bliss as her little friend. As we all know, it is not easy for most girls to orgasm with their eyes open, but once they learn to obey while drifting deeper, it sends them into a series of completely uninhibited and very intense orgasms. To watch the girls scream, beg, go mindless and surrender is very intense and hot to watch.



AJ & Nikki Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
Rule number four - Learn to please the other girl and to obey your master

I can feel that the girls are ready to touch and feel each others’ wet pussies. Horny and mindless, now they are both all about sex and submission. Meaning it is time for the mindless, bottomless masturbation while repeating the mantra, "mindless." Repeating a single word over and over often intensifies the trance and with the right suggestions it often leads to an even more intense feeling of arousal. It certainly works with Nikki and AJ. Both of my horny beauties are quivering and shaking under each others’ hands but as we all know, they have to wait until I decide when its time to orgasm.

Now they must learn complete obedience and the subconscious acceptance of their master’s orders and suggestions. Exhausted and with no will of their own, the girls are standing in front of me with their arms stretched out straight in front of them while repeating, "I am helpless." Both feel deeply penetrated and mercilessly fucked. Their little bodies soon go into lustful convulsions and I can feel their complete surrender. I had a feeling that both girls are more on the submissive side but the intensity of their screaming and quite mindless surrender surprised even me.



AJ & Nikki Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
Rule number five - Feel that being mindlessly eaten out helps you to become a better love slave

AJ's beautiful body is placed on the top of the couch. Immobilized and helpless, she has no choice but to open her wet pussy for Nikki's warm tongue. AJ's eyes are mindlessly staring into the distance while her body is shaking and quivering under Nikki's fast moving tongue. Waving my hand in front of AJ’s face takes the last bit of her ability to think and my horny little girl is driven into a series of orgasms. AJ told me after the session that she had never cum this hard before. Her young body goes into convulsions, her firm tits bounce up and down her chest, her eyes cross and she keeps screaming, "All I want to do is obey," and every time she says it, it makes her cum again. The thought of being put into submission is driving her crazy for lust. Too much and too intense to describe it all...



AJ & Nikki Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
Rule number six - Understand that complete obedience leads to mindless, blissful surrender to your master (9 min 30 sec)

Intense female training in three steps to total surrender

Nikki's eyes are wide open and fixated on my hand. Her remaining will and thoughts are drifting into my hand. Of course my little girl does not feel any of this, all she feels is AJ's tongue on her clit. Completely distracted by her own lust, Nikki gives it all up. She keeps repeating, "It feels good to obey," and judging from her quivering and shaking body as well as her lustful screams, it certainly does seem to feel amazingly intense and good. She keeps calling me master and it seems like the more she says it the more aroused she gets. Nikki has completely surrendered and the take over is extremely intense. After that the girls are placed on their backs on ordered to masturbate each others’ pussies.

The girls can not seem to stop making each other cum and when I let them experience their first breath controlled orgasms, it gets even more intense. I mentioned it before but I just have to say it again, these two horny beauties are amazing and their deep seeded desire to be trained and to be made obedient makes the girls incredibly good subjects. Of course there is more, next the girls are put into the 69 position and ordered to make each other cum as hard and fast as possible. Oh my god, these two just can not get enough of the other’s pussies and the intensity, with which they make each other cum, is impossible to put into words.



AJ & Nikki Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
Did you really think I let you cum?

Now that you are mindless and weak you will learn to obey me

Nikki is very upset when she finds out that her dorm mate AJ has been fucking her boy friend and she decides to pay the little a visit in the middle of the night. AJ has the audacity to shrug the whole thing off as being just sex and thus not important, big mistake. Nikki tricks her into breathing in the special potion she has prepared for her which makes AJ almost instantaneously lose all strength in her body.

The potion seems to also make her mind sluggish thus reduces her ability to think. Her futile attempts to stop Nikki from fondling her tight young body, become slower and less determined with every time she has to breathe in more of the special potion. Nikki is teaching her a lesson she will never forget and believe me, getting her tight ass whipped and having to kiss her new mistresses’ tits, are just the beginning of her being turned into a horny, oversexed and begging love slave. Nikki uses her tongue, hands and finally a powerful vibrator to drive her victim up the wall for lust but she denies her to orgasm.

Of course that is all just the warm up, as we all know every slave has to learn to eat pussy and to feel her mistress’s cum all over her face. Hot segment the girls got so deep into it that Nikki came so hard and almost fell off the bed. Go see what I mean by that. Nice stares, helplessness and power play.




AJ & Nikki Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
I will be your love slave from now on

I have no will of my own master

Nikki is not done teaching her new slave a lesson that she will never forget. After having been eaten out in the last segment she decides to order her slave to please her with her favorite vibrator. AJ is not only ordered to please her mistress but she also has to pleasure herself which makes her please and serve her owner with even more intensity.

The more Nikki gets turned on the more AJ wants to orgasm but again she has to wait for permission. To watch those two young hard bodies quiver and shake and to hear their lustful screams is seriously intense and very sexual. Now it is time to take over both of my horny toys. AJ is put to sleep while she is sucking Nikki's wet clit. Nikki seems a bit surprised to see me but the waving hand renders her mindless before she even knows what hits her.

Both of my mindlessly horny slaves are put on their knees and ordered to masturbate each other until ordered to orgasm. With their arms stretched out straight in front of them both are orgasmed until they drop into a mindless trance and then into deep sleep. Believe me to watch these two incredibly horny young girls quiver and shake until they are completely out is more than exciting, is there more? Of course, go and see for yourself.




AJ & Nikki Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
This just can not be real

Whether or not you like feet and pantyhose, this is a very hot clip in which AJ is deeply entranced while blankly sucking and licking her mistress’s feet. Nikki who believes to be a famous stage hypnotist has no mercy with her mindlessly entranced victim. AJ is ordered to undress and then she has to suck and kiss her horny mistress’s feet until both girls cum with an amazing intensity. AJ's beautiful young body becomes so weak that she is unable to move, her eyes are staring into nothingness and she has to endure even more "foot- treatment" from her mistress. Nikki seems all triumphant and she does not even see my hand coming but once it waves across her smiling face, my little stage hypnotist drops into oblivion. The way the girls suck and lick each other’s feet is really hot.



AJ & Nikki Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
Orgasmic feet lead to mindless surrender

I noticed in the last segment that the girls really seem to like feet and I decide to drive them even crazier for lust by having them orgasm each other using their feet to play with the other girl’s pussy. The girls are going nuts and their young bodies quiver and shake until they are driven into a series of very intense orgasms. It seems like they can not stop Cumming and every time they suck and kiss the other girls feet it gets even more intense. Both of my foot slaves are deeply entranced, mindless and orgasmed out while their big open eyes stare into emptiness; now its time to send them to sleep and have fun with their little bodies. Great close ups of the girl’s feet, very intense and screaming hard orgasms, mindlessness and lots more of your favorites.




AJ & Nikki Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
He is just messing with us

Robot training, that is just too weird

Nikki and AJ believe to be bikini models at a very strange kind of photo shoot. You will know soon why this might be a bit of a weird photo shoot. Anyway, they start laughing at me when I mention that photography is more of a hobby of mine and that I am really a famous... Well, you all know what I do for a living, right. It gets even funnier, at least as far as the girls are concerned, when I start talking about obedient and very well programmed little robot girls. The girl’s response to that comment is “Now, that is really bizarre”. Well, what can I say? Ten seconds later my little bikini models are standing at attention: "I am a Robot" Looks like they need a lot of training or I should say, programming.

Standing at attention and saluting, taking off their bikinis and masturbating their little pussies close to orgasm, is just the beginning. Why did I say, "close to orgasm"? You will know once you watch the clip. Of course there is some bent over, ass pushed out at me, masturbation with denied orgasms and a very hot deactivation scene. The girls are getting so turned on in this one that their young bodies go from quivering and shaking into full blown lustful convulsions. Lots of yes masters, lustful screams, repetitions and fembot movements.




AJ & Nikki Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Why can't I move and why am I having an orgasm?

After a brief deepening, my two bikini models wake up feeling very confused and a bit embarrassed about being naked. Somehow they seem to think that getting out of here is a good idea. Of course I do not agree with that and before they even know it, the girls suddenly find themselves mindlessly frozen in place. Sorry about that. I don't think they notice that I am playing with their bodies until I let their awareness come back. Now they seem to really be confused. Of course being the nice guy that I am, I try to help them by jiggling their breast and by making them orgasm, thinking that it might shake them loose and they can move again. No, I guess that did not help and somehow it makes them even more confused. Let's use the hand trick to render them mindless again which seems to be a lot less stressful for the girls.

I finally unfreeze them but I must have forgotten to let their awareness come back which leaves them mindless and zombielike. Snapped out of it again, the girls now feel embarrassed and they start to apologize for being naked. Unfortunately they are getting dressed right away and all of a sudden my sexy little models do not want to hold each other’s breast for my next photo. Sorry but we can not have that girls! Freeze....... More unaware, as well as aware freeze moments, bitching, unexpected orgasms, the introduction of the magic wand are to be followed.



AJ & Nikki Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
People can not "NOT THINK"

Upon awakening, my two bikini models seem to think that masturbating in front of me, a complete stranger, is the most normal thing to do. In fact they believe that it is proper social behavior. Strange, I wonder what makes them believe that. Anyway, it gets even more bizarre when I mention that I really like to watch sexy models, mindlessly masturbate.

The idea of a person not being able to think or in other words go blank seems completely impossible and far fetched. Of course they don't know about the power of the fruits. You don't know that either? Well, I guess you have to watch the clip to find out. Mindless and empty, my two sexy little models keep playing with their pussies, just the way I like it. Snapped out of it again, the girls seem very embarrassed and they apologize profusely for masturbating in front of me. It is interesting to watch them try to make sense of all this.

Strange, I wonder what makes them feel that way all of a sudden. As soon as I mention Nikki's name, she instantaneously drops back into mindless oblivion which of course makes AJ feel very surprised and quite concerned. She keeps waving her hand in front of her zombielike friend as if that would help. Her agony does not last for too long and she ends up just as dim and mindless as her little friend.



AJ & Nikki Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
You stop. No you stop!

My sexy young models still do not seem to believe that what I do really works but for some reason the word "tickle" drives them up the wall. All of a sudden they jump around and what do you know, they ask me for help. My attempt to stop the tickling by letting them feel a very powerful orgasm, fails. What can I say, I tried. Things get even more bizarre when they all of a sudden start tickling each other. Believing that the other girl started it all, they now try to make each other stop. Really weird, I guess what I do really does not seem to work after all.



AJ & Nikki Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
You’re just one fried condenser away from the scrap heap!

Be careful what you ask for, you might actually get. My dream was always to have two beautiful girls at the same time or in other words, to have a threesome. I think that fateful afternoon was probably the closest I ever got to the fulfillment of my dream. I remember, I was right on time for my appointment with my new business partner when I first saw them. It took a very long time before they even noticed me. All they seemed to do was bicker at each other. Women, seems like they are all the same. Anyway, Nikki, the executive secretary, was trying to get the new office help to actually work instead of lounging around in the conference room. AJ has no respect for her supervisor and keeps telling her how obsolete and outdated. Who the hell still uses A330 models anyway? Nikki seemed to believe that she was not only suited but also perfectly programmed to take care of all office related tasks and that she could even sexually fulfill the needs of the companies business partners.

That statement made AJ laugh and she started to brag about her sophisticated new micro chips and her amazing new sex program. I guess, Nikki had enough at some point and all it took was one swift and unexpected move into AJ’s rear panel, to make her oh so sophisticated opponent malfunction. Here comes the kicker though, Nikki takes AJ’s emulator chip and reaches under her skirt to install it. That was actually the moment when I stepped into the picture and the first thing I had to do was to get Nikki to help me fix AJ. Would I have done this if Nikki had not offered me a threesome in return? Most likely not but the result was awesome. The girls, I mean Fembots, get into it and I am on cloud nine.







AJ & Nikki Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Section 10 paragraph 4 of ..of…of…not designed for sex..sex..sex..will comply..comply…I will make love to you

Oh my god, I will never forget those two making love to each other. Hot, sweaty and completely absorbed by the idea to please me. Yes, I could not quite believe it my self, the two horny beauties had nothing else in mind than to orgasm each other and to please me by doing so. Both of them did not seem quite perfect and every so often they seemed to remember some old programming but I thought those were just minor details. All of a sudden, the glitches, twitches and finally the malfunctions started and that would have been the time to get the hell out of there.






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