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Akira Lane Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Transformation of a Dominatrix

Akira, a super hot dominatrix, has been booked for her "services" by a somewhat shy customer who does seem to like a more submissive type woman. As it turns out, his friends who wanted to surprise him for his birthday, had sent and paid for the wrong type service but luckily there is always mind control to change even a hard ass dominatrix like Akira. Poor thing has no idea what hits her when he shows her his antique pocket watch.

Unsuspectingly yet somewhat reluctant, she gazes at the watch and before she knows it, her mind and body are under his control. What do you know, all of a sudden she feels like a sweet and quite innocent young girl who loves to be told what to do. Of course she has to be told that she has to be pleasing at all times and to be open to pretty much anything he wants. This segment shows Akira's amazing transformation from being dominant to becoming sweet, girlish, a bit shy, very horny ( wet pussy close ups) orgasms on command, some begging and more. We also snap her out of it at times to see her reaction to what is happening to her.



Akira Lane  Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a weak dominatrix

I am under your power

Let's have some more fun with our sexy dominatrix. This time we have her wake up with a very strong desire to become my slave girl. Of course we all know that slave girls are rendered mindless first before making them feel tied up, gagged and orgasmed at will. Needless to say that is all warm up.

Akira is driven to intense sexual heights and then challenged to try to fight being controlled like this. What can I say, she tries to resist but then she goes crazy for lust and there is no way she can (and or even want to) stop what is happening to her. Her body quivers and shakes and when she feels me lightly whipping her tits, she comes without any control over it. Even when she is fully aware of being. Too intense to describe it all. Includes crawling, begging, and an amazing show of unconditional surrender.



Akira Lane  Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your horny foot slut

No will power

This next one is very interesting because at some point our dominatrix actually tries to put up a bit of a fight and it is even more interesting to see how her attempt to regain power crumbles and she succumbs to my will. It all starts of quite harmless as our dominatrix seems overcome by the need to show off her feet and to please us and although she does not like what she is doing she cannot stop doing it. After all, she is dominant. Lol.

It gets really crazy when I transfer all the feeling and sensations she normally feels in her pussy into her feet. Again, Akira goes crazy for lust and although she is fully aware of being controlled and now she tries to resist. Well as mentioned, not for long. She ends up a lustfully screaming and begging little girl with no will power left in her. Towards the end we make her orgasm over and over while watching her helplessly succumb to her own lust. Really intense



Akira Lane  Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Sleeepy Dominatrix used and....

Akira, a beautiful dominatrix who is used to whip and control her "customers" has come to the wrong place, or I should better say, the wrong guy's place. Needless to say, she tries to establish dominance as soon as she meets her new "client" but he grabs her neck and before she knows what hits her, her eyes widen, roll and finally she goes out. Limp, helpless and....

Enjoy a very hot limp/sleep segment. Like I mentioned this clip is all about our sleeepy girl being slowly moved, posed, dropped and other wise manipulated while out. Of course we take our time (and zoom in) while checking her pussy, ass, eyes, ears, hands, navel, remove her shoes, feet and so much more. Eye checks of course as well.



Akira Lane  Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Sorry but you have no say in this honey


Akira, my wife's best friend, seems to believe that she has to give my wife advise about how to get a divorce and how to get the most out of me in the process. I don't know what it is but somehow women have to always stick together and somehow they think they need a big settlement just for having been married to us. Oh well, looks like we
need to pay her a visit and mess with her a bit. Sure enough, she is not all that happy to see me and before you know it, she comes up with even more ideas of how my soon to be ex can get even more out of me. Not today honey.

Needless to say, she does not listen to my warnings which leaves me no other choice than to alter her brain in a way that incapacitates her thinking. Before you know it, her body straightens out, her arms rise up and robot Akira is ready to please. Let's have her undress, turn in circles, (self) spank her sexy ass while pushing it out for us and... Of course there is a lot more she has to learn but you will see that when you watch the clip. At some point we teach her that even with a vibrator on her clit, she is not allowed to feel pleasure.



Akira Lane Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Entranced, frozen and helplessly orgasmed.

I am easy

Akira, my wife's best friend, wakes up and has no recollection of what has happened so far. Needless to say, she is not aware of the fact that I switched her into, let's call it, something more comfortable while she was in lala land. Again, being my wife's best friend and all, she insist on helping my wife to get the best divorce deal possible. Well looks like she needs one more lesson.

Suddenly her beautiful body freezes up right in the middle of thronging me out of her office. Poor thing, there she stands, confused and a bit bewildered. Might as well put her into trance for a while before messing with her even more. Still frozen yet fully aware she is slowly made to feel an intensely thrusting vibrator right on her clit. Yes, that sure does drive her nuts and before long, her quivering body gives in and she orgasms hard.

Of course that is all just warm up. Wait until you see what happens when I actually hold a vibrator between her frozen legs. Akira goes crazy for lust to the point where she reluctantly agrees to the fact that she is easily h- and willing to do and feel whatever I want.



Akira Lane Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Horny doll

Akira: Akira unit activated

Akira: What the heck….What the hell am I wearing, where are my clothes?….This can't be good

Akira: Oh my God what the hell…What's the deal with my hair…Hello is anybody there?

Frank: Oh good your active. I was afraid I might have damaged you. Your circuitry was a little more complicate than I had anticipated.

Akira: You tampered with my circuitry? What did you do to me? I can tell something's not right. I feel really strange.

Frank: Oh I just made a few minor modifications.

Akira: Modifications? what kind of modifications. you are not authorized to tamper with my circuitry. And what's with this rid…rid..rid...ridiculous getup…... What the hell just hap…happened? Oh my god, I'm malfunctioning. I never malfunction. What have you done to me?

Frank: Oh sorry about that, I had to remove a few components to make room for the new hardware. I'm afraid your may be a little on the glitchy side from now on., but it was totally worth it.

Akira: On the glitchy side are you ..kidding me…I am a 3000 model, I am designed and programmed to function flawlessly. You fix me right know before I…I…I…I

Akira: .I...I I'm fun time Barbie, would you like to play with me?

Akira: Oh my God, what just happened? Did I call myself Fun-time Barbie?
what the hell did you do to me?

Frank: Oh I just gave your pull-string a little tug, you see your going to be my little dolly from now on.

Akira: Your crazy I don't have a pull-string. I'm not some damn Chatty Kathy doll….I am a fully- autonomous 3000 series android.

Frank: Well now your my toy, and you have a Pull-String. I should know ,I just installed it…..Here I'll show you

See what happens to our little horny doll.

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