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Alaina Rose Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


The long road to bliss

Alaina Rose, beautiful, sexy and quite spunky nineteen year old seductress had no idea what to expect when she first showed up for her session but she was ready and willing to try something new and exciting. I have to say, training and taming a horny and as mentioned, spunky young girl like her is right up my alley and as it turned out, Alaina dropped under, let's call it, my spell, as soon as she felt overpowered by my... You fill in the blanks. Enjoy another raunchy, intense and exciting "taming" session.

I used the long road through the valley imagery and you can see Alaina's eyelids flickering nicely throughout most of the induction. Of course I have to take my time to check the depth of her "state of mind", take a look at her tits, lift and drop her, do the arm drop deepener and then have her answer some questions regarding her.... Eye checks as well.

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Alaina Rose Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Yes master, yes master, yes...

Forced masturbation, open eyed and breath controlled orgasm training, begging, yes masters, entranced stares, prolonged orgasms on command and more.

Our little girl went down hard in the previous segment and now it is time to program her to see and accept me as her master for the remainder of the session. Needless to say that making her feel aroused without her having any control over it, certainly makes it clear to her that I am in charge of her body and mind. Alaina's beautiful firm body starts to quiver and shakes in my arms as if she had made love for hours.

Her body is limp yet intensely aroused when I pick her up and open her eyes during her first orgasm of the session. Let's take a closer look at her firm tits while keeping her cuming for a while. Of course that is still just warm up. It gets even more intense when I teach her to cum while looking me in the eyes, which means, showing me her surrender without having the privacy to close her eyes. Did I mentioned the standing up forced masturbation, the begging, the mindless entranced stares and the....




Alaina Rose Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip

This one starts with Alaina being put to sleep as soon as she feels my hand on her throat. Time to undress her, take a closer look at her tight little body, do some eye checks, slowly take off her sexy sandals, mess with her feet (pretty red toe nails) and to make her feel aroused again as she feels my hands on her feet. Of course just is just warm up. Next we have our entranced beauty stand up, drop her deeper again and then remove the rest of her clothing. Needless to say, she is orgasmed at will before being placed into the zombie position for the slow repetition of her first mantra. Thank you master for training me. Long limp play, intense orgasms, dim stares, waving hand and...




Alaina Rose Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I am under your control master

I am my masters mindless slave

Some of the highlights of this one are; kneeling masturbation with prolonged wait until allowed to orgasm, touch free orgasm (made to feel as if she was still touching herself) slow repetition of mantras, yes master, crawling while made to feel pounded from behind, neck play and programming, trance deepening and mindless stares, more crawling and begging, screaming hard orgasms on command and so much more. I am here to be fucked.

Alaina is taken to intense sexual heights and dropped into deep mindless trance at the snap of my fingers and it becomes obvious that she has surrendered to my will..



Alaina Rose Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Spread em

We had our little girl crawl on the bed in the last segment and now it is time for her to take a nap so that we can have our way with her soft little feet and of course the rest of her body. Slowly but surely, she starts to feel aroused again as she is allowed to feel my touch on her feet without being able to wake up.

 Her sexy young body quivers under my touch and I decide to have her wake up so that she can seductively offer us her feet, meaning talk about them, lick and suck them and of course spread em for us. Her tongue seductively runs through her toes while she becomes more and more aroused. Alaina's hands move down between her legs as if they had a mind of their own but unfortunately for her, she right before she can manage to make herself cum.

Well, let's inspect her feet again while moving her limp body around and... Neck play, lot's of foot slave training, seductive foot worship, sleeepy orgasms....



Alaina Rose Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
I don't find the curriculum all that interesting

This next one turned out to be perfect for our spunky young lady. Alaina, who believes to be a bored student, who has been called into the principal's office for having made her English teacher cry, has the audacity to actually try to hypnotize her the principal when he does not fall for her lame excuses. The little shi... is really sneaky about it on top of all this as she seems to believe that the guy is a completely unreasonable dork.

Well, I guess it goes without saying that her sneaky plan fails and she ends up mindlessly entranced and ready for programming. She quickly becomes the principals helpless toy and is forced to masturbate. Needless to say, there is no happy ending. Put to sleeep before being able to orgasm is certainly what she deserves. Now he can take is time to undress her and to mess with her limp body.



Alaina Rose Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Horny Robo Toy

In this one we get to enjoy our (formerly) unruly student being slowly programmed into becoming a robot toy. Alaina is taken deep and all memory of ever having been anything else other than an obedient Robot is removed and replaced by programs. Of course we need to test her motor skills, make her do some cleaning and stiffly walk for us before ordering her to pleasure herself (after activating the necessary programs) After the above mentioned tests, it seems save to activate her "robot bimbo" program. Sure enough, she switches instantaneously into a giggly and not very bright horny bimbo with no other desire than to suck dick. Of course there is more like the self spanking, salutations, yes masters, repetition of orders, jada, jada, jada...




Alaina Rose Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
This will make you less angry

Alaina, who still believes to be dealing with the angry principal at her school, does not seem to remember what has happened so far in her session. Needless to say, she is just as spunky with no remorse. Believe it or not, she tries to hypnotize her principal again and just as before, it backfires. This time though, it leaves her stiffly frozen. Alaina is really priceless in this one, her sneaky ways, her problems with authority figures and so on are just hilarious. Anyway, frozen and under my control, the little shi... tries to explain her situation with muscle cramps and what have you but that only goes so far as we all know. Things get really steamy when I start to mess with her, undress her and eventually wedge a vibrator between her frozen legs. My explanation that this is a test to make sure her nervous system is ok does not go over too well either. Being the nice guy that I am, I remove the vibrator but now she does not like that either. Looks like we need to put her out so that we can take some quality time to mess with her limp body mouth, eyes and... Let's have her wake up one more time for a few seconds before letting her feel "the hand" on her throat.




Alaina Rose Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
This is like Deja vu

Slow freeze, uncontrollable laughter, forced orgasms and more.

Alaina, our sexy little brat, wakes up not quite remembering what just happened but there is a hint of memory. Looks like she still has not learned her lesson. Believe it or not, now she laughs her ass off whenever I say something about her unruly behavior. It does seem though that she does not really know why the he... she is laughing all the time. Oh well, let's try something else. How about freezing her in place, very slowly that is?

 Alaina feels the entire process until the "freeze" moves all the way into her head. Stiff and confused, she does not seem to believe me when I mention that the reason for her being immobilized is the fact that she is under my control and deeply h-. Of course she is not too crazy (at all) about the idea that I expose most of her young body and then orgasm her at will while feeling tickled at the same time.

Being the nice guy that I am, I unfreeze her but that only leads to her slowly going to sleeep, despite her attempts to stay up. Let's play with her limp body for a bit before making her believe that she really, really, really wants to be my girlfriend now!




Alaina Rose Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
My eyes are up here

Alaina, who believes to be applying for a Nanny job at some rich guys mansion, seems quite uncomfortable when I keep talking about her feet instead of the nanny job. Things change quickly though after I trick her into a rapid induction which drops her under in only a few seconds. Up and awake, our young nanny seems to now believe that seductively showing of her feet while talking about them, is what nannies do. She goes on and on about her arches and wrinkles while telling us how pretty they are. Time to drop her deep again for some intensified (mindless) foot slave training. Now we get to enjoy her mindlessly showing of her feet and body while seductively posing for us. Of course we get to enjoy her masturbating, licking and sucking her feet before being put to sleep. Limp body and foot play towards the end.




Alaina Rose Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
It all about the B J's

Here we get to enjoy our sexy Nanny showing of her blow job skills. Looks like she somehow believes that giving fantastic blow jobs are her foremost qualifications for getting the job of our new nanny. I wonder what makes her believe that but, I am going along, being the nice guy that I am and all. Poor thing suddenly freezes up though with the dildo still in her mouth. I know, not very nice but lots of fun. What makes this more fun is the fact that she now becomes aware of what she just did which leaves her confused, embarrassed yet unable to explain herself (dildo in mouth).

Things get even better when she comes back after a brief, let's call it nap, because now she believes that showing off her perky firm tits, is the thing to do during an interview. More confusion and sleeepy play yet to come.



Alaina Rose Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Too young to smoke

It makes me feel so pretty

I just cannot help it

This next segment goes to show you that young nannies should not smoke, particularly not when they don't want to end up extremely horny, oversexed and eventually mindless. Of course she is warned but, even when I try to stop her half way through by telling her that I have those smokes for one reason only and that is to bring horny girls like herself to masturbate for me, she just cannot stop. Poor thing even denies having touch the forbidden cigarettes but that does not go too far. Smoking hot one, very sensual, sleeepy play and a really hot last drag.


Alaina Rose Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Place me accordingly

Frank who has agreed to help his girlfriend Lisa and her roommate Alaina with their move into a new apartment. Alone with his girlfriends roommate Alaina her tries to sort things out. There are boxes, various appliances and miscellaneous furniture strung about the room, with no rhyme or reason to their placement. Alaina walks in with a box of books, and with her knees stiffly locked she bends over at the waist and places it on the floor next to a couple of stereo speakers.

There is something not quite right about the girl, her posture seems to be a bit stiff , her motions a bit to precise, and her demeanor a bit to removed. Her voice is a bit too pleasant and even toned. She often begins a sentence staring off into one direction and then mid sentence turns her head and then resumes the sentence staring off in other direction.

Alaina I believe that to be the last box. The next logical step would be to designate appropriate locations for all of your items and move them accordingly.

Frank "and move them accordingly" you crack me up, you're always so formal. Yah we definitely got to find a place for this crap Well I just got the entertainment center put back together, lets get the stereo hooked up so we can listen to some music, while we work.

Alaina That is a very logical plan.

Frank logical?

Alaina Yes, studies have shown that music can enhance work performance especial in the execution of menial task

Frank "execution of menial task"….You're too cute!

Alaina Oh my, have I exceeded the acceptable level of cuteness

Frank Why of course not, you're exactly the right combination of cuteness and hotness………OK, I'll get the CD deck and the turn table, why don't you grab one of those speakers.

Alaina looks down at the two speakers sitting in the floor, she appears a bit nervous and looks back up at Frank as if to confirm his request.

Frank Yeah those right next to you, just grab one and set it over there, while I hook up the cables.

Alaina Oh those are much too heavy for me to carry, perhaps I could help you with the turntable.

Frank Don't be ridiculous, they can't half as much as that box of books you just brought in, In fact I think the turn table weight more than they do. Be a doll and grab that one by your leg.

Alaina But I am not a doll, dolls are artificial as you can see, I am not artificial, I am a human female, I am not a doll.

Frank Ok I didn't mean to be sexist, let me rephrase the request. Please do me a favor and bring the speaker over here.

Alaina But speakers have magnets……….

Frank So

Alaina Magnets are dangerous……………

Frank Who told you that?………….It's not like I'm setting them next to my computer………If you don't want to help me just sit down and I'll get them.

Alaina Negative…….I will comply with your request…………

Frank Whoa babe, don't hold it like that you're to drop it, hold it to your body and won't feel so heavy.

Alaina I don't think that's such a good idea

Frank If it's that big a deal just put it down, I'm sorry I asked

Alaina Negative…….I will comply with your request…………

Alaina pulls the speaker to her chest and grimaces as if it is a bomb about to go off, put appears relieved when nothing happens. She l looks up at Franks and smiles. Alaina Hey Look Nothing happened, I'm perfectly fine…..perfectly fine Alaina cocks her head to the side, drops the speaker and freezes for a moment with a wide-eyed star and sickeningly sweat smile on her face. She then resumes her meltdown Stating her name and then cocking her head to the side with an additional statement time and again.

Alaina Hi I'm Alaina…… I'm perfectly fine………… Hi I'm Alaina……… I'm perfectly fine. Hi I'm Alaina……… I'm your girl friend……Hi I'm Alaina……… I'm your girrrl friend…….Hi I'm Alaina……I'm perfectly fine…….I'm perfectly fine……….I'm per…per…perfect…… Hi I'm Alaina …….friend………Alaina……..girlfriend………What's.... Happening to me? Alaina unit unable to access route directory……..Error……..Error……system corrupted

Frank Holy crap, you're not real………Your some kind of robot.

I am real………..a real girl……….I am real……..a real girl…………. I'm Alaina……… I'm your girl friend…… I'm your girl friend….. your girl friend…..girlfriend. I am programmed to please…….I will amply…..good girlfriends comply……..Must comply……. Hi I'm Alaina……… I' will comply……….I don't think …….I don't think ……that's such a good idea……don't think ……that's such a good idea……magnets are dangerous……dangerous…….system corrupted……….Alaina unit malfunctioning………I am malfunctioning…….Help me Frank!!


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