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Alexa Nicole Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Journey into the unknown

Alexa Nicole, beautiful California bombshell with a killer hard body came all the way from the other coast to find out what it would feel like to "NOT" be in control for a change. I notice right away when we first meet, that Alexa is the kind of girl who can drive pretty much any man nuts. It is not easy to describe but the mixture of raw sexuality and seductive sensuality with a hint of sweetness is just irresistible and all that combined with her looks as well as a great attitude made me want to take her where no one has taken her before. Needless to say, Alexa was a bit nervous yet very curious and she could not wait to get started as well. We actually rented a different studio location so that we could meet her and believe me, it was very well worth the effort. Her journey into her subconscious world brought out her softer and until then hidden side which made her leave with a big smile. Guess who else was smiling?

The first part of her training starts with a balloon/floating hands test which left her very relaxed and almost speechless already, nice dreamy eyes BTW and a swinging watch eye fixation. Nice and slow close ups during the induction.

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Alexa Nicole Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Having to let go of control is not an option

The first thing Alexa has to learn is that her body is fully under my control and what better way is there than to let her feel uninhibited feelings of lust. It does not take long before her sexy young body starts to move rhythmically to the lovemaking she feels. The feeling of having her legs helplessly forced apart while she is being penetrated, seems to arouse her even more. Her moaning and groaning turn into lustful screams as she feels mercilessly fucked and played with. She gets so aroused that she does not even hear me at times and I have to repeat some of my suggestions.

Her screaming becomes louder and more forceful as I take her to the verge of her first orgasm in the session. Believe me, the first one is always the most exciting one. As I mentioned before, to get a girl who has never seen or talked to you before to orgasm, within only a short amount of time, is always an amazing feeling. Alexa is no exception, to watch her young silky body quiver and shake, and finally, after having to wait for it, explode at the snap of my fingers is hot. Of course, first she has to repeat, "I let go of all control, I want to be a good girl".



Alexa Nicole Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Letting go of mind, thoughts and will makes me good

easy to control shell of herself It is time to take a closer look at her beautiful body and I decide to have her take off some of the unnecessary clothes. Alexa is standing in front of me, her big dark eyes are wide open as I have her concentrate on the swinging watch again. This time her mind, thoughts and will are slowly drained out, leaving her an easy to control shell of herself. Alexa is too occupied by her masturbation to notice what is happening. It gets very intense quickly and when I hear the first oh my gods, I just know, she is mine, “I am a good little girl for you.” Alexa starts to repeat my suggestions which shows that she is not only drifting deeper but also that she is fully accepting them. Of course that is all just the warm up. Alexa is not allowed to close her eyes, her hands feel stuck behind her head as she feels helplessly fucked again. As you all know by now, I like the open eyed orgasms because they make the subject feel completely exposed and vulnerable. Alexa’s body goes into lustful convulsions and the repetition of, "I have no choice" finally brings her to orgasm. Very intense segment and certainly not easy to describe.



Alexa Nicole Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen and orgasmed at will

To be trained or to be tranced? only the subconscious knows. "I am your slave, I need to be tranced" –Alexa’s first mantra

Still deeply entranced from the last segment, Alexa is just standing there as she stares into blissful nothingness. I have her repeat the mantra, "I am your slave, I need to be trained". Something very interesting happens though, instead of repeating the word "trained", she replaces it with "tranced" which is something that happened subconsciously and it indicates how deeply entranced she must have been. She keeps repeating it over and over as her eyes become more and more hazy. Of course there is more; Alexa’s hands are wondering between her legs and she pleasures herself into another series of mind reducing orgasms. It is amazing to watch her surrender as she is driven by her own lust and the need to obey.



Alexa Nicole Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your mindless slave and I am here to obey

Put on her knees with her arms helplessly stuck behind her back, Alexa’s beautiful body starts to quiver and shake under the intense penetration she is feeling. I decide to have her experience the intensity of the breath controlled orgasms. I can feel how it turns her on when I order her to stop breathing for as long as I tell her to. There is a mix of excitement and confusion in her eyes and all of a sudden it hits her with an amazing intensity. Alexa just stares after this and I decide to take her into an even deeper state of mindless surrender. Slow and monotone repetitions of, "I am a mindless slave, I am here to obey" drop her further down. Well, looks like it is time to finish her up. Alexa is ordered to pleasure herself again as she is mindlessly staring ahead. Again, it gets intense very quickly. The masturbation intensifies as I have her pinch her nipples at the same time and although her body is shivering and shaking, her eyes stay empty and mindless, "Please master make me good". I wave my hand in front of her eyes but there is nobody home. Alexa slowly goes down as she loses all strength in her body. Very intense, great stares, repetitions, zombie pose and very hard orgasms.



Alexa Nicole Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
That is just not possible

Alexa is made to believe that we just met and that the session is just about to start. We talk a bit about what I do and you should see her face when I ask her whether she thinks it is possible to make people you have never met before flash their ass, feel intensely orgasmic or even masturbate for you without even being aware of it. Of course not, that is just too far out. Well, I don’t know what is so special about the words, "High Tide" or "Full Moon" but it sure seems to get her to show me her cherry ass and to orgasmically role around on the couch. Does she deny any of this ever happened? Yep, but then again, we all know better, right? Of course hearing her name would never make her fuck herself with the vibrator! Believe it or not, even with the thing deep in her pussy, our little girl still does not seem to get it.



Alexa Nicole Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Nurse in lust

Is this part of a regular exam, doc?

Alexa believes to be on her first day on the job. On her first day, she has been assigned to the science lab of the local hospital. Of course being the head doctor, I have to check her out and make sure she is ok. Unfortunately though, she does not seem to be interested in me what so ever and she does not even want me to give her the usual medical exam. OK, maybe examining the new nurses is not standard procedure but come on, in her case, I had to at least try. Anyway, being the nice doctor that I am, I warn her about all the different lotions and potions in the lab which are all part of a scientific experiment. She almost laughs at me when I mention that we are working on potions which are designed to help people with their love lives, in other words, potions which make, women in particular, feel more loving, horny and willing to engage in sexual activities. OK, I also have to admit that some of these potions might have side effects, like IQ reduction while being overly aroused and so on.

To make a long story short, Alexa does not believe a word I am saying and the second she is left alone, she starts to check out and of course sniff, the forbidden substances. By the time I come back to pick up my stethoscope it is already too late. Of course she denies having done anything but the fact that she wants a very thorough physical exam makes me believe otherwise. Of course being the nice doctor that I am, I have to examine her very slowly and carefully. Alexa can not seem to get enough of my exam and certainly has no problem exposing herself to me as she undoubtedly hits on me. Great transformation from being the untouchable and quite full of herself nurse into loving, very horny and definitely not too bright fuck toy.




Alexa Nicole Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Nurse in mindless lust

After breathing in more of our experimental potions (water) our sexy and by now very horny little nurse still denies that she feels any of the side effects mentioned in the last segment. This seems a bit of an understatement, particularly given the fact that her fingers are deep into her wet pussy and her speech is not quite as coherent as before. Her body starts to quiver and shake even more under the vibrator massage I give her and yes she kind of does realize that the massager looks a bit strange but then again, who wants to argue with the doc? Watching her beautiful body go into lustful convulsions as her little mind is slowly diminishing is really hot; looks like it is time to finish her up. Alexa's futile attempt to hold on to what little of her mind that might be left leads to a series of dramatic “yes/no” orgasms which finally leave her an empty shell of herself. Very intense ending, deep felt surrender and definitely for everybody who loves to watch a girl try to fight the inevitable.



Alexa Nicole Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
So, do I get the job?

Alexa is applying for the position of the new kinder-garden teacher; well that is what she is made to believe. Anyway, it is my job to make sure that she passes the very high moral standards of our conservative community. At first it all looks good, she does not seem interested in my offer to take her out after the interview and my compliment on her sexy feet and long legs leave her completely unimpressed, in fact she does not even seem to like her feet and legs that much. Besides the fact that it hurts a bit to have been turned down by her, at least it shows that she has some morals and that is exactly what we are looking for. Yeah right, about 30 seconds later, Alexa starts to run her hands up and down her long legs and talks about how wonderful it would feel if somebody would touch her feet. The really strange part about all this is that she suddenly seems to believe that seductively playing with her legs and feet, while getting aroused is the proper thing to do.

Of course I try to stop her as much as I can but she comes up with the most interesting reasons as to why she should go on loving her feet. "Don't you want to make sure; you really know who you are working with?" Well sure, I do want to know who I am working with, but is it really necessary to get undressed, become excessively horny and orgasmic as well as mindlessly in love with ones feet, in order for me to get to know her? Totally fun and sensual segment in which Alexa is turned into a horny foot loving nymph without even realizing it. Of course towards the end and right after a very deep foot induced orgasm, I decide to snap her out of it, just to see how my little kinder garden teacher feels about her actions. “Oh my god, oh, I am so....Oh no”....



Alexa Nicole Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Let's be serious

Our sexy young kinder garden teacher is still very confused and apologetic about what happened in the last segment and she seems very relieved and grateful when I offer her a second chance. What can I say; I am just a nice guy. Of course she has to promise to be more serious about the whole thing this time. Suddenly it happens right when she is done getting dressed; her little body starts to go all over the couch as if she was tickled by at least ten invisible hands. What makes it even stranger is that she can not seem to get out of her clothes fast enough. Fun tickle segment with a lot of mind games. Believe it or not she still thinks she should get the job because she....



Alexa Nicole Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
No, I am up

Sleepy kinder garden teacher in trouble

After a brief deepening, our sexy teacher comes back not remembering anything that has happened so far in her interview from hell. Of course as we can see in the pictures, she is properly dressed for the occasion and even thanks me when I compliment her on her beautiful dress. This time she seems determined to impress me but unfortunately she seems to be suffering from sleep depravation. Of course she tries to hide the yawning as good as possible as she keeps telling me that she never parties on a school night. Well what can I say; she loses the battle and eventually, after trying very hard, succumbs to the inevitable. Deeply asleep, she does not even feel my hands gently and slowly running over her long neck. Well, being the nice guy that I am, I give her yet another chance. This time she seems fresh and energetic until she mentions her name that is. Alexa drops like a rock. Of course I try to help her by pulling her up a few times but she drops like a ragdoll every time. Let's wake her up again. Same thing except that this time she goes out like a light when I point out a smudge on her forehead. This time I try to wake her up by slowly running my hands over her neck and throat but nothing. Well, let's wake her up again and....



Alexa Nicole Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
This is so embarrassing

I don't think this is going to help

Our little kinder garden teacher snaps out of it again and "Oh my god, what happened." Somehow she does not seem to remember how she ended up naked which understandably leaves her feeling confused and embarrassed. Of course she tries to cover up and get the hell out but that does not seem to work as planed either. Suddenly she freezes up in the middle of her futile attempt to get dressed. At first she does not seem to notice the predicament she is in which has largely to do with the fact that she is mindless and empty. Of course I have to use her inability to move and think to play with her. The unnecessary top comes off again and her arms are moved around. Well, let's see how she feels when her awareness comes back. Not so good. Now she seems very confused and even more embarrassed. Poor thing has no explanation as to why she can not move.

Naturally, being the concerned person that I am, I try to help her but she does not seem to think that, me taking off her bra, bending her over and moving her arms as well as her head, could possibly help her situation at all. What can I say, I tried. Mentioning the fact that she will feel very aroused and orgasmic in a few seconds makes her think I am joking but as we all know, I never joke about things of that nature. Sure enough, frozen and very horny, her sexy little body starts to quiver under the unexpected orgasm. Understandably, she still prefers to be able to move but as soon as I wave my hand in front of her eyes, she drops into mindless bliss, "I am a mindless zombie, master". I decide to have her just stand there for a while with her eyes staring into nothingness and her arms stretched out in front of her.



Alexa Nicole Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
What's the big deal?


The attitude adjustment

Alexa, my new secretary seems to think that it is absolutely no big deal to file her nails, make private phone calls and to take long lunches during her work hours. Maybe I could live with all that just because she is so dam cute but does she have to bring her to the office? Anyway, I had to finally step in and talk to her. Of course she tries to play it down and even gives me an attitude about my even mentioning it. The little girl even wants to leave when I mention that she needs an attitude adjustment and what better way is there than to turn her into an obedient robot with no mind and will of its own.

When I remember correctly, her last words were something like, “that is not going to happen”. A few seconds later, she stands at attention while saluting her new master. Alexa seemed to have had no subconscious concept of how robots function and it took me a while to properly program her and to make her function based on my programming only. Of course part of her attitude adjustment is to make her pleasure herself without being allowed to cum before I set her system to orgasm, to strip, repeat things like “I am a machine” or “I will cum for you master”, to learn how to properly stand at attention, deactivate when not needed and so much more... “I am just a Robot”.


Alexa Nicole Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Robot Movie Sorry, I am just a little "glitchy"

The second I opened the door, I knew something was wrong, yet again. The stinky smell of burned wires and circuits was in the air and nobody was there to greet me. Sure enough, there she was, just standing there in the middle of the living room with a broom in her hand and no sign of life in her eyes. Dam honey, what did you do this time? It did not take me long to jump start her again an as usual she denies having done anything wrong. She keeps going on and on about all the cleaning, washing, dusting and what ever else she did but it is quite obvious that she is not all there. One look around the room and I knew what had happened. Mr. Happy, her favorite battery operated toy was sitting on the couch and just as last time, she must have overdone it again.

 Of course she knew that she was not supposed to play with herself when I am not around but does she ever listen. Maybe I should have been a bit firmer with her but I just could never stay angry with her for too long. Sure enough, she tries to get out of her predicament by offering me sex and by telling me that she did it only because she was thinking of me. Well, what can I say, besides being "glitchy" she seemed to be ok and it seemed easy enough to fix her and then have some fun with her.

After exchanging a few circuits and a couple of wires, my horny little toy seems perfectly fine and she passes all my tests with flying colors. Maybe it was too early to have her masturbate and play with Mr. Happy and yes her malfunction in the middle of her orgasm should have made me call in the professionals but then again, I was broke and very horny.





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