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Alexis Fawx Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Good girls go deep

Alexis Fawx, beautiful, intelligent and very outgoing MILF was extremely curious to find out for herself what my sessions were all about. I don't really like using the expression MILF because of what it represents. To me, young women in their early thirties are often just coming into their sexuality which makes them usually a lot more sensual and open to feel their own bodies, thus fulfill their own wants and needs. I don't want to go into all the details here and I am pretty sure that you will know what I mean by all this once you watch Alexis’s intense and very sexual session.

Alexis is actually pretty new to the business and her main reason to do what she does is because she loves sex and the idea of having multiple orgasms in a short amount of time seems right up her alley. I know, I say this a lot but Alexis turned out to be another one of my amazingly good subjects, who go down like a rock and turn into obedient subs with only one desire, which would be to please and obey. Watching her letting go of herself while drifting under my control, seeing her orgasms become harder and more intense and feeling her complete surrender made this another unforgettable session for all of us.

I noticed right away when her eyes opened during the floating arms test and she stared up into the air that this would be another good one. Alexis's body kept sliding deeper into the couch during the relaxation part which is often another indication that the subject is drifting into, you know where.

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Alexis Fawx Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Know and feel that you are helplessly taken

First yes sir's and oh my gods

It does not take long before her sexy young body starts to squirm under my suggestions. I can sense that the feeling of being touched by someone she can not see and who has complete control of her body is driving her up the wall. She starts to moan and groan with pleasure and her legs spread far apart as soon as I make her feel penetrated hard and with no mercy. Her hands are helplessly pulled behind her head which makes her feel even more helpless and now she pulls up her legs as if she could not get it in deep enough. What can I say, some girls like it deep and hard and Alexis is definitely one of them.

Alexis starts begging me to let her orgasm without me even mentioning the fact that she is not allowed to cum just yet. Looks like Alexis understands that her body is mine and that her orgasms are controlled just like her lust. Alexis starts addressing me with "Sir" without me mentioning it, every time I ask her a question and or have her repeat something like, I have no control or I have no choice. Many women are actually turned on a lot more by saying "yes SIR” than by saying yes master. Anyway there is too much happening to describe it all but believe me, it is a very intense start which shows how erotic and sensual our little girl is and that she needs a strong hand, if you know what I mean.



Alexis Fawx Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I have never cum like this


Alexi’s body is going into lustful convulsions again as she orgasms on my command. Yes SIR, yes sir, yes... Now it is time to slow it down and to have her stare at the watch in my hand. Alexis drops deeper and deeper with every word I say, her eyes start to role back into her head and she sinks into the abyss. I can feel her mind seizing to function and she slowly falls into even deeper trance. I have her repeat “I have to learn to follow and obey” and her repetitions become slower and more monotone as her mind drifts even further. Now it is time to distract her mind by ordering her to masturbate.

Driven by her own lust, Alexis lets herself go completely. Her squirming body goes into intense lustful convulsions again while her unblinking eyes stare straight at me until they finally role all the way back again. She switches from saying yes sir to saying yes master without me having to say it and I just know that she is completely under my control. Her first open eyed orgasm is so intense that it makes her scream out, “you are my master”. More rolling eyes, mantras like, “I am an obedient slave” and very intense orgasms still only begin to describe the intensity of this segment.



Alexis Fawx Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen and orgasmed at will

Please train me master. There is only one master.

There is so much going on in this segment that I don't even know where to start. Alexis is just standing there with her arms stretched out in front of her as she keeps repeating, “please train me master”. Her unblinking eyes are staring into the camera and all of a sudden, she is made to feel deeply penetrated and helplessly fucked. Her sexy young body starts to squirm, her arms are still up in front of her and she still screams “please train me”.

What is interesting about this is that I did not even tell her to keep repeating it which again shows that our little girl is an amazingly good subject. Anyway, it is time to take it up a notch by freezing her in place while she is still cumming. Of course that alone would be too easy and I decide to sway her and to pick her up while I keep making her orgasm. Back on her feet, Alexis is taken even deeper, her eyes role, her head tilts back and she drifts into stillness. Her repetitions (mantra) of “there is only one master” become slower and more monotone. Time for her first breath controlled orgasm, which BTW made her almost fall over. Of course there is more deepening, intense stares, bobbing heads and mantras yet to come.



Alexis Fawx Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
The ritual

I am a good slave

Alexis believes to be the center of a sexual initiation ritual. Her beautiful naked body is placed on the altar. Unable to move and or to think, she has no choice but to enjoy the hands which are caressing her helpless body. She starts to squirm and her moaning and groaning becomes louder. I can feel that the idea of being helplessly touched while unable to resist and or to stop is turning her on.

Her eyes are wide open and show the deep state of trance she is in. I keep intensifying her last by making her feel the bitter sweet plain of the hot wax dripping on her body/ Slowly but surely her body goes into lustful convulsions, her eyes role back as she surrenders to her fate. Suddenly her hands are drawn between her legs and she has no choice but to pleasure herself until I make her orgasm. Again, her eyes role back and she keeps repeating, “I am a good slave”. Very intense segment with lots of rolling eyes, intense stares, slow repetitions, very hard orgasms and so much more.



Alexis Fawx Clips Six & Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
six and seven I am a church going girl

Alexis believes to be on her way to her weekly women's club meeting. Determined to stop the publication and solicitation of sex on the Internet, her group has made it their agenda to fight anyone who might be involved in the sex industry. Well, that is all good and nice; the only problem is that she went to the wrong house. This week’s meeting is held at Mrs. Andrews’s house who happens to live a couple of houses further down the street. Oh well, it looks like we are going to have some fun with Mrs. Prude. Being the nice guy that I am, I even offer to ask my wife whether she wants to go with her to the meeting which made her very happy. Telling her what I do for a living though, does not seem to make her happy at all and I have to listen to her bitching which I guess comes with the territory, particularly in my line of work. Naturally, she does not believe in hypnosis and that it could work and my warning not to look at the lava lamp while I go upstairs to get my wife, falls on deaf ears.

The second I leave the room, she just has to inspect the old lava lamp. Deeply entranced with her big unblinking eyes staring into nothingness, my mindless little "prude" is ready to be trained. Her training consist of masturbation and denied orgasms, plenty of yes masters, self spanking and nipple pinching, a whole lot of begging, some very still and mindless moments, rolling eyes, keeling, mantras which eventually all leads to unconditional surrender. As mentioned, Alexis is an amazingly good subject and this segment is very intense and includes most of your favorites. Of course at the end, we have her snap out of it (a couple of times) and believe it or not, now she wants to...




Alexis Fawx Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Reconditioning of the human mind

This segment shows what can happen when you are in the wrong room at the wrong time with the wrong guy. Thinking that she is in her boyfriend’s dorm room for the first time, Alexis seems quite surprised when I suddenly walk in. Having never been to the guy’s room before, she has no reason to doubt me when I tell her that this is my room and that her boyfriend’s is a couple of rooms further down the hall. It seems like she almost seems relieved that it is not his room, after all, the captain of the football team would never have all those silly little toys lying around anyways. My idea of maybe hanging out together makes her laugh and the fact that I am the president of the chess club makes her role her eyes, if you know what I mean. Imagine her reaction when I mention that all the little toys emit, once activated, very powerful electromagnetic frequencies which in turn have even more powerful mind altering effects on women in particular.

Of course she does not believe a thing I am saying and the idea that activating the monkey could make her freeze to stone is just ridiculous. Oops, I think I told you not to touch it. Frozen and blank, our little girl just stands there as her big open eyes stare into space. Let's find out what's hidden underneath her sexy little outfit, shall we? Snapped out of it, our confused young lady takes off her shoes without seeing me in the room. Due to the lack of her short term memory, I have to explain to her that she is in the wrong room and believe it or not, she makes fun of me again. Poor thing does not seem to remember the monkey at all and believe it or not, she activates it again. Oops. Looks like it is now time for some..... Great close ups of her eyes and body as well as wide angle shots of her frozen body.



Alexis Fawx Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Are you my birthday present?

Oh god, this is not my boyfriend’s room? Our little girl snaps out of it again and finds herself frozen solid while being quite naked in front of a stranger. She rejects the idea that some of the guys must have sent her as my birthday present and she certainly is no hooker. Well, maybe not but the fact is that she is almost naked in my room without being able to explain why and how that happened.

Of course our girl is a bit concerned about the fact that she can not move and it seems like a good idea to call for help. Unfortunately, due to her stiffness, Alexis is unable to make the call and that would leave me to call for help. Well, I think we all know that this is not going to happen but, being the nice guy that I am, I do try to help her by removing some of the restrictive clothes she is wearing.

At some point though, it seems like a good time to send her back into a world of mindless bliss. Does she try not to go there and more importantly, will the third tap of my finger on her forehead, send her down anyways? Next time she wakes up, our hot young girl finds herself frozen stiff while holding a vibrator right on her clit. Can she pull it out in time? Will I try to help her to pull it out? Will she reluctantly orgasm so hard that she actually enjoys the whole thing? Too much going on to describe it all... Mindless



Alexis Fawx Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Little toys for little men

Alexis, hit by short term amnesia can not seem to remember much of what has happened so far and yet again, she makes fun of my toy collection. The little (AKA orgasm ) seems to interest her the most and, despite my warning, she just has to pull the trigger. Sure enough, she orgasms hard and long. Something very interesting happens. Our little girl, although quite embarrassed, keeps hitting the trigger which of course makes her cum again and again. I am finally able to stop her and yes, now she feels weird about all this. Now she really wants to leave but unfortunately, her body freezes up again. Could this get any worse for her? Try feeling tickled and by her own itchy clothes. Poor thing jumps and wiggles around while laughing and screaming her head off. Things get even worse when she freezes up again in the midst of all this. Of course now she wants to tell her boyfriend about all this so he can kick my ass but as we all know that is not going to happen. Believe it or not the story ends with her writing a good by note to her worthless boyfriend so she can be with me. How do I get her to do all this?



Alexis Fawx Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not that interested in fucking

Alexis believes to be a hooker who just arrived at her clients home. Ready to fuck, suck and blow, Alexis does not seem prepared to deal with my, lets call it, special request. I mention that I rather like to watch her play, kiss and lick her feet than fuck her. No way, no how, that is all way to kinky and certainly not her stuff. Too bad, I guess. Anyway, what really gets me is that she wants to get paid in full whether I fuck her or not. I don't really think that it is fair but as we all know, I am a nice guy. Now comes the fun part.

Alexis decides to freshen up her make up while I am going upstairs to get her the money. I think we all know by now what can happen when the girls step too close to the mirror. Sure enough, her eyes seem to get caught by her own reflection and she starts to sink as if the mirror is sucking out her mind, thoughts and will. Of course my soft voice takes care of the rest and before she even knows what has hit her, Alexis turns into a willing yet mindless foot slave. Watching her mindlessly kiss, massage and caress her sexy feet in those hot stockings is hot. At some point, I decide to have her turn into a seductive foot slut who loves to talk about her feet and what she can do with them. Very hot foot and entrancement segment with lots of action.



Alexis Fawx Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Sleepy Hooker

My sexy little hooker is back up and it looks like she is just about ready to leave. My idea of fucking her while she is asleep does not really help to make her want to stay either. Too bad. The problem is that as soon as I snap my fingers, her eyes widen and she goes out like a light. This segment shows her being put out over and over before she has a chance to leave and or to finish her sentence. Of course there is a lot of limp body play going on as well. This one is really hot particularly because of the fact that she goes out so deep that her eyes stay open while she is completely gone.



Alexis Fawx Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Robo Hooker

Did you knock me out ?

This last segment of Alexis's amazing session is all about her turning into a stiffly moving, very obedient robot. Of course our little hooker has pretty much no say in all of this and by the time she expresses her concern that playing the robot game might be a bit far out for her, it is already too late. She snaps at attention and acknowledges, in a monotone robotic way, that she is a robot. Of course there are a few more things she is able to say, like for example, "yes master and I will obey" My sexy fembot seems to respond well to being programmed to obey her master and owner.

Watching her masturbate while saluting and orgasming at the same time certainly shows that she has no more will of her own. Of course there is a lot more to her training, I mean programming. I want to see how far she goes to show her respect and obedience and order her to do the splits, which is not easy to do for most people. Something unforeseen happens though as her system freezes up in the middle of her doing the splits. It is really hot to just look at her still body as she sits there with her legs wide open. As you all know there is a lot more happening in this one and I think this would be a good time for you to go ahead and check it out.


Alexis Fawx Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
The robot movie Of course I am real

I don't know about you but I always had a thing for cheerleaders and no, they never seemed all that interested in me which is probably why I did get carried away that day. She stopped by the house to pick up my daughter for cheerleader practice and as usual, my daughter was running late and I yes, I should probably just say hi to her and then let her wait by herself but the temptation to get her to dance for me was just overwhelming. I know it might sound strange that I was attracted to somebody my daughters age but as I mentioned, I always had a thing for cheerleaders.

Besides all that, everything seemed to be going quite well and although she was not all that interested in me, she was more than happy to show me some of her cheerleader moves. I did notice right away that something seemed off with her. It is not easy to explain but she seemed to freeze up, just for a split second, in the middle of her moves.

Of course she kept assuring me that everything was just fine but as mentioned something seemed different about her. You might have guessed it already, she eventually, after talking some gibberish about overheating circuits and compromised identity, went out after a rather nasty malfunction. Repairing her and activating her sex program was easy. Getting her to play with herself and to agree to have sex with me was easy. I think though that some of the unnecessary circuits, wires and switches I removed from her back panel while fixing her, might not have been all that unnecessary after all. Surprised ending and lots of robot action throughout the entire segment.


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