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Alexis Grace & JC Simpson Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Right back under

Alexis Grace (aka Ashley) and JC, two of my favorite girls finally together in one session, OMG. I am sure you guys remember the two of them from their prior sessions and the only thing I can say that might have changed about them, is that they were even better subjects than before. Besides all that, just watching them together is a delight and the fact that they have great chemistry makes it even hotter.

Alexis is definitively more submissive by nature than JC who loves to control little girls like her, which is yet another reason why this is such a hot update (you will see what I mean once you watch it). Needless to say, both went right back under my control and that is when the fun started. Get ready and enjoy another intensely hot session.

The induction shows how easily both girls went right back under (with rolling and flickering eyes) I told JC that I would put Alexis under first so that she can watch what happens. Sure enough, JC who was supposed to watch only was the first one to roll her eyes and drop into you know where.

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Alexis Grace & JC Simpson Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I follow and obey you master

I will try to keep the description short because there is no way that I can describe all of the hot action throughout each and every clip.

Needless to say after making them feel each other's touch (without it actually happening) and slowly bringing them to orgasm, it is time to take it up a notch. Both are "snapped" even deeper until their hazy eyes roll back and then driven up the wall without being allowed to cum. Trying to describe their screaming, quivering and shaking little bodies during all this is not possible.

Finally, after learning that their young bodies are merely instruments of my training and that their minds are melted and willing, they are brought to orgasm. It gets really intense and both of our horny girls slide of the couch and their quivering bodies end up on the floor. Still all just warm up. Now we have to take a closer look at their almost naked bodies while they are just standing there with their staring into nothingness.

For the main event, Alexis is frozen into a statue and it is JC job to not only bring her to orgasm for me but to also break her will. Alexis helpless body trembles under JC skilled hand and eventually she is brought to orgasm on my command. Still there is more. Next we get to enjoy watching the girls bring each other to orgasm under my supervision. Again, those are just a few highlights. Lots of OH GOD orgasms, rolling and flickering eyes, yes masters, slow repetitions and...



Alexis Grace & JC Simpson Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
No more thinking

More rolling eyes entrancement, frozen bodies, yes masters, kneeling, slow repetition of mantra, screaming hard orgasms, hand over mouth and nose orgasm training and more. Again, trying to describe it all would take forever but here are some of the highlights. We start off by taking the girls deeper again with every snap of my fingers. Both of their wobbly bodies are just standing there while they are slowly repeating, please master train me. Now we take it up a notch by freezing JC's little hard body.

Immobilized and helpless, she has no then choice than to let Alexis fondle and kiss her wherever she desires. JC's nerve endings are sensitized which drives her insane for lust. Alexis is just as horny as her victim and when I finally give the order, both girls orgasm hard and loud. As I always say, just warm up. After dropping both deeper again (more rolling eyes) the girls are ordered to go on their knees.

JC is ordered to help her master train Alexis into becoming an even more obedient slave. JC takes care of her victim by masturbating her from behind while holding her body in a helpless position (you got to see this to understand what I mean by all this) Anyway, Alexis is orgasmed into oblivion and with the last orgasm, JC places her hand over her toys nose and mouth and orgasms her until she . Alexis's limp body remains in JC arms until I make her drop our sleepy little girl. Now it is time for JC to put herself out in the middle of cuming.



Alexis Grace & JC Simpson Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
For your eyes only

I am your controlled slave master
I am cuming for you master

Want more mantras, pussy-eating, yes masters, rolling eyes, screaming hard OH god orgasms, begging, freeze as well as limp body play, zombie pose and, and, and

JC's sexy hard body is placed on the couch and now it is Alexis's turn to go down on her helpless friend and to make her an even more obedient slave for me. JC's body freezes up and she has no defenses again what is about to happen. Turned on by JC's helplessness, Alexis uses her tongue to bring her victim very close to orgasm. She is not allowed to make her cum yet. JC starts begging as her still body quivers under the tongue lashing. Her face turns red and I can feel that she is on the brink of going crazy.

Thank you master, thank you master I am cuming for you. Time to drop our two horny vixen deeper again and then we get to enjoy watching them mindlessly masturbating each other's pussies while standing in front of me. I am cuming for you master. Time to place them into the zombie position for the slow repetitions of, I am your controlled slave master.

Needless to say, we get to see more of those rolling eyes, wobbling heads and limp bodies. OK, let's see how Alexis submits to JC's forceful tongue. First though, Ashley's body is rendered weak and unable to move as she just lays there on the couch. JC sure knows how to please a girl and Alexis goes nuts. I decide to hold her eyes and play with her limp body while JC is ordered to drive her nuts. Watching JC fondle and kiss Alexis's weak body is hot but it gets really insane when JC props up her victims body and...




Alexis Grace & JC Simpson Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Final surrender

Crawling, foot worship, yes master, begging, rolling eyes during entrancement as well as orgasms, breath controlled orgasm training, hand over mouth and nose domination, sleepy orgasms, pussy-eating while in the 69 position and orgasms that make them pass out. Needless to say, those are just a few highlight. JC started in the last segment to position Alexis's limp body in a way that she can rock her against her own body until she orgasms all over her belly (you got to see this one) Alexis screams for lust and is orgasmed over and over. Now we get to see the girls sucking and kissing each other's feet before offering them to me. As expected, they orgasm at the touch of my hands. Time to watch them crawl and then have them bend over the couch for some fucking.

I am sure you watched clip three and you remember what JC did to Alexis. Well, now it is Alexis's turn to go behind her kneeling victim and m to masturbate her into oblivion. JC cums hard and she goes down hard. In fact she lands in a bit of an uncomfortable position and Lana pulled her legs out from underneath her body. Of course JC did not notice any of this which show that our girl was in deep lala land. Anyway there is more like the part where Alexis masturbates herself so hard that she once she reaches climax. Needless to say, there is a lot more to come. Did I mention the tongue lashing while in the 69 position which makes both of them cum so hard that they pass out. Breath controlled orgasms, sleepy orgasms an so much more are still to come.




Alexis Grace & JC Simpson Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
You are nothing without your master

Have I pleased you master

JC, a sexy Superheroine has been sent by her master to capture Bat-girl for him. Needless to say, our Bat-girl Alexis believes that she can easily kick her ass and then have fun with her. The girls get into a bit of a pissing match before JC pulls out the "rotating flasher" and entrances her struggling victim into submission. lexis has no chance against her capturer and she drops into mindless oblivion before she even knows what hits her. Now she has to learn to pleasure her new mistress. JC makes her victim freeze up before humiliating her. Alexis's body helplessly quivers under JC's touch and she cannot help but orgasm on command as soon as she feels the vibrator on her clit. Hot yes/no orgasms btw. It would take to long to describe all the things JC forces her victim to do but after kissing and licking her mistresses boots and legs, she is finally ordered to go down on her and eat out her wet pussy.

Time for me to step in and make both of them my personal love-slaves. Now we get to watch the girls make each other cum, JC leading Alexis by her hair and more. At some point we have JC masturbate her victims wet pussy while holding her hand over her mouth and nose. Alexis, now aware of being a Superheroine, outs up a futile fight before her limp body sinks into her captures arms. JC has fun playing with her victims limp body before she is ordered to put herself to sleep.




Alexis Grace & JC Simpson Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
We need to save people

This next segment shows our "Superheroine" who seem to now be upset with me, be frozen, humiliated, orgasmed, rendered mindless in mid sentence and so much more.

Believe it or not now they want to kick my you know what and then go out and save the world. Well, that changes quickly when they find themselves frozen and helpless. Of course they still bitch after I let them become aware but that changes as soon as I place a vibrator in JC's mouth (she seems to be the most talkative) Ashley is easily rendered mindless by the waving hand. Of course the fact that I am exposing more of their sexy little bodies, does no defuse the situation much either but then again, who cares. At the end we have them switch clothes without being aware of it and then freeze them again.





Alexis Grace & JC Simpson Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Confused identity

I had the girls switch costumes by the end of the last segment and now they seem confused about their identity. Alexis, who now believes to be spider girl suddenly remembers that Bat-girl is her slave (see clip Six and you know why) and she now makes her go down on her and forces her to suck her wet Pussy. Poor girls cannot seem to win this one either. All of a sudden, they are frozen again (JC with her tongue in Alexis's pussy) and yes, the bitching starts again. JC, who still talks too much, is rendered mindless and she now happily (I should say dimly) eats out her friends wet pussy for me. Needless to say, Alexis tries not to orgasm in front of me but that seems impossible. How do they end up staring into nothingness, repeating a mantra while being in the zombie position? Go and find out. Too much going on to describe it all but it sure is another hot one.



Alexis Grace & JC Simpson Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
There can only be one of you

There are two parts to this next segment. First our Superheroine, who really want to kick my you know what now, are tickled and eventually frozen in place. Needless to say, I have to mess with them while they are just standing there, helplessly unable to move at all. Yes, tickling them in a serious situation like this or making them cum (reluctantly and under protest) by placing the "defreezer"/vibrator into their panties, might not have been all that nice but it is sure as he--, a lot of fun. Things get so bad that I have to place their hands over their mouths (while frozen) just to get a minute of peace.

Part two is about the girls believing that they want to be my slaves and that I can only keep one of them. You guessed it, they have to fight it out. Yes, there is some fighting and a whole lot of pussy eating yet to cum. The fight goes back and forth, the girls are rendered weak and it is open until the end who will stay and who will go.




Alexis Grace & JC Simpson Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
We don't do B Movies

Our two horny girls believe that they somehow ended up at the "wrong Photo shoot as soon as I mention their pretty feet. Looks like they thought it was a uniform catalog shoot. OH well, now that they are here, we might have as well some fun with them. Maybe I get them to agree to at least pose with the new "transformer" which of course just a toy. Or maybe not? Sure enough, both drop into obedient trance and before long we get to enjoy them sucking, kissing and eventually orgasm each other with their sexy soft little feet. First though we have "officer JC" take care of Alexis by making her an obedient foot slave who willingly takes off her mistresses shoes, smells the inside of them and then pleasures her feet with her mouth. This one is really hot. Alexis sure loves to smell shoes and feet, such, kiss and lick them. Time for me to step in and to make them do all kinds of hot crazy stuff with their feet.




Alexis Grace & JC Simpson Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
No porn please

Our two sweeties wake up with no recollection of what just happened. Now we get to enjoy their confusion while trying to piece it all together. Needless to say, they are not interested to work for my website and no, they sure would not do any nude stuff at all. Alexis suddenly and certainly unwanted, orgasms in the middle of telling me how professional she is. Oops. Needless to say, JC is more than surprised about all this but before she knows it, she freezes up. Now it is Alexis's tern to be bewildered about all this.

It would take forever to go into all the details of this segment but here are some highlights. The girls are frozen a few times, rendered mindless by the "hand" at the worst time, orgasmed on the "vibrating chair" which really leaves them embarrassed, messed with. At some point they even masturbate each other's pussies without being aware of it. Wait until you see what happens as soon as they finally do become aware of their actions.



Alexis Grace & JC Simpson Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Reluctant Robots

Human arousal program activated

In this last segment, we get to enjoy our stuck up models being turned into a couple of horny, well programmed robot toys who cannot get enough of each other's wet pussies. Needless to say, there is a whole lot more going on, like the activation and deactivation of various programs, the yes masters, the monotone repetitions, the nipple deactivation and sooooooooooooooo much more.




Alexis Grace & JC Simpson Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Timing is everything

Frank's wife, "JC" walks in on him getting intimate with Ashley/Alexis; their new fembot maid/secretary/nanny!

JC scolds Frank stating that if it happens again the robot is going back to the dealer. As an added measure When he leaves the room she immobilizes the robot and deletes her sex programming. She leaves to run a few errands. Sure enough the husband resumes his activities the second his wife leaves only to watch his robot malfunction as she states that she is not programmed for sexual activity. While repairing the robot he discovers his wife’s tampering. He reinstalls the droid’s sex programming, but makes a few adjustments. He programs the android to seduce and pleasure his wife as a practical joke.

When his wife, JC returns she activates the android and gives it a list of household chores. She is caught off guard when the fembot approaches her and pulls the wife towards her into a strong embrace. The android plants a passionate kiss on the wife’s lips which the wife quickly breaks free of, demanding to know what in the hell she is doing. The droid continues her advances eventually grabbing the wife from behind. She holds the wife in one place and caresses the wife’s body. The wife succumbs to the overwhelming pleasure and caresses herself in unison with robots wandering hands. She is confused by her own reaction and questions her out of character behavior.

Suddenly she begins to twitch as the pleasure becomes too intense. She cries out “what's
happening to me, Error, error, I’m not programmed for girls” “Programmed? I can’t be programmed I’m not a robot” She turns, to face the maid and with a confused and frightened look on her face. Her head cocks to the side as she cries out “I’m not programmed for girls, malfunction unit malfunctioning” She cries “I can’t be malfunctioning, only robots malfunction, I’m not a robot” The maid continues her advances and from a now very willing and engaged partner.

The wife continues to periodically spout warnings “Error Error, circuits are overloading” but I don’t have circuits “I can't be overloading, only robots overload” “it's not possible, not possible I’m an android…an android. The maid continues to pleasure the malfunctioning wife, The wife cries out “too much pleasure, not programmed for girls, Have to stop.” She cries out I have to stop, but the maid continues on” She tells the wife “ I am programmed to please, you will be pleasured” The wife in an act of desperation reaches around to the maid’s back and pulls free a bundle of wires . The maid announces “Error Error unit damaged must pleasure the


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