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Hailey and Alexis, wow what a session that was. I don't even know where to start, trying to describe why it turned into such an intense session. Hailey and Alexis had never met before and although from the same area, they had decided to come in separate cars. Maybe it's because one of them is a smoker and the other one is a workout instructor. I personally enjoy both but hey we are not all the same, right. Now that is not the only difference between the two. Hailey is certainly more experienced and used to being in front of the camera verses Alexis who has never been in front of the lens before.

Both girls are very beautiful in their own way and luckily both of them are equally sensual and extremely sexual. What made the session even more intense and different is that it was filmed through an all day tropical storm which hit our area the day the girls were scheduled to come in. The interesting part about all this is that the girls were so deep and well programmed that even the roaring thunder, the lighting bolts or the frequent power outages did not faze them the least bit. You will know what I am talking about when you watch some of the amazingly intense clips.

Besides all that, the girls became lovers that day and as far as I know, they are still playing with each other. You will feel the intense sexual energy between the two and that mixed with the desire to be controlled and uninhibited made for a session which even exceeded my expectations. One thing is for sure though, both girls experienced themselves and their sexuality in a way they never thought was possible.


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Alexis & Hailey Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip
Nothing can disturb you not even thunder

 I started them off with the locking hands, the weakening legs and the crystal eye fixation took both down very quickly. (It is interesting to watch how the girls go at different stages and who's deeper at what point. When the rain started to pound on the roof my two horny girls were already gone.




Alexis & Hailey Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Letting your self go is not a choice

This next segment is already incredibly intense. The girls are moaning and groaning, the storm outside is raging and I decide to keep going. I had a feeling that both girls would respond well to the feeling, thus my suggestion, of being helpless and that the more they would fight it the more intense they would feel it. Driven up the wall for lust, both of their shivering and shaking young bodies are sliding off the couch. It almost seems like Hailey is trying to fight me when I suggest that her legs are helplessly spread apart.

Again the suggestion that the more she fights it the harder it will hit her, makes her spread her legs wide and now she really gets hit. Her young body goes into lustful convulsions and her screaming becomes louder while her hands are clawing into the back of the couch. The lights are going out and again I keep going. In their intense bliss, the girls don't realize what is going on around them. Both are in deep tra.ce and incredibly aroused. Repeating: �I let myself completely go� makes them beg me to finally allow them to orgasm. It really is amazing how deep they are at this point. I keep filming and luckily there is just enough light so you guys can see what is going on.

Again, I intensify their feeling of arousal and lust. Alexi's sexy curvy body is slithering all over and it feels like Hailey's screaming is turning her on even more. I could go on and on about the intensity of this segment and the mantras I had them repeat or their begging to be allowed to cum but it is easier if you just go and watch it than to read all this. The lights went on and off a few times due to very close lightning strikes but as I mentioned it really shows how deep and controlled the girls were. Trust me nobody can fake this.





Alexis & Hailey Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Your mind is mine

The intensity of mantras and the power of the first open eyed orgasm.

Still the lights keep going on and off but the girls are so far gone that all they seem to want and feel is their intense lustful arousal. Even with their eyes wide open the girls don't seem to notice what is going on around them. I slowly drain every ounce of mind out of their young and by now very horny bodies. Again, I have to be firm and overcome Hailey's very brief and futile attempt to resist but again once she feels that she has no choice her surrender is complete and intense. Alexis is so driven by lust that she lets herself go and her orgasm seems to go on for ever. Both girls are calling me master without me even having to mention it and I know that they are ready for the ultimate orgasm. I have no more mind master. Mantras and surrender lovers special.




Alexis & Hailey Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless surrender

Finally the lightning hits a nearby transformer and we had to take a break for almost two hours. There is a lot going on in this next, very intense segment. It starts off with a brief yet intense re-induction throughout which I take them gradually even deeper than before. Slowly the girls are feeling their bodies and the orgasms with an incredible intensity again. The suggestion that the more they fight it the more it will hit them makes their screaming even louder. All that and some sleep training is of course just the warm up. I decide to have the girls strip and suggest that with every piece of clothing they take off; their feeling of arousal will become even more intense. It works like a charm and both girls are squirming and begging me to let them come. Next, I have them sit up and masturbate each other into complete mindlessness. The slightest touch of my hand controls their orgasms and both mindlessly surrender, just as intense as before.





Alexis & Hailey Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
Orgasmed into mindless bliss

"I was born to be your slave master" the mantra to bliss.

The girls are still masturbating each other's dripping wet pussies, while the rest of their mind is slowly drained out. Repeating the mantra makes them not only surrender but it also makes them release their minds into my new magic light wand. The suggestion that they feel their bodies with intensity unlike anything they have ever felt before drives them over the edge. I can see their eyes getting dull and I can feel that lust has taken over their entire being. My mindless horny girls are driven into a series of orgasms which makes them thank me for training them so well. The thunder outside is still roaring but again the girls don't notice any of it. More standing up masturbation and crawling while being orgasmed and the mantra: "No more mind," makes them orgasm over and over on my command. All that I just described are just a few highlights and they don't even begin to describe the power and control I have over the girls and how much they love it.




Alexis & Hailey Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
The winner takes it all

The girls are still excessively horny and this time the girls are ordered to make each other orgasm as hard and as fast as they can. The girl who cums first, will lose all her will and all strength in her body thus becomes the helpless play-toy of the winner. The girls are going at it very hard and it does not take too long until one of them gives in and cums screaming hard. The loser orgasms so hard, that she slowly loses all her strength and energy. Her body keeps twitching until she seems empty and that is when I decide to have the winning girl take it out of her one more time just to make sure she is done. Sounds hot, it sure is but it is not all that is happening in this segment. The winner is ordered to take the loser's limp hand and put it deep into her pussy. Again, it is incredibly hot to watch her orgasm herself by using the sleepy girls hand in her pussy. Driven into a series of orgasms, our proud winner's sexy young body goes into intense convulsions and she goes out twitching and screaming. Eye checks and more.




Alexis & Hailey Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
Hot, cold, frozen stiff and attacked by mosquitoes

There is a whole lot going on in this one again. First we have the girls wake up not remembering much of anything and as soon as I mention how cold the AC is blowing, they start to feel cold. Mentioning the outside heat makes them all of a sudden switch to feeling hot. I keep going back and forth between making them feel hot and cold and all of a sudden they are getting attacked by mosquitoes! It is fun watching them swatting and sweating or freezing.

As if that was not enough, all of a sudden it gets so cold that their bodies start to freeze in place. Unfortunately the mosquitoes still seem to be around but there is no way the girls can swat them off. Off course there is more confusion and weirdness when the girls snap out of it while having an orgasm attack. Is there more? Go find out!



Alexis & Hailey Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
What is she doing? I would never do that!

As far as the girls are concerned, the session has not even begun yet and for some reason both of them believe not to be the best subjects at all. Well, let's see about that. As soon as I mention Hailey's name and tell her to masturbate, she completely unaware, instantaneously goes to work on her tight pussy. That all seems really strange to Alexis, who tells me that she would never do something like that. Well, let's see about that. Three seconds later her hands are deep in her wet pussy. Hailey, snapped out of it by now, thinks that whatever Alexis is doing to herself is sexy but completely inappropriate. I keep playing with my two "really bad" subjects by making them cum at different times and more. Seems like the two are very confused about all this; but wait until you see them cumming so hard that it puts both of them out cold. Fun and exciting segment with a really hot ending.




Alexis & Hailey Clip XV Members - Click here to view this clip
Prudish pantyhose models gone robot

No nipples allowed here.

Believing to be models for our winter collection of pantyhose and stockings, my two sweeties are ready to show me some really hot poses. Unfortunately, they are not ready and or willing to show me, let's say, a little more of their beautiful bodies. Both seem quite perturbed about my proposal and give me the: "talk to our agent," kind of attitude. My well meant warning that the last girls who gave me that kind of attitude ended up as my programmed and obedient robots, makes them laugh.

What can I say, one at a time and certainly to their surprise, both of my prudish models end up as my robots. Transformed by my new light shaker wand, the girls now repeat: "I am a robot." Much better, don't you think? Command me master, I am your robot. Let's see about the "not wanting to show me more" of their beautiful bodies and while we are at it why not pinch those nipples you guys did not want to show me earlier. State of the art robot programming and testing is coming after that.





Alexis & Hailey Robot Clip Part I Members - Click here to view this clip
The reprogrammed Nurse

I have to admit, turning unsuspecting fembot nurses into personal pleasure units is maybe not the most ethical thing to do but it has, so far, always been a whole lot of fun for me and my girlfriend. Yes, I am one of those lucky guys who has a girlfriend who not only loves to play with other girls but likes even more when I am around to watch her in action! We both had our eyes set on the new nurse Alexis and as usual my girlfriend, Hailey walks in on her in the middle of the monthly self-programming upgrade. Easy as pie, all Hailey has to do now is, punch a few keys while the upgrade is downloading, thus altering the programming more to, let's say, our liking. As usual, our little nurse is successfully turned into a pleasing, pussy loving play toy.

The two go at it right away and my girlfriend is fascinated by her new toy's life like skin texture, her firm breasts and most importantly her tongue. I don't think I have seen her squirm and moan like this in a long time. It does not take long and she orgasms all over her new toy's face and even gets her to cum. All of a sudden things change and I am beginning to realize that who ever had programmed my sexy nurse must have added some type of security program which makes her malfunction when tampered with. Dam more work.




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