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Helplessly licked and orgasmed in deep sleep

Alexis wakes up and finds Hailey completely immobilized and helpless which seems to be an incredible turn on for her. Without so mach as losing a beat she starts to play with Hailey's limp body. It seems like Alexis is determined to make her helpless friend orgasm very deep and hard. Her head goes between Hailey's weak and limp legs and it does not take long before she makes her give it up. Hailey's body is weak and shakes like a leaf under Alexis's skilled tongue.



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Alexis & Hailey Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen, finger fucked and orgasmed at will

When Hailey wakes up, she finds Alexis, who is sitting on the top of the couch, helplessly frozen and ready to be used. Incredibly attracted by her toy's immobility, Hailey starts to finger fuck and lick her to orgasm. What makes this segment even hotter is that Hailey keeps telling me how she can feel Alexis's wet pussy contracting and that she can feel her cumming all over her hands.



Alexis & Hailey Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
Not so fast Ladies

Short and sweet freeze segment... The girls don't remember what has happened so far in the session and naturally they are somewhat bewildered about being naked and quite wet between their legs. Both decide to pick up their clothes while contemplating what might have just happened. I decide to freeze them just about when they get ready to leave and the fun begins. Fully aware of being frozen the girls are played with, orgasmed at will and of course undressed again. Is there some bitching before they go blank? Oh yes but then again who cares. Fun clip all the way to the sleepy body play and eye checks.





Alexis & Hailey Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
The price is right

I keep warning them but do they ever listen?

The girls are in a fierce vibrator fight and both are determined not to orgasm. Not allowed to hurt each other the two are slithering and wiggling around, trying to avoid being orgasmed by their opponent. I keep suggesting that the girl who comes first will experience the most powerful orgasm but it will drain her of all her mind and will. In other words, the price for the ultimate orgasm is to end up mindless and zombie like. The fight is hot, the girls find a way to get to the other ones pussy and now it comes down to who is more aroused. Who's pussy is more sensitive and whose lust is stronger? This is the closest orgasm fight I have ever seen. Literally two seconds make all the difference and the loser screams and her body goes into lustful convulsions. Now it is time for the winner to finish her up and drain all of her mind out. The loser is slowing down, her body is still shaking and her eyes are wide open. Before long her wide open eyes stare into nothingness and it is time for me to take care of the winner. The winning girl is so close to orgasm herself and she seems still immensely horny and ready to surrender her mind for the ultimate orgasm. Very dramatic, lots of open eyed and zombie like stares� Not to mention the intensity with which the girls cum and surrender.




Alexis & Hailey Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Thank you master, nobody can make me feel this way

The girls are both mindless and ready for more training. It is now time for them to learn to thank their master for their extensive training and pleasure. Open eyed and blank the girls are repeating mantras and then go down to their knees and bow to their master. More crawling while orgasmed at will and more mantras like: �nobody else can make me feel this good� makes them even more mindless and obedient. Face down in the spread eagle position the girls masturbate themselves into complete oblivion while repeating, "Thank you master," over and over until I finally allow them to cum. Eye checks and play.





Alexis & Hailey Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
Your mind is caught in the mirror and you are mine

Alexis does not seem to be too impressed by Hailey's little art gallery. Even more importantly, she seems absolutely not attracted to Hailey who tries to hit on her. I like men, is certainly the wrong answer to Hailey's question whether or not she likes women.

All this changes quickly when Hailey shows her the master piece in her gallery. Hailey slowly unveils "The Mirror" and Alexis who still does not seem impressed, slowly loses herself in it. Hailey's soft yet demanding voice takes her into deep trance and with that our Greek goddess (Alexis is of Greek decent) turns into her mindless and very obedient slave. It shows that Hailey likes to control her toys and Alexis, after being whipped, forced or denied to orgasm, made to eat pussy as well as having to kiss and lick boots and feet, finally learns to surrender to her. Hailey puts her to sleep and keeps playing with her sleepy and helpless object of her lust.

As you all know, I am always fair and at some point Hailey loses all her strength and is now "tortured" by the vengeful Alexis.



Alexis & Hailey Clip XVI Members - Click here to view this clip
Deactivating orgasm

I am programmed to orgasm for you master.

First, we have our fembots orgasm each other with a vibrator while they are being programmed even further. "I am programmed to orgasm." Naturally, they have to learn to cum on command and of course stop cumming on command as well. Let's see what happens when we snap them out of it. Not a good idea.

All of a sudden my bitchy and still prudish models are back. Their complaining and the clumsy attempt to cover up their naked bodies, makes it necessary to turn them back into being well programmed fembots. Both are standing at attention again repeating: "I am just a robot, I must masturbate for master." Lots more hot action and masturbation which leads to a self deactivating shutdown.



Alexis & Hailey Clip XVII Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless foot masturbation and toe sucking

This is another hot one and certainly not only for our foot and stockings lovers. The girls are zombie like and mindless and all they seem to want to do is suck each other's feet. With one foot deep in the other girl's wet pussy they both orgasm each other like I have never seen. Mindless yet excessively horny they just can not seem to get enough of each other's sexy feet. Great stares, intense foot action, toe sucking and deep hard orgasms.



Alexis & Hailey Clip XVIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen, tickled and helplessly orgasmed

Just as the title says, the girls are tickled out of their minds, frozen when least desired and helplessly orgasmed at my will. One last "rearranging" of their sexy bodies and feet at the end of this fun clip.


Alexis & Hailey Robot Clip Part II Members - Click here to view this clip
The reprogrammed Nurse

The repair is taking a bit longer than I thought it might but luckily, my girlfriend can help me at least with some of it and here we go again. Sexier and even more pleasing, our toy is back up. What comes next can only be described as hot. The two just seem crazy about each other. Watching them make passionate love, eating each others pussies, sucking tits and making each other cum, makes me want to jump in but I am patiently waiting for my time to cum. Now that was a huge mistake and you will know why when you watch this.





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