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With open eyes into deep trance  


Alexis, hot blooded Greek fitness instructor could not wait to come back for a solo session. I am certain you all remember her from her first session together with Hailey Young. I don't think I have to say a whole lot more here; her intense first session speaks for itself. Needless to say I was looking forward to watching her beautifully sculpted and tanned young body quiver and shake under my suggestions yet again. Besides being beautiful, Alexis has a lovely attitude which makes it so much fun to be around her and of course to play with her. She told me that she remembered the intensity of her feelings during her last session and that she was wondering whether it could be even more intense now that all the attention was focused on her. Well, let's find out.

After the arm test, I decided to use a different deepener. Her body is drawn into the couch leaving her heavy and unable to move, as Alexis sinks with her big eyes wide open into a very deep trance.

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Alexis Rain Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip

Used and prepared for me by the mystery woman      

 Power of the mind       

Alexi’s entire body is still held and immobilized by the invisible force field of the couch.

She feels her legs helplessly spread apart by the mystery woman who is fondling her young body. I can feel her getting aroused quickly and the idea of being used by another woman, in front of me, is starting to turn her on. We all remember how much Alexis likes women, now don't we? Her entire body starts to shiver and shake again; her beautifully shaped legs start to tremble, just like last time. The desire to cum all over the mystery woman's face becomes stronger with every minute she has to wait. As we all know, my trainees never have a choice over when they are allowed to orgasm.



Alexis Rain Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip

Time to establish sexual control    

 All I want is to cum for you master   

I am letting go of all control               

This next one is short, intense and not only for our long and monotone mantra lovers    

Alexis' desire for pleasure and the need to submit to me again is insatiable. I order her to pleasure herself for me into a state of mindless bliss. She is absorbed by repeating, "All I want to do is cum for you". Her body starts to tremble and her legs shake uncontrollably as if she was fucked incredibly hard. She repeats her mantra throughout her powerful orgasm. Now she seems ready for the next step in her trainings program. Letting go of all control and surrender to mindless bliss. Again her young body is shivering and shaking and the over and over repetition of I am letting go of all control finally sends her into orgasmic, mindless obedience.



Alexis Rain Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip

Mindless obedience     


Anybody here who likes to see the most beautiful blue eyes mindlessly staring into the abyss, a young hard body uncontrollably quivering, sensual breast play, intense orgasm training, repetitions, intense mind reduction or in other words, who here likes to see a horny young girl being driven out of her mind through her own lust? I thought so and believe me you will find all that and more in this segment.     



Alexis Rain Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip

Please, I am a good little girl   


Thank you for having me back master   

Alexis's beautifully rounded naked body is shaking like a leaf under my suggestions. Her arms are stuck all the way up in the air. She feels penetrated and licked at the same time, "I am a mindless shell master." Her big blue eyes seem empty and all she wants is to be my obedient little girl. I intensify her desire to be obedient and to follow my every suggestion. Her entire body is trembling and goes into convulsion when I finally bring her to orgasm on the count of three. Of course that is all just the warm up. Her hands magically go between her legs and she is ordered to pleasure herself. Completely absorbed by pleasure and lust, Alexis lets go of the rest of her mind and will, leaving her an empty shell of herself. I have her repeat the word: “obedience” and I can feel her letting go of herself with every repetition. Again there is too much going on to describe it all. Very long and intense stares, mind reduction and complete surrender.



Alexis Rain Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip

Mindless and empty lust     


Alexis really has the most amazing empty stares I have seen in a while and the fact that her eyes are dark blue makes it even more intense. First I have her bend over the couch and she is staring back at me while the vibrator between her legs is driving her up the wall again. Her eyes are wide open and empty but her body is out of control. To watch that beautiful ass of hers bounce and jiggle while she is screaming for lust is just too intense to describe. After another intense orgasm, Alexis seems exhausted and that would be the perfect time for the final take over. I put her right in front of me on the couch and the long, slow and monotone repetition of: "Mindless and empty” takes every ounce of will and physical strength out of her. Alexis sinks into oblivion, her body is helplessly weak, her mouth is open and her unblinking eyes are dull and empty.



Alexis Rain Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip

No, I would never do something like that  


The completely unaware Non-Believer  

After a bit of a break and some more deepening, Alexis wakes up believing that it is her she has just arrive here for the first time. We start one of those awkward conversations in which she tells me that she is not all that suggestible and that she is just doing this to try it out. I see, very interesting. What do you think, will she show me her sexy ass when I mention the words "High Tide?” Will she orgasm because of the words "Full moon?" Will she expose her beautiful natural breasts for me when she hears her name? No I will not do that, why would I? Oh, I almost forgot, will she sleep when I snap my fingers? Oops  Lots of awkward moments.




Alexis Rain Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip

Did you put a spell on me     

 The aware, confused and somewhat reluctant Non-Believer   

Alexis just can not seem to believe what is happening. Why on earth does she jump up and flash her ass, expose her tits and orgasm in front of me despite her futile attempts not to do any of these things. Confused and embarrassed, Alexis tries to find an explanation for what is happening to her. Could it be that I have something to do with all this or was it the Full moon or the high tide again. So do you think you might be suggestible? No of course not, what was I thinking? I don't think I have seen Alexis this confused before and it is obvious by how she tries to piece it all together.



Alexis Rain Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip

Frozen fitness instructor with an itch   

 Alexis believes to be at her gym and that she is talking to some out of shape guy who is interested in hiring her as his personal trainer. The prospect of getting a new client makes her more than willing to show me some of the exercises I could do to get back in shape and boy she is fit and strong.

Somehow though the poor girl seems to be suffering from some nasty itch which seems to become more and more intense the more exercises she shows me. Her hands are all over her body, even her crotch. It is almost like her pubic hair is growing back as well making the whole itching affair even worse. I wonder why my little girl feels that way?

Things get even worse when she seems to feel sudden penetration and a brief tongue lashing, looks like it is not your day girl. Naturally she keeps denying that anything is wrong but that only goes to a certain point. I mean those clothes must be really itchy, right? Sure enough she can not take it anymore and the clothes come off, poor thing, now she feels embarrassed and wants me to leave. Can things get worse? Well, try being frozen and itchy, would you like to scratch? Great exercise, showing off her sexy hard body...



Alexis Rain Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip

Fitness instructor with mobility problems        


Alexis is still frozen but fully aware of the fact that she is swayed and orgasmed. I don't give her too much time to wonder about that and wave my hand in front of her eyes which makes her drift into mindlessness. Snapped out of it again, she feels fully dressed and ready to show me some serious exercises. Poor thing seems to have a muscle spasm which makes her freeze up in the middle of her push ups. I mean, what else could it be, right? The fact that she is fully aware of her predicament makes her a bit confused but then she is saved by another mindless episode.

Unfortunately those sudden freezes keep happening while she is showing me how to squat or jump rope. Watching her tits bounce while she is rope jumping is certainly a thing of beauty. Alexis goes from being aware to being unaware, confused to thinking I am funny to feeling terribly embarrassed within seconds. Why does the 10 pound weight suddenly feel like 100 pounds? Well, that and a few other things I could not mention are for you to find out.




Alexis Rain Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip

I am an obedient Robot  

 How are you going to do that?  

Alexis who is auditioning for the part of a female knight in some B movie flick does not seem to like the idea of being transformed into an obedient robot. That is just silly and how would you do that? Well, by waving my hand in front of your beautiful blue eyes. Sure enough, Alexis' eyes widen, she stops complaining in mid sentence and all she seems to know how to say is: “I am an obedient robot" and of course, “yes master." What follows is a lot of repetitions, bottomless masturbation, controlled bend over ass out orgasms, very uncomfortable squats while being ordered to pleasure herself and of course some basic tests and instructions. Lots of monotone yes masters and amazingly empty stares.




Alexis Rain Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip

Robot mantras  

 Alexi’s programming continues with her having to learn how to clean the carpet and crawl while being ordered to orgasm. Put on her back in the spread eagle position my robot is now learning about the power of programmed mantras. Aroused and in a state of complete submission she keeps repeating: "robot is programmed to orgasm." Her dark blue eyes stare at me and her entire body is trembling under my suggestions. Of course at some point, I have to snap her out of it just to see what happens. Oh boy, the girl seems utterly confused and before she even knows it, she is back to being nothing else than a programmed pleasure unit. Nice slow deactivation at the end.



Alexis Rain Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip

I don't listen very well   

 The love struck baby sitter.    

Interviewing for the job as my new baby sitter, Alexis is pretty confident that she will get the job. Of course, she is cute, has the greatest references and she loves spending time with the young ones. Unfortunately, she does not seem to be interested in me which kind of hurts. Well, I told her not to eat too many of the delicious experimental grapes, now did I. Naturally, being a woman and all, she just does not listen and therefore I am not to be blamed what happens next. Is it my fault that she seems to fall in love with me or that she takes off her clothes and pleasures herself? Am I to be blamed for her not being able to stop eating those grapes and for throwing herself at me? Could it be that the grapes make her do all that or is it just me? Very hot segment.


Alexis Rain Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip

Mindless love is in the air  

 Please take my mind master

Let's see how far our love struck and very horny little baby sitter goes. Will she be able to stay in control or will she be overcome by lustful love. Alexis is completely absorbed by her own lust but the idea to let go of her mind and to lose herself seem a far stretch. Her young hard body is all over the couch by now and I keep feeding her those delicious grapes. All of a sudden her no's turn into begging yes's: “Please take my mind, master.” That is much better. Alexis is finally ready for the takeover. Her big eyes are empty and wide open while she is walking around like a zombie with her arms stretched out in front of her.

Of course I am not done with her just yet. Put on all four, Alexis has no choice but to crawl in circles just so I can enjoy watching her beautiful hard body from every angle. Last but not least, she is orgasmed so hard that it puts her out while screaming," I give you all my strength master”.  



Alexis Rain Clip XV Members - Click here to view this clip

Caged and tickled        

 No I am not...      

Alexis believes that she is trapped in a cage and that we just got started with our afternoon session. She just can not seem to believe me when I tell her that the reason I had to put her in a cage is that she suffers from sudden tickle attacks and that I don't want her to get out during one of the attacks. No I am not... The second she says that her sexy body is all over the place and I guess now she knows why those bars are there.

All of a sudden in the middle of being tickled her arms and legs are forced to the bed and now she can not even bounce around any more. I think being tickled is torture but being unable to move at the same time makes it almost unbearable. Of course she still does not really see herself as particularly suggestible.  Poor thing, now she is orgasmed on top of all that. It is fun to watch her inspect her cage and then being helplessly tickled all over her body.


Alexis Rain Clip XVI Members - Click here to view this clip

Unaware foot play and confusing orgasms   


Alexis still believes to be in her little prison and all I mention to her is that we have to do some suggestibility tests. The fact that she takes off her clothes, what ever is remaining that is, does not seem to the least bit faze her. In fact she even denies it. Very strange, don't you think? All of a sudden she starts to play with her feet while she is telling me that she is not much of a foot person. Can she do fun things with her feet, like picking up her underwear and then hand, I mean feet, it to me? I see she does not seem suggestible at all! Ya right. Alexis has no clue as to what she is doing but she seems very confused by it. What do you think happens when I touch those very sensitive acupressure points under her feet? Lots of foot plays, and really great close ups of her sexy and very well keep feet...


Alexis Rain Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip

I work well under pressure  

 Alexis, at a first glance, seemed absolutely perfect for the position of our new assistant fashion designer. She came prepared to the interview with her sketch book full of great new design ideas and she even wore one of her own creations. OK, maybe she did not have a whole lot of experience but she kept telling me that she wanted to learn the ins and outs of the business and that she likes working under pressure. How much more can you ask for? I think though, what really made me want to hire her was her looks and who could blame me for that. I mean look at her perfectly sculpted body, her long black hair and those eyes.

I fell in lust the second I saw her and the fact that she was absolutely not interested in me made me want her even more. Maybe I should have taken things a bit slower but what can you do when one is thinking with the wrong head, shit can easily happen. At first she was invasive, then somewhat confused and it seemed like she was changing into something I would have never guessed. Everything about her slowly changed, her voice became monotone, she kept repeating herself, even started talking in Greek, her body seemed uncoordinated and stiff to say the least and her motor skills were way off. Poor thing could not even pick up her sketch book off the floor. I think we all know where this is going.







Alexis Rain Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip

I fuck well under pressure   

 After her malfunctioning episode and some extensive repair in the last segment, my sexy assistant is back up but this time, her programming is, let's say, slightly modified. OK, I could not resist and to re-program her into a horny, promiscuous stripper who has nothing else on her mind (I am using the word mind loosely here) seemed to be the thing to do. As expected she started to dance, play with herself and to offer her beautiful body to me. I guess, looking back at it now, I might have overlooked a couple of things while I was messing around with her wires and circuits but by the time she was going back and forth between her old and the new programming, it was already too late to change it. All in all though it was an amazingly hot experience and what the hell, I can always find a new assistant.







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