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Alia Grant Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


Alia, big eyed and even bigger busted brunet, was certainly ready for the most unusual and definitely the most intense sexual experience of her life. Besides her beautiful huge eyes which made for incredible stares and her natural triple E cup breasts which will drive you nuts, Alia also brought a lot of openness and willingness to the session.

Tired of the same old same old, the over and over again, she was ready to go where not too many have gone before and that would be into the depth of her own unconscious. What she would find there was her natural, yet until then unknown, desire to let go and to submit. Did she expect that to happen? I don't think so. Did she enjoy it and did she want to do it again? I absolutely know so and you will too after watching her clips. Go and follow Alia into the depth of her (until then unknown) sexual desires.

Alia seemed almost a bit overly eager to comply and I had to slow her down first before I could take her where I needed her to be. After that it was clear sailing, her eyelids kept flickering, her head dropped and she was gone and ready.

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Alia Grant Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Early mantra and the feeling of helplessness

Finding some of your subject's triggers or hot buttons right at the beginning of the session is always important. One of Alias's hot buttons certainly is the feeling of helplessness. Her luscious body starts to squirm and soon shivers when I suggest that her hands are tied behind her head and her legs are forcefully spread wide. The feeling of being helplessly tied up, with no other choice than to enjoy the forceful thrusting of the vibrator between her legs slowly but surely drives her up the wall.

The suggestion that the more she fights the more intense the feeling, seems to enhance her lust and arousal even more. Her curvy body is shaking like a leaf and her moaning and groaning gets louder by the second. What drives her really over the edge though is the repetition of the mantra: "I completely let go for you." Very sensual and certainly Alia's first encounter with her hidden desires...



Alia Grant Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
I let go of all my mind master

I mentioned Alia's beautiful big eyes and of course her huge tits before and this segment features both. Let me explain. Alia, still shivering from her last experience, is now forced to let go of her thoughts and mind thus surrender completely. Driven by her own lust and the enhanced sensitivity of her huge tits, Alia drifts into a state of complete mindlessness. Her voice becomes slow and monotone when she repeats: "I let go of all my mind master, please take my will." Her hands are clawing into her tits and it is driving her nuts. Alia learns that her breasts are just as sensitive as her pussy and that she can easily bring herself to orgasm by simply touching her breasts. Don't you love the power of suggestions and of course the idea of watching a beautiful women mindlessly orgasm while massaging her beautiful breasts. Very intense and not for the weak, seriously.



Alia Grant Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
All I want to do is obey, master

More slow and monotone mantras as well as mind reduction through lust.

In this segment our lustful subject is forced to masturbate herself into a blissfully oblivious state. Repeating the mantras: "all I want is to obey master� and �there is only one master" slowly takes her deeper and deeper. Her voice again slows down and Alia is starting to feel her body like never before. The intensity is growing and I can feel that at this point all she wants is to comply and orgasm for me. With one hand between her legs while the other one is lustfully squeezing her breasts, Alia is finally ordered to orgasm, and to completely surrender.



Alia Grant Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
Master, I was born to serve you

I am deeply trainotized; I am under your control.

Now it is time for some standing up, bottomless masturbation as well as the hands free orgasm on command. Alia's big eyes seem empty while she is staring into who knows where. I have her stand in front of me, her legs are spread and her curvy body (including her tits) is shivering and shaking. Consumed by lust and mindlessly horny, Alia is ready to do anything I say and I certainly have her prove it. The repetition of: "I am deeply trainotized� (we all know what it means) takes her even deeper yet and her intense orgasm puts her out.



Alia Grant Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
I am nothing without you master.

Put on her knees and then ordered to crawl towards her master, Alia now goes through another intense round of her female training session: "I have no more mind left, master." Of course there is a whole lot more, like the "on all four, ass pushed out, forced orgasm routine. Put on the top of the couch, Alia is now learning that she has to beg me to let her orgasm. Again, driven by her own lust, my sexy brunet drifts in lustfully mindless bliss and I can feel her surrendering a bit more with every orgasm. Repeating, "I am nothing without you," makes her cum after saying it the third time and now I know that her training has been very successful. Another very intense one with a whole lot going on...



Alia Grant Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
You are just not my type

Alia is made to believe that the session has just started and that we just met. For some reason, she does not seem to believe in what I do and what is even more sad is the fact that she does not think I am attractive. In fact, she seems quite certain that I am absolutely not her type. At this point our conversation has become quite awkward and it is obvious that my busty brunet would rather be anywhere else but here. All that changes when I mention the word "Friday". All of a sudden, Alia turns into an oversexed and almost slutty seductress who believes that I am the sexiest guy in the world. She throws herself at me, strips and finger fucks herself for me and even gets herself right to the brink of a very powerful orgasm. All she wants now is to cum for me and I have a feeling that mentioning the word "Monday" is not a good idea but then again, we want to have a little extra fun with her, now don't we? All that follows now is a whole lot of embarrassment, apologies, confusion and awkwardness.




Alia Grant Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Where are my clothes?

First I have her strip while in deep trance and then I snap her out of it. Naturally she feels embarrassed about being naked and all. Well let's not forget, Alia does not remember anything about the session, as far as she is concerned, we just met. Anyway, feeling embarrassed and weird, she is scrambling to find her clothes but although they are right in front of her, my sexy brunet does not seem to see them. I wonder why? Being the nice guy that I am, I try to help her but that sends her on a wild goose chase. Finally though, I decide to let her find her clothes. Grateful and somewhat more relaxed, Alia starts to put them back on, only to find out that the second she is fully dressed, she is now hit by an orgasm. Now how embarrassing is that. Despite her apologies, the orgasms keep happening. Lot's of embarrassment, awkwardness, apologies and confusion.




Alia Grant Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
This is a certified knee massager

Thinking that she needs a knee massage after all the bike riding she did yesterday, Alia takes off her panties and starts to use her "knee massager" right on her wet pussy. When asked what on earth she is doing, she looks at me as if nothing strange was going on and tells me that she is massaging her weak and hurting knees. Poor thing, I wonder who gave her that idea? She even gets excited and orgasms and as we all know that is all part of an extensive "knee massage", right? To watch her and hear her comments are funny as hell. This segment starts with only part of the lengthy induction and then goes right into the fun action.





Alia Grant Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
What do you mean, oversexed?

As we all know, the session just started and Alia is not a good subject. Why does she all of a sudden feel a giant dick in her mouth or why does she feel oral sex and deep hard penetration? Well, that is a good question and as you might have guessed, I might have something to do with all that. It is fun watching her trying to talk with the cock in her mouth and playing with her while she is desperately trying to hide her lust and confusion, is hilarious. Of course it all does not work and at some point, my busty angel simply gives up and orgasms. Let's put her back to sleep and play with her a bit. This segment starts with only a short part of the lengthy induction and then goes right into the action.




Alia Grant Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless Neighbor

Alia, thinking she is my neighbor, seems very pissed off about the party that's going on in my apartment. She just does not like parties because in her opinion they always seem to end up with people getting drunk and having sex. In other words, she does not like my kind of parties at all. What do you expect from a woman who is wearing a T shirt that says, "I have the pussy, I make the rules." She also keeps pointing out that it is already 10:30 PM and that she had enough of the noise. Well, I don't think it is that late yet but let's check the time on my swinging pocket watch, shall we? All it takes is a quick glance at the swinging watch in front of her eyes and Alia, aka bitchy neighbor, drops into a deep and obedient trance: �I am just a mindless slave master, control me.� Mindless and empty, Alia is ordered to strip and the party can finally begin. What follows is a hot dance, forced masturbation and a whole lot of jiggling and pinched breasts. Let's not forget the mindless repetitions and yes masters. I love those big tits of hers and watching them swing and jiggle is hot.




Alia Grant Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
From mindless slave to bitchy and back!

Sitting up on top of the couch with her legs wide spread, Alia is ordered to masturbate until she is ready to cum and then denied to orgasm. Slaves have to learn that orgasms have to be earned, don't you think? "Thank you master for not letting me cum" That's a good girl. Arms out in front of her while mindless and empty, Alia awaits her next orders. Her training continues with more mindless repetitions, forced and breath controlled orgasms, hands free orgasms and more. Alia seems to like the breath controlled orgasm, she even stops breathing after I allow her to breath. I guess she wants to prove what a good girl she is by now. Finally, I have her cum so hard that she passes out right in the middle of it. Of course there is also the part where she snaps out of it and her bitching is even worse than before. Maybe being naked and having been used made her a bit upset but as soon as I mention the word �slave� she is back in her blissful state of obedience.





Alia Grant Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
The mirror that turns her into a good little wife

My very sexy yet very reluctant wife comes back from the pool. As usual she teases me with her big jiggling breast but just as usual, she is not in the mood. She even makes fun of me for even asking. Well, let's see what happens when she checks herself out in the new mirror I just purchased. Sure enough my reluctant wife drops into oblivion and is now easily controllable. Forced to strip and play with her sexy feet, Alia drops deeper and deeper. Just touching her feet seems to drive her insane for lust and just like a good wife she orgasms on command.

 Oh, I should probably mention that Alia has the unique ability to be able to write with her feet and guess what she writes down when I order her to write what's on her mind. Of course there are mantras like: �I will be a good wife now� and �please command me�. We all know that all this is part of any female training program now don't we? Lots of close ups of her feet and tits as well as self entrancements and yes masters.


Alia Grant Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen, angry, orgasmed, blank minded and zombiefied.

As the title says, my still reluctant wife is frozen orgasmed, muted and played with at will. Of course there is some bitching going on and lots of freezing and muting. Waving my hand in front of her eyes seems to work best to render my sweetie mindless and to stop her from talking too much. We all know what that feels like, right? Naturally there is some mindless zombie walk involved in her training and popular freeze fun in the middle of her sentence. You will see lots of back and forth between being my reluctant wife and being helplessly frozen, orgasmed, muted and played with.


Alia Grant Clip XV Members - Click here to view this clip
More self entrancement, freezes, crawling and begging.

I want to be a better girl for you now,
Please hypnotize me

Finally we seem to be getting somewhere. Alia fully aware of what is happening is now frozen and excessively horny. Driven by her own lust, Alia is ready to do anything to be allowed to orgasm. The mantra: �I will be good now� seems to increase her lust even more and she starts begging me to hypnotize her. Alia entrances herself one more time in the mirror (I guess she did not really learn much the first time) and now she is the perfect little wife.


Alia Grant Clip XVI Members - Click here to view this clip
Please, please stop

This last segment shows Alia being tickled out of her mind, begging for mercy, put to sleep and orgasmed into complete exhaustion. Followed by, eye checks and limp body play.



Alia Grant Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
It does the body good

Using a dating service might not be the coolest thing but this time it certainly looks like I found myself a winner. Beautiful big breasts, charming and most importantly 97% compatible. Well, at least that's what the agency told me and it certainly seems like it at first. Everybody knows me at my favorite restaurant, probably because I take all my dates there so I can impress them with an expensive dinner and an even more impressive bottle of wine. This time my plan seems to only partially work and I also think the wine might have been way too much.

The second my perfect date sees the wine she downs the entire glass in one big swoop and everything begins to change. She keeps telling me how great the wine is and how light headed it makes her feel. What seems even more strange is the fact that she starts playing with herself in front of everyone else in the restaurant. To make things even worse, she suddenly invites me to go home with her and play with her computer.

Going home with her certainly sounds like a great idea but what the hell does she mean by, "playing with her computer." Smart as I am, it does not take me long to piece it all together. At least I know now why she is carrying a remote control in her purse. Even the twitches and her strange behavior are starting to make sense. After putting her into some type of maintenance mode, it is time to take her home and play with her computer. Oh my god, her sex program is absolutely, positively perfect and I feel that much closer to heaven.







Alia Grant Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
It makes the body orgasm

97% compatible my ass! Granted she is perfect, well almost perfect, when she does not malfunction. Maybe I over did it with the wine but did she have to drink it all and even ask for more? I do not think so. Anyway, my date becomes more and more promiscuous and I am almost ready to take her up on her constant offer to fuck her, when she out of the blue starts talking about the wine again. The twitches increase and I just know what's going to happen next. Looks like my programming skills are required again. That seemed to have worked and my horny, promiscuous and very wet dream date is back up and ready. Of course Miss 98% showing up in the middle of all this mess did not make it any easier.




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