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Allura Skye Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Feel like a woman

Allura Skye, beautiful young woman with an incredible zest for live, loves all kinds of kinky fetishes, like foot worship, tickling and kicking guys ass are some of her favorites. Yes, you did read that right. Allura always believed that being a dominatrix is what she is all about. Well, what can I say except maybe that after only a short time under my care, our little girl was purring like a kitten and the yes masters just come flowing out of her as if she had finally found what she was looking for.

What was she looking for that afternoon, without even knowing it of course? Could it have been that she was looking for a chance to let go, to not have to think and control, to allow herself to just feel and to be and or in other words, did she just want to feel like a woman who can admit to having been taken? The fact that Allura is naturally horny as well as her love for different fetishes, certainly helped with the transformation but at the end it was really her desire to feel and experience her softer side. Whatever it was though, it turned into a sizzling hot session which I am sure you guys will enjoy.

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Allura Skye Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Realize that you are here to please me

First (and very unexpected) OH MY GODS, yes masters, stares into nothingness and screaming hard orgasms

I can feel that Allura is where I need her to be and it is time now to take her through her most intense and probably most secret sexual fantasy, while making it clear to her that she has already relinquished all control over what is happening to her. Her sexy body starts to slowly move rhythmically up and down. At this point it is important to make her sink deeper yet again as her mind is occupied by lust, thus leaving her unaware of my suggestions.

Sure enough, before long my suggestions grab a hold of her and her body goes into intense lustful convulsions. I make it clear to her that I am the one driving her to orgasm and that she has no control over if and when it will happen. Allura feels for the first time that surrender can feel better than anything she has ever experienced before. Now we need to empty out the rest of her mind by slowing down her brain functions. Her eyes are clued to the light as she is...



Allura Skye Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am learning to obey you master

It is good to be your mindless slave master

More oh my gods, slow repetitions of mantras like, I am your horny slave, my brain is slowing down for you master, begging, controlled orgasms on command, feeling of being helplessly fucked while standing up, mental bondage, yes masters and...... This segment is about Her learning and understanding that her body and mind are under my control and that she needs permission to orgasm, think and or feel. Sounds dramatic, I know but it really gets her going. The feeling of being helplessly fucked while her hands feel tied up in the air, drives her nuts and she almost falls down when I (after a long wait) finally allow her to climax. I am letting go of my mind master, I need your permission to orgasm. There is too much going on to explain it all but believe me, watching her, lustfully quiver and shake while clawing her hands into the carpet and almost fall on the floor or mindlessly repeat mantras, is sizzling hot.



Allura Skye Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
My purpose is to obey you

I am your mindless shell master

Allura has undergone an amazing transformation and now it seem to be time to make her unconditionally surrender to her first and most likely her only master ever. Her quivering body is laying in front of me, her legs are wide open, leaving no doubt who is in control of whom here. Our little girl goes nuts as she feels her masturbation with more intensity than ever before. Needles to say, she is not allowed to orgasm just yet. I want her to feel how exposed and vulnerable she is and that her body and mind are under my control for as long as I want her. She is finally ordered to make herself cum for her master and to show how much it turns her on to please me with her surrender into submission. Of course we are still just warming up. There is still more crawling while feeling fucked, clawing hands into the carpet, mindless and slow repetition of mantras, mind removal and screaming hard orgasms yet to come. Oh, did I mention the part where she is frozen and..... Blank stares, yes masters, eye checks, limp body and head play.



Allura Skye Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Please suck on them!

Allura has been trained to perfection and I decide to have a little fun with her feet. After having been put to sleep in the last segment, Allura wakes up not quiet remembering what has happened. It is interesting though to watch her reaction as she still feels hot and wet from the last round of fun. We talk a bit about her liking feet and all of a sudden, she starts to gently touch her legs and feet. It gets even better when she starts to talk about her feet and that she loves for somebody to gently bite into them while popping the arches. I cannot repeat everything she tells us about her feet and her favorite positions and how much she loves for people to suck on her toes but believe me, it is seriously hot to watch her worshipping her feet. Of course she has never before being brought to orgasm just by touching her feet but then again, there is always a first time for everything.



Allura Skye Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
My sexy mannequin

In this next segment, Allura is mindlessly dim and empty while I pose her like a mannequin. I move and place her arms and hands, open her mouth, place her fingers in it and remove some of her unnecessary clothing. At some point I let her become aware of what is going on and it is quite obvious that she is having a hard time understanding all this. I guess, we cannot really blame her for that, after all, she has not been put under yet, or has she? I let her squirm for a bit before taking her back into mindless bliss.



Allura Skye Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Be careful of what you steal

Sneaky thief Allura Sky comes back from her first date with our hypnotist, and is awed by the size of his home. The second he leaves the room to get a glass of bubbly for her, our sneaky little thief grabs the opportunity to steal some expensive looking things off the table only to inadvertently hypnotize herself with a beautiful pendant. Reduced to a state of mindlessness, she is made to acknowledge her mindless slavery and her master, with tons of mindless “Yes Masters”. She is made to reveal her bra and pussy. She is made to mindlessly repeat “I am a mindless slave” and crawl to the camera and in circles, showing her sexy curves. Her brain is then disabled and she is ordered to masturbate and spank herself while staring mindlessly ahead. She then driven to bring herself to a hard orgasm while screaming “I'm your weak slave, Master!”



Allura Skye Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Fruits of lust

This next segment is all about our little thief being driven insane for lust after having eaten the forbidden fruits. Of course, being a thief, she doesn't listen to his warning about the fruit but after eating only a few of them she begins playing with her boobs, pulling her dress down and her bra up. Very shortly after that, her hand ends up back in her pussy as she can't resist eating the strawberries, which make her play with her wet little pussy even harder. She gets so desperate, she rips open her stockings to get at it! Buried in the couch, she discovers a vibrator and immediately puts it to use, fucking herself with her new found little friend. Her date finally comes back in and catches her in the act, but instead of being embarrassed, she begs for a fuck. No strings, no respect, just a fuck. She begs for him to fuck her, to pinch her nipples, anything. At his request, just to make him happy, she makes herself cum for him with a shuddering orgasm! We end with some sexy eye-checks and show how limp she is.



Allura Skye Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Nine Golden trap

Once again, she wakes up, having no idea she was caught, and that her bra is missing! Still not done stealing, she discovers an expensive gold lighter. Big mistake honey. Mesmerized by the dancing flame, she drops yet again into mindless bliss. After being moved and played with by her date, she is then brought out of mindlessness while being stuck in place and only able to talk. He confronts her about his cigarettes and lighter, and she denies it, of course.

Except he decides to search her, and since she can't move, she can't resist. He “discovers” the hole in her hose, but she denies pleasuring herself. He reveals that the lighter has a freezing effect on people, but since she didn't take it, he doesn't know how to fix her problem. Since she denies having taken the lighter, even after he demonstrates how he caught her earlier, she leaves him no other choice than to use the mesmerizing effect of the lighters flame yet again to reduce her to a mindless state. Now he makes her show off her torn stockings and spank herself! He makes her say she is a bad girl who needs to be punished!



Allura Skye Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
This is my fantasy

Smell the Rose Honey

This segment really shows that Allura is a true foot fetishist. They way she describes what she would like to have done to her feet and how they feel is truly a foot lover's dream

Sexy businesswoman Allura just finished a long day at work and the second she comes home our horny young woman sits down, kicks her shoes off, and begins to massage her feet. Except this massage is a little more than a normal rub. She can't help but play with her feet and toes while fantasizing about her most secret sexual fantasy which gets her very, very horny. After she strips to her bra and panties she seductively describes her favorite fantasy of someone worshiping her feet.

She begins to feel the kissing, licking, sucking and biting that she wants you to do. And then she's caught by her husband! Too bad for her but she does not want to do what she just did while being watched by him which leaves him no other choice than to give her a special rose, which puts her in a mindless trance. He has her pose and then has her talk about how she wants her feet licked and bitten. Eventually, she gets so horny as she feels someone licking and biting her feet that she has to play with herself! Then, her legs are frozen and her feet are put out of her reach. We zoom into her feet as her 'husband' plays with them and drives her to orgasm just by touching her feet!



Allura Skye Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
More flower power

Allura, who still believes to be my wife who just got caught playing with her sexy feet, wakes and, needless to say, she is a bit bitch. Looks like we have to give her yet another Rose. Like all women, she loves the sweet scent of Roses but unfortunately for her, this particular rose seems to make her laugh uncontrollably, just like the stuff we used to get at the dentist's. I am sure you know what I mean. Anyway, she laughs and begs for a bit before I decide to freeze her. Needless to say, the laughing problem does no subside just because she is frozen, in fact it seems to get worse. Me running the rose gently all over her body seems to irritate her even more. Let's find out what it does once it gently touches her crotch. I guess, she does deserve an orgasm after all this. Time to put her to sleep and then have some fun with her limp body. Hold on, we are still not done. Allura awakens again and believe it or not, my somewhat reluctant wife has become my obedient and always willing foot slave.



Allura Skye Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
That's for the weak and gullible

Allura is a guest on the television show “America at Night. Being as a skeptic on the topic of entrancing people, she proclaims that the television performances all look “staged” and that it can only impact the “weak-minded”. Having said that she suddenly falls asleep for no apparent reason. Upon awakening the poor girl just cannot seem to remember her name, no matter how hard she tries. Now that seems very silly to her, after all, you would not know their own name. (really funny BTW) Things get worse when all of a sudden her hands and arms are controlled to go behind her head, and they're stuck back there.

She struggles a bit, trying to move her hands, while still denying that such a thing could happen. Then her hands are released, and she attempts to introduce herself to the viewers, and blanks out entirely on her name, again. No matter how hard she tries, she can remember everything but her own name! After a brief deepening, she believes her name to be Mrs. "Wet Pussy” and she unknowingly strips off her dress and throws it away, revealing her bra and panties, while introduces herself to the audience as Mrs. Wet Pussy. Time to find out what our young lady thinks about nudity on public television. Needless to say, she believes it to be...



Allura Skye Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
That's not mine

This segment starts off with Allura being frozen solid while I am messing with her. I decide to take my time while taking off her dress, bra and wave my hand across her face. No, there is nobody home. Believe it or not, I even put the dress back on, partially that is. Upon awakening, our little girl seems a bit confused while pulling down her dress but she seems ok and we can go on with the show. Let's talk about family values and nudity on television, shall we? Allura keeps going on about how she like for people to be dressed properly while in public which leads me to the fact that she does not seem to wear a bra. Allura insist that she is wearing a bra, after all, she is proper. Guess what happens when I through her bra (the one I took off while she was frozen). Oops.. At some point I put her out of her awkward situation by sending her to sleep. Slow sensual neck play, eye checks and...



Allura Skye Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Sometimes a cigarette is just a cigarette

Well, sometimes a cigarette is more than just a cigarette

Anybody who knows Freud might understand what I am trying to say in the title.

This clips starts with Mrs. "Wet Pussy” needing a cigarette very badly which seems, given all the strange things that have happened to her on the show, quiet understandable. She lights up despite the show hosts request not to do so. But the cigarette makes her horny instead of calming her down and she can't resist teasing herself with her other hand. In between drags on the cigarette, she can't help moaning and groaning for lust.

Very quickly, she strips off her panties and begins masturbating, while condemning nudity and sexual acts on public TV. When confronted, she simply denies she's masturbating and or being naked while rubbing her pussy. Suddenly, she stands up and asks for a fuck. Without waiting, she sits back down and begins playing with herself and the cigarette, driving herself to another loud orgasm. After being snapped out of it, she realizes that she is not really a smoker, as she slowly becomes fully aware of what happened, much to her embarrassment!



Allura Skye Clip Fifteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Brains and robots do not go together

Diminished brain capacity, reprogramming initiated

One last round of fun with Allura. This time we talk about all kinds of different fetishes, which btw are all not her thing. The one that seems to bother her the most though is the robot / slave fetish, which she believes to be just weird. All that changes quickly when I use the brain wave frequency converter on her. There we go, that is much better. Obedient, programmed and ready to be used. Stiff robot walk, salutation, programming, yes masters, bottomless standing up masturbation with various outcomes and more.



Allura Skye Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Allura unit will comply. Human emulation chip activated. Initiating sexual subroutines now. Hi I'm Allura, I have been reconfigured as a
Pleasurebot. I am designed and programmed to fulfill your every sexual desire.

Thank you for reprogramming me master… You may command me now.

Allura: I guess I'm just a little nervous, I'll still be me won't I? Frank: Once the procedure is complete, all of your memories, experiences and brainwave patterns will be transferred directly into the android body that we've prepared. Your consciousness will exist within the mechanical construct, so in regards to your question, you'll still be you. Allura looks over to see a body beneath a sheet next to her, she then lays back and closes her eyes as she braces for the device to transfer her consciousness into her new robot body.

Allura wakes up after the surgery and begins to sate: "Initiating program Allura one... loading, loading…Hi! I'm Allura".

Suddenly Allura's expression changes to one of serious concern...What might have happened? Did Dr. Frank Goldbaum not only transfer but also change her personality and would that explain why she reluctantly feels like a sex object? Can she trust the doc or will he play with her and turn her into his sex slave. Surprise ending.


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