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Leah Wild & Ally Ann Sneak Preview Members - Click here to view this clip


Leah Wild and Ally Ann, two horny bi-sexual blonds were very curious and anxious to get the session started. The girls had never met before but something deep down inside of me told me that they would be perfect for each other. I am sure you guys remember Leah's great wide open eyed stares, her natural desire for kinky sex and of course her sexy, horny little body. Ally, only eighteen years old, is absolutely adorable, sexy and just as naturally horny as Leah. The idea of turning these two sensual beauties into obedient and submissive lovers certainly was a real turn on and the fact that they had never met made it even more so exciting and interesting.

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Leah & Ally Ann Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip
The girls, Ally in particular, were already playing with the crystal and the pocket watch when I entered the room and I decided to have them hold these items up themselves, for the initial relaxation part of the session. Naturally, Leah went out like a light, not without some nice flickering eye movements though. Ally's head started to wobble shortly there after and her eyes started to flicker on her way down. The initial part of the session was all about finding happiness and excitement by letting go.






Leah & Ally Ann Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
The more you fight it the more it will happen.

Leah and Ally are starting to feel the intensity that comes with being in deep trance. I keep taking them deeper while making them feel incredibly aroused. Both girls are slowly starting to feel the sexual experiences I am suggesting with more intensity than they have ever felt any sexual encounter before. I switch back and forth between suggesting that the more they fight it the more they feel it and the more they allow it to happen the more they will feel it.

This method ensures that no matter how the subject feels, there is nothing to object to, thus the conscious and subsequently the subconscious mind lets it pass and follows. I can feel the girls letting go and the desire to finally be allowed to orgasm and to be good, takes over. It is only a question of time now and the girls turn into obedient sex starving love toys.





Leah & Ally Ann Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
I am completely empty for you master

Now is time for the individual mind and thought removal, pleading: "Please take my mind, it feels so good to have no mind, master". With their eyes wide open, the girls now learn that lust is amazingly powerful when it comes to letting go. I take one at a time and have them sit up straight with their eyes wide open while masturbating. First I let them get very excited and then I start to focus their attention on the feeling between their legs only. Now is the time to make them let go of their minds, thoughts and will by enhancing the pleasure even more thus making them unaware of the fact that the rest of their minds are drained out.

Naturally there are repetitions and mantras involved, which makes the process even more pleasurable for the girls. In fact if we could always only concentrate on one feeling and thought at a time our lives would be so much more intense and yes often times so much more enjoyable. Think about it and see how our thoughts seem to chase each other, as a result never allowing us to feel the moment.





Leah & Ally Ann Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
Blank masturbation and mantras lead to willing less bliss

"A pretty little girl like me needs to be trained".
First we have the girls mindlessly undress so that we get a closer look at their sexy young bodies. The rest of this segment is intense and there is a whole lot going on. The girls are ordered to masturbate each other blankly either sitting down, standing up and of course on their knees while repeating mantras. The mantras enhance their lust and the more they repeat �I am here to be trained, thank you for training me master�, the more aroused they become.

Of course that is just the warm up. Breath controlled and forced orgasms turn both of them into even more obedient willingness and very exhausted love slaves. Too much going on to describe it all but if you are into short and intense mantras with two beautiful girls blankly masturbating each other while being intensely trained, this segment is for you. It finally dawned on me that whenever Ally's subconscious agrees to something, a blissful hint of a smile appears on her face.





Leah & Ally Ann Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
Bend over and orgasm for your master

Short and intense, first, I have the girls experience the pleasure that comes with pinching their nipples while feeling deep hard penetration. After an exhausting blank orgasm the girls thank me and I have them now bend over with their cherry asses pushed out at me. A self spanking makes them feel intensely aroused again and both are begging me to let them cum.

After another exhausting orgasm the girls are now completely empty and it is time to take the last bit of energy out of their bodies. Both slowly go to sleep and it is very hot to watch their struggle on the way down; lots of flickering eye lids while the girls try to stay awake. This segment ends with some really nice close ups of the eye checks which follow once they are down and some limp body play. We have to make sure that they are definitely out, now don't we?





Leah & Ally Ann Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
Blank, eaten out and splendid surrender

A pretty girl like me does not need a mind, thank you master.

Although empty minded and quite exhausted, Ally's body is quivering and shaking under Leah's skilled tongue between her legs. In case there is any will or mind left it is certainly coming out now. I can see her total surrender in her eyes and her lust seems to be no limit to the amount of lust and arousal she feels. Thank you master for making me mindless. By the time I order her to eat out Leah's pussy, her eyes are dull and empty and there are no more signs of her own personality. Leah goes through the same process and just like her little friend, she as well ends up empty and oversexed. I have them masturbate so very hard that the orgasm, I finally allow them to feel, puts them out right in the middle of it. Both girls drop like rocks and again it's time for quite a few eye checks and some other fun.





Leah & Ally Ann Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
IQ and candy just don't mix

The girls believe to be the actors in a commercial for a new and still not quite fully developed candy. The taping of the commercial is a bit premature but the company wants to make sure that when ever the candy is fully developed, it can be released immediately. What is the problem with the candy? Well, some of the scientists believe that it might cause IQ reduction and uncontrollable arousal particularly in women. Do the girls believe any of this? Of course not, all they seem to see is a perfectly looking and wonderfully smelling piece of candy. The girls have been instructed to just pretend eating the candy so it would look good on camera. Do they listen? Of course not, they are women, right. Sure enough, a couple of bites later and they are hooked already.

Sure both of them keep going on about going to college and about their studies but it does not take long before the first signs of their decreasing IQ's become quite obvious. No matter how much I try to warn them, they keep eating away and before long their clothes are starting to come off. By now the conversation is less than coherent and it seems like my initially brainy subjects are turning into quite brainless little fuck toys. I just know when they start giggling and eating/licking candy out of each others pussies and tits that there might be something to the earlier mentioned side effects of the new candy. Absolutely one of the best IQ reduction segments.




Leah & Ally Ann Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
No more IQ but lots of candy leads to transformation

The situation seems to worsen by the minute. All the girls seem to have on their little minds is to fuck and play with each other. Shortly there after they start begging me to jump into the action and fuck em both. Oh my god, how did this happen? More candy ends up in their pussies and both girls seem to go nuts over eating each other out. Of course all of a sudden, they can not seem to be able to answer even the easiest questions and it does not seem to matter anyway. What can I say, both girls have no problems saying: "I am just a little fuck bunny, please fuck me.

Now comes the kicker though, as soon as I say kitten both turn into meowing and purring and very horny little kittens Imagine what happens when I say doggy. You think they will hump each other and lick and or sniff each others asses? Time to put them out for some eye checks and sleepy orgasms. Both clips are really fun and exciting to watch and better seen together.






Leah & Ally Ann Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
The frozen, mindless and used teacher

Leah, who is Ally's teacher, is not willing to give her rebellious and quite lazy student better grades. Ally first tries to convince her teacher that she deserves better grades but when that fails, she decides to freeze her into a helplessly frozen and mindless statue. Leah has no choice. Ally takes off her teacher's clothes and humiliates her. Naked and at her students mercy, Leah first gets her ass spanked and is then orgasmed by her young and very triumphant student. Ally does not stop there; she continues by taking Leah's frozen hand and uses it to masturbate her own wet pussy with it until she orgasms all over it.





Leah & Ally Ann Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
The frozen mindless and used Student

Leah is now getting her way with Ally. Remembering all that just happened; Leah is quite pissed and gets her revenge on her frozen, helpless and disobedient student. Humiliated and forced to cum, Ally surrenders to her teacher. Leah moves her around, shoves her finger into her mouth and spanks her sweet ass, just to make sure her student learns a lesson she will never forget.





Leah & Ally Ann Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
Teacher and student frozen and mindless orgasm torture

First, I make the mistake to snap the girls out of it. Sure enough all they do is bitch at each other. Oh well, looks like this is a good time to freeze both of them. Ally frozen yet aware of what is going on does not like the idea of being stiff and she certainly does not want to cum for me.

Sorry, but it looks like you have to cum anyway. I might have allowed her to remain aware of what is going on but the complaining keeps going on and I decide to let her go blank again. Let's see what Leah is up to now, looks like she really would like to orgasm but for some reason the orgasm wand seems to only get within an inch of her pussy, that's too bad; I guess she has to wait.

Poor thing keeps begging me to touch her but again the wand seems too short. Snapping them out of it again was another bad idea. All they seem to want to do is grab their clothes and oops, here they are frozen again. Of course now I have to take their clothes off again.




Leah & Ally Ann Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Fainting Galore

Sleep sweet angel sleep. There is a whole lot of passing out going on in this one. First we have the girls wake up and out of the blue, in the middle of our conversation both drop like rocks. After a brief deepening, the girls wake up feeling very horny. They do have to wait for me to allow them to touch each other. I let them beg for a little bit and as soon as I allow them to touch each other, the girls go out yet again. Too bad, I mean they were so eager to finally touch each other but after they barely touched each other they went out. Awake again, the girls start to make passionate love but when I count to three they drop again.

The funny thing is that they almost managed to orgasm on count of two but then at three, oops... what happened? Is there more? Absolutely, next time they come out of it, the girls begin to profusely apologize for falling asleep on me all the time. It does not seem to help that they feel sorry about it, as soon as I snap my fingers they drop like rocks again. Now I take my time to play with their sleepy bodies. There is a lot of limp body moving, eye and mouth opening and sleepy orgasms going on at the end of the segment. This clip starts with only a short part of the induction.



Leah & Ally Ann Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
The unwilling Robot secretary

Ally learns that is not a good idea to turn down her boss's invitation for lunch. Letting her boss Leah, know that she is not into women was a big mistake. Without hesitation, Leah pulls out the spinning light? and turns her unsuspecting victim into a mindless and willingless Robot. Leah's soft yet firm voice takes Ally slowly into deep trance and all she knows how to say is: "I am a Robot." Robot Ally is now programmed to please her new owner. Striped down to her pantyhose, Ally obediently pleases and obeys Leah who has no problem using her as the pleasure toy she has become.





Leah & Ally Ann Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
Two unwilling yet obedient robots programmed to please

At some point I decide that Leah had enough fun playing with Ally and it was now time to turn her into a robot as well. Paraded around in their pantyhose and ordered to stay at attention while saluting their new owner both of my mindless robots learn what it means to have no personality and or mind of their own. There is something hot about watching two sexy Robots masturbate each other's wet pussies and to orgasm on command. Don't you think? At some point, I decide to have Leah deactivate Ally who drops like a rock and then do a little more programming on Leah before her deactivation.





Leah & Ally Ann Clip XV Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless foot sucking and some tickling

This one is hot and not only for our foot lovers. The girls wake up blank and mindless and all they seem to want to do is suck and kiss each other's feet. Enamored by each other's feet both are orgasmed while rubbing the other girls feet on their wet pussies. Orgasmed to exhaustion the girls suddenly jump up and do the "tickling dance" while begging me to stop. Back to being mindless the girls start to suck each others' feet again until I finally decide that they are done for the day and both of my trainees drop like rocks again. Great stares, mindless sucking and some tickling all wrapped up in one.





Leah & Ally Ann Clip XVI Members - Click here to view this clip
Do not touch my Toys ever, Honey

Coming home and catching your wife trying to reprogram your new fembot toy is certainly no fun. Naturally my wife has no idea what she is doing and she certainly is not supposed to touch my toy fembot in the first place. I guess the idea that the new toy is programmed to satisfy men only is what drove her crazy and she just had to tinker with my new and very expensive toy. Naturally she denies having done anything but her lame excuses just don't cut it. My new pleasure unit is obviously damaged. Look at her, she is all of a sudden stiff and ridged, her speech is slow and limited.

What a mess, but of course my wife keeps insisting that she had nothing to do with all that. I have to say though, watching the two together is very sexy. OK, the fembot unit is a bit stiff but never the less she manages to get my wife to orgasm and I am sold. Sure enough my new found pleasure does not last long and the unit short circuits and goes down. Now it is time to do some real programming to get her back up. What do you know, a few short minutes later, we have a real and very human like pleasure bot.





Leah & Ally Ann Clip XVII Members - Click here to view this clip
That is what you get for touching my toy, Honey

Maybe I should not have given my wife do much grief for playing with my things. All of a sudden my wife's circuits go haywire and she goes down on me as well. What can I say, being as good as I am, I get both of them right back up and the fun begins. French kissing, going down on each other, moaning and groaning and orgasms. Can it get any better than that? Actually, it could. Just like in the last segment, there is a whole lot going on in this one as well. Lots of girl/girl sex, interrupted by malfunctions, recoveries, repairs and more. Some of the malfunctions are so intense and the girls keep playing with each other right through them. Will there be a happy ending? Go and see.





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