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Alora James Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Taken into the......

Alora, beautiful, young, seductive, sexy and extremely horny temptress with big natural bubs seemed quite ready to find out how far she could be taken and how much it would take for her to lose herself in the moment. I had a feeling that our horny young girl was ready to experiment in order to find out what her more hidden sexual fantasies and desires were. Needless to say, she came to the right place and by the end of the day, she seemed not only happy but also changed.

I know it all sounds a bit mysterious but go ahead and watch her clips and you will know what I mean by all this. It goes without saying that I had a great (and very intense) time with her and I sure hope, she comes back one day for more. I do have a feeling though that she will as the results of her first session are mind blowing, to say the least. Buckle up for another intense one.

After taking her into lala land, the training could begin. First though, I had to mess with her, expose her pussy, move her around, check her tits and do some eye checks just to make sure that she was really gone

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Alora James Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Finger fucked into oblivion

Needless to say, Alora's session starts with a bang. After messing with her limp body for a bit, it is now time to get her wet, meaning to drive her up the wall for lust. My suggestion that her body is sensitized in deep trance and that she feels everything I suggest and or make her do ten times more intense than she has ever experienced it, works almost instantaneously. Her body starts to quiver and shake while her hands feel drawn between her legs. All of a sudden her fingers disappear in her wet pussy and she starts to finger fuck the herself hard until she is almost ready to explode but that of course is not going to happen without my permission.

Of course that is all just warm up. Time for her to learn to cum screaming hard (over and over) with her eyes wide open. Alora learns that looking the person who makes her cum in the eyes while climaxing makes the orgasm feel a lot more intense. Our little girl goes nuts and I decide to let her feel my power over her even more by putting her to sleep in the middle of her ecstasy. Still there is more. After messing with her long neck, eyes and more, while planting more triggers for later, I have her stand up.

Entranced and dim her wobbly body just stands there while my hand waves across her unblinking eyes. One snap of my finger and she drops like a rock and falls back on the couch. There is more but as usual, I cannot explain all the details as there is too much going on. .



Alora James Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Orgasm slaves don't think

Follow your master, there is no need to think.

I am cuming for you master

I think I better stick to the HIGHLIGHTS here so that the description does not get too lengthy. Again, very intense and a great example of how to train a horny young female to follow and to obey.

Slow repetition of mantras like, I am your empty shell master, until she drops into oblivion, mindless masturbation while staring at my finger, begging and pleading to be allowed to orgasm, instant orgasms (because I say so) more intense finger fucking, yes masters, seductive posing while offering her body, completely mindless and empty stares, being posed while in deep trance (really hot) very intense orgasm training which makes her feel completely out of control and so much more. It really shows how well our little girl responds to my training and how well she is trained already. Very intense and not for the weak. Watching the girls tits bounce all over the place is very hot btw




Alora James Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Feet that drive her crazy

Of course it is not the feet that drive her crazy but it certainly is the desire to show them off for our pleasure. Alora loves to please and as soon as I suggest that pleasing her master with her feet and becoming a perfectly trained foot slave is what she is her for, her beautiful body starts to lustfully quiver again. Of course the foot slave training is just part of what is going on here. First off, we have her masturbate again until she is close to orgasm. Her body goes into lustful convulsions but as soon as she feels my hand on her throat, she drops like a rock. As I always say, your master can give it and he can take it. Again, trying to explain all the details would take way too long. Extensive foot slave training, masturbation on all four with her feet (and ass) up in the air which really a hot pose, intense orgasm training, close ups on her feet (wrinkles, arches and so on) limp body and foot play, jiggling tits, unexpected sleep trigger  




Alora James Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Zombiefied, used and driven into....

Slow repetition of mantras (I am in deep trance for you master) while in the zombie/sleepwalker position, mindless stares after her mind and will are slowly removed, kneeling, crawling, breath controlled orgasm training, begging, more monotone repetition of mantras (I am your h- slave master) sleeepy orgasm, limp play, eye checks. I could go on and on about how intense and hot this one is but I am sure you will want to find out for yourself. Alora goes from incredibly intense sexual heights and screaming hard orgasms all the way down into deep mindless trance and back. It all ends with her feeling a hand over her mouth and nose which makes her drop with rolling eyes...



Alora James Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a horny Bimbo

It is all just Endorphins

Alora, who believes to be a famous book author, feminist and most importantly Yoga instructor, seems to really think that her exercises do strengthen not only the body but also the mind. She goes on and on about how powerful her techniques are and how it will improve women's health and mental power. Needless to say, the does not have anything nice to say about my passion, which is, as we all know, hypnosis. Anyway, the fact that I did not read her book all the way does not help the situation nor do my somewhat chauvinistic remarks about her success. Anyway, she does agree to show us some of those "powerful" yoga poses like the Cobra but strangely enough, in the midst of doing so, she slides into mindless trance. Her falling into mindless trance does happen a few times throughout this segment but that is not all.

At some point she wakes up with a very powerful orgasm which is not easy to explain (for her that is) but believe me, her excuses and explanations are absolutely hilarious. She mentions the powerful energies that are released through yoga and how it does influence the body. Really great the way she explains all this while feeling embarrassed. Of course she also wakes up referring to herself as being a horny bimbo while mindlessly striping for us. What makes it even more fun is the fact that she orgasms uncontrollably every time I snap my fingers twice. I know, it's all just endorphins. Needless to say, there is plenty of limp play, exposing her tits while she is out and so much more going on. .




Alora James Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
You did not tape all this, did you?

My book can help you with all this

I don't even know where to start with this one as there is way too much going on to explain it all here but it is definitely a fun and exciting one as well. First we get to enjoy our famous yoga instructor (still full of herself) praise and of course demonstrate the usage of her powerful yoga massager. She does mean well, after all, she wants to help me get rid of the nasty kink in my neck but I am not sure that holding a vibrator ( I mean massager) between my legs would really help with the kink in my neck. Well, it does get her close to orgasm but then (right before she climaxes), our little girl suddenly becomes aware of what just happened.

Embarrassing, I know, but what can I do. Again, her explanations as well as reaction to all this are absolutely amazing and funny. Of course that is only part of the action, there are also the sleepy orgasms and or the part where she is messed with as well as dragged around while she is unable (too weak) to move. Yes there is the part where she (unwillingly) goes to sleep despite her best efforts. Did I mention the part where she is really horny and wants to cum but unfortunately (for her) she seems too tired to actually make it. Lot's more mind games and fun yet to come. .



Alora James Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Do you have flees

Short but very sweet. Here we get to enjoy our yoga teacher wake up feeling embarrassed and apologetic about her nakedness. Needless to say, she gets dressed immediately after realizing that she is butt naked on TV. Again, amazing reaction and comments o her part. Well, the problem with all this is that as soon as she is dressed, she feels the "itching powder" that must be in her clothes. Poor thing scratches and twitches until it just becomes unbearable and the clothes come off again. Yes she twitches and covers up but in the end, we all get to enjoy the scratch marks on her body. The funny part is that throughout all this, she still rambles on about how reading her book can help. Poor thing drops like a rock as soon as she hears the sleep trigger. Limp body manipulation includes moving, dragging and....





Alora James Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
I must have pulled everything in my body

Another must see clip

Man wrestling super bimbo

We start off with some limp play before waking her up. Maybe I should mention that I also placed a thrusting vibrator between her legs while she was out, which makes her orgasm the second she wakes up. I know, it is embarrassing but hey, al lot of fun to watch though. Now she believes to be a famous female wrestler who loves to take down men. Oh well, let's see about that. It gets really funny again when she tries to pick up the (quite light) 5 pound dumbbell to show off how strong she is. Seems like no matter how hard she tries, there is no way she can even lift it an inch.

Really amazing to watch how hard she tries (which leaves her body in the most amazing positions) and her excuses are again priceless. Things get worse when she suddenly freezes up. Her excuse is that she must have pulled everything in her body. Of course, my idea of inserting a vibrator into her pussy does not help her but again, it is fun for us to enjoy. Let's put her to sleep and then have her wake up feeling weak and unable to move.

Let's try inserting the vibrator again so that we get to enjoy her reaction to that. OK, she is a bit upset but hey. Again, too much to go through it all. Towards the end, we give her one more chance to wrestle me down but she freezes up again and now gets bitch slapped by her own hand. More sleeepy orgasms, limp play, eye checks and so much more to come. .




Alora James Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
No Achilles heel here

Anybody who likes the robot segments will love this one

This is super Sapphire's house

Alora, you is now made to believe to be a Superheroine of sorts, really thinks that she can through me out of her friends house and maybe even kick my you know what in the process. Looks like she believes in her powers and her superiority. Well, looks like she is going down the same way as her little friend, Super Sapphire, before her. Needless to say, she gets a bit cranky when I refer to her friend as the horny blond who does not think much anymore these days.

Anyway, to make a long story short, her brain functions are neutralized before reprogramming her into being my newest Robot servant. Her body twitches, her face shows utter confusion and before she knows what hits her, she stands in robot mode while responding with yes master to my orders. What follows is very intense robot training, or I should better say programming. Masturbation, sword induced orgasm training, salutations, stiff Robowalk and so much more. Towards the end we have her feeling very confused while trying to figure out whether or not she is a robot or not, after all her body feels like it is not hers and her mind...




Alora James Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Superheroine gone foot crazy

Here we get to enjoy our (still full of herself) young Superheroine drop into mindless dimness in the midst of her threatening me with all kinds of ramifications to my recent behavior. Dim and unable to think for herself, she is now turned into a fuck sucking, oversexed foot slave who loves to show off those wrinkles, spread toes and so on. Needless to say, she learns that foot slaves crawl, pleasure themselves with the Hitachi, beg to be allowed to cum and so much more. Sleeepy limp play, passing out on command and of course a happy end to all this. .



Alora James Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
I just can't help it

One can never have too much sex

Alora who believes that the session has just started seems to have doubts that what I do might work and that she might be too strong minded. Sure enough though, she gets sleepy as soon as I mention it but that is all just the beginning. Suddenly she cannot help but to orgasm right there in front of me (a guy she just met). Now that takes some explaining. Alora seems very surprised and it gets worse when the orgasms don't seem to stop coming (every minute or two). Embarrassed and confused she scrambles for answers but....



Alora James Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
That's what women do

My mind is too strong for all this

After a brief deepening, Alora wakes up thinking that she just got to the studio and that we haven't even started. First off, she exposes her breasts as if that was the most normal thing to do. In fact, she seems to believe that all women do this in front of a man. Oh well, who am I to try to lecture her. We keep talking about the session and h-nosis and all of a sudden the unexplainable orgasms start again. This time I give her a hard time, after all, she has to wait until I put her under. She promises to be better but a couple of seconds later, she orgasms again. After watching her orgasm a few times, I decide to put her to sleep and to mess with her limp body, do some eye checks and so on.

Up and aware again, she starts to masturbate right there in front of me while rambling on about her mental powers. Looks like she believes that masturbation in front of a man is just the thing to do.

Want more? Enjoy watching her being turned into a robot and....

Too much going on to describe it all Alora clip Thirteen That's what women do

My mind is too strong for all this




Alora James Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I am superior

Alora, better known as Superheroine, StarNinja, enters the room of the mad scientist and immediately scans her surroundings. As she looks around she demands that her quarry show himself. She continues her search and cautiously moves about the room. “You may as well come out. I know you’re in here.” Realizing the gig is up, the evil scientist shows himself. He announces his presence and states “It looks like you found me, however I think you may find it significantly more difficult to apprehend me.” Our heroine places her hands on her hips and stares down her opponent and threatens “you’ll come quietly if you know what’s good for you. because as you well know, I am impervious to your weapons.

The man replies “Well darling aren’t you just state of the art. I have to admit they certainly knew what they were doing when they put you together” She seems confused by this remark, What in the hell are you talking about?

You my dear are nothing more than an array of wires, circuits and servos assembled together, and concealed in one sexy little package. It would appear that those jokers at Cybertronix, have programmed you to believe that you’re some sort of super heroine, when in reality my darling you’re nothing but a glorified windup doll. She insist assertively “I’m nobody’s doll, and you had better surrender if you know what’s good for you." The scientist pulls out the laser ray and...

As it turns out, our sexy andriod is no match for the Mad Scientist at first but will he be able to successfully turn her into his sex toy/slave. Lots of malfunctions, steaming hot seduction and more. As it turns out, Alora shines in this one as Well.

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