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Amanda & Bella Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


There is no turning back

Amanda and Bella, two beautiful yet very different women had never met before and, let me tell you, both of them were more than curious to find out what the afternoon would bring and how it might change them. I don't think I have to say much about our beautiful young vibrant and very sexual Amanda as you all remember her from her intense prior sessions. As always, my little girl was in a great mood and more than ready to go under my control again. Bella, beautiful and very horny cougar (another expression I don't care too much for) was quite nervous yet incredibly excited which is understandable given the fact that she had never been trained, and the fact that she is quite new to all this, sure did not make it any easier.

Well, as it turned out, the two are a perfect match made in the doctor's office, if you know what I mean. Bella has that kind of oozing sexuality and sensuality that comes with experience and of course the fact that she feels comfortable with her sexuality. Amanda, as we all know, is wild and extremely horny and watching the two play and dominate each other and or being dominated by, you know whom, is very hot. To make a long story short, be prepared for another unforgettably intense update.

I was experimenting yet again with new microphones and cameras which unfortunately made me lose a couple of scenes. The first part of the session starts right after the floating hands test, which is when I figured out that I had to switch the dam mic on. Anyway, it is still a nice induction with slow closing and flickering eyes, bobbing heads, close ups and wide angle shots of my two, soon to be, lovebirds.

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Amanda & Bella Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
You are mine

It is very important, particularly in a two girl session, to get the girls sexually charged up, meaning to get them horny first, before allowing them to play with each other. Besides, who does not like to watch two beautiful girls quiver and shake, scream and beg and eventually orgasm on command. Amanda, being the one who has been trained before, starts to squirm almost immediately, her legs open up wide and she starts to scream for lust. Bella does not take much longer though and I can feel right away how much she wants to please me from very deep within. I had a feeling that she might be naturally submissive and this segment shows how she lets herself go already. The girls are repeating, "I let go of all control" and with every repetition their sexy bodies quiver and shake even more. I keep driving them up the wall without allowing them to orgasm just yet. Very intense training with lots of interaction, questions and answers, repetitions, deepeners and programming.



Amanda & Bella Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Helplessly eaten out

First rolling eyes, mantras, oh my gods, breath controlled orgasms, intense stares and complete surrender.

As mentioned earlier, I lost a couple of clips due to mic problem and this next segment starts with Amanda mindlessly staring into the camera. Her empty staring eyes leave no doubt that she has no will of her own. Bella, who is just as mindlessly horny, is ordered to go down on her young friend and to give her a tongue lashing. Of course I have to take it up a notch by freezing Amanda's beautiful young body in place thus making her feel helpless and used. Sure enough, the feeling of being helplessly at my mercy, intensifies her arousal and she starts to scream for lust. I can feel that Bella is turned on by the idea of licking the little girl into blissful submission and I decide to make her feel just as aroused as the quivering and shaking Amanda.

Amanda's eyes keep rolling back as I take her deeper and deeper and sure enough, she starts to call me master again. Looks like her last session left a deep and lasting impression on her. The intensity with which my two love birds orgasm is impossible to put into words. Of course now it is Amanda's turn to take care of our sexy cougar. Bella sinks on her back as all strength is drained out of her body; too drained and weak to move any part of her body, she has no other choice than to enjoy young

Amanda's hands all over her body, her soft lips on her breasts and eventually her tongue in her wet pussy. Bella's repetitions of the words "mindless obedience" become slower and slower as she drifts deeper, her body shivers like a leaf under Amanda's intense tongue lashing. I decide that this might be a good time to let her feel my complete control over her by disallowing her to breathe for as long as I say. What comes next is again not easy to describe. Bella's skin around her neck and chest turns red which is a sign of intense arousal and now she is allowed to experience her longest and probably most intense orgasm ever.



Amanda & Bella Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Zombiefication and final surrender

More intense stares, slow and monotone mantras, hard orgasms, rolling eyes, zombie poses, waving hands and slow zombiefication.

"I am your love slave master" Bella is standing behind Amanda and she is ordered to masturbate her little friend who is quivering and shaking under her touch. I decide to take it up a notch by making Bella feel exactly what Amanda feels, without touching herself. Bella's body goes into the same lustful convulsions as Amanda's and now it is time for both of them to let go of the rest of their minds. More slow mind reduction, rolling eyes and the monotone repetition of "I am your love slave" takes my two horny girls into an even deeper state of trance.

After a series of intense orgasms, the girls are now just standing there with their arms stretched out in front of them. Their over and over repetitions of "mindless slave" are slow and monotone and their empty wide open eyes stare right through my waving hand. Amanda's eyes role all the way back again as she drops even further down. One last intense orgasm takes all strength and will out of them until they both end up sitting on the floor, completely mindless and exhausted while staring into nothingness. Again their empty wide open eyes stare right through my hand and it looks like it is now time to slowly send them to sleep. Sleepy limp bodied orgasms and eye checks are still to come.



Amanda & Bella Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Not in this lifetime, honey

Bella believes to be my, somewhat prudish wife and that we are at a very trendy party together. One of the main attractions of the party is the cute and sexy blond hypnotist who certainly caught my eye. Unfortunately my prudish wife almost freaks out when I mention the idea of asking her to join us for a threesome. "Not in this lifetime" Oh well, here we go again.

Amanda, our sexy young hypnotist on the other hand seems to really like the idea of playing with the two of us and she offers to give my wife, who really does not believe in the power of hypnosis, a private demonstration. Of course my wife tries to laugh it off and it looks like she is trying to prove to me that it is not going to work on her. Sure enough, she is no match for our young girl and what do you know, she drops under like a rock.

Amanda steps behind her mindlessly obedient slave and masturbates her into submission. Of course that is just the warm up. My prudish and somewhat disobedient wife has to learn that a hard and long spanking helps her to become a better slave. Amanda shows that she can be quite dominant in this segment and her slightly sadistic smiles show how much fun she has with all this. She keeps spanking Bella's ass and as soon as she feels that it drives her crazy for lust, she disallows her slave to orgasm.



Amanda & Bella Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Any time in this lifetime, honey

I had so much fun watching the two interact that I decided to let them go on for a bit longer. Amanda puts Bella on her knees and her new slave has to worship her feet before she is allowed to go down on her and bring her to orgasm. Well, I think it is time to take over from here and to have a little fun with both of them. Amanda is rendered just as mindless and obedient as Bella by my waving hand and both girls are orgasmed so hard on my command that it almost makes them fall over. Amanda's big eyes role back as she drifts even deeper and Bella's intense stare goes right through me as she follows her into the abyss. The girls are paraded back and forth through the room with their arms straight out in front of them as they repeat, very slowly and monotone, "you are my master." After some more intense training the girls are put to sleep and then programmed to always...



Amanda & Bella Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Zombies on a stage

Amanda and Bella believe to be the stars at my strip club and that I called them into my office to talk about a new show I have been working on. Unfortunately they both think that my idea of having the girls just standing on stage, sort of like frozen mannequins, while our clients have their way with them, is not only far out but actually quite crazy. After all, who would enjoy a couple of helpless zombies on a stage and besides nobody can just stand there for hours at a time anyways! I know, it might sound a bit far out but I have a feeling that there are a lot of people who would actually enjoy that. What can I say, a couple of seconds later, my two somewhat reluctant Strippers are mindlessly frozen, just like a couple of zombies on stage.

After messing with them for a bit, I decide to let them become aware of their situation while still being frozen. Yes, they seem confused but still not very cooperative. What gets me the most is that they do not seem to believe in the magic wand, you know the one that makes girls orgasm whenever I activate it. No way, no how is that ever going to work. As we all know, it does work and both of my strippers, although under protest, experience their first frozen orgasm. Time to send them back into mindless obedience via the waving hand and to watch them mindlessly masturbate each other's wet pussies.

Again it is time to let them become aware of what they are doing and although they seem to try to stop playing with each other's pussies, neither one seems to be able to stop. Now they bitch about that although they have to agree that it really feels good. Of course I try to help them by freezing them again and now they bitch about wanting to orgasm but being unable to make each other cum. I wish these girls would make up their mind. Too much fun to describe it all but believe me this segment has all your favorites. Close ups as well as full body shots of our frozen angels.




Amanda & Bella Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
That is way too trippy

Our two somewhat confused strippers snap out of it again and it looks like they don't really remember what has just happened. OK, so they did not like the idea of being mindlessly frozen. Let's see what they think about some hot foot action. No, they don't seem to like that one either. That is all way too trippy and besides, feet are sweaty. Luckily they agree to let me take some pictures of them and they even go as far as kissing each other for the pictures but here again, no foot action. Being the fair and yes, the nice guy that I am, I warn them and let them know that I will have to use the magic wand on them which, as we all know, will turn them into mindless foot lovers.

Now that makes them laugh and Bella even makes fun of me and my magic wand. Things change quickly though. As soon as the wand goes off, my little girls slowly lose their smiles on their faces and drop into mindless obedience. What follows is a whole lot of very hot foot worship. First the girls mindlessly suck, lick and caress each other's feet and then we switch them to openly and very seductively talk about all the wonderful things they can do with their feet, including foot jobs and what have you. Of course at some point they orgasm each other by using...... As mentioned lots of foot worship, waving hand tricks, mindless loving and so much more.



Amanda & Bella Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Chinese tickle torture

My two sexy strippers wake up again and it seems they are very confused about the situation they find themselves in, which given the fact that they are almost naked, is quite understandable. The fact that they don't remember why their pussies are wet, their fingers are sticky and their feet are wet and sticky, makes it hard for them to remain professional. Still, the idea of going out with me seems to be something they are not all that interested in which leads me to my next question. Have you guys ever heard of the Chinese tickle torture? Of course they have not and it seems like it is time for the "magic wand" again.

The girls start to jump around while screaming their heads off. Looks like the Chinese tickle torture woks on them. At the snap of my fingers, the feeling of being tickled goes away and now, our two sexy strippers are really confused. How on earth did you do this? You would think that the girls might know by now that when I say something it actually happens.

Still, Amanda laughs when I mention that as soon as I clap my hands, her body will freeze up and her mind will go blank. Oops. Of course, Bella is a bit more cautious when I mention the waving hand and its effects but it is already too late. Watching the mindlessly entrance Bella tickle the hell out of her stiffly frozen friend is sure hot. Bella seems to have no mercy on young Amanda who helplessly quivers under her hands.



Amanda & Bella Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Sorry but I have to transform you into obedient robots

The cop and the hooker

The girls believe to be a couple of serious actresses who seem to have ended up in the wrong movie. Thinking that they are supposed to play the part of a hooker and a cop in a more serious movie, they seem to have no interest in playing these parts in a robot movie. Who the hell wants to be a robot anyways. The director (guess who that might be) insists that he needs a couple of obedient robots for his movie and he suggests that it might be best to transform them into exactly that. Again, our aspiring young actresses don't seem to be interested, besides, that would not be possible anyways. Less than 5 seconds later, they are standing at attention just like a couple of mindless machines. I am a robot master. What follows is a whole lot of programming, bottomless masturbation, salutations, system changes, yes masters, monotone repetitions, robotic movements and speech and, and, and...



Amanda & Bella Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Does this upset you

For some reason, the girls seem to believe that the session has just started (I wonder why) and that sitting there with their legs spread while playing with their pussies, is not only acceptable but completely normal behavior. They have no clue why I might find this a bit strange. Speaking of strange, it gets even more bizarre when I mention the word allergies. Now they take off their panties and wipe their noses with them. Of course, I offer them tissues but then again, why would they use those. My mentioning that they will go to sleep as soon as I clap my hands seems to amuse them. Oops. After a brief deepening, my two non believers wake up again and now they can not see me in the room. Thinking that they are all by themselves, they suddenly discover the magic wand.

Amanda is actually the one who picks it up first and what do you know, the second she touches it, she starts to orgasm. I did not program the girls to react or feel a certain way because I wanted to see what they would do. What comes next is not easy to describe. Bella rips the wand out of Amanda's hands and sure enough, she orgasms almost instantaneously. The girls end up almost fighting over the little joy stick until I snap my fingers which snaps them right out of it. Imagine their embarrassment and all those apologies. What gets me though is they are trying to make me believe that nothing has happened while I was gone. I guess that leaves me no other choice than to render them mindless again. No way no how, how would you do that?



Amanda & Bella Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Love is in the air

Our two sexy lovebirds are made to believe that the session has just begun and that we all just met. I can not really blame them for thinking that my plan to turn them into a couple of horny lovers who can not seem to keep their hands of each other, just sounds too far out there. The girls don't even think that they might like each other that much and they certainly have no intention to fall in love with each other. There is no such thing as being love struck, at least not in this session. It gets even better when I mention that they might also fall in love with me. No way no how. The fun begins. Every snap of my fingers makes the girls fall in love and lust with each other and or me. To watch them lovingly fondle, kiss and undress each other while being unaware of what just happened is a lot of fun. Of course, getting them to not only feel loving towards me but to also entice me to join them for a threesome, is even hotter. Towards the end, the girls are snapped out of it one more time and now they feel terrible embarrassed and very apologetic about their behavior.


Amanda & Bella Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
The Robot movie Can we keep her for ever?

We are always looking forward to the yearly fundraiser party and as every year, there were all these cute girls who were hired to, let's say, spice up the party.

I should have known, the second my wife saw the cute blond, she got all excited and sure enough the second I went to the bathroom, my horny little wife started to hit on her. For some reason though, the sexy blond seemed absolutely not interested in my wife, in fact she seemed almost repulsed by her which seemed very odd. Anyway, my horny wife did not let up trying to kiss and fondle her which must have led to the unfortunate accident. All of a sudden drinks were spilled and all hell broke loose.

Amanda, our young blond jumped up and started screaming at my wife for getting her all wet. To make a long story short, Amanda turned out to be one of those new Fembots who, after a few desperate attempts to keep her composure, started to malfunction. Needless to say, I was the one who was suddenly stuck with the problem. My wife is sweet and usually helpful but she is unfortunately also a bit of a ditz and all she could do was to help me open up the bot’s rear panel. Turned out that our sexy little girl (I am using the term girl loosely here) was programmed for men only which, I guess, caused the problem.

Anyway, we got her back up and what she did to my wife was just amazing, in fact my wife was so thrilled by the way she made her orgasm that she wanted to keep her for ever. I am still not sure what went wrong but all of a sudden, our new toy started to hurt my wife which made her malfunction as well. I will never forget her disturbed and distressed sounding voice when she said, this is not possible, I am not a robot…I…I…I am r...


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