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Amber Bach & Carmen Valentina Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Your mind is a sponge for my suggestions

Amber and Carmen in one hot session, who would have thought that that would be possible? I sure did not but Lana came up with the idea and she was also the one who made it possible. I am sure that our longtime viewers remember both of our beauties and are just as excited as I was when I found out that both of them had agreed to come in for a round of "uninhibited fun." As many of you remember, Amber was one of our first girls and she has been back here and there ever since. Carmen, of course, is just like Amber, another one of my favorite, let's call them, "playmates" and I could not wait to watch them mindlessly eat out each other pussies and.... I think the girls don't need any more introduction, so let's jump right into another hot update.

As expected both girls went right back under with flickering eyelids. It did not take long to make the girls feel sexy, sensual and of course, very obedient. The desire to touch each other became stronger and stronger with each suggestion until their bodies started to quiver and

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Amber Bach & Carmen Valentina Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Make her willing and...

Happy New Year. May all your hopes and wishes come true.

As mentioned, the girls respond well and their excitement becomes obvious as soon as I merely suggest to feel each other's hands and tongues. Their hot bodies start to quiver and shake and their nipples harden as I slowly drive them to orgasm while exposing both of their breasts. Ambers big tits seem to just pop out of her top as if she could not wait for it to happen. Needless to say, just all just warm up. Both girls are standing n front of me with their big wide open eyes staring into nothingness. Time to remind them of who their master is and that they are here to please and to obey. Yes master.

Amber is made to slowly lose all control over her muscles (including the muscles that close her eye lids) and she falls back onto the couch. Helplessly limp and immobilized she has no other choice than to let Carmen take advantage of her quivering limp body. Needless to say, Carmen can't wait to eat her out and to make Amber a horny and willing slave for me. It is really hot to watch Carmen's excitement when she takes advantage of her limp playmate who is just staring into nothingness while she...




Amber Bach & Carmen Valentina Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Thank you for training us master

Happy New Year. May all your hopes and wishes come true.

Trying to describe all the details of each clip would take me forever so I try to stick to the high lights. This next segment is largely for our limp body play lovers but that is only part of the action. First we get to enjoy watching Carmen play with her limp and helpless little friend who still has no control over her muscles and can only stare dimly into nothingness. Sounds like fun? Sure it does. Next, Carmen is send into the "abyss" and now I can take my time to move my sleeeping beauties around, pose them (together) have the camera pan over their curvy bodies and so much more.

Of course there is more. If you enjoy watching to mindlessly entranced horny girls slowly answering my questions regarding their, let's call it, state of mind and them fiercely masturbate each other's wet pussies while staring at their master, than this one is certainly for you. Repetition of mantra, yes masters, stares and limp play




Amber Bach & Carmen Valentina Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Love slave training

Your wet pussy is mine

High lights : Carmen being mindlessly posed (mannequin) by Amber while absently staring into nothingness, Love slave Carmen forced to eat out Amber at the snap of her (Ambers) fingers, Carmen being masturbated by Amber (from behind) and put to sleeep during her final orgasm by "the hand", Carmen frozen and helplessly brought to orgasm, Amber takes advantage of Carmen's limp body, Carmen eaten out by Amber while in lala land and so much more. As mentioned, there is too much going on to go into all the details but it's a hot one.

Yes masters, lot's of pussy eating, quivering and shaking bodies, passing-out, dim stares, limp play, posing, love slave training and the list goes on.



Amber Bach & Carmen Valentina Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Programmed to have no thoughts of their own

From Dolls to Puppets to cats and

Highlights : Enjoy the girls being turned into happy yet thoughtless dolls who smile or frown on command, do the jumping jacks when asked to do so (watching Amber's big tits bounce during the jumping jacks is fantastic) being turned into puppets who are under the puppeteers control who for-ces their little hands down to their wet pussies and so much more. Enjoy them laugh and giggle about who knows what, orgasm and...

Of course there is more. We all know that cats and don't get along and the same is happening here. Our cute yet feisty doggy (Carmen) keeps pushing our sexy little kitten (Amber) until the fight breaks out. Lots of woofing and meowing. Sleeep and




Amber Bach & Carmen Valentina Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Driven into insane lust

This segment starts off with the girls being absolutely crazy about each other. All they want is to make love to each other, kiss and fondle the other girl and make each other cum. Suddenly Amber slides down on Carmen and buries her head in her wet pussy. Carmen's sexy body goes into lustful convulsions when she is slowly brought to orgasm.

If you don't think that the above described is hot, wait until you see our entranced beauties repeat a mantra while in the sleep- walker position. Great mindless stares and repetitions. Thank you for training me again master

Now, if you don't think that the above described is hot wait until you see Amber pass-out and then being taken advantage off by Carmen (eaten out, orgasmed and used)

If you still don't think that the above mentioned is hot wait until you see them being turned into foot sucking, liking and worshipping foot slaves who love to show their master their sexy feet while talking about them. Enjoy watching them crawl with their feet up in the air while repeating, slaves crawl. Of course those are just a few highlights Yes masters and more

If you still don't think the above mentioned is hot, please seek medical help.  



Amber Bach & Carmen Valentina Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your programmable slave master

He is my master

Here we get to enjoy watching the girls get into a fight over who is the better slave and who gets to stay with their master. (I made them believe that I can only take one of them) Of course watching them fight while trying to make each other orgasm as well as trying to put each other out (hand over mouth and nose) is a lot of fun. Carmen finally gives in to Amber's tongue and hands and orgasms all over her.

 Amber does not lose any time, she places her victim on her knees, places her hand over her mouth and nose while bringing her to orgasm yet again. The last thing Carmen says before going into lala land is, I am easy master. Amber does not have a lot of time to enjoy her victory. As if by magic, her own hand goes up to her mouth and nose and... Rolling eyes, stares, mantras, yes masters and slow sensual limp play at the end.




Amber Bach & Carmen Valentina Robot Movie
Part One
Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not a Prude

We wish all our viewers Happy Holidays (many of you merry Christmas) and a Happy New Year. May all your hopes and wishes come true.

Carmen is rushing with a Sorority on campus, and is getting teased and hazed by her big sister Amber. Amber teases her about being a prude, she doesn't drink, she dresses too conservatively, she never swears and uses words like "golly."

Carmen tries desperately to convince Amber that she "is not a prude. I am not prude...not prude...

" She tries to drink, but ends up spitting the drink up.

Amber then instructs her to show off her sexiest moves to seduce a man, she is very awkward and uneasy but tries to play along. When Amber tries to instruct her on the art of seduction, things get out of hand as she begins to get handy with the prudish pledge. Carmen States "I am not programmed for this activity........not programmed......error.......error this is not my intended function". It is too much for the pledge and she begins to malfunction.

Amber is excited to play with her new toy claiming "oh my god she must be one of those new high-end companion-droids" Upset that their robotic pledge lacks sexual programming Amber find bootleg sex software on line and hooks the pledge up to their laptop.

Carmen protests as Amber attaches the cable to a port between her breast. She cries "Stop I am not intended for this function. Warning illegal program detected.

Loading new software..........What's happening... happening....to me? I feel different. The pledge (Carmen ) begins to gyrate her hip and caress herself. She begins to make out with her big sister Amber and the action intensifies.

Amber tells the pledge "you're going to fit in here just fine. That program is something else, I think I might give it a try myself." Amber grabs the cable that's till attached to the laptop and plugs it into her own cleavage. She tells the pledge "You didn't think you were the only one did you? I'm a 600 series. I always wanted to make out with another android.

Driven by her new software the pledge, Carmen starts kissing Amber and announces "I will please you now." She pushes Amber back onto a table and inadvertently knocks the lap top off the table. Amber cries out "Watch out," but it is too late the laptop crashes into the floor yanking the cable from the sexy sorority girl's chest. Amber begins to twitch & spasm, as she begins to ramble incoherently "Malfunction.......Malfunction.......Amber unit offline........Download incomplete..........error..........error.........Oh my God what have you done to me?"

Nothing deters the horny pledge who continues to pleasure the broken fembot. Suddenly The pledge announces "Warning incompatible Software.........I am not designed for this activity...........Warning.........I am not intended for this function..........too much sensory data...........I am programmed for sex.....programmed for sex.....for sex...

This of course is just the beginning of the story, wait until you see what happens when our Fembots fall into my hands. Believe me there is a lot of girl/girl sex, malfunctions and, and, and...going on.


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