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Amber Bach & Carmen Valentina Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip

Jingle Bells jingle all.... 

We wish all our viewers Happy Holidays (many of you merry Christmas) and a Happy New Year. May all your hopes and wishes come true.       

Look at my breasts and....  

Amber and Carmen, two hot super models seem to be very upset when they find out that they have to split the money for this very well paying toy Christmas toy catalog shoot. My explanation that the producers could not make up their mind and that they decided to use both of them for the shoot, does not go over too well. Understandably, I guess. Needless to say, the two start bickering at each other and me of course. Neither one seems happy and I have a feeling they are trying to get rid of each other asap. 

It gets really interesting the second I leave them alone (so they believe) to get a fresh battery for my camera. Amber slowly pulls out those beautiful tits of hers and starts to slowly hypnotize the at first reluctant Carmen. Carmen's eyes turn dim and she is mindlessly willing to eat out her new mistresses pussy. Of course Amber has to mess with her, humiliate her and make her do all kinds of things before she shows Carmen's head between her thighs. Watch what happens when I finally come back, it is hilarious. Great blank stares and..




Amber Bach & Carmen Valentina Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip

Revenge is mine   

Now it is Carmen's turn to have her revenge. As soon as she becomes aware of what just happened, she goes to teach Amber (who just stands there mindlessly staring into nothingness) a lesson by doing some of the things to her that were just done to her. First she poses her like an object while making fun of her helplessness. Of course that is not all by any means, after all, Amber needs to learn to eat pussy while.... 

Suddenly, both of my beauties become aware of what they were just doing and now the bitching starts. The fun thing though is that they bitch at each other and threaten to.....blablabla. Time to render both mindless and to place them into the zombie position for some slow repetition of mantras like, I came here to serve you master.  

Now it's time to find out who poses sexier and who gets the modeling job. I have to say, it's more than tough to decide that one. Both are sooooo sexy.  

How and why do they end up frozen and.....     

Blank stares, freeze, yes masters, pussy eating and so much more...




Amber Bach & Carmen Valentina Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip

Bad girls ...    

Four tits are better than    

After a brief deepening, our beauties wake up not remembering what just happened. Again, they are not willing to share the shoot and to cooperate with the other girl. It's all fun and games first as they accuse each other of being unprofessional and so on. What makes this funny though is the fact that they both keep laughing their asses off just when they try to be real serious. It is really funny, you got to watch it to understand what I am trying to say here.    

Double breasted hypnosis. After a brief deepening, the girls come back and now they actually think that by showing me their tits and by trying to hypnotize me with them, they can get their way. It all starts with them showing me their tits while each of them is trying to convince me  that she has the nicer set of tits. I could watch and listen to their competition all day long. Suddenly though, they switch to being sweet and alluring while trying to put me under with their tits.

Needless to say, their plan back fires and the girls are the ones ending up entranced and willing. We are not done her by a long shot. First we get to enjoy watching them mindlessly masturbate each other while standing up and then they even try to hypnotize each other with their breast which ends...... There is a lot more blank stares, apologies for having tried to hypnotize me and so much more yet to come.




Amber Bach & Carmen Valentina Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip

What the f... is happening here     


Passionate lovers frozen, orgasmed and.....   

Amber and Carmen, our two not so happy models, seemed to finally realize that I might have something to do with their recent, let's call it, mishaps. Needless to say, they are pi..ed off and now they want to show me. Unfortunately though (for them) they freeze up right before they can get to me. Now that can be confusing and embarrassing. It is a long and really fun story  of mind games, confusion, embarrassment, bitching and so on before they end up frozen again but this time with one hand stuck in the other girls pussy. Now that might not be so bad but the problem is that the hand in the other girls pussy is the only part of their bodies that just has to move without them being able to do anything about it. In other words, they have no other choice than to make each other cum. Unwilling yet unable to stop...     

There is more. In the second part of the clip we get to enjoy them making passionate love to each other. Lots of kissing, sucking, licking and trying to get each other to orgasm. Wait until you see what happens when I make them aware of what they are doing. Oh boy, now they remember that our horny models remember that they don't really like each other or me all that much.  

Lots of freeze, mindless stares, confusion, passionate love making, embarrassing moments and....



Amber Bach & Carmen Valentina Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip

Final fight and the winner is?  

Like the title says, now the girls are really getting into it. Sharing the shoot with each other is just not an option. It all starts harmless with some bickering and complaining but things heat up and before you know it, the cat fight breaks out. Both girls are programmed to believe that their hands are laced with a substance that will put the other girl to sleep as soon as she breathes it in.

What do you know, after stripping her opponent first, Carmen manages to get behind Amber and to then place her hand on her victims face. Amber goes out with rolling eyes and now Carmen uses her victims face to ride herself to orgasm. Really hot to watch. Suddenly Amber wakes up, after being used like this, and she grabs the unsuspecting Carmen and let's her have it. Needless to say, that is not the end of the story yet. More to come




Amber Bach & Carmen Valentina Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip

thirteen       Entranced, brainwashed, used and....  

Watch Entrancement, the sleeepy mask, foot lust, forced orgasm training, dim stares

Carmen, who believes to be getting a massage at a fancy massage parlor, has no idea that she will end up mindlessly entranced in front of a camera while committing uninhibited sexual acts. Noticeably uncomfortable and a bit turned off by the masseuses attempts to hit on her (particularly by the comments about her sexy body and feet) she tries to make it clear that she is not interested in any "special massage." Amber our sneaky masseuse has a very different plan for her though. Suddenly she pulls out a pocket watch and swings it right in her unsuspecting victims face.

Carmen has no chance and before long she falls under Amber's spell. Entranced with no will of her own, Carmen becomes a willing toy. Amber takes her time to fondle her naked body, tease her by bring her close to orgasm with a vibrator before working her way down to Carmen's sexy little feet. Before sucking and kissing her feet though, Amber decides to train Carmen to fall asleep every time she feels "the mask" on her face. Looks like she wants to make sure her victim remains out while being used. Sure enough, Carmen's body becomes limp with the first....

Eventually the owner of the massage parlor (guess who that might be) comes in and now both girls are trained to lick, suck and fondle each other's feet until brought to orgasm. Needless to say, even my assistant Amber has to experience the power of "the mask" Lot's more going on and certainly not only for our foot lovers.




Amber Bach & Carmen Valentina Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip

Wrong suite honey  

First we have the girls mindlessly slip into different outfits without realizing it. Up and awake, they now believe to be looking for a massage parlor which has to be in the building. Imagine their surprise when I mention that they must have the wrong "suite" number and that this is not a massage parlor but a "Robotronics" company, specialized in turning bitch young women like themselves into obedient robot servants. Needless to say, they think I am nuts but after only a few, let's call it "alteration" they have turned into beautiful and very willing/obedient robot toys. Robotic speech, stiff movement, mechanical voice and seriously hot girl/girl action.



Amber Bach & Carmen Valentina Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not a Prude

We wish all our viewers Happy Holidays (many of you merry Christmas) and a Happy New Year. May all your hopes and wishes come true.

Carmen is rushing with a Sorority on campus, and is getting teased and hazed by her big sister Amber. Amber teases her about being a prude, she doesn't drink, she dresses too conservatively, she never swears and uses words like "golly."

Carmen tries desperately to convince Amber that she "is not a prude. I am not prude...not prude...

" She tries to drink, but ends up spitting the drink up.

Amber then instructs her to show off her sexiest moves to seduce a man, she is very awkward and uneasy but tries to play along. When Amber tries to instruct her on the art of seduction, things get out of hand as she begins to get handy with the prudish pledge. Carmen States "I am not programmed for this activity........not programmed......error.......error this is not my intended function". It is too much for the pledge and she begins to malfunction.

Amber is excited to play with her new toy claiming "oh my god she must be one of those new high-end companion-droids" Upset that their robotic pledge lacks sexual programming Amber find bootleg sex software on line and hooks the pledge up to their laptop.

Carmen protests as Amber attaches the cable to a port between her breast. She cries "Stop I am not intended for this function. Warning illegal program detected.

Loading new software..........What's happening... happening....to me? I feel different. The pledge (Carmen ) begins to gyrate her hip and caress herself. She begins to make out with her big sister Amber and the action intensifies.

Amber tells the pledge "you're going to fit in here just fine. That program is something else, I think I might give it a try myself." Amber grabs the cable that's till attached to the laptop and plugs it into her own cleavage. She tells the pledge "You didn't think you were the only one did you? I'm a 600 series. I always wanted to make out with another android.

Driven by her new software the pledge, Carmen starts kissing Amber and announces "I will please you now." She pushes Amber back onto a table and inadvertently knocks the lap top off the table. Amber cries out "Watch out," but it is too late the laptop crashes into the floor yanking the cable from the sexy sorority girl's chest. Amber begins to twitch & spasm, as she begins to ramble incoherently "Malfunction.......Malfunction.......Amber unit offline........Download incomplete..........error..........error.........Oh my God what have you done to me?"

Nothing deters the horny pledge who continues to pleasure the broken fembot. Suddenly The pledge announces "Warning incompatible Software.........I am not designed for this activity...........Warning.........I am not intended for this function..........too much sensory data...........I am programmed for sex.....programmed for sex.....for sex...

This of course is just the beginning of the story, wait until you see what happens when our Fembots fall into my hands. Believe me there is a lot of girl/girl sex, malfunctions and, and, and...going on.





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