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Amber Bach Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Remember the pleasure

Amber Bach, blond, all American Beauty with luscious triple D's was not only one of our first but also one of my favorite Robolust girls of all times. I will never forget our first shoot with Amber a few years back when we just got started and I think it is safe to say that it was one of those kind of sessions that changed our great fetish. I am sure that our long time viewers know what I am talking about here. Anyway, Amber is more beautiful and radiant than ever and just as funny, smart, spunky at times and wonderful to play with as I remembered her. The best part about all this is that she as well could not wait to come back for another round of intense training and believe me, I turned out to be even more intense, sexual and sensual than ever before.

Amber had not been in for over three years which made me decide to start her off with a short yet intense induction throughout which I brought out her subconscious memories of her prior sessions while enhancing them at the same time. Amber just loves the feeling of being taken advantage of by the right person which makes her such a great subject.

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Amber Bach Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Remember, you are here to serve

I remember that Amber needs the feeling of being overpowered and simply taken and that is, as we all know, just the way I like it. I could not wait to see her luscious body quiver and shake under my voice and make her feel out of control and helplessly touched, does exactly that. Her moaning and groaning turns into lustful screams, her body goes into convulsions, the more she feels that I have taken control of her body and mind. She keeps repeating, I am under your control master and it eventually makes her orgasm just by saying it. Time to orgasm her on command and then to take her down again. Her eyes are staring at the light, her thoughts drift as she sink and her repetitions of, I am here to be trained master, become slower and...



Amber Bach Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Feel how your mind and will are taken

You control me master

Thank you for allowing me to come back master

It is always exciting to take control of a beautiful girl like Amber but to let her know that it is going to happen and to make it perfectly clear that there is no other way, makes it a lot more intense as it makes the subject feel her surrender even more. Amber has no choice but to masturbate for me. It is like her hands have a mind of their own. She keeps repeating, you control me master while I am making her aware of the fact that her will and mind are diminishing as if the light in front of her eyes was sucking it out of her. Time to have her stand up with her arms stretched out in front of her body. Amber drops deeper and her monotone repetitions of, thank you for allowing me to come back maser, become even slower as her eyes roll and cross. Of course we are not done yet. More forced masturbation, screaming hard orgasms on my command, slow repetitions of mantras are still to come. I am you helpless slave master. I am your love slave master, use... Very hot



Amber Bach Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Take advantage of me master

I have no control master, I am just your slave

Just like in the last couple of segments, there is too much going on to describe all the details but if you are into watching a beautiful girl, kneel in mindless stillness while repeating mantras like "there is nothing more important than my master," being ordered to bend over the couch with her cherry ass pushed out while made to feel helplessly fucked, ordered to crawl, being placed in the sleep walker position while repeating more mantras, commanded to pinch her nipples until it brings her to orgasm, taken into deep trance until her eyes cross and so much more, than this one is for you. Amber is taken from intense sexual bliss and the need to please me through her obedience to complete mindless stillness while the camera slowly expects every inch of her luscious body. I am a mindless slave, I am cuming for you master.



Amber Bach Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Please master, please let me..

I am your mindless slave master,
I am your orgasm slave

This next segment starts off with Amber, who is deeply entranced by now, slowly repeating, I am your mindless slave master. I keep taking her deeper and then, without any warning, orgasm her. Amber's legs are spread far apart, leaving her pussy open and exposed which makes her feel even more vulnerable and taken advantage of. Some girls like it hot and Amber is definitely one of them. What really gets her going though are the intense breath controlled orgasms which is something she had not experienced before. Her face turn red, her big triple D's jiggle and bounce as she is ordered to masturbate herself into the most intense feeling of bliss she has ever experienced and felt.

Time to make her beg for it. More slow repetitions of mantras like, I am your orgasm slave, mindless stillness, crossing eyes, intense multiple orgasm in a row, begging and screaming finally prepare her for the final takeover. I am nothing without you master, please make me a good little girl for you. Of course we are still not done yet. Towards the end, Amber has to put herself to sleep for me by placing her hand over her mouth and nose until it slowly puts her out. Well, I still had to make her wake up again for about five seconds before she goes back to sleep and then make her orgasm in her sleep while I am holding her eyes open. Eye checks and...



Amber Bach Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Shooter's wings are the best

I hear and I obey master

Amber, our beautiful "shooters wings" delivery girl just cannot seem to stay away from my "(experimental) novelty toys and costume jewelry. Believing that she just dropped off an order of wings at a customer's house, she seems particularly fascinated by the "ring" on the table. Needless to say, her customer is a nice guy and yes, he asks her not to touch anything while he is gone to get the money to pay for the wings but of course she does not listen to his friendly advice. After inspecting the ring for a bit, she accidentally hits the little bottom on the bottom which makes the ring flash. Deeply entranced and ready to be used she keeps repeating, I hear and I obey master. What follows are lots of yes masters, crawling, forced orgasms, entranced and slow repetitions of mantras, bend over ass out orgasm training, masturbation, cross eyed entrancement, denied as well as ruined orgasms, sleep walker pose while sitting. Towards the end, I decide to sap all strength out of her which leaves her unable to move or say much and then to make her aware of her situation. Very hot, from beginning to end. More, I hear and I obey master...



Amber Bach Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
I was kind of curious

I feel stuck

Our beautiful shooters girl snaps out of it again and believe it or not, despite her obvious embarrassment, she denies having touched anything on the table. Well, I guess we have to believe her. I mention that I am still looking for my cash and that I have to check one more place. What do you know, the second I am gone, she takes the "buzzer" off the table and two seconds later, she turns into a stiffly frozen mannequin. The fun begins. Amber, our sexy delivery girl is frozen and unfrozen over and over, rendered mindless in the middle of her bargaining, begging as well as pleading and of course she is muted and orgasmed and played with. You should see her eyes when she ends up frozen and aware while I am telling her that I have to leave. Another fun part is when I show her the blue light which sometimes helps to unfreeze a person but the side effect is that it sometimes makes them orgasm without unfreezing them. Of course some of her orgasms are interrupted by sudden "sleep attacks. Amber's comments are hilarious.




Amber Bach Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
All men are slaves

Amber believes to be a powerful Superheroine who really does not like men in general. Needless to say she does not particularly like me showing up at her place to return her magic wand after I had stolen it during our last meeting. OK, I have to admit, I did tamper with her precious wand but she, of course, does not know that. Sure enough, she falls for my little trick and as soon as she hits the button on the wand, she drops into mindless and obedient bliss. Time to remove her brain functions and to turn her into an obedient Robot which is then programmed to be a personal female sex slave. Mantra, "I am your programmed Robot master." Repetition of orders, masturbation with dildo insertion, blow job simulation with the glass dildo, lots of yes masters, stiff robot walk and movement, programming, salutation and, and. Of course I have to make her aware at some point and it does look like our Superheroine seems quite upset but before she can do anything about her situation the laser hits her again and......



Amber Bach Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Enough with the dirty tricks

I am here to be made obedient master

Needless to say that the second our Superheroine wakes up, she wants her revenge. Now she is going to show me. Well, that's what she thinks anyway. The second she uses the wand again, she drops into dim bliss. I decide to make her become aware of who she is but by now she is so turned on by her own feet that she just cannot help but to show them off, play with them and get turned on by the fact that I am watching her.

Its fun watching her and the fact that she now believes that Superheroines are supposed to behave like this, makes it even funnier. Of course I have to switch her back to really not liking what she is doing but by now she is, despite her bitching, way too turned on to stop. Please make it stop. Not quite yet honey, first we all want to enjoy this. Me touching her feet drives her over the edge and she just keeps cuming, over and over. What makes it even worse is the fact that she suddenly freezes up in the middle of all this. Yes, she ends up mindless and helpless again but that is still not the end of her....



Amber Bach Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
I don't see the humor in this

Our Superheroine wakes up and just like before, she does not seem happy about the fact that I did win again. Now it is time to show me. Poor thing, has no clue as to what hits her. All of a sudden she feels tickled wherever the laser light touches her body. Amber jumps around screaming and begging but that only leads to her being frozen and tickled at the same time. Let's see what happens when we render her mindless and program her to feel even more sensitive. Now she even has to get out of her clothes but what makes all this worse is the fact that she feels turned on by all this. Butt naked and helpless, she finds herself frozen again in a very compromising position (legs wide open and pussy exposed) Not a good thing for our tough Superheroine but certainly for all of us. Things get worse though from her. Suddenly she has no energy and or strength which makes it impossible for her to move, although she is fully aware of her predicament. Let's see how she feels about the glass dildo in her mouth and the.....



Amber Bach Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not oversexed

Women are in general more suggestible and controllable than men

Needless to say that the above mentioned comment did make her go off on me but hey, who cares. Amber believes to be in the VIP lounge of some airline while waiting for her flight to NY. To be honest, I does not seem like she is overly interested in me and or the conversation, particularly not when I bring up the subject of hypnosis. For one she does not think it is legit and the fact that I manly use it on, let's say, sexually frustrated women, seems to really annoy her. What makes matters worse is that she does not want to join me for dinner either. It hurts but what can you do. The fun begins when I mention that many of my subjects draw a blank as soon as they are faced with an unexpected sudden flash of light.

No way. Oops, there she is blank and dim as soon as the laser light hits her forehead. I use her "condition" to have her take off her top without being aware of it. After waking up, she still does not know what hit her and she goes on about her not being suggestible. Let's try this again. More clothes come off and still, no awareness of it. How do I get her to masturbate, tear open her pantyhose while trying to get to her pussy and offering herself to me. Well, it is not easy. Can it get worse for her. Watch her becoming aware of the fact that she is bringing herself to orgasm in front of a complete stranger, without being able to.....



Amber Bach Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a mindless horny bimbo

Amber just cannot seem to believe that she just agreed to going home with me and she certainly did not masturbate for me. This is all a misunderstanding. Needless to say, she still does not believe that what I do could possibly work on her but then, why does she flash her ass at me, orgasm while aware, go blank while referring to herself as a horny bimbo and why would she end up feeling so embarrassed that she has to put herself to sleep by putting her hand over her mouth and nose. Fun clip with too many details to describe them all.



Amber Bach Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Who doesn't enjoy blowjobs

Amber seems really confused by now but the idea that she might be under my control still seem absurd. The fun part about all this is, that she tells me all this while trying to give me a blowjob. She even goes as far as to give me a demonstration of talent by using a glass dildo (on her knees while masturbating) When I make her become aware of what she is doing, she seems shocked about her own behavior and what makes it even worse is that she believes to see me jerking off in front of her. What can I say, she started it. I think it is time to put her to sleep in the middle of an orgasm and to play with her limp body.



Amber Bach Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
No pain no gain

Let me start by saying that Amber is spot on in this one, if you know what I mean

This week's robot segment is about a beautiful personal trainer who tries to get her way out of shape client in shape at his home gym. She sure tries hard to show him all kinds of different exercises which he might be able to do to finally get rid of his "spare tire" but no matter what she does, he wants to see more. I guess some people are looking for some kind of miracle in the gym.

To make a long story short, our sexy trainer keeps complaining about it being too hot in the gym and that is when it all starts. Pushed too far, she slowly but surely, after many attempts to regain control over her damaged circuits, starts to malfunction and ends up on the floor. Of course that is all just the beginning of what should turn into not only the most intense sexual experience for her client but also one of his tougher days.


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