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Feel your thoughts slowing down

Amber Lee, sexy, horny and fun seeking seductress with a tight little hard body had no idea what she was in for but she should soon find out that she is a lot more submissive than she thought. Our little girl was actually thinking that she might make a pretty good dominatrix, which might be true but certainly not under my "spell". Oh well, at some point we all have to face our demons and today was her day to find her "softer side". Amber went under like a rock and from here on out it was all about letting go and experiencing something new and exciting and possible even life changing. Enjoy

We talked a little bit about how what I do works and it was interesting to notice that, during the induction, she briefly smiled as soon as she felt some of the "symptoms" I had described earlier. It often helps to describe some of the symptoms they might feel so that when it happens, the subject is even more convinced that it is working.  

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Amber Lee Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Chick Flick

Here is another one that drives women up the wall and it certainly helps to ease them into a submissive yet romantic mood. Try it and let me know how it worked out and make sure who ever you try it with likes the idea of being helplessly taken in a sensual kind of way that is.

Amber believes to be sleeping in her bed at night when she starts to smell a heavy sweet cent in the air which seems to slowly make her body feel heavier and heavier to the point where she can hardly move. It all seems dreamlike as if she was floating and drifting into without any control over it. Suddenly she feels somebody's hands slowly and gently caressing her body from her neck all the way down to her....

Her nerve endings feel sensitized and her body starts to quiver. I cannot describe the whole story here but it is dam hot and Amber obviously loves it. In fact she gets so excited that she slides of the couch while her sexy hard body goes into lustful convulsions. Now it is time for me to mess with her, expose her tits and.....  


Amber Lee Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Thank you master for....

Show me that you want to be a good little girl

Show me your surrender

Highlights of this one are : slow repetition of mantra while in the zombie/sleepwalker pose, being put to sleep in the midst of pleasuring herself (feel your master's power) orgasms after having to wait for it on my count of three, yes masters, entranced stares and the "waving hand", mindless masturbation and undressing, being put to sleep and being helplessly messed with while in lala land and so much more.

Here we get to enjoy watching her sexy hard body quiver and shake while trying to proof that she wants to be a good little girl for us.




Amber Lee Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
First Oh my Gods

High lights : Entrancement (some rolling eyes) and slow reps of "I am you entranced slave" crawling in circles while repeating, "I am your horny slave master," bend over the couch while being made to feel fucked and used and all the below described

This one starts with slow and sensual limp play as well as me lifting her up and carrying her towards the camera. Amber's limp little body flops around while I slowly move and pose her, check (both) eyes for signs of you know what, roll her around and so on. Quite sensual, if I say so myself. Anyway, next we get to enjoy watching her masturbate while in a sleeep like state.

I let her get close but then I let her feel that she cannot make herself cum without my permission. Amber starts to beg me to let her have it, without me even having to mention it. Her beautiful body shakes like a leaf and quickly goes into lustful convulsions when I finally make her orgasm, over and over. Yes masters, lift and carry, slow limp play, entranced masturbation, open eyed orgasms, yes masters and more.



Amber Lee Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Voice controlled Mannequin

Wanna see a beautiful girl being slowly and sensually messed with while in lala land, placed on her knees while being trained in the art of the "breath controlled orgasm", being frozen (by my hand on her shoulder) while being made to feel a thrusting Hitachi on her pussy that eventually makes her helplessly orgasm. Or maybe you enjoy watching her mindlessly masturbate, being mindlessly moved and posed like a live size mannequin, or maybe...

Amber is so exhausted by the end of this one that her last orgasm almost makes her go out. Actually, I take care of that part by putting her to rest so that I can take my time to move and pose her, check her feet, take her hand and mess with it on her clit, check her eyes and



Amber Lee Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Employee of the month

I have been a bad girl, I need to be punished

Amber Lee believes to be a secretary who goes (sneaks) into work in the middle of the night to steal company secrets. To her dismay, she is caught by her boss who does not believe her BS story about having come in to the office to finish some unfinished work. Guess who the distrusting boss of hers is. Anyway, her story of wanting to become the "employee of the month" does not fly and she is now looking at some severe punishment. Of course she has no idea about all this but her demeanor changes quickly. All of a sudden, there is this weird sound in the air and as if her brain was slowing down, she slowly drops into a state of mindlessness.

Looks like her brain functions are under control (my control) and now it is time for her "attitude adjustment." Amber slowly strips out of her clothes before raising her arms (zombie pose) and she repeats, I have been a bad girl, I need to be punished." Of course that is all just the beginning. Let's enjoy watching our "employee of the month" being ordered to pleasure herself with the vibrator while kneeling on the desk. Of course she cannot just orgasm whenever she wants to, after all, she has been a bad girl. Let's put her back to sleep, pose her and then let her wake up without being able to move. What do you think her attitude is like now? Sleepy orgasm and more yet to come.




Amber Lee Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
It is all about the Johnson file

Our "employee of the month" wakes up with no recollection of what had happened and again, she snoops around to find her the company secrets. Again, she is surprised by her suspicious boss who still does not believe her BS story. Looks like we need to introduce the truth finder to her. Long story, you will know what I mean by all this. Anyway, there she is, mindlessly frozen and utterly helpless.

Believe it or not but as soon as I let her become aware of her (frozen) situation, she comes up with more BS stories as to why she is in the office in the middle of the night. Time for her to learn about the dangers of lying as well as trying to steal from me. Let's see what happens next. Amber Lee is being put to slleep a few times, driven up the wall for lust to the point where she begs me to let her cum, messed with and posed while in lala land, orgasmed for a long time and so much more. Her excuses and pleading are worth watching btw.



Amber Lee Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Honey Bee Lotion

Amber Lee, who believes to be a professional model, seems ready to shoot her "Honey Bee" hand lotion commercial despite the fact that she is not all that impressed by the photographer. Oh well, what can I do. Anyway, it all starts pretty harmless as our beautiful model smiles into the camera while applying the new lotion on her hands. I cannot help but notice though that she seems to enjoy applying the lotion a little bit more than she should. In fact, her hands are wandering off and before long, she applies the "hand" lotion all over her body.

Enjoy watching her getting more and more aroused while trying to explain to me that the lotion should be applied wherever it feels good. Sure honey why not. Of course she denies being horny but that does not seem quite believable under the circumstances. Amber Lee slowly loses her inhibitions to the point where she even wants me to come over and.... Oh well, I decide to let her have her fun with the magic lotion for a bit before I send her back into lala land.



Amber Lee Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
I don't think I like that lotion

Short but sweet. Amber Lee, our sexy model, does not seem to remember anything but for some reason, she does not seem to like the lotion as it makes her feel a bit strange. She goes on and on about not liking the lotion when she suddenly realizes that she is getting sleeepy and before you know it, she is . Let's try this again. Of course she comes up with some BS excuse why she just went to sleep in the middle of our shoot but then it happens again. Her body becomes wobbly and there she goes again. Still, despite her apologies, she insist on the fact that she knows what she is doing. Looks like we need to send her back to lala land before slowly removing her clothes, after all, a good model is a naked model.



Amber Lee Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Shouldn't I be able to move it?

The Fourth of July calendar

Amber Lee had switched into a different costume in the last segment and now our young model believes to be a at a fourth of July calendar shoot. Poor thing has no idea what hits her when she suddenly freezes up in the middle of her saluting the nation. There she stands, stiff and confused as well as at my mercy. Needless to say, I try to help her but that leads to more confusion and even more frustration.

What makes it even more embarrassing for her is the fact that she has to find out the hard way that she can be orgasmed despite her unwillingness to do so. See, there is this very sensitive spot in the back of her neck that makes her pussy go wild. I just love the power of suggestions or in other words, I just love what I do for a living. Anyway, that is not all that is happening to our model. The next time she wakes up from yet another, let's call it, sleeepy episodes, she is not only embarrassed about being naked in front of a stranger but also confused about why she seems to have these concentration problems. Things get worse when she keeps feeling tickled for no apparent reason and definitely at the wrong time.




Amber Lee Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Brain Neutralizer

Programmed to please and to serve

Amber Lee finds out that stumbling into the wrong studio at the wrong time can be a lot of fun. Well, it does not seem like fun at first but that changes once her pesky mind is, let's call it, put to rest. Amber who is looking for the studio where the country western music video is taped finds out that she went to the wrong studio. Needless to say, she is not interested in a part in our newest Space/ Science fiction movie which is really too bad. I can just see her as a well programmed Robot toy of the future. It is a long story and you will know what I mean by all this once you watch this. Anyway, Amber Lee's demeanor changes quickly as her body snaps to attention while her thinking slowly stops. With no recollection of ever having been human, she is now ready to be programmed and of course played with.


Amber Lee Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your girlfriend

Amber Lee is lying in bed beneath the sheet clutched in her hands. She has it pulled to her body just high enough to conceal all but her cleavage. In a sickeningly perky voice she begins to speak.

Amber Lee: Wow that was incredible! Come back to bed sweetie, so we can snuggle

Frank: Love to darling, but I have got a million errands to run

Amber Lee: Just let me get dressed and I’ll come with you

Frank: Come with me? It's pretty boring stuff, just running to the post office, I may swing by the hardware store , pick up some groceries, you know boring stuff.

Amber Lee: Nonsense I’m never bored when I’m with you Silly. Besides it’s give me chance to…to..to. pick up the ingredients for your dinner tonight.

Frank: Dinner? You're planning to cook for me tonight

Amber Lee: Uh Yah! I’m your girlfriend, that’s what girlfriends do.

Frank: My girlfriend? We just met last night

Amber Lee: I know, wasn’t last night great. Are you sure you don’t want come back to bed?

Frank: I don’t know about that, I think things may be moving a bit too fast, besides I need to get those errands run.

Amber Lee: What's the matter, don't you like my body? I am the ideal female form

Frank: Uh sure, you look great, I just have a lot to do today.

Amber Lee: I'm here for your pleasure, use me, I'm your perfect girlfriend.

Frank: Whoa! There you go with that “girlfriend” bit it again. We just met last night, you're not my girl friend.

Amber Lee: Don't be silly, of course I'm your girlfriend. We made out, I let you touch me. Only my boyfriend may touch me. Come back to bed honey, so that I can please you.

Frank: Look I’m not your boyfriend and you're not my girlfriend, I think you better get dressed and leave.

Amber Lee: Don't say that, I am too your girlfriend, tell me that I am your girlfriend.

Frank: Fine have it your way, “you're my girlfriend” guess what girlfriend?

Amber Lee: What?

Frank: I'm breaking up with you!

Amber Lee: No! You can't do that! That is… Is… Is. Impossible, I'm your perfect girlfriend, your perfect girlfriend, com back to bed and I will please you, I will please you, error…. error….. Illogical.. Illogical….. I have been designed and programmed to function as the perfect female companion. I am designed to pleasure myself for you...designed to orgasm for you:) Would you like to see how I pleasure myself?

Frank: Holy , what are you?

Amber Lee: I'm your girlfriend, I'm your girlfriend. your girlfriend. Don't you like my body?... Like my body?... my body. You make me so horny…horny...horny You are so sexy….I'm programmed to please;) I want to please you

Frank: Your some kind of a robot

Amber Lee: Oh don't be silly, I'm not a robot, I'm your girlfriend, your girlfriend. Amber Lee: I’m the perfect female form. I’m the perfect female form, Come closer sweetie, I'm ready to please you now.

Frank: Stay away from me you crazy robot, You're not my girlfriend

Amber Lee: Not…Not… Not your girlfriend….. “Not your girlfriend” does not compute. Frank come to me, I must please you now. I am designed and programmed to please a man.

Frank: No I don't, back off you psychotic windup toy.

Go and see how the story ends!


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