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Amber Sativa Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


No Return

Amber Sativa, sexy, horny and kinky blond with luscious natural double D's was quite excited and curious to find out how far she could be taken and whether or not she could surrender to a guy she had never met before. Well, she certainly out and what happened surprised even her, as it was a lot more intense and exciting than she had ever imagined. Amber is, besides being beautiful and most importantly, naturally horny, a very sweet young woman who just loves to have fun. Fun it was and I am sure you guys will like her just as much as I do. Enjoy.

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Amber Sativa Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I am her to please you Master

It does not take long for our horny blond to show signs of being aroused. As we all know, it always pays off to slowly warm them up before taking control of their bodies and mind. Sure enough, Amber's sexy body quivers and shakes when she is finally allowed to touch herself for me. Now is the time to take control and to let her feel how little she can and or wants to get away from being controlled.

The feeling of helplessness often leads the subject to let go of all inhibitions as they have no choice over how and what they feel. I don't want to get too deep into the psychology here but I am sure you know what I mean once you watch this. Time for her to repeat her first mantra while in the sleepwalker position. Please entrance me master. Of course there is a lot more happening her, like the entranced mindless stares while being messed with, deepening at the snap of my fingers, intense and screaming hard open eyed orgasms on command, masturbation instructions and more. Amber learns that the sensitivity of her body is heightened in deep trace and that her body is a toy in my hands.




Amber Sativa Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your orgasm slave master

Do with me as you please

We start off by teach her that neither her thoughts nor her body are under her control at this point and that all she wants is to surrender. Sativa screams for lust when I make her cum on command (for a long time). Her sexy body quivers and shakes until I snap my fingers again and now she drops into mindlessness. Let's send her through another long orgasm before dropping her into the same stillness as before. This kind of training ensures the subjects willingness to obey as it makes it clear that their mind and body are not under their control anymore. Of course there is a lot more yet to cum, like the intensified nipple and breast manipulation/stimulation, lot's of limp body (including mouth, eyes and neck) play and while she is down anyways, I might as well take my time to slowly remove her shoes so that we all get a closer look of her feet.



Amber Sativa Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
My body and feet are yours master

Like the title says, here we get to enjoy her offering us her feet while seductively as well as mindlessly pose, touch, lick and suck them for our pleasure. Sativa wants us to like them so badly and she is trained to desire our attention to her feet. Our horny blond cannot help but orgasm hard and intense. Well, let's drive her up the wall even more by introducing her to the one spot under her feet that will make her orgasm from now on whenever her master touches it. I am cuming for you master. We also get to enjoy watching her being put to sleep in the middle of a couple of intense orgasms, which again, makes it clear to her who has the power. Enjoy the extensive limp body and feet play, the sleepy orgasms, the eye checks and so much more, towards the end of this segment.



Amber Sativa Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Trained to perfection

I am just your orgasm slave master

This next one concludes her initial training and it includes a lot of our favorites like, slow repetition of mantras, kneeling, extensive begging, orgasm training on command, slow sleep trigger, limp body manipulation (including feet, mouth), eye checks, sleepy orgasm, crawling while being made to feel fucked, denied orgasms and or being put out while cuming and slow intensified mind absorption. Needless to say, the above mentioned are just a few high lights




Amber Sativa Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Can you please edit this out

Amber, our beautiful young book author, feminist and female rights activist, is invited to be interview on a famous TV show. Well, that is what she believes anyway. Needless to say, the interview is all about women and their rights in today's society. Of course I have to bring up the subject of hypnosis which seems to amuse her more so than anything else. Why do you think does a famous person/female like her pull out her tits and or flash her ass in the middle of the interview and why does she end up feeling embarrassed and bewildered about her own behavior?

Will she go as far as playing with her pussy while talking about strong minded women and their role in society. Could this lead to more embarrassment? Will she get a chance to bring herself to orgasm in front of everybody? What makes it even more peculiar is the fact that she keeps passing out which btw, gives the interviewer plenty of time to mess with her limp body, expose her tits and program her for more fun.



Amber Sativa Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not usually like this

Amber, our beautiful young author/feminist seems to have her confidence back and as expected she rambles on about the importance of a focused mind of today's emancipated women and how it leads to empowerment. Sure honey, I can see that. Again though, our oh so confident young lady keeps passing out and yes, some of her excess clothing is removed by the "helpful" show host. Things get even more bizarre when our sexy blond keeps freezing up in the midst of her empowerment speech. Sure she feels embarrassed when she is finally made aware by the "helpful" show host that she is almost naked.\

Needless to say, his well meant attempts to help her with the "moving problem" don't really go anywhere. Things get even more confusing when she all of a sudden, takes off her dress just because she feels hot. She does eventually regret that later but by then she is frozen in place yet again. Looks like the clip description is getting long again and I have not even mentioned the uncontrollable laughing attacks, the uncontrollable orgasms, the waving hand that renders her mindless despite her disbelieve, the confusion in her head and so much more.



Amber Sativa Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
That's why I am wearing socks

Amber, my sexy yet constantly texting wife, seems to believe that wearing those sexy socks, will keep me from enjoying her sexy little feet. Needless to say, she is not in the mood to even let me get close to her feet and or pussy, which leaves me no other choice than to bring out those nasty cigarettes that she seems so allergic to. Well, she is not really allergic to them, they just put her to sleep as soon as she breathes the smoke.

Oops, looks like her sexy body and of course those pretty little feet of hers are all mine to undress and to explore. Of course I do let her wake up at some point but now she seems too weak to even move. Looks like I have to hold the vibrator between her legs myself so that she has a chance to get "close" to orgasm before I... Lots of limp body and of course foot play, sleepy orgasms and more. BTW, the smoke is water vapor from one of those e-cigs!




Amber Sativa Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Programmed to obey

This next segment has a little bit for everybody. We start off training my formerly unruly wife to become an obedient, seductive and or at times mindless feet sucking/ kissing and worshipping foot slave who loves to offer her feet to her master. Of course she is orgasmed at will, render mindless by the "hand" and or put to sleep throughout the segment without warning. At some point she is even told that she will be reprogrammed and made a better little girl.

What else is going on here. Maybe I should mention the love slave training, the freeze, the interrupted bitching, the crawling and repetition of mantras during love slave training, the breath controlled orgasm training that takes her over the edge, the limp body manipulation (including neck, eyes and feet) and so much more. I am my masters love slave. Of course it ends all happy as she now wants to be a well behaved good little slave girl.




Amber Sativa Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Just like a Robot

It all starts off with officer Amber giving a ticket to some guy who has illegally parked his car in a handicap spot. Don't get excited guys, the car in the picture is not mine. Anyway, our "blond" cop makes one big mistake though, she follows the guy in his office to question him about his violation. Just like I expected, she is not willing to let me off the hook and she keeps saying that the tow truck is on the way. Don't you hate it when people do everything by the book. I mean doesn't that remind you of a "robot" and if so, why not turn them into one.

Amber has no idea what hits her and the transformation is complete before she even knows what hits her. Instead of turning into a Robo-cop, she is programmed to function as an escort who not only has to please me but also make money for me in the future. Of course there is a lot more programming, activation and deactivation of programs and features going on and it leaves her...



Amber Sativa Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
You must be neutralized

Amber an intern at Technobotics Corp. looks around the office to see if she is being watched and is convinced that she is alone. She reaches down her partially unbuttoned blouse and produces a computer cable from between her cleavage.

She plugs herself into the computer as her body jolts to attention as she announces “executing search protocol’. Her eyes widen and dart from side to side. She speaks occasionally announcing her progress “Searching ….Searching…. Zcorp folder found……… Commencing download of all technical blueprints” ……Download Complete…..

Suddenly she is surprised by one of her co-workers who just heard her say something like download complete

Frank jokes “For a minute there I thought you might be some sort of robot”

Amber nervously responds:
A robot, that’s just silly…..I’m not a robot”

Frank replies “of course you’re not…..I have a quick question, What were you just downloading” She explains “Oh I wasn’t downloading anything, I was just finishing up some invoices”.

Frank presses further “Hmmm I could have sworn I heard you say “download complete” Oh well, may I have a look at those invoices?”

She replies” sure right away” as she pretends to search for the non-existing invoices. She continues her deception “ that’s odd they were just here, that’ll teach me not save my work.”

She insist “that’s ridiculous “I’m not a robot,…..I’m not a robot….. not a robot. “Unit Amber1 compromised”!

“I am sorry Mr. Montgomery you have become a threat…..All threats must be neutralized. “you will be neutralized. You will be…..will be. Seduced. you will be seduced” Seduce the hell out of Frank...

Amber freezes for a moment, her eyes widen and begin to dart side to side.

She begins to Speak “Human infiltration unit designation Amber 1 ………identity has been compromised……..must neutralize…..subject Frank Montgomery.

Amber snaps out of her monotone rant and stiffly walks toward Frank. She speaks in very human tone “I am sorry Mr. Montgomery, You have left us no choice, You must be neutralized

Frank can’t believe what he is seeing. As a senior Engineer with Technobotics he has designed all kinds of robots, but nothing as advanced as this, certainly never one that could pass for human.

Needless to say, he has to find out where she came from and who designed her as well as having some fun with her beautiful body, including her circuitry.


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