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Amber & Wenona Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Make her your toy

I love it when she does what I tell her to do
Amber and Wenona in one session, OMG, who would have ever thought that this could happen. I am sure that our long time viewers remember Wenona from her prior visits and yes, I has been too long since she was in. Having her together with Amber was always one of those fantasies of mine but I never thought it would actually happen. Well, here they are together and let me tell you, those two are a match made in heaven. OK, maybe not in heaven but for sure made in the doctor's office, if you know what I mean. Enjoy those two horny girls as they take advantage of each other, slide under my control and let lose like never before.

This segment starts with me bringing Wenona back under my control (rapid induction) and then letting Amber, who is incredibly turned on by Wenona's helplessness, having fun with her mindlessly obedient new toy. Of course Amber is taken under as well and then programmed. Amber does not lose any time when it comes to driving Wenona up the wall for lust. Her hands start to caress her tits while her skill full tongue finds her way into her victims wet pussy. Really hot start, including eye checks during Wenona's induction. Amber is sent back into trance by the waving hand. Yes master as well as slow repetitions.

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Amber & Wenona Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I love my nipples being sucked Mistress

Girl/girl domination, mindless stares, yes masters, orgasms on command, zombie pose, mantras, forced masturbation

Both girls have shown that they are already deeply under my control and I decide to have them mindlessly repeat, Thank you for taking me back master, after placing them in the zombie/sleepwalker position (mantra) Both are staring into nothingness when they all of a sudden feel deeply penetrated and fucked hard. Watching their beautiful bodies quiver and shake under the pounding they are made to feel is hot. Of course that is all just warm up. Wenona is now programmed into believing that she is a dominatrix who is fascinated and immensely attracted by the helplessly entranced woman next to her. I had a feeling that Wenona, although usually submissive, had a bit of a dominant side and sure enough, she starts to command Amber and has her answer all of her orders by saying, yes mistress. Wenona's hands start to fondle and caress her victims breasts and pussy until Amber screams for lust. Of course Wenona is taken deep again so that we can watch both of them mindlessly pleasuring each other. I was surprised to see Wenona's dominant side and the way she takes care of her helpless little friend is definitely hot. m




Amber & Wenona Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I only obey my master

Wenona is still in charge of the mindlessly entranced yet very horny, Amber and she sure does her best to make her sub a perfectly obedient love slave. Amber is ordered to go down on her while she is sitting on top of the couch. Believe me, Wenona could not have chosen a better position, you will know what I mean once you watch this. After cuming all over her face, it is now time for our dominatrix to go back into mindless bliss herself. Wenona's eyes go dim as soon as the laser hits her and she just stands there, waiting for her orders. Lets enjoy watching the girls while they masturbate each other's wet pussies while standing next to each other. The girls are going nuts and it seems like they want to show me who is the better slave by cuming harder and more intense than the other girl. (Really intense) Time to take them back down into a more subdued state.

The girls repetitions of, I only obey my master, become slower and slower as their eyes stare into the abyss. (mantra while in the sleepwalker pose) Now comes my favorite part. Amber is ordered to show off Wenona's beautiful body by moving her around, bending her over, spreading her ass cheeks and eventually finger fucking her to orgasm. Wenona keeps screaming, I am your horny slave master, while her body goes into lustful convulsions. Very intense mindless stares, slow repetitions, intense orgasms, girl/girl domination, yes masters galore and so many more of your favorites.



Amber & Wenona Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Put my brain to sleep master

It feels good to be your mindless slave master

I am nothing without my master

If you are into watching a couple of hot girls crawl back and forth through the room, mindlessly repeat mantras, eat each other out in the 69 position, stare mindlessly while their minds are removed, kneel and masturbate each other's pussies, orgasm on command and finally end up in the sleepwalker position, then this one is for you. Lots of slowly repeated mantras, hot girl/girl sex, dim stares, yes masters and more. Of course there is a lot more going on but I am sure you are getting the picture.



Amber & Wenona Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I need to be totally controlled

I am my masters obedient slave

This next segment starts off with some hot foot worship before the girls are made to crawl, masturbate each other while their breathing is being controlled and so much more. Wenona is intensely attracted by Ambers beautiful little feet and all she wants is to feel them on her body and in her mouth. Amber, still mindlessly entranced, has no choice but to let Wenona have her way with her. Again, Wenona takes control of her helpless friend who is so intensely aroused that she orgasms as soon as she feels Wenona's hand on her wet pussy. (really hot) Now it is time to place the girls on their backs and watch them masturbate each other. I don't know what it is but like with most of my girls, the breath controlled orgasms seem to drive them absolutely nuts. Both girls do a lot of underwater scenes which means, they can hold their breath really long and that makes this scene even hotter.( intense struggle which clearly shows their obedience and the desire to serve their master) More crawling while repeating mantras like, I am my masters obedient slave and some forced orgasms leave our two horny girls exhausted and ready to be taken down into an even deeper state of trance. Great stares, slow repetitions, very intense orgasms, girl/girl domination and....



Amber & Wenona Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Choice less puppets

This next one is quite different as it shows our to beauties being moved around, frozen and played with while being mindlessly unaware. I lift their arms, freeze them, open their mouth, tilt their heads and so on while they just mindlessly stare ahead into nothingness. I spice things up, I decide to turn them into little puppets who move around whenever they see me moving. It is actually interesting to see how they seem to have a hard time moving one leg up in the air because they see me having a hard time with it. Really cool BTW. Anyway, their arms go up and down and so do their heads. Amber is at some point ordered to step behind Wenona (who is frozen stiff) and her hand starts to masturbate her friends pussy while the rest of her body is frozen.

There is really too much happening to describe it all but towards the end, both girls are made aware of the fact that they are puppets. Watching their bodies move with them having any control over it, while they are trying to find some type of explanation for all this, is really funny. Confused yet still not convinced, they still seem to think that they are not yet fully under my control. Of course that seems to change as soon as they (very slowly) go to sleep, despite their struggles to stay awake. Sleepy orgasms during eye checks and more.




Amber & Wenona Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Let me help you

Amber, who believes to be seeing a famous hypnotist, feels seemingly uncomfortable talking about her orgasm problems, particularly when she realizes that the therapist is hitting on her. Finally she does agree though to be put under. Big mistake. Wenona takes her sweet time to entrance her unsuspecting victim and then she has her way with her. First though, she performs some eye checks to make sure Amber is in lala land before she starts to fondle her voluptuous body. Of course she does not stop there. She strips her entranced toy and slowly forces her to orgasm by manipulating her pussy with a vibrator. I don't want to give it all away but the way Wenona takes care of her unsuspecting client is really hot.



Amber & Wenona Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
I show you bitch

After watching our two horny girls for a while, it is now time for me to take over. Wenona, who still has a triumphant smile on her face, goes dim and mindless as soon as I wave my hand in front of her eyes. Let's see what Amber thinks when I make her aware of what just happened and how she was taken advantage of by her therapist. Needless to say, she wants to get back at her. Now it is Ambers turn to force Wenona to suck her lushes breasts, bring her close to orgasm without letting her have her moment of joy and to order her around. Amber goes back into mindless trance as soon as I wave my hand in front of her eyes. Watching the two mindlessly getting each other close to orgasm is hot. Unfortunately for them though, they have to sleep before reaching another climax. Yes masters, dim stares and very hot girl/girl action, if you know what I mean.



Amber & Wenona Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
There is only one treatment

After a brief deepening, the girls are now made to believe that there is only one treatment that can cure Ambers orgasm problems and that would be a very erotic foot massage. In other words, the girls are now crazy about feet. Wenona starts to massage, kiss and worship her patients feet while becoming more and more mindless. Amber slowly becomes more aroused herself and before you know it, the girls orgasm each other with their feet. At some point I decide to make them aware of what they are doing which of course makes start to bitch at each other while blaming each other for taking advantage of the situation. Wait, there is still more. After a brief deepening the girls now more that eager to show me their feet, in a mindless kind of way, that is. Needless to say, they seem a bit upset when I snap them out of it again but by then, they are already frozen and helpless. Let's see whether we can find those sensitive spots under their feet which eventually, like it or not, will make them orgasm. Eye checks, mindless foot lust, yes/no orgasms, stares, yes masters and, and, and....



Amber & Wenona Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Fuck me

Amber, who wants to learn Yoga, has serious doubts that some of the exercises Wenona (who really does a lot of yoga) is showing her, might be right for her. Well, Wenona is not really interested in teaching her yoga moves but that is something her unsuspecting victim does not know yet. As soon as Amber assumes a yoga position, Wenona freezes her in place and then plays with her mindlessly entranced student. It is really hot to watch her fondle and undress Amber before snapping her out of it again. Amber has no clue as to what just happened, nor does she realize that she just lost another piece of clothing. After doing this for a few times, she freezes Amber in yet another position (doggy style on her knees) and then fucks her with a strap-on dildo (really hot) Both girls end up mindlessly frozen in the middle of..... Great mindless stares, hot poses, freezes and more.



Amber & Wenona Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
He loves me more you Bitch

After a brief deepening, our two beauties wake up and now they believe that one of them (Amber) is my wife and the other one (Wenona) is my girlfriend. Needless to say, they are a bit pissed when they find out about each other. Luckily though, they are still frozen and immobilized which makes the situation even more awkward for them. Imagine Amber realizing that she still has the strap on dildo in her pussy while being fucked from behind. At some point the bitching (particularly Amber) goes on my nerves which makes me place Wenona's hand on her mouth and eventually her nose. Now it is Wenona's turn to go back into mindless dimness. The second the laser beam hits her forehead she goes blank and even more importantly, quiet and manageable. Let's watch our two mindlessly entranced yet very horny opponents fuck the hell out of each other.

Well, it is actually Wenona who does all the fucking. Now comes my favorite part of this segment. After a brief deepening, the girls come back and now they start fighting over me. Both girls know how to wrestle and believe me, it is more than exciting to watch them fight and bitch at each other. Wenona eventually gets the upper hand and puts her opponent to sleep by placing her hand over her mouth and nose until Amber goes out with rolling eyes. Poor Wenona does not have a lot of time to enjoy her victory as I make her hold her breath until she slowly goes out as well. Eye checks



Amber & Wenona Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
It will make you a better little girl.

Up and awake again, the two start to bitch and complain again and no matter what I say, they seem to want to flip me off and get the hell out. Well, that of course cannot happen which makes me decide to make them feel tickled all over their sexy little hard bodies. Needless to say, it does not make them any happier but at least they are laughing like crazy. Things get even tougher when they suddenly freeze up while still feeling the tickling. Time to mess with them a bit. Wenona is orgasmed by her own strap on dildo and Amber, who really does not seem to be interested in a threesome cannot help but having an orgasm herself, despite her futile attempts to avoid it. Let's do a bit more of the tickling and maybe it will make them better little girls, if you know what I mean. It gets even hotter when I place Ambers hand over Wenona's mouth and nose and let her go out that way (the girls are still frozen and unable to do anything about it) Of course Amber cannot be spared. I take her little hand and place it over her mouth and nose and sure enough, she follows Wenona into deep sleep.



Amber & Wenona Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your property master

Wenona, a sexy cat burglar, sneaks into Amber bedroom, places a bracelet on her victims wrist (transmitter) and then uses the remote to turn her victim into a programmable robot. Amber has only seconds to respond but by the time she realizes what is going on, it is already too late. Robot Amber's voice changes and becomes monotone and robotic while she repeats her new owners orders. Wenona makes her new toy put her finger in her mouth and then into her pussy, has her crawl on all four, forces her to masturbate and fondle herself and so much more. Wenona really does have a dominant side to her which makes it really hot to watch her take care of Amber. Needless to say, at some point, I have to take over both of them. I will never forget Wenona's triumphant smile before the remote takes out her thinking and turns her into a robot herself. I am a mindless robot, programmed to serve you master. Now they are programmed to make love to each other, kiss and fondle each other and eventually make each other cum. Of course there is a lot of programming, repetition of orders, stiff robot moves and so on going on in this one as well. Plenty of yes masters, standing and or kneeling at attention, arms out in front position and more of you favorites. Did I mention the part where they mindlessly masturbate each other while kneeling in front of me?



Amber & Wenona Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
He is mine!

This week's robot segment is about a beautiful young and quite jealous wife, who has been following her husband for a while now to find out where he spends his afternoons. Finally she seems ready to confront her husband's young girlfriend who, of course, denies having anything to do with a guy named Frank, after all, her owners name is Mark. Needless to say, the jealous wife does not believe a word of what she hears as she keeps pressuring the poor girl. Things get really weird when the unsuspecting husband arrives right on time, for afternoon delight. Imagine his surprise when he finds his wife right next to his already malfunctioning fembot girlfriend. Trying to talk his way out of this one does not work what so ever but besides all that, there is no way he can afford losing his precious girlfriend over a minor detail like this. To make a long story short, the wife turns out to be an (older model) fembot herself and now her really has his hands full trying to repair the two (or have them repair each other) while trying to make his dream of a threesome come true.


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