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Amber & Laci Part I Sneak Preview Members - Click here to view this clip


Amber and Laci, who would have ever thought, two of my favorite girls, together in one training session I am sure you all remember the two voluptuous, beautiful and naturally very horny blonds from their last sessions. To get them to come in together was certainly lucky and you will definitely know what I am talking about once you watch their clips. Both girls, usually in control of their sex lives, just seem to love the idea of finally being able to let go and to let me take care of them. Needless to say, the session turned into a sizzling hot, very sensual and untamed sexual experience for all of us. Watch the girls raw and uninhibited sexuality take over and make their total surrender to me inevitable.

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Amber & Laci Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip
 I am deeply trainotized

I started the session a bit differently than usual. Both had been in before and I was certain that they could trance themselves. With their arms stretched out in front of them, the girls started repeating: " I am deeply h-notized (aka trainotized) and before long both dropped deep. Their voices slow and more monotone with every repetition and I after the arm raise test, I was certain that they were where they belonged, deeply under. Followed by the crystal mind reduction and the girls were ready to be played with.




Amber & Laci Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
The orgasmic vibration of my voice

I let go of all my mind for you

It does not take long and the girls' voluptuous bodies are squirming all over the couch. Feeling the vibration of my voice as if there were hundreds of hands on their skin, my two blonds have no choice but to get aroused. I have to admit, I just could not wait to see them both together squirming for lust. By adding the feeling of being penetrated and licked right at the tip of their clits, I slowly get them to completely let go again.

The mantra of: �I let go of all my mind for you�, not only takes the girls deeper but also makes them feel even more aroused. The squirming turns into lustful convulsions and their screaming even louder. After a series of orgasms, it is now time for my exhausted beauties to take a short sleep break. It is always exciting to get the subject to orgasm and to surrender their mind for the first time in the session but with two hotties like this it feels even more exhilarating.





Amber & Laci Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Bottomless masturbation into obedient mindlessness

The girls are mindlessly staring into nowhere while masturbating each others' juicy wet pussies. Their thoughts, mind and will are slowly sucked out by the swinging crystal. Their voices become more monotone and slow with every repetition of: "you are my master." Obedient, mindless and excessively horny, the girls are sinking even deeper and their wide open eyes seem empty. After having to wait for me to allow them to orgasm, they suddenly get hit by a wave of literally mind taking orgasms.





Amber & Laci Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
mindless love making

Irresistibly attracted to each other my deeply entranced and still mindless blonds start making love to each other. It is incredibly hot to watch their wide open eyes while they are French kissing. The more they feel each others' lust the more they get aroused and I have them orgasm each other at the same time. I have to say there is something incredibly hot about two deeply entranced girls making mindless yet passionate love. Great eye checks and limp body play.




Amber & Laci Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
Mantras lead to powerful orgasms

First we have two girls blankly undress and then orgasm them on the count of three. Next comes the arms out in front, mindless masturbation and nipple pinching. Repeating the mantra, �there is only one master� brings both to a powerful orgasm. Put on their knees my two horny girls are playing with each others dripping wet pussies. I love watching their growing excitement as the repetition of "I am your slave master" mantra drives them over the edge. This segment is for our mantra, girls mindlessly masturbating each other and wide open eyed stares, Lovers.




Amber & Laci Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
The orgasmic waiting room

No, nothing is wrong.

Amber and Laci are made to believe that they are in the waiting room at their doctor's office. Both do not seem to know each other and unfortunately, they are not paying a whole lot of attention to me either. In fact, my attempts to take them out for dinner seem to be more of a hassle to them. Things slowly change though when they suddenly feel the entire couch turn into a vibrator. Hit right between their legs, both desperately try to make me believe that everything is fine.

The hits begin to get stronger and the girls feel the vibration right on their clits. Still, nothing is wrong? Soon there is no holding back any more and now the apologies are just flying out of their mouths. Horny, baffled, apologetic and quite embarrassed my two sexy blonds eventually have to cum. Like it or not. It is a lot of fun to watch the girls squirming bodies while they are trying to explain all this. This segment starts with a short part of the rather lengthy induction and then goes right into the action.





Amber & Laci Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
The hottest waiting room in town

I don't play with girls

After a brief deepening, the girls now wake up feeling incredibly attracted to each other. Quite unaware yet unable to keep their hands and tongues off each other, they now try to make me believe that they are not doing anything; after all they are not really into girls. They could have fooled me. Triggered by the sound of a vibrator in the back ground, the girls get more and more into each other and soon they are rolling all over the couch. Still quite oblivious as to what they are doing neither one of them seems to pay much attention to me. This segment starts with a short part of the rather lengthy induction and then goes right into the action.




Amber & Laci Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen in the waiting room of horror

Frozen, confused, orgasmed and embarrassed

This segment starts with the girls waking up, feeling completely embarrassed and baffled about what they have just done to and with each other. Naturally the first thing they do is get dressed while apologizing profusely. It gets even worse when I mention the word orgasm (I do mention that one a few times). Both go off without really knowing what just hit them. To make matters even worse, the girls suddenly realize that they are wearing each others dresses! More apologies while they are trying to switch dresses. Could it get any worse? Try being frozen and blank while being undressed again. I keep telling the girls not to wear all that stuff but do they ever listen?








Amber & Laci Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Robo Dolls in training

A different kind of toy store

Play with me
Amber and Laci, two beautiful remote controlled dolls have no other purpose than to be played with. More than eager, they seem to enjoy demonstrating the sex toys in our little store. Programmed to perfection, they not only show what do with the toys but they also like to play with each other and orgasm when triggered. Sex doll Amber even feeds her friend Laci using the baby bottle while she is masturbating. At some point I switch the program and now my somewhat simple dolls are turned into the more sophisticated bi- sexual horny dolls. After some hot vibrator masturbation, it is now time to switch them back into the simpler version and to turn them off until played with again. Lots of big smiles, obedience, playfulness and remote controlled switching of characters.




Amber & Laci Robot Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip
Amber and Laci Robo clip Fembot abduction

Stealing a government fembot which is used to gather and store valuable information and secrets can be tougher than I initially thought. Maybe things would have been different if I had gone together with my assistant instead of supervising the operation from the control center. Thanks to a sophisticated mike and a tiny camera in my assistants glasses, I am at least able to hear and see what is going on. Finding her seems to be the easy part but now what? Luckily my assistant Amber finds the remote control right next to the deactivated government bot and is able to turn her on. It actually takes a few attempts to bypass the security system but once activated the fembot seems to respond to at least some of the simpler tests, like opening and closing her eyes.

As soon as Amber tries to get something out of her though, the unit shuts down. "You are not authorized to activate me". All right let's try the sex program and see whether we can trick her into coming on. Ok, I admit that is not the only reason I wanted Amber to switch her into sex mode, but hey I am human. Naturally my assistant starts to go on my case for wanting to see the fembot's tits but then she finally complies and even gets excited herself. The two of them look very hot together and for a moment there we all forget about the mission. Big mistake, the fembot uses Amber's arousal to sneak up on her from behind and hit her with a tranquilizer.






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