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Amber & Laci Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip


Licked into obedient mindlessness

I was born to be your slave master, I am here to obey

This one is for our zombie walk, mindless love slave and yes master lovers. In this one, I use the girls to literally lick each other out of their minds and to turn each other into obedient love slaves. First we have Amber go down on Laci who's resistance is soon broken. Amber is frozen while Laci takes care of her and before long, she as well sinks into blissful obedience. Lot's of slave training and action in this one.

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Amber & Laci Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
Empty minded, over sexed women's league

This is just disgusting

The girls are made to believe that they are on a nationally televised talk show about Internet porn. Naturally, being members of the women's league against internet porn, the two have lots to say about the exploitation of women. There seem to be a couple of female training sites like �Robolust�, which seem to particularly drive them up the wall.

The girls seem to get even more upset when I tell them that I actually like the idea of two women making hot and passionate love. I notice though that the girls seem very thirsty and they keep drinking their waters while we are interviewing. I am sure you guys guessed it by now, the water they are drinking is certainly no ordinary water.

Slowly but surely, or better yet, with every sip of the water, my �oh so proper girls�, seem to feel more aroused and less interested in the conversation. It does not take long before it becomes quite obvious that their little minds seem to slowly diminish while their libido becomes overwhelming. Horny as can be, they now start playing with each other and before long they are rolling around on the floor. Both girls have this empty "nobody home" kind of a look in their eyes and it is impossible to have a conversation at this point.

Great transformation from brainy to horny and empty minded.

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Amber & Laci Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
Empty minded, oversexed and used

Horny, oversexed, very dim minded and completely absorbed by each others' bodies my two blonds end up in the 69 position on the floor, licking and sucking each others' wet pussies. At this point, due to the reduced thinking capability of the girls, there is no longer any conversation. Suddenly, I decide to snap them out of it. Embarrassed, surprised and shocked about their own behavior, they now apologize and accuse each other for what has just happened. It is hilarious, the way they try to hide behind the chairs while trying to put their clothes back on.

Of course I can't let that happen, I mean it took long enough for them to finally take their clothes off, right? The freeze trigger takes care of that problem. Helplessly frozen, the two are stripped again and ready for some mindless slave training ala Robolust. You know the zombie walk, kneeling ass out forced orgasms and bowing to their master. More mind reduction, girl/girl sex, and training with great shots of their asses, feet and faces at the same time.

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Amber & Laci Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Must masturbate for Master

Robot programming and training

Enough of the doll play, now it is time to do some robot programming and training. Fully awake, my two horny blonds do not seem to like the idea of being turned into robots, one iota but then again, they don't make that decision anyway. As soon as I mention the word, both snap at attention with their arms slightly bent just like a couple of perfect fembots.

The first thing they say is: "I am a Robot" Just as programmed. Of course there are a few more things my robots have to say, like I am just a robot program me or must masturbate for master and so on. First we have robot Laci give Robot Amber a hard spanking which eventually makes her orgasm and then it is time for Amber to please Laci who is orgasmed on command.

Of course there is a whole lot more going on in this segment. everything from bowing to their master, bending over ass out masturbation, standing up bottomless masturbation and remote controlled orgasms to lots of "yes masters". Robot Amber is deactivated through her final orgasm and Laci shuts her self down using her own nipple buttons. Great final deactivation scenes.



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Amber & Laci Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
Drink my cum slave

You are sinking deeper and deeper

Laci believes to be in a restaurant to have lunch. Her sexy waitress Amber is not really thrilled about the fact that her customer bitches about some lipstick on her class. Amber however, is nice enough to turn on the rotating illuminated fountain for her unhappy customer. Laci seems bored and keeps staring at the fountain in front of her and before long is seems impossible for her to take her eyes off.

That is the moment Amber has been waiting for. Her soft yet firm voice is taking her unsuspecting victim deeper and deeper into trance. Open eyed and empty minded, Laci is turned into her obedient bitch, ready and willing to obey her new mistress. While being put on her knees, forced to masturbate, suck and kiss Amber's feet and to finally drink her cum while being whipped. Laci is now learning that sometimes it is better to shut up. This hot segment shows how controlling and dominant Amber can be, very hot. Lots of yes mistress.

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Amber & Laci Clip XV Members - Click here to view this clip
Now you drink my cum, bitch

You guys might have noticed that I am always fair with my girls. (stop laughing) Anyway now it is Laci's turn to take care of the by now immobilized and helplessly blank Mistress Amber. See what it feels like to kiss my feet and drink my cum. Laci sure does not lose any time with her helpless victim and after undressing Amber and sticking her feet into her mouth, she rides her face and cums all over her ex mistress.





Amber & Laci Clip XVI Members - Click here to view this clip
I can do anything I want with her?

Absolutely, you can because there is nothing she can do about it. The girls are brainwashed to believe that they don't know each other. Upon awakening, Amber is incredibly attracted to the deeply entranced, open eyed and helpless Laci. Laci is fully aware of the fact that Amber is playing with her extremely sensitive body but has no strength to do anything about it. Amber on the other hand is incredibly aroused by the fact that Laci is immobilized and under her control. Amber's control is short lived though and she ends up frozen and helpless herself.






Amber & Laci Clip XVII Members - Click here to view this clip
Let me show you how it is done

Now it is Laci's turn to take care of the bitch who just orgasmed her. Amber, frozen and helpless is now played with by Laci who just loves to have her revenge. Put on her back, Amber has no choice but to cum. Unfortunately she goes out right in the middle of her orgasm, too bad.



Amber & Laci Clip XVIII Members - Click here to view this clip
She needs more sleep

Ready to finally start the session both girls seem eager to tell me that they are fresh and good to go. That changes quickly though, as soon as I mention Amber's name, she goes out like a light. Laci is somewhat surprised about all this but as soon as I mention her name she as well passes out. Let's try this again. The girls wake up and start to apologize for having fallen asleep on me, which is kind of rude, don't you think?

Unfortunately, my two blonds yet again don't last long. Simply mentioning the word sleep makes them drop like rocks again. Now you should hear their apologies. Being the nice guy that I am, I try to help them but that leads to another sudden drop of their sexy bodies. Horny as hell and still apologetic the girls wake up again and start to make passionate love. Suddenly Amber goes out on the very concerned Laci. Guess what happens next.






Amber & Laci Robot Clip Part II Members - Click here to view this clip
Fembot destruction

Amber seems out of commission and the fembot does not seem to be doing too well either. While Amber is just standing there like a zombie, I decide to use the remote connection to do some programming on the fembot. Although it seems to work, I decide to go over there myself to fix the situation. Finally the fembot seems to cooperate and even helps me to revive my assistant but unfortunately Amber's mind is pretty much gone and she now starts to act like a fembot herself.

It is pretty safe to say that the mission failed and the only thing to do is to try to get at least some fun out of it. Remembering that the sex program seems to be the only one I can access, I decide to switch her back to that and have her please what is left of Amber. After a couple of nasty malfunctions it finally works and the two make passionate love. I could go on and on about all the details and why those two segments are sizzling hot but I think it is better if you go and see for yourself.




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