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Amelia Rose Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


Calm waters go deep

Amelia, sexy, natural red head with the cutest freckles, is the kind of girl many of you were waiting for. Amelia is completely new to the biz, quite shy, inexperienced, and naturally submissive but with an edge; quiet yet well spoken and most importantly very horny. In other words, Amelia is probably the closest you might find, to being the proverbial "girl next door". What made a young girl like her come in for one of my trainings sessions? Well, as the title of this segment says, calm waters go deep and that would certainly describe her. To watch her sweet orgasms intensify and her futile little fights end up in surrender is certainly a delight you don't want to miss.

I could feel her nervousness, despite her cute attempts to hide that part of herself from me and it seemed to be a good idea to start her off slowly. It took a while until the "magnetic hands" were finally locking up but once her beautiful eyes followed the swinging watch, my little girl was able to let go and drift into the depth of her subconscious mind. Lots of eye movement, close ups of her face, eyes and body.

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Amelia Rose Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Please let me cum

Amelia’s hands and arms are pulled behind her head and she is made to feel this intense vibration between her legs. Helplessly strapped in, my little girl has no other choice than to enjoy the deep hard penetration she is feeling. Her young body is quivering under my voice and the longer I keep her at the verge of her impeding orgasm without letting her cum, the more she wants to surrender and give it to me. I push her as far a possible until she finally begs me to let her orgasm for me.



Amelia Rose Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your master

Being ordered to take off her panties and to expose her naked pussy to me seems to turn her on even more. Amelia feels her hands helplessly drawn between her legs and all she can think of is to pleasure herself for me. Amelia's wide open eyes are staring at me as she slowly sinks into mindless, lustful bliss. She keeps repeating, “Please control me” and the more her mind seems to leave her, the slower and more monotone her repetitions become. My little girl keeps biting her lip which is her way of showing how close and willing to orgasm she is. I keep her quivering and shaking for a bit longer until she promises over and over that she will be a good little girl for me. Amelia got so deep into it that she started calling me master without me even having to mention it.



Amelia Rose Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
Make me a mindless slave master

Take my will and mind

This segment is for our slow and monotone repetition and mantra lovers as well as our mind reduction and orgasm on command lovers. Of course, there is a whole lot more going on. Amelia's quivering body is kneeling in front of me; her eyes are wide open and empty. Driven by her own lust she keeps repeating, “I want to learn to be a mindless slave, master”. She is ordered to pleasure herself while staring at her master until every ounce of will and mind is drained out of her. Amelia is too absorbed by lust and the need to pleasure herself to even notice that she is sinking deeper and deeper under my control. With her arms stretched out in front of her, Amelia feels the most intense penetration ever and the slow and monotone repetition of, “I am just a slave, take my will and mind”, intensifies her feelings of uninhibited lust even more. She is orgasmed so hard and intense that it sends her down on her knees. More repetitions and a final orgasm that puts her to sleep almost conclude this segment. Almost, that is. Out cold, my little girl does not even feel the eye checks but she certainly does feel one more intense orgasm in her deep sleep. I hold her eye lids open for that one and believe me that makes it very intense.



Amelia Rose Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
Why do you have to do that, doc?

Oops, you slipped

The swinging crystal eye-reflex check might not be common but very effective. Amelia, our new nurse’s aid, seems quite shy and certainly very inexperienced. Who could blame her; after all it’s her first day at a renowned and prestigious hospital. When she finds out that I am one of the leading doctors, she seems to become even more uncomfortable and it almost feels like she would rather leave.

The fact that I am hitting on her does not seem to make her feel better, on the contrary it actually seems to make her feel even more uncomfortable. Anyway, we all know that all the new nurses have to undergo a medical exam by one of the doctors and in her case that would be me. Amelia, shy and a bit reluctant, agrees to have me check her out. I don't know why but during the examination, our little nurse becomes increasingly suspicious and it almost seems like she does not really trust my work as a serious physician.

I guess you have to watch the clip to find out why. Anyway, there is one last test we have to do and that would be the eye-reflex test. OK, using a crystal might not be the most common way to perform the test but is certainly effective. Amelia's eyes go left and right, following the crystal and we all know what happens next. She sinks into deep trance, her eyes stare into nothingness and she is ready to be trained. Very intense orgasm and obedience training conclude this segment, leaving her in mindless bliss. Great stares and mindless obedience...



Amelia Rose Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
You really have to do this doc

I will be a good little nurse now

Amelia wakes up after a brief deepening and now suddenly she has a real crush on the good doctor. All she wants now is to be checked out by me. She starts to flirt and it looks like she really enjoys the nipple reflex exam. Unlike the last segment, removing her clothes by me does not seem to be a problem at all, in fact it seems like she really wants me to check her out, inside and out, so to speak. The rotating pen in front of her eyes takes her into deep trance again as she is hit by a surprise orgasm (hot re-induction BTW). Amelia goes down like a rock. Her eyes are wide open and stare, just like before, into absolute nothingness, “I will be a good little nurse now”.

Now it is time to have her drop the boy friend, she mentioned earlier and to let her know who is really in control of her little body and mind. Nurse Amelia learns about the power of acupressure points in her hands and what they make her feel and do once I press on them, the power of forced orgasms and lots more. Intense stares and slow repetitions as well as complete surrender…



Amelia Rose Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
The reluctant Robo Babysitter

Amelia, the new babysitter, feels seemingly surprised and somewhat disturbed when the young boy she is supposed to watch, unexpectedly and way past his bed time, stumbles into her room. She seems even more perturbed when he asks her whether she got his email with the new "Robot game" he wants to play with her. (Guess who the young boy is) Anyway, she seems to realize that she can not get rid of the little and reluctantly agrees to open her email. Big mistake! What ever she sees on the screen, instantaneously transforms her. Her body straightens out, her voice becomes slow and monotone and her movements seem to become ridged and stiff, “I am your robot toy, master”. First my little robot has to learn to stand at attention and to turn in circles with her arms stretched out in front of her while repeating, “mindless robot” over and over (very slow and monotone BTW).

Next, my new toy is placed on the bed and her vibrator masturbation as well as her orgasm on command skills is put to test. All of a sudden her robot body is immobilized by the powerful magnetic force of the bed. Unable to move, she is forced to orgasm again by the vibrator I am holding between her legs. Placed on her knees, robot Amelia just stares at me with her eyes wide open as she is ordered to place the vibrator right on the tip of her clit. The impact of the thrusting vibrator is so powerful that it deactivates her before she has a chance to orgasm. I think I mentioned earlier that Amelia is a slow learner. The second I snap her out of it, she tries to get rid of me again. Well, what am I supposed to do here? Oh, I know, why don't I just...






Amelia Rose Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
I am the kind of person you are looking for

Amelia believes to be interviewing for a very high paying job. Naturally, she tries to make a good impression on her future boss particularly when I mention that we are looking for someone who can resist the temptation to get involved with our fairly rich business associates and clients. Amelia makes it very clear that she can not be tempted and that she is very serious about her work. What poor little Amelia doesn’t know is that as soon as I mention the word "blue" she will slowly start to freeze. You think that might make her feel a bit embarrassed and strange? Can it get even more awkward? See what happens when I mention that we are planning on painting her new office in a light "Yellow." What do you mean, doesn't everybody masturbate during a job interview and no your clients will not get the wrong impression.




Amelia Rose Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
No, no, I am fine

After a brief deepening, Amelia wakes up, still thinking she is at her job interview. Luckily, she does not seem to remember what has happened so far. Let's see what strange things might happen to her this time. Amelia seems to start feeling increasingly uncomfortable. Her little body moves around on the couch, quivers and squirms but of course she is just fine. Her breathing gets heavier and her concentration seems shot. Could it be that she feels penetrated and fucked? Her attempts to hide what is going on with her are just too cute to watch.



Amelia Rose Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
No I am not really a foot person

Amelia, still in the interview, seems to have yet again forgotten what has happened so far. This time she is so intensely attracted and aroused by her own feet that she just can not help it, she just has to touch them. Of course she thinks that playing with her feet during the interview, is the most normal thing to do. Don't we all? No matter what I say to stop her, my little girl gets deeper and deeper into playing, massaging and showing off her cute feet. At some point she even remembers that masturbating during a job interview is perfectly normal and now she plays with her pussy and her feet at the same time. OK, she does think it's a bit strange when I mention that taking off her dress, might make it feel even more intense but as strange as it might sound, it's certainly worth a try. Great close ups of her feet, pantyhose and pussy all at the same time.



Amelia Rose Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
I don not laugh much at all

Amelia's interview from hell is getting even stranger. First we have her wake up not remembering a thing. For some strange reason, our little girl feels completely dressed and very proper. We keep talking about the kind of person I am looking for in our new employee when she suddenly breaks out in laughter. The poor thing has no idea where the tickling is coming from but it is never the less hell. Finally, the slight touch of my finger on her forehead puts her out cold and she does not even realize that I am pulling and dropping her limp little body for a while. Eye checks and more fun at the end…



Amelia Rose Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
What are you doing?

Amelia believes to be my boss’s wife, who certainly did not expect me to show up at her house to pick up her husband’s lunch. In fact she seems to be disturbed by my unexpected visit. Even when I tell her that I am just there to pick up the lunch box her husband had forgotten this morning, she tries to get rid of me. Finally, my boss’s snooty and unfriendly wife agrees to give me the dam lunch box and she even agrees to look into my big mesmerizing eyes (It was not easy to get her to do that). At first she tries to look the other way but slowly she starts losing herself in my eyes and drops into deep trance. The deeper she sinks the harder her body freezes up and she turns into a helpless statue. Of course, “Mrs. I am so hot”, is now all concerned and even a bit pissed. Well, who likes to argue with a woman? I think it might be easier to wave my hand in front of her eyes. Amelia drops into obedient mindlessness and is now ready to be undressed and to be played with.



Amelia Rose Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Do you mind if I drop by here and there?

My boss’s sexy wife seems to be a slow learner. The second I snap her out of it again, she starts to bitch again. Still frozen and helpless, she suddenly feels an orgasm just hitting her. I can not say that it makes her feel any better but she sure enjoys it. As with all slow learners, she has to be bent over, orgasmed, rendered mindless and played with for a while until she finally realizes that it is...



Amelia Rose Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
When your wife is around I cook and ....

I really had the best intentions when I ordered our new nanny bot. All I wanted was for my wife to finally get the help she so dearly needed. Believe it or not, I even made sure, I should say, I thought I made sure, that the new nanny had no other programs than the regular nanny/cook programs, meaning absolutely no sex programs what so ever. I know, I have gotten carried away in the past but what I am saying here is true.

Anyway, the second I activate her, she starts talking about pleasing me, doing me and giving me blowjobs. Oh , it looks like I got the order numbers confused. What was I supposed to do? It was too late to send her back and get a new one delivered before my wife's birthday and besides I did not want to have to explain the mishap to my wife who would not have believed me anyways. Turning her off and reprogramming seemed the thing to do. It all seemed to work just fine.

Let's put her to the test. What do you do when my wife and the kid s are her? "I cook and clean and play kid s games. OK and what do you do when they are gone? "You master" Could it get any better than that? Malfunctions, misunderstandings, glitches, masturbation and more…








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