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Amy Brooke Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


The sound of my voice takes you into...

Amy Brooke, sexy and extremely horny California blond with a killer hard body was yet another one of my absolutely amazing subjects. I know, it almost sounds too good to be true but I am sure that once you watch her clips you will agree with me that Amy is sensational. Naturally submissive and very horny, Amy seemed to be the perfect candidate for my kind of training. Now, I don't want to make this sound like, it was all easy, it never is but once I found her trigger, it was only a question of time and our little girl went into blissful submission.

What makes her session so intensely sexual, besides the squirting wet orgasms, lots of intense stares, eye rolls, fun mind games, yes masters and so on, is the fact that once Amy feels who is in control, she let's go of all inhibitions and surrenders unconditionally. I don't want to ramble on here about how her fun loving attitude and about how great it all was but I know one thing for sure, Amy is one of my favorites and I hope you guys will enjoy her as much as I did.

Amy was a bit nervous when we got started and it took a while for her to calm down but once her eyes finally closed, the little girl went down like a rock. Includes lots of preprogramming which came in handy during the rest of the session.

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Amy Brooke Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Feel the Hitachi

Learn to be a good girl and understand the importance of orgasm control

Amy's sexy little hard body starts to move under the powerful vibrator she is feeling on her wet clit. I can feel her getting more and more aroused with every suggestion I am giving her. Her moaning and groaning intensifies the more she feels that I am taking control of her young body. I always love this part of the session because every girl reacts differently and usually by now; I know how intense the session is going to be. Amy is getting intensely horny and the more I suggest that she has to submit, the more she quivers and shakes for lust. I keep driving her up the wall without letting her cum until she is very close to orgasm.

Amy’s moaning and groaning turn into screams, as her body squirms all over the couch. Her hands claw into the leather as if she wants to tear it apart but I am still not satisfied. First she has to show me how badly she wants to cum for me. I want her to feel and orgasm unlike ever before and for that she has to be out of her little mind for lust. She screams out her first "oh my god" and the repetition of, “I submit" drives her nuts. After lots of screaming and begging, she is finally allowed to cum and cum and... That was most likely Amy's longest orgasm ever.



Amy Brooke Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
You are here to please and to obey

Feel your masturbation like never before

Sleepy and mindless stares, mantras, slow and intense mind removal and a little girl out of her mind for lust, make this another very intense segment. Amy is ordered to finger her wet pussy while I keep suggesting that she is under control. I want her to know and feel that she has no choice over anything she is experiencing here today. It is always a good sign when the subject calls you master even without being told to do so. Amy's quivering and shaking body and the intensity with which she feels her own hands, is impossible to describe. She screams out," I want to be a good girl," without me telling her to do so. I have her concentrate on the watch in front of her wide open eyes. The more she focuses on the watch, the more her mind seizes to function and all she feels is the intense pleasure between her wide open thighs.

The slow repetition of the mantra, "Please and Obey" sends her deeper into mindless bliss and the sleepy stare in her wide open eyes is absolutely amazing. I can hear how intensely wet she is by now but I keep driving her even further. I know, it sounds like; sleepy stares and intense lust don't seem to go together but believe me you will understand once you watch this segment. Anyway, we are not done yet, by any means. After a series of intense orgasms, Amy seems exhausted, her mouth is slightly open and her eyes are dim.

Now it is time for her to learn that I decide when she is done. I have her stand in front of me with her arms stretched out in front of her as my hand waves in front of her unblinking eyes and it shows that there is nobody home. All of a sudden she feels deeply penetrated and played with. Her sexy young hard body goes into lustful convulsions and she is orgasmed again on my command. “I am an obedient slave, master”.



Amy Brooke Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I am sinking into an even deeper trance for you

I am deeply h-notized

Amy is just standing there with her arms still stretched out in front of her. My little girl's eyes are wide open as she stares into, who the hell knows where and I decide that this might be a good time to freeze her in place. Helplessly immobilized and stiff as a board, Amy's quivering young body is swayed and orgasmed over and over. I can feel that the helplessness she feels turns her on beyond belief and her body keeps tightening up with every orgasm. I finally let her unfreeze but I am still not done with her. Time for more intense repetitions like: "I am an obedient slave” and “I am sinking into a deeper trance for you master”.

Amy is at that point where all she wants is to obey and show her surrender. Put on her knees and ordered to pinch her nipples, Amy feels fucked hard and orgasmed. I can feel her exhaustion and the slow and monotone repetition of, “I am deeply h-notized” take her into an even deeper trance. The way she succumbs to being completely under control, her mindless stares, her deeply felt repetitions, and her quivering yet frozen body or in other words, the intensity of this segment can hardly be put into words. “No more thoughts mind and will of my own”.



Amy Brooke Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
The obedience ritual

The last segment left our little girl mindless and zombie like. Her arms are still stretched out in front of her as she is placed on the black pleasure bed. All of a sudden she feels intensely aroused again and her body goes into lustful convulsions as if she is fucked and played with. She is made to believe that she is the center of a very intense obedience ritual. Her arms feel helplessly tied up behind her head and she has no control over the hands which are caressing and spanking her wet pussy. The nipple clamps she is feeling, intensify her lust even more.

Amy's young body shivers and shakes as if she was going out of her mind for lust. I have her open her eyes and stare at my finger which she believes is a powerful device that will suck out her will and mind as soon as she orgasms. Amy is going nuts and her body almost falls off the bed as she explodes into a series of intense and mind blowing (taking) orgasms. Amy told me after the session that she was absolutely blown away by her own reactions to the training and that she had never been, literally, out of her mind for lust and passion. Will she be back? You bet.



Amy Brooke Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
He is going to beat your ass

I have to say, it is kind of pretty

I know it is probably not a good idea to screw around with your older brother’s girlfriend but who could resist to at least trying to hit on Amy. Needless to say, she is absolutely not interested in me and she makes it perfectly clear that my big bro will kick my ass when he finds out that I am hitting on her. My idea of having an older woman show me the ropes, so to speak, does not go over too well either and knowing that my football playing brother is much stronger than I am, I decide to lay off. Well, sort of. Maybe this is a good time to mention my new passion which is to hypnotize people.

No, does not look like she cares for that either but, just to get rid of me, she finally agrees to look at my new crystal. (You know, the big one that's hanging from the ceiling) I have to say, the girl sure tries to resist the mesmerizing effect the shiny object seems to have on her eyes but after some futile attempts to look away, she finally drops into mindless obedience. Now that she is a lot more manageable, so to speak, my little girl learns to crawl and bow to her master, feel helplessly fucked and orgasmed at will and to slowly repeat what ever her master wants her to. Lots of yes masters and certainly for our pantyhose lovers... Female training at its best, I promise.




Amy Brooke Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
I want to be with you only

I will now turn you into a mindless slave

My older brother's (ex) girlfriend has shown how obedient she already is but as we all know, her training is not over yet. Amy is taken into an even deeper trance as her mind slowly seems to vanish into oblivion. Her body is still quivering from her prior training and it goes almost immediately into lustful convulsions when I hold the Hitachi between her legs. Her eyes are wide open as she stares at me and I can feel her being horny beyond belief but there is still something in her that is trying to hold on to her own will and thoughts; however, not for long. Amy can not stop pleasuring herself for me and when she is finally ordered to orgasm, her sweet cum squirts through her pantyhose and all over the couch, "I am an obedient slave master", "I follow and I obey only for you". Very intense, believe me. Still we are not done, there is still a lot to learn for our little girl.

Amy is standing in front of me with her arms stretched out in front of her. She is not allowed to touch herself which seems to drive her nuts and all of a sudden she is feeling the Hitachi again, this time with even more intensity than when she was actually holding it on her pussy. Amy's eyes are sleepy and it looks like they are rolling back while her body is going into ecstasy. All she wants is to be with me now. A series of hard felt orgasms leave her exhausted and ready to be put to sleep. Amy goes out slowly as if she had taken a sedative, her eyes role and she finally drops. Eye checks and a last orgasm in her sleep finish her up.






Amy Brooke Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Smoking wet pussy

I know, I know, I am sexy

Holding a cigarette makes a woman feel sexy but it does not make her horny

Amy, our sexy bikini model seems quite full of herself and as expected she seems to have no time to go out with me after the shoot. She keeps talking about getting her nails done and all the other stuff she has to do in order to keep herself beautiful. Oh well, I guess she is right, we need to keep it professional. Today's shoot is for a foreign cigarette manufacturer who wants an all American commercial in which a hot blond in a bikini advertises their product. Looks like Amy is perfect for the part and the fact that she smokes certainly helps.

Before we get started though, I do have to warn her that the cigarettes she is about to smoke might have some minor side effects. I know it sounds strange but some tobacco blends are known to cause intense arousal and how can I say this, are so strong that they can easily influence one’s better judgment or in rare cases even lead to reduced brain activity. Amy does not seem to be the least bit concerned about all this; in fact she makes fun of me for even mentioning it. Amy, our sexy little model might be full of herself but man, when I watch her posing with the cigarette, I sure start to understand why. She is so hot that I am having a hard time holding the camera still. Now it is time to light up and take some more pictures. Before long though, I can not help but notice that her behavior seems to change. Somehow, she seems to loosen up and her hands start running over her body, accidentally of course. What follows is certainly not easy to describe.

The way she smokes, blows smoke down into her wet pussy as she fingers herself, begs for a second cigarette while still denying to feel any of the side effects, her intense smoke fueled orgasm, the way she hits on me and her slow demise into turning into a bimbo is just too hot. Towards the end, I let her know that two more drags will lead to complete mindless trance. Does she believe any of this? Does she deny her actions until the bitter end? Is this the best smoking, mind reduction clip I have ever made? Absolutely! Of course she snaps out of it again at the end and boy, you should hear her excuses and apologies when I mention that I took some really nice pictures of her wet pussy.



Amy Brooke Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
That is just a toy

Amy does not seem to remember what has happened in the session so far. As far as she is concerned, her photo shoot with this slightly obnoxious photographer has just started. The fact that she wakes up with a very powerful orgasm, does confuse and embarrass her but believe it or not, instead of admitting it, she tries to hide it and even denies it. Oh well, I am nice enough to let her get away with it but as soon as she poses and moves around, she sets off the motion sensitive "laughing rock" which causes her to orgasm again. More apologies and even more ridiculous ways to talk herself out of that one. Anyway, let's try taking some pictures with the "rotating light shaker" Again, being the nice guy that I am, I tell her not to look at the light for too long because it might take her into a deep and very mindless trance. What do you mean by mesmerizing, this is just a toy! The girl is even laughing at me for being honest with her. Mindless empty stares, intense surprise orgasms, fun mind games and so much more.



Amy Brooke Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Is it going to let me get up

This segment starts off with Amy just mindlessly standing there as I take off some of her clothing. I know, she was not wearing much to begin with but I think it is still too much. On my way back to the camera, I must have set off the "laughing rock" by accident. It really was an accident but it sure made my mindless little model shiver and shake under yet another orgasm. Finally snapped out of it again, Amy does not seem to remember too much of what has happened. Maybe this is a good time to take some pictures of her on the new Swedish couch. Being the professional model and all, Amy shows me some hot poses before she suddenly seems to be stuck to the couch. OK, I did mention to her that it is a different couch, being from Sweden and all. Our sexy model seems more than confused about the whole thing and my explanation why she might be stuck, seems to make her even more confused. Of course, I try to help her as much as I can but my attempt to pull her off the dam couch does not work at all. Now this whole thing could be really bad if she felt pocked by the couch while being stuck to it. Oh no, no pocking here.



Amy Brooke Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Gogo dancer with a sleeping disorder

I am always on top of things

Amy believes to be interviewing to become one of our new Gogo dancers. Naturally she tries to come across energetic and very sexy. Too bad that she is not all that interested in me but what can I do? Anyway, I can not help but notice that she seems a bit tired and I do have to tell her that it is not very sexy for a dancer to yawn all the time. Of course, our little girl keeps apologizing but her excuses don't seem to cut it. What can I say, her posing and dancing is incredibly sexy but the yawning really has to stop. Poor thing has no clue as to why she can not seem to stay awake and how could she? Slowly but surely, her attempts to stay awake turn into a losing battle and she goes down. Oh wait here she comes up again. No, it does not look like she is going to stay up for long. This one is really funny and very hot at the same time.

Once asleep, she does not even notice that I play with her limp body, caress her long neck and do some eye checks, just to make sure that she is done. Snapped out of it again, our girl believes to have had a bit of a nightmare and after apologizing profusely, she promises to stay awake. I don't know what so tiring about the word “Halloween” but as soon as I mention it, she drops again as if she had taken a strong sedative. Let's see what she has to say when she comes back. Unfortunately though, she goes out again as soon as I mention the word “Ghost”. I wonder why? Could it happen yet again when she hears her name? No way...



Amy Brooke Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
What is a mannequin club anyways?

Amy's somewhat nightmarish interview continues after she wakes up, completely clueless as to what has happened so far, of course. Very apologetic, somewhat confused and certainly embarrassed, she tries to explain why she is almost naked. Oh well, being the nice guy that I am, I reassure her that it is ok and that I will not hold that against her. Now comes the part where I have to be honest with her and where I have to let her know that we are really looking for mannequins rather than Go Go dancers.

Of course all that does not make sense to her and the idea of her being mindlessly frozen all night so that our customers can play with her, does not seem to sit well with her either. Besides all that, she doubts that it is possible to render a person mindless while freezing them in place. Amy is really convinced that I am out of my mind and her comments are hilarious. What can I say, a few seconds later, at the clap of my hands, our horny little dancer, is turned into a mindless mannequin. I think most of you know by now that I don't like all the excess clothing most of the girls wear and I think it is time to remove some of her stuff as she just stands there.

Of course, having somebody just stand there is kind of boring and I think it might be fun to have her mind, at least temporarily, come back. Poor thing seems really confused and at a loss for answers after she realizes that she can not move. As you all know, I am always trying to be helpful but in Amy's case, it seems to confuse her even more. Pulling her panties into her pussy and making her orgasm, certainly does not really help much with her immobility problem but it is sure fun to watch. Waving hands, mindless and or aware freezes and lots of fun mind games.



Amy Brooke Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Feet a Go Go

Is there such a thing like a foot fetish? Our sexy young Go Go dancer wakes up again and yes, she is quite confused yet again about the fact that her clothes seem out of place. She also can not seem to be able to explain why she might have fallen asleep. She gets even more confused when I mention that we are more of a foot fetish club rather than a dance club. All of a sudden her interest in the job seems to diminish. The idea of playing with her feet seems odd and certainly not something she would be interested in. I am so glad that I bought the "laughing rock." As the rock goes off and Amy seems quite confused as she starts to first look at her feet and then starts playing with them. It almost seems like her love for feet is slowly growing into an obsession for her own sexy feet. I love watching her taking off her shoes and stockings as she keeps going on about her arches and toes.

Slowly but surely, our little girl gets more and more turned on, simply by playing with her feet and it does not take long before she starts to rub her clit with them. Of course like most foot lovers, she sucks, licks and kisses her own feet and she even goes as far as licking off her own cum after she orgasms all over them. Amy is so enthralled with her own feet that she does not want to go to sleep. In fact she does not believe me that clapping my hands could possibly knock her out. Really hot foot segment with mindless moments and a lot of very sensual foot play and talk.


Amy Brooke Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
No, I don't drink or nothing

Ticklish Go Go dancer with a masturbation problem

Amy, our little go go dancer, wakes up from a brief deepening and she is now made to believe that the interview just started. Of course she tries her best to impress me with her outstanding work ethic. To be honest with you, I am not really that interested in her work ethic. What I am interested in is whether or not she would masturbate for our customers and or for me. Needless to say, the answer is no.

Our girl is way too professional to do anything like that until I snap my fingers that is. All of a sudden, she can not seem to resist to pick up the monster vibrator which happens to be right next to her on the couch. Now it is my turn to mess with her by letting her know that we are not that kind of club and she does not have to do that. Too late, all she seems to have on her mind, is to pleasure herself and to be a good little girl. No matter what I do or say, I just can not stop her from squirting all over the couch and me. The funny thing is that she believes her behavior is completely normal. Amy's desire to please is amazingly strong and it certainly comes out in this clip. The second I snap her out of it, she seems completely confused and embarrassed about having squirted all over the couch right there in front of me.

Again, I can not resist giving her a hard time about all this. I let her apologize for a while and then make her promise to be more serious about all this. Of course she promises to do better but as soon she hears the word "Halloween", she breaks out in laughter. Something seems to tickle the hell out of her. Can the interview get any worse for her? Try freezing up while tickled or being put to sleep with a very strong sedative. Of course Amy did not take anything but the way she slowly goes out, while fighting it, as if she has taken a strong sleeping pill is hot.



Amy Brooke Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Trick or treat you nice

Explaining the whole Halloween idea to our new Au Pair girl was a lot more difficult than I thought. Somehow, she did not seem to understand the concept of demons and ghosts which might have had to do with her upbringing in a foreign country. Well, that's at least what I initially thought. Of course she had no idea about the whole trick or treat thing either and I have to say, the idea of leaving the young ones with her that night, started to feel a bit worrisome. It is one thing not to know about certain things but in her case it seemed more like, she did not understand the whole thing or if she did, she did not seem to care for it. Needless to say, she did not even want to change into the costume I bought her.

Leaving her alone for a while so that she could process the information I had given her, seemed to be the thing to do. Sure enough, the second I left the room, she starts to download information about Halloween into her system. This is probably the time where I should admit that I knew about her being a fembot and yes I had a feeling that she would download some type of information in order to cope with what she was supposed to do that night. While we are honest, I should probably mention that I had rigged her computer a bit and the program she had downloaded was really more indented to make sure that I would have a nice Halloween night.

To make a long story short, my sexy little Au Pair was all set to trick and treat me very, very nice, if you know what I mean. Was there a lot of hot action that night, did she please and serve me, did she malfunction and most importantly, did I get away with it? Find out for yourselves... Really hot clip and Amy is absolutely great in this one.



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