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Anabelle Pync  Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Journey into the unknown

Anabelle Pync, sweet, adorable and very sexy southern bell with big natural tits, was in for a big surprise, simply because she could have never imagined what happened that afternoon at our place. Like many of our girls, she seemed a bit nervous at first and it took a bit for her to let go but as soon as that happened, she was ready and more importantly, willing to be played with. I am sure you all know what I mean. Anyway, as
mentioned, she was about to find out that being submissive and obedient is more than just her "second nature." Enjoy her journey into un-chartered territory (so to speak) from which she will never return to how it used to be.

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Anabelle Pync  Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I am here to be controlled

I had a feeling that Anabelle might like it rough and sure enough, as soon as I made her feel that she could not move her hands and arms (too heavy to lift) while her clit was caressed by a thrusting vibrator, her body starts to quiver and shake and she orgasms on my command. It is always important to let the subject feel, right away, who is in charge and who's rules apply. Time for our sweet southern bell that we all like to see her intense surrender, that comes with each orgasm, in her wide open eyes. I don't know about you but I like to see the girls orgasmic surrender in their eyes. Anabelle is just standing there in front of me in her sexy bra, while I "snap" her deeper and deeper before making her feel tied up and helplessly orgasmed by the thrusting Hitachi between her legs. Intense orgasm training on my command, deepening and programming, yes masters, repetitions and more.




Anabelle Pync  Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your h- slave master

Learn to be a pleasing little girl

Some of the highlights are foot worship, zombie pose and slow repetition of mantras, dim stares, screaming hard orgasms, crawling, being made to feel fucked and used on all four, begging to cum, nipple torture and orgasm training, yes masters and so much more.

Anabelle's repetitions of, "I am your h- slave master, " are slow and monotone as she just stands there with her hands and arms stretched out in front of her body. Tie for her to let us feel how much she wants to please and serve by allowing her to bring herself to orgasm for as hard and as fast as she can. I am cuming for you master. Next comes the nipple play. Who does not like to watch a beautiful blond caress and pinch her nipples until it brings her to orgasm. Don't you love the power of suggestions? I have no control, I am your controlled slave master. As you can see in the above mentioned highlights, the foot worship (spread toes, wrinkles, orgasms on my touch) as well as the kneeling, crawling and so on are still to come.



Anabelle Pync  Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Oh god

As mentioned, Anabelle likes it rough and again, as soon as I place her on her knees while her hands and feet feel tied up, her mouth gagged and her nipples squeezed by a pair of nipple clams, our little girl goes into lustful convulsions. Her nipples get rock solid under the clamps she is made to feel while she is helplessly hit by orgasms on my command. Of course that is still just warm up. Time for some more mind-sucking while she is slowly repeating, I am your h- slave master (sleepwalker pose of course) Still there is more, like the intense "breath controlled" orgasm training, masturbation and begging, kneeling and, and, and. Very intense and not for the weak. Please master let me be of service to you. Did I mention the "mindless posing" ?



Anabelle Pync  Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Offer yourself to your master

Please let me cum for you Master

This one shows her final and unconditional surrender. Some of the highlights are slowly repeated mantras, ordered to put herself to sleep for us by placing her hand over her mouth and nose while being orgasmed, kneeling, begging to be allowed to serve, limp body play, orgasmed in her sleep, prolonged wait before being allowed to orgasm, yes masters and so much more.



Anabelle Pync  Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Another audition gone sideways

Anabelle, who believes to be auditioning for the part of a gymnast who is h- and used by an evil h-notist, does not really believe that something like this could possibly be happening in real live, finds out the hard way that it could in fact happen to anybody. Well, maybe not anybody but it sure happens to her. At first she seems all confident and perky but that changes quickly when she gazes (despite my warning) at the "forbidden" light. Dimly entranced, our aspiring young actress learns to be a willing and mindlessly obedient slave who has only one objective, which is to serve and obey her master. Anabelle actually is a gymnast, which made me decide to have her pose (cool moves btw) before sending her through some more rigorous masturbation, yes master and so on, training. It gets even more exciting when I freeze her while she slowly becomes aware of her predicament. By now though, she is already too horny to hide her feelings of arousal which does not only confuse her but also makes her feel embarrassed. Will she be able to stop herself from cuming in front of me, will she try to talk her way out of this and will she end up in a state of mindless obedience?



Anabelle Pync  Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
I think I got confused

It must be a cramp, maybe we should call a doctor or something

Poor girl seems to feel quite embarrassed when she becomes aware of her somewhat unfortunate situation. I mean, been frozen (without knowing why) while the director questions her morals and ethics, is no fun. Needless to say, she cannot really explain why she just orgasmed and why her hands are between her legs but she sure tries to make sense of all this. Of course my well meant offer for her to play the part of a hooker instead of the gymnast, does not make her feel any more comfortable. Anyway, there is a lot more "freeze fun, uncontrollable masturbation and subsequent orgasms, the infamous waving hand trick, mindless posing, embarrassing and confusing moments and so on, coming up. Fun clip with great freezes, stares and more.




Anabelle Pync  Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Not in a million years

The nightmare audition continues. This time our young actress wakes up feeling even more embarrassed about the fact that her hand is in her pussy and what makes it even worse is the fact that she breaks out into uncontrollable laughter while telling me that she is a very serious actress. Oh well, looks like she has a bit of a bad day, why by the way, gets worse when she suddenly freezes up. It gets really strange though when she takes off her clothes without realizing what she is doing while vehemently proclaiming that she would never do a nude shoot. I am almost ready to believe her but then she starts to masturbate. Could it be that she is a bit oversexed? Of course not. Oh well, let's freeze her in the middle of one of those really sexy "gym poses" Lots of freeze fun, embarrassing moments, excuses, unwanted orgasms and more fun.



Anabelle Pync  Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Bosses daughter turns robo toy

Imagine coming back from lunch and finding the bosses daughter, who just finished her internship, at your desk doing your job or at least, trying to do your job. I know that sucks. What makes it even rougher is the fact that she does not seem to care that you lost your job as the head of research and development after 25 years of hard work. OK, I admit, I have not come up with a new invention for a while but hey, that's no reason. Anyway, it is a long and fun story but the outcome is that our little brat goes through a dramatic transformation (thanks to my latest invention) and ends up being a "programmed pleasure toy" After having been successfully robotized, she is now programmed to serve. As we all know, a good robot is a naked robot which is why we have her expose her well designed body for us.

What follows is a lot of programming, masturbation, yes masters, salutations and more. Towards the end, we have her pick up the "intercom phone" to let everybody in the company know that the bosses daughter is a well programmed robot which is now ready to be fucked by whoever wants "it" Deactivating. There are a couple of dropped frames which I think were caused by a glitch in my editing system.



Anabelle Pync  Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Bosses daughter gone foot-slave

Anabelle, still believing that she is the "bosses daughter" wakes up and boy, does she seem confused. Of course she gets dressed before I come back (so she thinks at least) This time she cannot seem to get rid of my newest invention fast enough and she almost gladly lets me have it. Watch clip nine and you will know why she feels that way. Anyway, that is just another mistake she makes. A couple of seconds later, our horny girl cannot seem to get enough of showing us her sexy little feet in those pantyhose. Things get even more steamy when she rips them apart to offer us her bare feet.



Anabelle Pync  Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Want more feet?

I am a horny slut, here to be used by everybody who wants me

I decided to split up the foot action, which btw, has a lot more than just that going on. Here we have her touch her feet, run her fingers through her toes, wrinkle them for us while playing with her tits and more. Of course that is all just the beginning. Wait until you see her being frozen while becoming aware of her, let's call it, inappropriate behavior. Or enjoy the mindless demonstration of her "foot job skills" and the expression on her face when she is rendered mindless by the "waving hand trick" Of course we have her announce her new found obsession via the intercom system to everybody in the company. I am a foot slave for everybody who wants me, thank you master for training me. Why does she get stuck on all four on the desk, right before the staff meeting and why does she orgasm just because I ...


Anabelle Pync  Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Please donít tell

Please, please do not tell the coach, I cannot be shut down, I am....

Anabelle a beautiful young cheerleader is alone, practicing her new cheerleader routine. All is going well until she attempts a new move - She is hesitant to try the move without her teammate Frank to spot her, but he is late as usual. She is heard talking to herself ďI need to practice my routine, I wish Frank would get his butt here and spot me. The games tomorrow and I really need to practice if Iím going to be perfect. I canít wait around all day.

She continues to practice by herself and that is when it happens. All of a sudden, her leg gives in and she lands on her knee. Oh, not now, she screams but it is already too late. We will never know what exactly happened but her system seems to be corrupted and despite her attempts to fix herself, she starts to malfunction. Finally her teammate Frank shows up. Imagine his surprise when he slowly finds out that his (secret) dream girl is a fembot who seems incapable of human emotions. There is one fear though, she seems to have. What will happen if the coach finds out that she has failed? Will she be shut down and turned into scrap metal? Ridden by fear she promises Frank to do anything he wants as long as he does not tell anybody about this. Did you really mean ANYTHING, Honey?


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