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Anastasia Morna Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Deeper and deeper into trance

Anastasia Morna, beautiful, young, tall brunet, with the longest legs I have seen in quite a while, had pretty much no experience when it comes to being in front of the camera but it was amazing how free and uninhibited she was after having been taken down into deep trance. It is really fascinating to see her transformation from being nervous and a bit shy to completely free and wild. I just love what I do.

Anyway, besides her naturally beautiful young body and her tanned silky soft skin, there is something very sensual and seductive about our little girl that can easily drive every red blooded man crazy. You will know what I mean once you catch her amazing clips. Despite her name, Anastasia does not have a drop of Russian in her, so do not expect an accent but what you can expect is a whole lot of intense fun and a wonderful subject.

Balloon test while standing up, lots of flickering eyelids, head wobbling, body language and more...

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Anastasia Morna Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I am under

Anastasia's beautiful body starts to rhythmically and very sensually move as soon as I suggest that she has to learn to be a good little girl. I decide to slowly bring her not only to orgasm but also deeper under my control by increasing the her feelings of arousal and pleasure. As soon as I make her feel the thrust of a vibrator between her legs, our little girl starts to lustfully moan and groan as she is starting to let herself go.

The suggestion that her body is tied up and helplessly used and played with is starting to drive her up the wall. All of a sudden she is made to feel penetrated and pleasured without having any control over it. Now her young body starts to go into lustful convulsions. I can feel that my little girl is a great subject and sure enough, as soon as I force her to open her eyes, she drifts even deeper as she mindlessly stares at me. She keeps repeating, I am under your control as her body goes into intense convulsions. Of course she is not yet allowed to orgasm, as we all know, the right to orgasm has to be earned first. More repetitions of I follow and obey, stares and intense marathon orgasms make it perfectly clear that Anastasia has a very deep seated desire to be controlled.



Anastasia Morna Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Feel your master

Being controlled is good

Anastasia has to learn and feel how good it is for her to have a master and to be controlled. Her beautiful dark eyes are wide open as she stares ant the watch in my hand. We all know what that means. Her mind is emptied out as she drifts into deep yet lustful trance. All she wants to do now, is to orgasm for me. She keeps screaming yes master whenever I give her an order. I keep driving her up the wall until her young body quivers and shakes under my suggestions. Repetitions of, I have to learn obedience, I surrender master, are starting to take effect. Anastasia has no choice but to let herself go. Don't you love the power of lust? OK, no more Mr. Nice Guy.

Our little girl is put into the slave position on her knees as her remaining mind, will and thoughts are slowly removed so her masters orders can penetrate deep into her subconscious mind. Anastasia's big eyes stare into nothingness as she is mindless and empty. All of a sudden though, she feels helplessly fucked again and to make her feel my control over her, I make her orgasm on my count of three. This hot segment ends with Anastasia slowly repeating, I follow and I obey (slow monotone mantra) and a final orgasm with her arms stretched out in front of her. Mantra lovers, screaming hard orgasm, yes master lover's dream.



Anastasia Morna Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Understand that your master can give it and that he can take it

Anastasia is kneeling in front of me and her beautiful young body is shaking like a leaf. Now she has to learn that the length as well as the intensity of her orgasm and with that, her wellbeing, is entirely up to her master. Our little girl is muted throughout her orgasm which here again, makes it perfectly clear to her who is in control. Now I have her bend over the couch with her absolutely perfect ass pushed out at me. She keeps screaming, I am just a horny slave as she is ordered to pleasure herself to orgasm for me. I am Cuming for you master. Anastasia is crazy for lust which is always a good time to drop them even deeper. Her body quivers and shakes as her last orgasm subsides and she drops into mindlessness. Her staring eyes are intense and almost piercing as she slowly repeats another mantra, "mindless slave." The shorter the mantras the more effective they are. Anyway, now she needs to learn that she does not have to touch herself in order to orgasm for me. I make her feel her own hand as if it was pleasuring her pussy and our little girl goes nuts. Of course there is also the slow zombie/sleepwalker pose and actual walk back and forth as she repeats, you are my master. Really intense female training which shows Anastasia complete surrender to being controlled.



Anastasia Morna Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your mindless horny slave

More screaming hard orgasms, slow repetition of mantras, mind reduction, kneeling, begging, nipple pinching, waving hand, eye checks, stares, very intense breath controlled orgasms, complete exhaustion and unconditional surrender, make this clip the completion of our little girls initial female training session.

The above mentioned sums it pretty much all up, what it does not describe though is the intensity with which Anastasia surrenders more and more with every breath controlled orgasm or the intensity with which she pinches her nipples for me as it orgasms her and of course it does not even begin to describe the intensity of her letting go of every bit of her will and thoughts for me. I surrender master.



Anastasia Morna Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
I can't wait to tell my women's group about all this

Anastasia, who believes to be delivering a sandwich to my studio seems very intrigued by all the stuff she is seeing. I guess the place can be quite intriguing, with all the mannequins, handcuffs, vibrators and so on being on display. Unfortunately though, she seems rather shocked when I tell her what I do and her reactions is, how can I say this, not as positive as I had hoped for. She makes it quite clear that women have not only a mind of their own but that they certainly should not be controlled and played with. To make things even worse, she wants to tell her women's group about all this and I can only imagine what they would do if they find out what is going on here. In all fairness though, I do offer her to try it out but, here again, she makes it perfectly clear that this might not be for her. OK, having her look at the old antique pocket watch might have been a bit sneaky but it sure does the trick. Anastasia sinks into obedient mindlessness and now she is mine. With her arms stretched out in front of her she slowly repeats, I am a mindless horny slave. Let's see what's hiding under those unflattering clothes of hers, shall we? OK, no more Mr. Nice Guy. Anastasia is driven up the wall for lust without being allowed to orgasm. As we all know, the right to orgasm needs to be earned and it takes a lot of screaming and begging as well as intense masturbation, to be finally allowed to explode. It feels good to have a master. Lots of yes masters, slow repetitions, begging and screaming and....



Anastasia Morna Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Is this what you do

Anastasia wakes up as my mindless horny slave and her training continues. Now it is time for her to show how obedient and well trained she is. She is forced to use a vibrator and to drive herself insane for lust before she is put back to sleep right before she has a chance to orgasm.

Now comes the main part of this segment. Our little delivery girl wakes up again and boy, is she confused and embarrassed about finding herself naked in front of me with a vibrator in her wet pussy. Looks like she does not remember all the details of her training, like changing her clothes and so on but what she remembers seems enough for her to want to leave so she can tell her women's group about all this. Sorry honey but that is not going to happen just yet. All of a sudden her beautiful body freezes up as she sinks into mindless bliss. This is, as we all know, the perfect time to play with the subject as they are in lala land. Of course at some point it is fun to make them aware of their predicament, just to see their reaction.

Anastasia tries to be cool about not being able to move and she talks about having to go back to work and of course the dam women's group again. Anyway, there are too many details to describe it all, Lot's of freezes, mind games, waving hand leads to mindlessness in mid sentence, intense orgasms at the "wrong time" and so much more. At some point our little girl orgasms so hard that she cannot stop it which makes me decide to help her by liquefying her beautiful little body until she just lays there, completely unable to move and...




Anastasia Morna Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
No more women's group

Anastasia, our sexy young delivery girl, snaps out of it again and it seems like she remembers having been frozen but still she does not notice the sexy outfit I made her change into. Oh well, it might be better this way. Anyway, now comes the tickle and freeze fun which is really a lot more fun for me that it is for her. Our little girl jumps around, roles on the floor and begs and pleads but all that only leads to her being frozen yet again while still feeling tickled. Of course, me accidentally dropping a vibrator between her legs which makes her eventually orgasm, does not make it any easier for her but at least she does admit to have enjoyed the somewhat unwanted orgasm. At some point, she is dropped back under and played with and yes, she is programmed to wake up wanting to be..... How does she end up with her arms stretched out in front of her while being mindlessly entranced? Go and see.



Anastasia Morna Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Do you want to know how my feet taste.

This next segment is not only for our foot fetish lovers but also for our re-induction/entrancement lovers. Anastasia, my older sisters girlfriend is staying over at our house for a sleep over. Well, what can I say, my sister is gone to pick up some pizza and that is the perfect time to take a closer look at her sexy young girlfriend. The second I enter the room, I am in love, actually, I think it is more like I am in lust. Anastasia is lounging on the bed and all I can see, are those beautiful long legs and her sexy feet. Needless to say, she would rather see me leaving than coming, meaning, she is not even remotely interested in me. In fact the idea that I want to take a closer look at her feet, seems to really make her want to get rid of me. Looks like I have no other choice than to disable her ability to think.

Anastasia does not even know what hits her. The second the light goes off in her face, her mind starts to drift into deep trance and despite her attempt to look away, she slips under my control with very little resistance. Now, mindless and horny, our little girl all of a sudden loves to touch her feet, lick, kiss and suck them and bring herself to orgasm just by talking about them. At some point, I switch her into becoming a seductive foot slave who loves to describe every aspect, every wrinkle, the length of her arches and so on, of her beautiful feet. Very seductive, sensual and at times mindless foot worship with intense close-ups. Lana and I almost bumped into each other during the filming, that is how it this segment is.



Anastasia Morna Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Sorry but I have to turn you into an obedient Robot now!

Anastasia wakes up from a brief deepening and now she threatens to tell my parents about the whole foot thing. What really gets me though is that she wants to send me to bed by myself. Sorry but that is not the kind of obedient girls I like. Naturally, our little girl does not really agree with me and the idea of her being a good and obedient little girl, seems absurd. In all fairness, I do warn her that I will turn her into an obedient Robot if she does not comply with my wishes. Well, do they ever listen? Of course not. About five seconds later, Anastasia's mind, will and thoughts are gone as they are replaced by programs. "Obedience program loading, Human program deactivated. That is so much better. Let's have her clean up some of the mess in the room to make sure she understands that she is nothing more than a slave robot, programmed to obey and to serve. Of course there are some salutations and a very intense vibrator masturbation throughout which our little robot learns to orgasm on command. At the end, Anastasia is programmed to bring her girl friends next time she is ordered to come back, so that they will become obedient robots as well.



Anastasia Morna Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
The correct answer is "yes Sir" Sorry but there is no smoking in here

Anastasia, our super hot new Navy Cadet, has been called in by her superior for her first briefing. Given the fact that she is only two days on the job, it makes perfect sense that she does not yet know the proper protocol which is why she has been called in. Anyway, I play a bit with her, make her salute, stand at attention and so on. It seems like our young cadet is quite nervous but as soon as she sees the cigarettes on the table, her eyes light up. Sorry honey, there is no smoking in here, besides those cigarettes are an experiment gone wrong and they are certainly not good for you. Of course she does not believe a word I am saying about those cigarettes and as soon as I leave the room to go to an emergency meeting with the general, our cadet lights up.

The fun begins. Watching her sneaking closer to the cigarettes and then be overcome by the temptation to light up, is fun but to see her changing into a horny bimbo, who has no control over herself anymore, is hot. Anastasia, driven by last, slowly transforms into a horny and oversexed little play toy and by the time I come back, there is no way she can stop playing with herself. Believe it or not, she even starts hitting on me, her superior officer. Quite shameless, don't you think? Of course my warning that she might end up mindless and dim, goes unheard and by the time it happens, she is too far gone to even notice.


Anastasia Morna Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
You are disobeying a direct order

Anastasia, our sexy young Cadet, snaps out of it and oh boy, does she feel embarrassed and bewildered. OK, not remembering why your tits are exposed and why the rest of your clothes are in disarray in front of your superior officer, can do that to a girl. Looks like she cannot quite remember all of what had happened. Being her superior and all, I do have to make it clear to her that this kind of behavior cannot be tolerated. The "I am so sorry" are just flying out of her mouth but then she f...up again. The second I order her to stand at attention, her hands fly up to the side of her head and for some reason, they seem to be stuck up there. Now she is really confused but no matter how hard she tries, she cannot seem to get the hands to coordinate. All of a sudden though, the hands come down (I think the snap of my fingers did that) but as soon as I order her to stand at attention again, they shoot up to her tits. I guess you are getting the picture. Anastasia's hands keep going to all the wrong places until the last snap of my fingers renders her mindless. Our little girl is so confused and apologetic by the end of the segment that rendering her mindless seems like a blessing.


Anastasia Morna Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Make sure to keep your clothes on at all times

This last segment for Anastasia is short and sweet. Our young Cadet is snapped out of it once again and by now she seems almost at the end of her wits, so to speak. Needless to say, she does not really remember much of anything and again, she apologizes for not having been paying attention to my last question. Of course there was no last question but she would never know that. Now comes the fun part. Cadet Anastasia takes off a piece of clothing as soon as I casually mention it in our conversation, without being aware of it. Well, being the concerned superior that I am, I have to make sure that every piece of her uniform fits her, which means we have to talk about pretty much all of the things she is wearing, down to her underwear. Poor thing has no clue as to what she is doing and it gets even funnier when I send her (butt naked) to the lunchroom where she....


Anastasia Morna Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
You are not my girlfriend, honey

I don't know what the deal is with women but as soon as you fuck'em they somehow believe that they are now your girlfriend. Have you ever noticed that? Anyway, I should have known better than to sleep with her on the first date. Sure enough, I could not get out fast enough the next morning. She woke up just when I was ready to sneak out and what do you know, she wanted me to stay and spend the day with her.

OK, cuddling after sex is kind of misleading but who could have know that she is that clingy. Before I could get out, she starts to talk about coming with me so she can pick up some stuff for the diner she wants to cook for us. Don't you hate the "us" word after sex. Things got even worse when she referred to herself as my perfect girlfriend. Now that made me snap and I just had to be honest with her. Big mistake. All of a sudden her moves became ridged while her head tilted to the side.

No! You can't do that! That is… Is… Is. Impossible, I'm your perfect girlfriend, your perfect girlfriend, com back to bed and I will please you, I will please you, error…. error….. Illogical.. Illogical….. I have been designed and programmed to function as the perfect female companion. I was stunned at first but then all of a sudden it hit me. She was a fembot and if that was true, I could do with her as I please. All I had to do was, to wait for the inevitable malfunction and then I could re-program her to become what I really wanted and needed.

Yes, I always wanted a woman who could actually make money for me. To program her into becoming a hooker who was not only willing but also more than happy to give me all the money she makes, was a lot harder than it might sound. OK, it all seemed to work, at first that is, but as soon as I started teaching her all the right moves to get the most out of the guys who were willing to pay for her services, she went....... Fun clip, very sensual and even more robotic.


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