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Andrea Rosu Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Down and out in no time

Andrea Rosu, beautiful California red head is certainly the perfect mix of beauty and intelligence as well as raw sexuality and class. The moment I saw her and we began talking for just a few minutes, I just knew that this would be another hot and extremely exciting afternoon. I am sure you will agree with me once you watch her session that our little girl is definitely among my best subjects and the fact that she was able to let herself go completely makes this another "director's choice."

Intelligent girls often go under quickly and Andrea was no exception which is why I decide to try a rapid induction. Down and out in only a few seconds, our little beauty is ready for programming. Needless to say, I take my time to mess with her limp body, open her mouth and perform some eye checks before making her (still sleepy) orgasm in my arms. I make her lose control over her body and thoughts while intensifying her (very long) first orgasm. Her eyes slowly open as she stares into nothingness. Of course there is more than just that. First yes masters, entranced answers to my questions and programming, stares, waving hand and...

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Andrea Rosu Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I am going into deeper trance for you master

Who controls your body

Andrea's training starts off with some standing up, bottomless masturbation, after all, she has to learn that love slaves do not have to be comfortable. Andrea goes nuts as she tries very hard to proof that she is already willing to obey. Time to sensitize her clit and drive her up the proverbial wall even more. She s not allowed to touch herself while she is made to feel as if her hand was still caressing her clit. I like to call this the "hands free" orgasm training which when it works is a pretty good indication that the subject follows suggestions well.

Time to "snap" her deep again and to ask her more questions regarding her trance. Her answers are slow and entranced and so are her yes masters. Yes master, I am going into deep trance for you. Of course that is all just warm up. Next we have our entranced beauty show us her most seductive poses and freeze her in place. Andreas body becomes ridged and stiff which makes her feel more controlled and with that, uninhibited than ever before. More poses, more freezes and an orgasm that makes her almost fall. I am your mannequin master.



Andrea Rosu Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am here for you to command me master

Just decoration

I had a feeling that Andrea likes a "good pounding" and sure enough the second I have her bend over the couch while making her feel fucked hard, her beautifully rounded body goes into lustful convulsions. Of course we have to make her feel that the amount of pleasure she is allowed to feel, depends on her masters mood. Our little girl drops like a rock in the middle of a very powerful orgasm. Time to mess with her limp body, take off her shoes, inspect her feet, do some eye checks and have her orgasm again while helplessly out.

Of course that is all just warm up. Placed in the sleepwalker/zombie pose, our entranced beauty seems to have no more mind, will and or thoughts of her own. Her repetitions of "I am here for you to command me master" become slower and slower as she stares into who knows what. Her weak and wobbly body is just standing there while my hand runs over her neck, opens her eyes and mouth and so on. After all, she is just there for our pleasure. Deeply entranced she is then posed and moved for our pleasure, just like a beautiful piece of decoration.




Andrea Rosu Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Everything I do is for my master

Our little girl is still standing there like a beautifully frozen sculpture when she suddenly unfreezes and drops to the couch like a rock. Time to check every detail of her sexy body and of course her feet. Before training her to become my obedient foot slave, I take some time to pose her sleepy body and orgasm (very long) her while holding her eyes open. Here again, all just warm up. It gets hot quickly when she wakes up feeling obsessed about pleasing me with her sexy little feet. Andrea goes crazy for lust and having to wait for the touch of my hand under her feet ( in order for her to orgasm) drives her up0 the wall even further. She keeps repeating" everything I do is for my master" over and over. More limp foot and body manipulation still to come.



Andrea Rosu Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Unconditional surrender

This last segment of her initial training is all about Andrea's final surrender. We get to enjoy listening to her begging and screaming in ecstasy while cuming over and over until she . Of course there is more than just that. Our little girl squirms and quivers under the intense breath controlled orgasm training until all she wants is to not only unconditionally surrender but to also show her surrender by passing out during her hardest orgasm ever. Needless to say that once she is down, I take my time to pose her limp body, mess with her mouth, neck and face and...



Andrea Rosu Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Data processing complete

I am here to please my master sexually

Andrea, who believes to be the manager of a catering service, is quite excited that she has been hired to cater for a prestigious gallery opening. Needless to say, she is not too impressed by the manager of the gallery and she almost loses it when the guy not only hits on her but also asks her (as well as her staff) to pretend to be "fembot waitresses" She goes on and on about how this was not made clear to her when she agreed to do the catering job.

Anyway, who cares what she thinks, right. Let's introduce her to the "buzzer". Long story but you will know what the buzzer does once you watch this. Andrea turns out to be an amazing robot toy, the way her voice as well as her movement changes is quite phenomenal. Of course she has to serve her master, masturbate herself with another mechanical device, process all kinds of date (orders mainly) and so much more. Great segment for our obedient robot fans as well as our malfunctioning robot lovers.



Andrea Rosu Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Look into my eyes

Andrea, our sexy catering service manager, wakes up feeling confused and repulsed by the fact that she has a vibrator in her crotch less pantyhose. Other than that though, she does not remember what just happened. Things don't seem to improve for her though. Now the manager of the gallery seems to have taken an interest in her beautiful little feet which are hiding in those sexy red high heel shoes.

Again, our little girl feel uncomfortable as hell and she tries to talk her way out of this one. Well, what can I say, she changes her "mind" shortly after looking deeply into my eyes while listening to my soft voice. In other words, she ends up willing and mindless. I have no more thoughts of my own master. First off we put her to sleep so that we can take our time to check her feet in those (crotch less) pantyhose, mess with her face and so on before she slowly comes back as a pleasing foot slave. I decide to cut her pantyhose while she is spreading her toes. Let's drive her up the wall for lust before.... Too much to list but certainly a foot lover's dream.




Andrea Rosu Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Trigger happy

When I say trigger happy, I am talking about post hypnotic triggers. Andrea, who still believes to be working for the catering service, is now programmed to feel licked and fingered when she hears the word hypno, fucked hard when she hears the word "Pen", orgasmed when she hears the word blue and so on. Imagine our conversation, her embarrassment, her denying the whole thing, the silly excuses and so on, while trying desperately to remain professional.

Of course than manager of the gallery keeps going on her nerves with his request for her to waitress topless and so forth. Really too much fun stuff going on to describe it all. At some point the trigger word "vibration" makes her pull out the vibrator (the one she was trying to hide in the last clip) and to give her wet pussy a hard workout. Wait until I make her become aware of what she just did. Of course that is not all yet. At some point we put her back to sleep for some limp play from which she wakes up confused and ready to leave but then she puts herself....




Andrea Rosu Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Buzzer Happy

Here we get to enjoy watching Andrea, who now believes to be a famous book author, director and feminist, hitting the buzzer on our new televised quiz show. What's with the buzzer, you might ask. Well, every time she hits the buzzer t seems to take away some of her IQ without her really knowing what's going on. At first, our brilliant writer keeps talking about her award and all the stuff she has accomplished in her life but then, slowly but surely, she turns into an oversexed dummy with very little to no morals. She even hits the buzzer when she does not know the answer to my question and then she keeps hitting it just because. Watch her slow demise from bright and intelligent to horny, oversexed and very silly. Great bimbofication segment. Limp body play and more. This one was really perfect for Andrea who is intelligent and well read.




Andrea Rosu Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen on the buzzer

Andrea, our still quite full of herself author/director, wakes up not remembering what just happened and yet again, she keeps showing of her achievements, blablabla. Needless to say, she has no idea that she is naked either, which makes this even more fun. Anyway, the quiz show from hell continues. The second she tries to hit the buzzer to answer the next question, she freezes up right before she can hit the da... buzzer.

Now that is odd, don't you think. Poor thing seems a bit concerned and she now wants me to call her doctor. Oh well, let's put her to sleep for some more programming. Up and again clueless, our little girl is eager to go on with the show. Things don't seem to improve though although this time she is able to hit the buzzer but now her hands seems stuck to it. At first she tries to hide the fact that her hand is stuck on the buzzer but then she decides to use force to get it off which does not work either.

What can I say, those are just some of her problems, besides the unexpected and very embarrassing orgasms, the passing out before being able to answer my questions and so much more. Lots of limp body and neck manipulation as well as eye checks. Fun clip, at some point towards the end our girl is so confused and her nervous laugh shows it.




Andrea Rosu Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Too much of a good thing

I don't even know where to start with this one. First off, our bright young lady cannot seem to answer the next question thanks to these pesky, uncontrollable laughing attacks. Poor thing tries so hard but then again, she breaks out in laughter every time she tries to answer. That's not fair, I know but life is not always fair. After a brief (sleepy) break, she comes back believing that I am the best looking man she has ever seen and boy is she hitting on me in no uncertain terms. Wait until you see what happens when she suddenly becomes aware of what she is doing (stripping and masturbating on national TV) Oh my God, that is not me.

Andréa keeps apologizing while trying to explain her behavior and it would have been somewhat believable if she just could have stopped laughing. Some people just cannot be serious, I guess. Anyway, next time around, our sexy show contestant seems to believe that she can see my dick and that it is the biggest, badest monster she has ever seen. boy does she love big dicks. She is even offering me to (please) fuck her.

 Unfortunately though, she freezes up again while it dawns on her that she just wanted me to fuck the he... out of her. looks like we need to put her to sleep, remove her pantyhose and mess with her helplessly limp body, before waking her up for more fun. Next time around, she believes to see my dick yet again but now it is the smallest thing she has ever seen. A six year old is bigger than that. Oh boy, does she make fun of me (small dick humiliation). There is a lot more to cum, like the part where she is full aware of the fact that she is naked on TV but now she cannot seem to close her (wide) spread legs. Really embarrassing and awkward. More sleepy limp play yet to come.




Andrea Rosu Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I am better than a real girl

Being the manager of a strip club is certainly stressful yet very exciting at the same time. I always thought that I had pretty much "seen it all" but what happened last week even blew me away. I was a bit surprised when Andrea, our featured dancer, wanted me to check out her new dance routine. It seemed almost like she wanted my approval so badly that she was willing to strip just for me. Don't get me wrong, I liked the idea but never the less, it was odd for her to even do that. To make a long story short, before long, she started to complain about the heat and strangely enough, her moves became more and more ridged and stiff.

At first I thought that it was all part of her new act, the robot dance and all, but then I realized that something was quite wrong with her. I am not sure how she could hide the fact that she was a robot for over two years from me but sure enough, that what she turned out to be. Of course, being as sophisticated as she was, it took her a while to overheat and to malfunction but, oh boy, did she crash.


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