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Emily & Anna Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


Take us to the limit

Emily and Anna, both young, horny, bi-sexual and very curious, seemed very excited but also nervous about the idea of not only becoming lovers but also to be taken to a place where they would find their most hidden sexual desires. My two sweeties told me at the beginning of the session, that they had a little bit of experience with what I do and that it had made them curious to find out how deep they were actually willing to go.

Nervous yet ready to feel the ultimate sexual experience and to surrender to their own hidden desires as well as lust, my two sexy beauties could not wait to get started. Having a couple of willing subjects does not always guaranty an easy session and as it turned out, in order for me to make them surrender, I had to teach them to follow and obey me first. Believe me I am more than glad that I took the challenge and once you watch the clips, you will know why.

I started them off with a long balloon/magnetic hands test which I gradually turned into the first part of the relaxation training. Very slow closing and flickering eyelids. When I saw the girls holding hands during the induction, I just knew that they were meant for each other.

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Emily & Anna Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Intense warm up and first surrender

The girls started to hold hands already during the induction and seems quite obvious that they do like each other. Let's see whether they have the kind of chemistry that makes for a hot and heavy girl on girl session. Sure enough the second I suggest that they feel each others tongues and hands all over their bodies, my two beauties start to moan and groan. Their young, tight bodies start withering and quivering with pleasure. It gets intense quickly and before you know the girls are screaming for lust. Of course they have to learn that being horny does not mean that they are allowed to orgasm.

I keep pushing them deeper and deeper until they finally repeat, "I let go of all control." All of a sudden, I realize the both of them start to masturbate the other girls wet pussy and it is obvious that they are already crazy about each other. Still, there is a whole lot more to learn, for my two beauties, before they are finally orgasmed on my count to three. The intensity with which the girls orgasm is not easy to describe but you will know what I mean when you watch them fall off the couch without even noticing it.



Emily & Anna Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
I have to learn to follow and to obey

No more mind is her mantra into oblivion

Now it is time to let Anna feel the intensity of lustful, choice less and complete surrender. Emily is ordered to go down on her new toy. Anna's young body is drained of all strength, leaving her helplessly weak and ready to be eaten out: "I have to learn to follow and to obey, master". Her eyes are wide open while her mind and thoughts are slowly drained out of her. Completely absorbed by the intense lust she is feeling, Anna has no choice but to let herself go completely and to mindlessly surrender. The slow and monotone repetition of "no more mind" takes her over the edge and eventually leaves her a beautiful empty shell of herself. Very intense, real surrender, mindless stares, mantras and more. Licked into mindless oblivion.



Emily & Anna Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
Please make me mindless master .I am a mindless shell

Emily's voluptuous body is placed on the top of the couch. Just like her little friend before, Emily is unable to move. Her legs are spread apart and her juicy pussy is wide open for Anna's skilled tongue. Anna is mindlessly pleasuring her friend into a state of intense arousal. Emily, unable to move and or resist, is screaming for lust and she starts begging me to take her mind. The desire to orgasm becomes overwhelming and she is more than willing to surrender her thoughts and mind to me: "I am a mindless shell, master". Emily falls into the same state of oblivion as her little friend did before and her big eyes seem to be rolling and then staring into nothingness. Nice rolling eyes, screaming hard orgasms and very intense mind reduction. Our zombie lovers will like the last couple of segments as well.



Emily & Anna Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
Thank you master for making me a mindless horny shell

The girls are placed on their knees in the slave position. While being commanded to mindlessly masturbate each other, both are ordered to repeat, slow and monotone "thank you master for making me mindless". Orgasmed on my command, my two beauties are learning who is in control over their young and very horny bodies. Of course that is just the warm up. I decide to have them make love to each other and to make each other cum for me. You can really feel how they are consumed by the desire to please me and to make each other scream and eventually orgasm for me. All of a sudden, Emily takes control and goes down on Anna. Anna's unblinking big eyes are wide open, her body goes into lustful convulsions while she is licked into blissful mindlessness. Very intense breath controlled orgasms, really hot girl/girl action and amazing stares and rolling eyes. ..



Emily & Anna Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
Thank you for letting me please you master

More rolling eyes and the waving hand into mindless obedience

First the girls have to go through some very intense orgasm training while repeating: "thank you master for letting me please you". Waving my hand in front of their big open eyes renders my little sweeties mindless and empty. Emily who was allowed to take control of her little friend in the last segment is now taken to a place she never even knew existed. Anna, mindless and willing can not seem to get enough of her friends wet pussy. Her tongue drives Emily insane for lust. By using the fact that all her attention is absorbed by lust, I keep taking her into an even deeper state of trance. Emily's eyes role back into the back of her head as she drifts under my total control. Her eyes role back even more intensely during her screaming hard orgasms. Licked into a mindless state of oblivion, Emily finally gives it all up. Both girls are put back to sleep and I start messing around with their helpless little bodies. Intense eye checks concludes the first hour of their female training session.



Emily & Anna Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
Don't you think that is chauvinistic macho crap?

Being turned into a couple of obedient Robots does not seem possible to my somewhat nasty and very impolite young super models. OK, they have agreed to pose as robots for our new toy catalogue but to actually turn into something "that controlled" seems impossible and quite hideous. You should see them making fun of me while telling me that all this is just chauvinistic macho crap. OK, now I am a bit pissed off and sure enough, two seconds later my two super models turn into very obedient and promiscuous robots. Lots of repetitions of: "I am a mindless robot", bottomless masturbation and denied orgasms (they really had to wait long for this one) saluting while Cumming, self deactivating, fondling, kissing, nipple squeezing, forced orgasms and a whole lot more. Of course I had to snap them out of it a couple of times which turned out to be a mistake. Bitch, bitch, bitch.



Emily & Anna Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Who could ever resist those breasts

Anna who believes to be the new nurse at the local hospital is absolutely not thrilled by the idea that the head nurse id hitting on her. Of course she likes the compliments but certainly not the fondling. My boyfriend would not like that, besides I am not into girls. Well, that changes quickly when nurse Emily pulls out those big firm breasts of hers. Using her soft voice and the mesmerizing effect of her bazookas, Emily slowly but surely puts her sweet innocent victim into a mindless and very deep trance. Anna has no chance and soon she becomes her new mistresses willing slave. Undressed and orgasmed, Anna submits without another attempt to fight her new owner. Emily, who believes to hear my voice through an ear piece, turns out to be a very sweet yet firm instrument of my desires. Check out my new toy in this segment, I know that many of you were waiting for it.



Emily & Anna Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
Crawl and bow to you master

Nurse Anna is put between her mistresses legs and ordered to please her. Emily's voluptuous body is quivering and shaking under her slaves care. Anna seems to love the idea of having to please her and she uses a slow and intense way of bringing her new owner to orgasm. Both girls can not see me but as mentioned, Emily can hear my voice through the headset. The second she orgasms, I use her intense feelings of lust to remove her mind, thoughts and all strength in her body. Emily has no choice but to give it all up. Both girls are mindless and willing and it is time for the zombie pose and while we are at it, some crawling and bowing to their master. Nice slow repetitions of, there is only one master, before being put to sleep, rounds up this great female training segment.



Emily & Anna Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
Yes, we think outside the box

The girls believe to be in an interview for the position of our new spokes model. It seems a bit awkward that they are interviewed at the same time, after all, they are competing for the same job. It is easier that way and it saves me time, besides I can compare the two contestants side by side, so too speak. Anyway, both girls try very hard to impress me and as soon as I mention the fact that we are looking for " team players ", the two start to fondle and kiss each other. Somehow they seem to think that this is a good way to show me that they can work as a team.

It gets even more weird when I mention that we need people who can "think outside the box." Looks like the girls idea of thinking outside the box is to start making love to each other. Interesting to see what people do just to land a job but I have to say, trying to sway my decision by making love to each other, is certainly thinking outside the box. It gets even stranger when I mention that we need people who show a long lasting performance.

Now they think that outlasting each other when it comes to having an orgasm, is the way to show me that they are long lasting performers. The poor girls seem to have absolutely no clue as to what they are doing but watching them trying to make each other cum while desperately avoiding to orgasm, is a lot of fun. As we all know, there is always a winner but does she really win?




Emily & Anna Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
Why can't I move?

Waving hand leads to frozen mindlessness

My two beauties wake up with no recollection of what just happened. Naturally they feel fully dressed, fresh and ready for the job interview. Strange things are starting to happen to our eager job contestants. Like for example, Anna instantaneously turns into a frozen and mindless mannequin. Of course that not only surprises her friend but also makes her a bit worried. There is not much time for her to wonder before the same happens to her. Snapped out of it again the same happens to our girls as I wave my hand in front of their wide open eyes. Like most girls who see me, they are wearing way too much and I have to take care of that while they are frozen. Fully aware yet frozen solid, the girls are now wondering why they feel an orgasm! Strange isn't it? Waving my hand in front of their eyes takes care of that problem and both sink into oblivion. Lots of aware and unaware freezes, confusion and mindless bliss.




Emily & Anna Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
at least am very morally fit

After a brief deepening my two "wanna" be spokes models snap out of it and now they start apologizing for being almost naked. The funny thing is that they start accusing each other for what they think just happened. You should see the two bitching at each other while trying to make it clear to me that they are morally fit for the position of the spokes model. All of a sudden Anna freezes up and her mind seems to be gone as well. All that is too much to resist. Emily can not help but to play with Anna's helpless little body while ridiculing her at the same time. Emily, who thinks that she is really on top of it now, starts to freeze up as well while Anna is coming out of it. Seeing Emily helpless and mindless seems to be a real turn on and all Anna wants to do is, make her choice less toy orgasm. It is really hot to watch Anna lick her friend into complete mindless oblivion. By the time Emily becomes aware of what is happening, it is already too late. Nice struggle and lots of rolling eyes towards the end of the segment.



Emily & Anna Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
I have tasted better drinks

Emily and Anna have volunteered to test our new fruit juice made from a very rare Brazilian berry. For the record, our test subjects seem to be in good spirit, mentally fit and ready for the test. The fact that some of our earlier test candidates experienced some, let's call it, side effects, does not seem to bother them at all. In fact they are making fun of the idea that a soft drink could possibly make them feel aroused and or make them feel compelled to make somewhat mindless love to each other.

A few minutes into the test, our subjects start sharing some details about their somewhat boring sex lives and the fact that they are definitely not into women. It is also noted that they seem to be a bit more giggly than at the beginning of the test and it also seems like their hands have a tendency to wander over their bodies.

Still no signs of any side effects. On a side note it is sadly noted that they seem to have no interest in me as a man and one of them even states that most men are perverts anyway. Despite their denial, it is noted that both girls seem to feel increasingly aroused and it is hard to believe that they are taking off their clothes just because it is hot in the studio. It is also noted that the giggling, fondling of each others' bodies and other sexual behavior increases with every sip of the juice. Still no side effects. Even the fact that they are now blatantly inviting me to fuck the hell out of them, does not seem to register in their IQ reduced world.


Emily & Anna Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
Still no side effects

The mental condition of our test subjects seems to deteriorate quickly. Almost naked, the two are now starting to play even more intensely with each other and the need to feel a man's dick seems to have become overwhelmingly strong. Why else would they keep begging me to come over there and let them have it? For some reason though, our test subjects still feel in control and of course they have no clue about any IQ reduction. It is noted that our new product seems to have removed any inhibitions the above mentioned subjects might have had. One of the subjects seems to respond even more aggressively to our product and can not be stopped from going down on the other one and mercilessly lick her out of her remaining mind.



Emily & Anna Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
You idiot, you ruined me!

Anna’s friend surprises her with a trip to the spa, but is surprised by her reluctance. She refuses the mud treatment and sauna and only agrees to a quick massage. She seems very nervous and keeps trying to get up before the massage is over. Emily, a quite seasoned masseuse, is trying to do her best to relax her nervous customer. It almost works and as soon as she feels that Anna is relaxing, she starts to squirt the massage oil on her back. Oh my god, all of a sudden all hell breaks lose and Anna starts screaming and yelling at her. You idiot, I am not supposed to get wet, you ruined me and so on. Damn, where did that come from? Anna grabs the bottle from the more than surprised masseuse and again, the oil is splashing all over the place.

This time though, it ends up on Emily's chest. Now she starts to scream and yell at her customer. What a mess. All this would probably not be all that tragic if those two weren't Fembots, who really are not supposed to get oil squirted into their circuits. No matter how hard both of them try to regain control over their slowly but surely malfunctioning systems, they eventually go down. Being the owner of the massage joint, I feel compelled to help, or I should better say, bring their systems back up. It takes a bit to repair and program both of them but when they come back, everything changes.

All they seem to want to do, is suck, fuck and kiss each other and for some reason they seem to think that they are my bi-sexual play toys. Some people believe to this day that I had something to do with their transformation.





Emily & Anna Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Fuck me you idiot!

My two bi-sexual fuck toys are still in the 69 position, licking and finger fucking each other but all of a sudden, Anna seems to have some problems. Luckily though, she is able to catch herself just in time to watch Emily malfunction. Instead of feeling sorry for her, she starts to fondle Emily's stiff body. Things get worse from here but if you ask me whether it was worth it, I can definitely say yes. To watch those two in action, to hear them moan and groan and to cum like there is no tomorrow, is definitely an experience you don't want to miss.






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