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Annabelle  Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Female training step one

Letting go of control

Annabelle, aka Ellie Jensen, is a beautiful young "firecracker" full of (mainly sexual) energy. I can honestly say that Annabelle is a girl after my own heart, full of energy, funny (you will see that in the clips) very sensual (also in the clips), naturally kinky as well as horny, outspoken (loves to talk) and most importantly, a fantastic subject. We tried to get together since the last fetish con in Tampa where we met for the first time and I am more than happy that it finally worked out. As mentioned, Annabelle is a great subject and although she had a little bit of experience with what I do, she told me afterwards that she could, even in her wettest dreams, not have imagined anything like what happened that very intense afternoon my studio. In other words, our little girl has become not only a fan but an addict of what I do and I mean that in the best possible way.

Annabelle, although feisty at times, is a born submissive, who loves to be put in her place, as long as it sane of course and as we all know, my sessions are fun and who does not like to go home after, I don't know how many yes masters and orgasms. Anyway, I incorporated a lot of your suggestions, including the longer and more personalized mantras, raised arms, hands out of control, more freeze fun and, and, and..... If you like the flickering eye lids, the very slow closing eye lids, the zoned out stares during the balloon test, initial feelings of arousal due to the lack of control and close ups, than this one is for you.

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Annabelle  Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Female training step Two
Taken and orgasmed
"You are my master"

As many of you know, I like to call the first segments the five step program in which the subject is taken to intense emotional heights, aroused beyond believe, send into deep silent mindlessness and then programmed to perfection, meaning being turned into the perfect love slave. Pretty much all of the girls who have been trained this way in my sessions, have enjoyed this process tremendously as they became aware of the fact that by letting go of inhibitions and control, they were finally able to experience themselves in ways they never thought was even possible. Annabelle is no exception.

The second she feels me taking over, her sexy young body starts to quiver and shake and before long her moaning and groaning turns into lustful screams. The more she feels helplessly taken and fucked, the harder she screams as her body goes into lustful convulsions. The suggestion that taking of her skirt for me and to expose her body for me will make her orgasm, seems to drive her nuts and she cannot seem to get out of her clothes fast enough. Sure enough, she orgasms right then and there.

Time to teach her to acknowledge my orders by saying "YES MASTER" Now she is programmed to feel even more orgasmic after each and every orgasm and that she cannot get enough of those intense orgasms, which ensures that she will stay open and programmable for the rest of the session. Annabelle goes down on her knees and now it is time for her first slow repetitions of, you are my master, and some very intense mind reduction. Plenty of yes masters and repetitions already.



Annabelle  Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Female training step Three

I am your mindless slave master. Being under your control feels good master

Step three is important as the subject learns to orgasm on command, to orgasm with their eyes open which makes it clear that they do not have a private moment, repeat mantras in a slow and monotone manner, experience complete mindlessness, answer by saying yes master and to feel what it is like to have no control over body and mind. Of course there is a lot more going on than just that. Annabelle is still very aroused and I decide to take her back down into mindless stillness. The slow and long repetition of I am your mindless slave, takes her way down as her body starts to slightly wobble and her eyes seem to cross. Once deep and ready for more, she feels suddenly hit by a surprise orgasm. As I always say, throwing off the conscious mind, is what this is all about.

Annabelle feels intense pleasure which is even enhanced when she is ordered to expose herself even more for her master by taking off her top. Time to make her feel helplessly fucked and used and as expected, it makes her young body go into lustful convulsions again. Our little girl's body is still quivering from the last orgasm and now we have her raise her arms in front of her body while slowly repeating another (slow and monotone) mantra. Being under your control master feels good. Of course there is a lot more going on, from uncontrollable orgasms to more mindless repetitions, plenty of yes masters and crossing eyes. I am cuming for you master. Very intense...



Annabelle  Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Female training step Four

I am here to obey you master. I am your obedient slave master

All of Annabelle's training segments so intense that they are not easy to put into words and this one is no exception. If you are into the long slow and monotone mantras, the yes masters, the open eyed screaming hard orgasms on command (while longing and begging for them) the zombie/sleep walker pose, slave crawling, the frozen and helplessly orgasmed love slaves and the unconditional surrender of the female in training, than this one is for you. Too many details to describe them all but watching her riding the carpet while in intense bliss and or repeating mantras, mindlessly and slow that is, can only be described as very, very hot.



Annabelle  Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Female training step Five
Only you are important master
I surrender to you master

Nothing is more important than to please you master

Annabelle keeps screaming, I am your obedient slave master, while being ordered to masturbate for her master. Finally, she is allowed to make herself cum. The impact of the orgasm is not easy to describe but it makes her almost pass out. She keeps repeating, no one has ever made me cum like this. Time for some more intense deepening. Our little girl sinks into mindless obedience and bliss are she stares into complete nothingness. Well, let's put her on her back in the spread eagle position with her arms stretched out in front of her body.

The slow and monotone repetitions of, only you are important master, take her further under my control and into dim bliss. Now she has to learn to give it all up for her master. The way she finishes herself up for me, cannot be put into words. Her horny young body goes into intense convulsions, her screaming becomes even louder (I surrender to you master) and I can feel that she is ready to let herself go completely. Nothing is more important than to please you master. After being put to sleep, our little girl is orgasmed one more time while her eyes open and close. Eye checks (both at the same time) expose the white in her eyes.



Annabelle  Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
You need an ass-whooping buster!

I was created to serve you master

Annabelle believes to be a bad ass dominatrix who is about to be interviewed for a new reality show which is all about women and their unusual professions. The first to show up at her house is the camera man (guess who that might be) who definitely has a problem with what she does for a living. Annabelle actually surprised me in this one as it clearly shows that she does have a dominant site to her. She keeps talking about me secretly liking what she does and that I look like the kind of guy who needs a serious whopping. Sorry honey, big mistake.

What sets her off even more are my comments about programmed and obedient little girls, which is BTW what I really like. Needless to say, she does not believe that I can turn her into a, let's say, obedient and very well programmed robot which has only one purpose and that is to please and serve her owner/master. Looks like it is time for some brain cleaning and reprogramming. Annabelle snaps at attention and her programming begins. Lots of yes masters, slow and robotic repetition of my orders, salutations, masturbation without a happy ending, deactivation, stiff walk, arms out in front of body pose as well as robot pose. Very intense and definitely not only for our obedient robot fans.



Annabelle  Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
I will never dominate men again

This next segment shows our dominatrix, who wakes up ready to kick my ass for what just happened, being turned into an obedient, yes master saying and at times mindless as well as immobilized, foot slave who has no other choice than to have her feet inspected, be orgasmed and played with. I know, that was another long sentence but as you know, there is sooooo much going on that is not easy to describe everything without getting to lengthy. Of course at times, our dominatrix is very well aware of what is going on but unfortunately for her, she does not seem to have the strength to do anything about, except maybe bitching but that does help.

There are other times where she is just mindless and dim while the camera zooms over her body and even more so over her feet. Oh, did I mention the vibrator that "somehow" ended up between her immobilized legs. One can only imagine what that might do to a horny young dominatrix. Of course there is also the part where she very, very, very slowly slows off her feet, wrinkles as well as forward pointed toes. I could go on and on here about all the stuff that is happening but I think it is time for you to go and take a look. Power and domination combined with foot worship, orgasms on command and a complete change in attitude. Eye checks and limp body play. I will never ever dominate men again master.




Annabelle  Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not your maid

This next one is hot and if you are into long, slow and monotone repetition of mantras, a mindlessly entranced girl changing into a French maids costume while repeating the mantra, I am your mindless slave master, entrancement via the light wand, mindless stares and lots of yes masters, than this one is definitely for you. Of course it all starts with Annabelle being my bitchy sister in law who just does not seem to think much of her older sister's husband, who BTW tries to show off his new photo studio.

Somehow she seems turned off by the costumes and my mentioning that it was always my dream to play with a young girl dressed in a French maids costume, seems to make her more upset than anything else. OK, my comment that, if we would ever fool around, it would sort of stay in the family, was not the idea to win her over either, but then again, who cares. Annabelle turns out to be a bitch from hell and her comments are hilarious. Needless to say that she becomes very obedient and submissive right after....



Annabelle  Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your obedient maid

This segment is actually the continuation of the last one. Annabelle, my formerly disobedient sister in law is now ready for her training. First off we have her walk around the room with her arms stretched out in front of her body while repeating, I am your mindless slave master. Next we have her dust and then seductively fondle the mannequin, yes the one she had made fun off not too long ago. Of course that is all just warm up for the intense fucking machine ride that almost drives her insane for lust and eventually makes her go out while saying yes master, yes master... Very intense and watching her being driven nuts for lust with her arms pulled up in the air is hot, hot...



Annabelle  Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen and orgasmed French maid

Why am I dressed like one of these whores and BTW, my sister deserves sooo.. much better than...

This one is not easy to describe as Annabelle, my sexy little sister in law, goes from being bitchy to begging and back to being mean to the point where she wants to rat me out to her sister. First though, we have her wake up feeling confused and ready to get the hell out. Not so fast sweetie, we have not even played the freeze game yet. Believe it or not, while trying to piece it all together, our little girl picks up the wand again because that was the last thing she remembers.

Big mistake. The second she picks it up, her mind goes who knows where while her body freezes up, of course all that happens in the middle of her bitching at me. Time to play. As soon as her mind slowly comes back, she first begs me to let her move and when that does not seem to work, she goes back to giving me hell. Lots of back and forth, aware and unaware freezes, undesired orgasms and lots of mind control. How does she end up a good little girl with her arms out in front of her while saying, I am a submissive slave master? Looks like it is now time to put her back to sleep and to...



Annabelle  Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Final surrender of a French maid

Frozen, tickled and made to crawl after being orgasmed and rendered mindless.

Up and ready to kick my ass, my sexy sister in law, is suddenly hit by a very uncomfortable, Tickling attack" I wonder how that happened. Strangely enough, she even freezes up during the ordeal which makes the tickling even more uncomfortable. Of course that is all not the worst that can happen to a young French maid who does not want to seem to learn. Try knowing that your next orgasm, although unavoidable, will render you mindless and obedient. Of course there is still the crawling, the sleepwalker pose and the yes masters to come. Fun and hot segment which finally makes her obedient and with that a mindless love slave.



Annabelle  Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not oversexed

Annabelle is made to believe that we are both waiting in the Praxis of a famous hypnotist. Of course both of us are a bit nervous, after all it is our first session. I cannot help but notice that, although she seems willing to try it, she seems very skeptical and the idea of letting go of control is quite foreign to her. She tells me that she hit the proverbial bump in the road and that hypnosis might be the answer.

Now it starts getting hot. All of a sudden (after I snap my fingers) our non believer finds the dildo next to her and starts sucking on it as if it was the most normal thing to do. In fact I am sure she is not even aware of what she is doing but it certainly is very hard to keep up a conversation with somebody who has a big load like this in her mouth. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that it seems to turn her on to the point where she just has to masturbate. Of course she denies that her hand is giving her pussy a workout which makes me believe that she is not even aware of it. Poor thing does not even have a chance to orgasm as she falls asleep.

Part two of this segment shows our non believer waking up and as soon as she sits up, she goes out again. Let's try this again. She slowly comes up and oops, there she goes again and again. Let's play with her sleepy body for a bit ad then have her wake up with another orgasm. Poor thing scrambles for excuses while drowning in embarrassment.



Annabelle  Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
More fun in the waiting room

Mindless slave, obedient robot, by her own hand, mantras, unaware striptease, lot's of confusion, embarrassment and candyfication.

This last segment of Annabelle's session has a little bit of everything. Our non-believer loses her mind while trying one of those delicious candies which happen to be right next to her. I think my recommendation that the candy will help her relax the mind actually worked. Mindless and dim, our young girl gets up, raises her arms and states that she is a mindless slave. I snap her out of it while she is repeating, I am a mindless slave and oh boy, that makes her feel embarrassed and confused. Still she remains skeptical.

Next comes the robot transformation in which she snaps at attention, walks stiff legged and talks like a fembot. Again I snap her out of it in the middle of her stiff legged walk and again she feels embarrassed and confused. Now it is time for the hand. Yes, her own hand which seems out of control and after torturing her for a while, the dam hand even shoves the dildo in her mouth. Can you believe that. Watching her waking up with it in her mouth is even more fun. Of course there is still the stripping and the final "you are my master" yet to come. As I mentioned, a bit of everything.


Annabelle  Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
This week's robot story was suggested by one of our viewers and it all starts like this An accounting firm has hired a new Secretary, Annabelle to help not only with clerical/secretarial but to also make coffee, water the plants, etc...

Frank, one of the veteran accountants has noticed the cute new girl making her rounds and tries to spark up a conversation...

(Frank) Hi how are doing? I don’t believe we’ve met yet.

(Annabelle) Hello… I am well…. thank you for asking! Your statement is inaccurate, we are meeting now. (she is wearing a smile so wide that it looks like it might hurt, and speaks in a overly chipper, even, almost sickeningly pleasant tone”

(Frank) uh yah I guess you're right, anyway my name’s Frank. What should I call you.

(Annabelle) You should call me Annabelle, It is the name that was given to me

(Frank) Uhm OK, How about Ellie, seems a little less formal

(Annabelle) (Annabelle looks of to the side and stares off into space as she begins talking to herself) Anne, Ann, Bella, Ellie, Elle.. is a commonly used alternative for Annabelle….. Yes Ellie is an acceptable substitute. You may call me Ellie if you wish.

(Frank) Wow you gave that a lot a thought, it's just a nickname. (Annabelle) Thank you , I try to be my best……Would you like some coffee?

(Frank) Sure coffee sounds great………(Frank mumbles under his breath)…It’s a good thing she's cute trumps crazy

(Annabelle) excuse me?

(Frank) Oh nothing, I just said You were cute

(Annabelle) Yes, I am exactly as I was intended to be….thank you for noticing

(Frank) Hey Annabelle

(Annabelle) Yes?

(Frank) Sweetie, Those Aren’t real (Annabelle looks down at the cleavage pouring out of her v-neck sweater, she sets down her spray bottle and raises her hands to cover her chest as she mimics embarrassment.)

(Annabelle) They are too real, and I find your comment most inappropriate

(Frank) I meant the plants

(Annabelle) They are not Implants!, How dare you imply that my breast are not real

(Frank) I never said anything about your ….you know what, just never mind…. I think you’re the one that’s unreal

Annabelle) I…I’m real, who said that I wasn’t real……of course I’m real….Why would you say such a thing

(Frank) I mean you're nuts, Just water the plants, I don’t care if they are artificial.

Annabelle) I’m not artificial…..I am real…..I am here to water the plants (Annabelle seems very flustered. She reaches down to pick up the spray-bottle she set down earlier. She is staring off into space and does not seem to have her mind on her work. As she raises the bottle to the plant, she seems oblivious to the fact that the spout is aimed at her instead of its intended target. She squeezes the trigger and sprays herself right in the chest. As the water hits her, her body jolts and she staggers backwards with as gasp. She steps toward the plant again and raises her arm, only to repeat the mistake time and time again with dire results. She drops the bottle as her head cocks to the side) I am real…I am real…..I..I..I’m not artificial….artificial……Hi I’m Annabelle……….You may call me Annabelle…….I’m a real girl…a real girl.

(Frank) Holy crap you’re a robot

Annabelle) I’m not a robot…. Why would you say such a thing……say such a thing…… say such a thing…… I’m not a robot….. not a robot…..You can call me Christ….call me Annabelle…….What is hap….hap…happening…What is hap..pen..ing too me….. you can ..can..can..call me Annabelle…….((Annabelle freezes for a moment before seeming to recover momentarily) I am sorry …I Have to get back to work, Mr. Frank has told me to, empty the trash, sweep the floor, and water the plants….and water the plants…..the…plants…plants . She leans over at the waist with her legs stiffly locked and picks up. the water bottle. She jerks up back up quickly, stiffly aiming the bottle toward the plants, before freezing again. She releases the bottle allowing it to fall to the floor, she the cocks her head and speaks. Don’t forget the coffee…..the coffee.

Of course there is a lot more going on, like for example the repairs, the accidental activation of her love slave program and so much more.


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