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Ashlee & Meliya Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


Getting to know the new lover

Ashlee and Meliya had never met before and it was not surprising that both girls were a bit nervous when they first got to my place. I am sure you all remember Ashlee Chambers our beautiful blond, hard bodied and very sexual MILF from her first solo visit. Needless to say that Ashlee, an experienced and sensual woman with a natural desire for young pussy, was a lot less nervous than our new comer, Meliya who had never been on camera. Meliya, a shy yet extremely horny young girl who always loves to experience new territory, was very curious about what it would feel like to play with another woman while being, let's call it, in a different place. The idea of being controlled while being played with was certainly new to her but it also seemed way too intriguing and exciting to turn down. As different as they may seem, the two had an amazingly good chemistry and I could not wait to turn them into obedient lovers.

The induction shows nicely how both of them go under at different times which made it clear to me right then and there, that keeping them at the same level of depth would be the challenge for this session. The balloon test and the closing of the eyes, shows who goes first and who needs a little help. Nice close ups of their faces, feet and bodies during the relaxation part.

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Ashlee & Meliya Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
First Oh my gods

All I want is to cum, please, please, please............... Both girls are starting to react to my suggestions and their bodies start to slowly quiver while their legs are spreading apart. Before long both seem to feel turned on by the moaning and groaning of the other girl and I can feel them getting deeper and deeper into it. The suggestion that they feel each other’s tongues while getting fucked drives both of their horny little bodies into convulsions. The longer I deny them to orgasm the more they start begging me to allow them to cum. Once allowed to explode, the girls just keep cumming as long as I want them to. Really hot start of the session...



Ashlee & Meliya Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Please take all my mind

Mantras lead to the surrender of all control

This segment starts off with the girls being ordered to pleasure themselves while sinking even deeper. The suggestion that even pleasure and arousal feels twenty times more intense drives them up the wall. Again, their horny little bodies go into lustful convulsions. Now it is time for the take over. The girls are standing in front of me with their eyes glued to my new spinning crystal. I can feel that Ashlee still needs some deepening and what better way than to distract her mind through lust and the fixation on the crystal. Both girls are starting to get hot.

The mantra, "Please take all my mind," takes them into lustful emptiness. The girls are screaming for lust and again the longer I deny them to explode the more they surrender to my control. Of course that is all just the warm up. Once the girls have surrendered to mindless obedience, they are orgasmed without being allowed to touch themselves. Both my horny trainees quiver and shake under my voice and explode at the snap of my fingers. Now it is time to put them on their knees for the final take over. Exciting training segment with lots of great stares, mantras, surrender and hard orgasms.



Ashlee & Meliya Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
You are my master, I give you my mind and thoughts

Eaten out and finger fucked into complete submission

Now it is time to have the girls eat each others’ pussies. Ashlee is ordered between her little friend’s legs. Meliya’s body is helplessly weakened and she has no choice but to open her wet pussy for Ashlee's tongue and fingers. I had a feeling that Ashlee knows how to drive a girl absolutely insane for lust. Meliya's eyes are focused on my finger on her forehead, her young quivering body is starting to get hot and sweaty while she is repeating: “I give you my mind master”.

The girl just loves calling me master and every time she says it, it makes her feel even more aroused. I keep pushing her even further by letting her know that she is still not good enough which drives her even more insane. The desire to please me makes her let go of every ounce of her mind and will: "Make me better master." I order Ashlee to finish her up and Meliya cums all over her face. Now it is time for Ashlee to feel her young girlfriend’s wet tongue for the first time. Ashlee is placed on the top of the couch while her body is drained of all strength to prevent her from even thinking about resistance. Meliya, mindless and empty, licks and finger fucks her helpless friend into complete submission. Both girls end up mindlessly submissive and ready for more training.



Ashlee & Meliya Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
All I want is to be your obedient slave

This next segment is another hot one. The girls are on their backs in the spread eagle position with their wet pussies wide open. Ordered to masturbate each other very close to orgasm, both of my horny love slaves are now learning about the power of the breath controlled orgasm. It is really hot to watch their bodies go into lustful convulsions while their faces are turning red from holding their breath. The intensity of their orgasms is not easy to put into words. The mantra: “all I want is to be an obedient slave”, drives them close to another hard orgasm. Both girls end up mindlessly standing in front of me while repeating: “I am a mindless shell”. The repetitions become slower and more monotone as they are sinking even deeper. Time for some hands free orgasms. We are still not done though. Meliya's eyes are staring into nothingness while Ashlee orgasms her from behind, simply by pinching her little friends nipples. Really hot one.



Ashlee & Meliya Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
Harems initiation

Drink, it will make you feel good

This next segment is about Ashlee preparing Meliya for her new owner and master. Meliya seems to have no clue as to where she is. Confused and a bit apprehensive, she tries to get away from Ashlee’s advances but there is no way she can resist her for too long. As soon as she drinks from the glass Ashlee is holding up to her lips, she seems to weaken and her will diminishes. Ashlee is starting to make her even more beautiful for her new master while giving her more of the magic drink. Meliya becomes more and more willing, horny and absent minded.

Still, it takes all of Ashlee's seductive skills to seduce and finally orgasm her on command. Ashlee is amazing in this one, the way she keeps toying with Meliya, does not let her orgasm and keeps rendering her mindless and willing, is really hot to watch. The drink I mentioned by the way, is plain water but what it does to Meliya is quite interesting, to say the least.



Ashlee & Meliya Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
Two Harem slaves are better than one

Slowly but surely, Ashlee prepares her new slave in training to go down on her. First she drives her crazy for lust again and then she seductively rides the little girls face. Meliya's face is still wet when she is ordered to kiss her new mistresses’ breasts, navel and neck before having to make her cum again. Now it is time to take control of both of my slaves. Ashlee has done a great job rendering Meliya mindless and willing and now it is her turn to sink into oblivion. Waving my hand in front of her eyes takes her down immediately. What comes next is just plain hot. My new harem slaves are driven into a series of incredibly intense breath controlled orgasms until they eventually pass out or I should say drop into deep sleep. Very intense, lots of yes masters and steamy girl/girl sex.




Ashlee & Meliya Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
What do you mean by mindless and bla.......

The unexpected blank moments in the lives of two brain .ren Our two sexy little girls believe to be at a photo shoot. Both go to school and modeling is just a side job. Naturally, they think I am kind of nuts when I mention that I like my girls mindless and horny. How could that ever happen? Well, for example by me saying the word "BLANK". Oops, there they are, empty and blank and all that in the middle of their posing. Of course I have to mess with them before snapping them out of it again. Imagine their confusion when they become aware again and notice that their tits are hanging out.

We keep talking while the girls are posing but all of a sudden, Ashlee seems to be completely mindless and blank again. Poor thing is just standing there. Her little friend Meliya seems quite concerned and she certainly thinks that Ashlee behaves kind of strange but 30 seconds later all that does not seem to matter anymore. Just as blank as Ashlee, sexy little Meliya does not even notice that I am playing with her again. Let's snap them out of it again and do a test, just to make sure their brain functions are fine. Who here can count back from ten to zero? Really funny ending as the girls try to out do each other.




Ashlee & Meliya Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
What do you mean by mindless and froz....

My two brainy models become aware again and this time they remember what has just happened. For some strange reason, they seem to want to get the hell out of here. We all know what happens next. Suddenly both girls are just standing there with their clothes in their hands. Mindlessly frozen and helpless, the two are played with yet again. I always tell the girls not to wear all that stuff but do they ever listen? Of course that is all just the warm up, the girls are frozen over and over, sometimes aware and sometimes not so aware, orgasmed at the most odd and embarrassing times played with and finally tamed and made obedient. I particularly like the scene where they blankly masturbate each other’s pussies until I...



Ashlee & Meliya Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
What do you mean by being tickle.........Oh no

I can't breath, please stop, please, please

This next one is short but sweet. My two sexy models become aware again and unfortunately they still don't think that a threesome is a good idea. Too bad, I really like em. Let's find out whether the tickle trigger works. Sure enough, the girls start to jump and scream while feeling mercilessly tickled. Believe it or not it still takes quite some time before they finally agree to...




Ashlee & Meliya Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
Foot reflexology massage with mind reducing side effects

This next segment is not only for our foot domination lovers, although, I have to say, there is a lot of foot kissing, sucking and worship going on. Ashlee, our horny foot obsessed massage therapist seems to know some very sensitive spots under her unsuspecting customer's feet. Meliya, slowly but surely gets aroused and weak at the same time. Her body relaxes under Ashlee's touch and her mind seems to cease all functions. Excited and weak she is put on her back, stripped off her panties and then used as a doormat. Ashlee opens her victim's mouth simply by using her feet and then makes her suck her new mistress's feet. Really hot action and as mentioned there is a whole lot of licking, sucking as well as mindless yet very excited obedience.




Ashlee & Meliya Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Make me cum foot slave

Ashlee is by far not done with her new foot slave. Mindless yet very horny Meliya is orgasmed by Ashlee's sexy feet, in her wide open pussy. Of course that is just the warm up. Ashlee uses her victim's intense arousal to turn her into an even more obedient slave. Meliya learns how to orgasm her mistress by using her feet in her wet pussy. Ashlee's training is very hot to watch and as in the last segment, there is a whole lot of foot domination, licking, sucking and mindless obedience going on. At some point, Meliya is put to sleep and Ashlee has her way with our sleepy little girl again. As I mentioned this one is not only for our foot lovers.



Ashlee & Meliya Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
First Robolust

Meliya, our unruly and quite standoffish secretary is not about to take any crap from her strict and very disciplined boss. Ashlee is, in the middle of her bitching about some unfinished work, paralyzed and then swiftly turned into a quite simple yet very obedient robot toy. Meliya is obviously having fun teaching her new toy how to please and to be promiscuous. Ashlee's personality is completely removed and all she wants is to be of service to her new owner.

One of the first things she is programmed to do is eat pussy without being allowed to relieve herself. Of course at some point, I have to take over and teach both of them the art of mindless robotic obedience. The last thing Meliya remembers is my hand waving across her beautiful eyes. Her smile disappears, her eyes lose all expression and she follows Ashlee into robotic obedience. Yes master's, robot training and self deactivation, just to name a few of your favorites. Edited for time to keep it under 15 min as per request.



Ashlee & Meliya Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
No honey, she is human

I had always suspected that my wife had a little girl toy on the side and when I came home that afternoon and saw the two messing around on the couch, I finally had my proof. Of course she quickly tries to conceal her actions by pretending to help her friend remove a stray eyelash from the corner of her eye, But ye, I was not born yesterday. Anyway, I did play along for a bit and when she asked me to bring her the remote so that we could all watch a movie together, I figured it was her way to invite me to play with both of them. I must have been excited and nervous at the same time and I think that might have been the reason that I dropped the remote. Suddenly her friend seemed to twitch and stutter. Thinking that a glass of water might help her was really a stupid idea. The second I come back from the kitchen, the girls are talking about being engaged or something. I don't know it all seemed weird and confusing. It gets even worse, the second Meliya drinks her water she starts to go berserk and spills the rest of her water all over my wife. Malfunctions (both girls), repairs Ashlee does all the work), hot girl/girl love scenes, lots of twitches and even more confusion.







Ashlee & Meliya Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
No honey, I am human

Finally the girls seem perfect just like I always dreamed of. In the last segment they had started to make love to each other and I felt close to heaven. It got even hotter, with their legs wide spread, their wet pussies wide open, and the two seemed completely absorbed by the idea to please me. My wife Ashlee even goes down on her little friend and makes her cum all over her face just to show me how pleasing she has become. At that point, I thought that I am the greatest fembot programmer in the world but today I am not so sure about that anymore. Really hot sex, cool repairs, malfunctions and a surprise ending...





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