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Ashley J Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Surrender to be taken to a place where...

Ashley J, beautiful, young and incredibly cute brunet with deep blue eyes and most importantly, perfectly rounded double D's, was a bit nervous at first but that sure did not last for long. Once relaxed and under my spell, she was quite unstoppable and her insatiable appetite for sexual pleasures made her a wonderful and very willing subject. Needless to say, Ashley's big blue eyes, her full lips and of course those tits can drive any guy up the wall, which is why she needs a bit of a, let's call it, strong hand, to keep (and or put) her in place.

In other words, Ashley is the kind of girl I like to "play" with. Besides all that, our little girl is sweet as can be and playing with was so much fun that I would not want to miss it for the world. I hope you guys enjoy her just as much as I did enjoy playing with her.

Slow closing eyes, blinking eye lids, arm raise test towards the end, eye checks during the induction and more.

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Ashley J Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Please let me be your orgasm slave

Ashley's sexy young body slowly starts to rhythmically move under my suggestions. I can feel her own thoughts, mind and will slowly drifting away while she becomes more and more uninhibited. Suddenly she is hit by a very long and intense orgasm which makes it perfectly clear to her that she has lost control over her body and mind. Her hands wander between her legs without her having any control over them. Tie to take her down even further. Ashley's deep blue eyes are wide open as she is stares at my finger. The distraction works and she drifts even deeper while becoming more and more aroused.

I keep her close to another orgasm without letting her cum which drives her absolutely wild for lust. She keeps screaming, I have no control, as her beautiful body goes into lustful convulsions. Of course we are not done yet, after all, she has to learn to orgasm on my command (count of 3) Ashley's hands are pulled away which makes her want to touch herself even more. My little girl goes nut and her sexy body quivers and shakes all over the couch. Time for some more deepening and of course those amazing "unblinking stares." Placed on her knees, Ashley is taken to...



Ashley J Clip Three  
Only my master controls me

Ashley is kneeling in front of me with her arms out in front. I can feel how she drops and her repetitions of, I am your mindless slave master, become slower and slower. Suddenly she feels hit by another orgasm. Her body is made to feel as aroused as it would be after hours of love making. Ashley's beautiful body goes into lustful convulsions as she stares at me. Taking off her shirt intensifies her feeling of uncontrollable lust even more as she now stands there in front of me. Her repetitions of, I have no thoughts of my own, my master controls me, are slow and monotone. Trying to describe the intensity of this segment is quite impossible. Ashley vacant stares, the intensity of her orgasms as well as the monotone repetitions are certainly intense and as mentioned, cannot be described. Anyway, we are still just warming up. Ashley is ordered to masturbate for us without being allowed to cum.

Again, our little girl goes nuts and she starts begging me to allow her to orgasm. Of course that would be too early, after all, we want to hear her screaming, I am cuming for you master. It often helps to let the subject wait and to keep them aroused because it makes it easier to control them. Try it and you will see what I mean by all this. Now our little girl is taken deeper and deeper with every snap of my finger. Her eyes cross and roll as she just stands there, mindless and empty. Time to freeze and then pose her vacant body like a statue. Waving my hand in front of her eyes only makes it clear that there is nobody home.



Ashley J Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your entran ced slave master

I am you h-notized slave master

Ashley's young body is still frozen and I decide to let her feel another intense orgasm while her body slowly unfreezes. She goes from stiff to convulsive in a matter of seconds. Watching her quiver and shake while repeating, I am your helpless slave is very hot. Ashley orgasms so hard that it makes her briefly cough but of course she does not notice any of this. Time for more deepening. Ashley is just standing there with her arms stretched out in front while her big blue eyes are glued to the light in her face. Again, her unblinking stares are fascinating. She keeps slowly repeating, I am you h-notized slave master, until she is gone. Still just warm up. Placed on all four, Ashley is made to feel helplessly fucked and used while being licked to orgasm by another girl. Again, our little girl goes nuts as her body shivers and shakes under my suggestions. The segment ends with another deepening. Ashley's fascinating eyes are wide open (and needless to say unblinking) as she stares into the light. Her slow and monotone repetitions of, please master remove my mind, end as soon as her mind is gone and she just stands there while being prepared for more fun.



Ashley J Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Cum like never before

Time to have some fun with her beautiful breasts, don't you think? Ashley is learning something very new to her and she will enjoy it forever. I order her caress her breast while sensitizing them. The suggestion that whenever she touches her breast, they will not only be more sensitive than ever before but they will also make her feel touched on her clit, drives her absolutely insane for lust. For all the women out there who are watching this (we actually have quite a number of women in our audience) imagine touching you sensitive breasts while feeling your clit caressed at the same time. It is hot guys, believe me. Suddenly her hands feel pulled and tied up on her back and again, she goes nut because now she really wants to play with her tits. The laser beam I pointing on her breast is starting to feel hot and intensely arousing until she cums so hard that it puts her on her knees. Time now to make her surrender. Ashley, like almost all of my girls, quiver and shakes like crazy under the breath controlled orgasms which eventually take all strength and will out of her. She screams, I surrender master, as she slowly goes out. Ashley literally orgasms herself to sleep for me. Eye checks.



Ashley J Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Smarter than smart water

The purity of the mind

Ashley is made to believe that she is the guest of honor in a new TV show pilot. The fact that she is a member of a very powerful women's league against alcohol, drugs and or anything else that could cloud, change and or alter the mind, makes her the perfect candidate for our little experiment. Of course she does not really know anything about an experiment but she should find out soon enough. Ashley seems very thirsty and she just loves our new "smarter than smart " water. Yes, you guessed it. The water seems to slowly cloud her mind, take her inhibitions, make her feel aroused and eventually stupid. Needless to say, Ashley, who would never touch anything that might inhibit her mind, does not seem to notice any of this as she is too busy talking about the terrible exploitation and objectification of women while masturbating. She even hits on me here and there and that is definitely a good indication that she must be happily f..up. I am pretty sure I warned her but hey, do they ever listen.


Ashley J Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not the robot type

Ashley, a young and ambitious bartender, believes to be in the middle of a job interview at a brand new club. Imagine her surprise and almost disgust when she finds out that she is actually applying at a fetish club in which the female personnel is asked to act like robots. The poor thing is even more shocked when the manager (guess who that might be) tells her that she would also have to address the male customers as "master".

Now way, after all, she leans more towards being a dominatrix. What really sets her off though, is when I mention that we can always, let's call it, alter her personality so that being a robot becomes natural. Again, no way can she be programmed, altered and or transformed. Let's see about that honey. After a rather dramatic "transformation" robot Ashley is now ready to be programmed, commanded and used. Robot Ashley masturbates for master. Of course that is all just warm up. Robot walk, sensory level adjustment, minimum power inhibits her motor skills, salutations, posing, nipple activated orgasms and more.



Ashley J Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
I can move just fine

Ashley, who believes to be a stewardess, has been called in by her boss, which would be me of course, because of some passenger complaints. It seems like our young lady has some, let's call it, coordination problems which make her just stand there and stare into nothingness. Needless to say, she has no idea what I am talking about. I have her show me how well she has her body under control by making her raise her arms, touch her nose and so on. Well, suddenly it happens. Her body instantaneously freezes up and her mind slowly goes dim. I had a feeling that might happen. Time to help her out of some of those unnecessary clothes before making her aware of her situation. Poor thing seems a bit confused when her mind comes back while her body is still stuck in place. It gets even funnier when she becomes aware of the fact that she is half naked and that I am messing with her. Imagine what happens when she is suddenly orgasmed, like it or not. Great intense stares, mind games and...



Ashley J Clip Nine Part One Members - Click here to view this clip
That is not me

Ashley, our sexy young stewardess, wakes up and apologizes profusely for having dozed off. Poor thing cannot seem to win. Anyway, this time I mention that we have gotten complaints from our passengers regarding her obvious foot fetish. I mean, who runs around the cabin without wearing shoes. Needless to say, she denies all allegations and explains that she does not even like feet. My new Halloween trigger changes all that quickly. Ashley drops into mindless emptiness and all she wants to do now, is to please me with her feet. (first with her pantyhose on and then barefoot) Ashley really likes to show off her feet to men and women, which why I allow her to be aware of Lana's presents and sure enough, it seems to turn her on even more when she looks at her. Intense foot worship, close ups of her legs and feet. At some point she is made to feel fucked and eventually orgasmed while showing me her sexy little feet.


Ashley J Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
I don't have a fetish Sir

Ashley wakes up feeling a bit confused and quite embarrassed about having fallen asleep. She tries to explain but that makes it even more awkward for her. Oh well, let's see what else we can do to make it a little more fun. How about some laser induced tickling combined with some "freeze moments." Poor thing jumps around without really knowing why she cannot stop feeling tickled. Of course the second she freezes up, she is mine again, which means, she is stripped out of some of those really unnecessary clothes. Wait until you hear her comments when I snap her out of it again. Still frozen and helpless, she starts feeling tickled again. Finally, the "waving hand" renders her quiet and mindless again. Her hands and arms slowly rise up (sleepwalker position) and all she knows how to say is, I am my masters slave. Needless to say, there is a lot more tickling, freezes and bitching yet to come. Ashley still does not believe that she might have been hypnotized which makes this all a lot more fun. Why the h... does she end up masturbating and why on earth does she (slowly and reluctantly) go to sleep before having a final orgasm? Go and find out.


Ashley J Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Cyber sex

Enjoy another cleverly written story by one of our viewers

Frank is on the phone.
FRANK: Hello Cyber Escorts? Yeah I would like to rent one of your units for the evening. Yeah the secretary program sounds great. you're sure she's fully functional. Sounds great....Frank Douglas……..Just put it on my account…….when should I expect her, with in the hour, thanks have a good day.

A short while later there is a knock at the door and an attractive young women smartly dressed in business attire enters carrying an attaché case.

ASHLEY: Mr. Douglas I presume? I'm Ashley, I was told that you were expecting me

FRANK: Wow, that was fast. I wasn't expecting you for another half hour.

ASHLEY: I try to be prompt, I find that most people are eager to get the process over with as soon as possible.

Frank: I guess to each their own, but if you don't mind I prefer to take my time.

Ashley: I have allotted 3 hours, if you feel you require additional time, I can contact my supervisor.

Frank: I wish I could go for three hours, but I'm not as young as I used to be

Ashley: I must admit Mr. Douglas, your positive attitude is most refreshing. Not everyone is as enthusiastic. Shall we get started? May we use the desk?

Frank: Wow, you don't waste any time do you? uh yeah the desk will be fine, besides it kind of ties into the whole fantasy, don't you think?

Ashley: looks at Frank with a somewhat confused expression, but regains her focus and begins to remove a stack of paperwork from her attaché case. She places the papers on the desk, pulls out a chair and takes a seat. She divides the papers into 2 separate stacks and pushes one stack across the desk toward Frank.

Ashley: Please have a seat Mr. Douglas, I brought you an extra copy, so that you can follow along. As you can see, the deductions in question have been itemized for review.

Frank: Itemized, what are you talking about?

Ashley: I am of course referring to, the deductions you made for the last two quarters of your 2011 tax returns.

Frank: What happened to the sexy secretary program,?

Ashley: Excuse me?

Frank: I guess the whole sexy auditor thing works too…….The outfit certainly works…..besides whoever designed you really knew how to put a woman together.

Ashley: I beg your pardon, Mr. Douglas, under the circumstances I believe your comments are entirely inappropriate. If you don't mind, I would appreciate it, if you would focus on the deductions in question.

Frank: Oh yeah, sure, I didn't mean to break character………back to my "tax audit" Frank picks up the papers and shuffles them slightly as he pretends to study the pages.

Frank: Oh no! It looks like you caught me…. I should have know I couldn't fool the IRS…

Ashley: Its a relatively minor infraction, but it must be rectified

Frank: Oh no there are no minor infractions. You caught me fair and square. I tried to cheat on my taxes. Are you going report me?

Ashley: Mr. Douglas, you've made a very serious admission, intentional tax evasion is a very serious offense, one that I'm obligated to report to my superiors.

Frank: Oh yes very serious, very serious indeed. Isn't there anything I can do to change your mind, anything at all. ……..You know what, this whole IRS auditor scenario isn't really working for me.

Ashley: Mr. Douglas, I don't know what you're talking about, but I assure you that this is a very serious matter.

Frank: Enough with the IRS routine, it's just not turning me on. Do me a favor and search your hard drive and see if you can't access the sexy secretary program that I requested...

Ashley: Hard drive ….. Secretary program? … What are you talking about?

Frank: or maybe even the French maid program. Granted you're not exactly dressed for that one, but it's not like were going to be keeping our close on, for much longer. That reminds me, how about showing a little skin darling.

Ashley: I beg your pardon.

Frank: how about unbuttoning that blouse a little bit, here let me help you with that.

Frank walks behind Ashley then unbuttons her blouse, revealing more than an appropriate amount of cleavage. Ashley is frozen in disbelief, the shock of Frank's inappropriate actions are apparent on her face. With her mouth still gaping open she looks down at her chest. Once she has fully absorbed what had happened, she quickly covers are exposed cleavage with her hands.

Ashley: What are you doing?………… this behavior is entirely unacceptable……unacceptable... I am not some floozy you picked up at a bar, I am an agent of the united states government and I expect to be treated with…………..respect respect……respect ….Illegal contact, I must report to my superiors for debriefing .

Frank: Are you alright?…………… you seem to be kind of glitchy...

Ashley: What do you mean glitchy? I simply don't appreciate being felt up by a complete stranger.

Frank: You sure are touchy for a Pleasuredroid……I think Cyberdate needs to hire a new programmer…….…I have a feeling your malfunctioning

Ashley: A Pleasuredroid? Cyberdate? What are you talking about. Is that what this is all about. Newsflash, I am not a damn Pleasurebot. I am Ashley Morna, Special Agent for the United States Internal Revenue Service and I fully intend to report this incident to my superiors. I think under the circumstances we should reschedule this meeting, at the downtown federal building. Your Secretary Brenda has my contact information.

Frank: Brenda! How do you know Brenda?

Ashley: She's the one with whom I scheduled this appointment. And I must say she conducted herself in a much more professional manner than you.

Frank: I never got any message from Brenda. You mean to tell me that you're not from cyber date? I mean I just assumed that, but you were acting just like those Cyberdate girls do, when they malfunction.

Ashley: What is with all this talk about malfunctioning. Hello…. I thought I made it clear, that I'm not one of those mechanical prostitutes. Real girls don't malfunction you idiot. I was going to cut you a break, but after this I plan to throw the book at you, I suggest you get a lawyer Mr. Douglas.

Frank: Wait, I'm really sorry about the misunderstanding, please wait just one minute, it was a mistake.

Frank starts rummaging through his things, frantically searching for something, mumbling to himself its got to be around here somewhere

Ashley: A mistake? a mistake is when you put the decimal point in the wrong place, you unbuttoned my blouse. What are you looking for? I assure you I have better things to do than to wait around all day for you to...

Frank: I found it, I knew it was around here someplace

Frank picks up remote control device and points in Ashley's direction

Ashley: Found What?

Frank: My universal remote, Half of the time those Cyberdate Girls show up with faulty remotes, so I bought my own.

Ashley: So , what's that got to do with me.

Frank: Just a hunch

Frank presses the button and Ashley's arms stiffen a wave uncontrollably like a person trying to capture their balance. She stumbles on stiff wobbly legs back and forth. Her eyes are like saucers as she looks shocked and confused, with her mouth gaping open. She gasp and tries to speed.

Ashley: What...what …..What is happening.... happening... happening....to me...Stop that….You are not authorized …

Frank: I wonder, oh what the hell lets see what the orgasm button does.

Ashley: Ahhhhhhhhhh-------Ohhhhhhhhhhhho-----Warning do not stimulate this unit. Sexual programming is inactive,… ..I am unable to process sensory data….too much input…..

See what happens next in our story.


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