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Ashley & Taylor Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Deeper than ever

Taylor Raz and Ashley Grace, two young, beautiful, extremely horny, submissive and most importantly amazingly good subjects, in one session! Do I really have to say more here? I mean, you all remember them from their sizzling hot solo sessions and the opportunity to watch these two wild cats submit not only to me but also to their own raw sexuality should make you drool right here and now. All kidding aside, it turned out to be an absolutely hot session and I am sure you will agree with me once you watch them go crazy over each other and eat each other out with the kind of lustful passion I have not seen in a while, surrender to my will driven by lust and the need to please, role their eyes in deep trance, scream and beg or mindlessly stare.

I used a lot of reminders and deepeners throughout the first part of their session as expected, the girls dropped like rocks which made them wide open for new programming.

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Ashley & Taylor Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
First, you have to surrender your will

In a two girl session it is always important to make the subjects lust for each other before they actually start to play with each other. The sheer anticipation of lustful, wet and messy sex will drive them into each other's arms and having to wait for it makes it even more intense when it actually happens. I know it might sound confusing but watch the segment and you will know what I mean.

Let's see how the girls feel about meeting a beautiful and intriguingly seductive woman on a deserted beach around the time of sunset. Both are made to feel how the other woman slowly takes over control, pins down their arms while skillfully playing with their wet pussies. Unable to resist, they start to moan and groan as their bodies helplessly quiver under her touch.

Driven to the verge of a very intense orgasm without being allowed to orgasm, they are starting to realize that I control the woman who is pleasuring them and that they have to submit their minds and will to me before being allowed to cum "You are here to obey me". I know the girls are back under my control when they keep repeating "I have no control".



Ashley & Taylor Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Feel my absolute control over you

"Only you are my master, nobody makes me cum like you do"

It is one thing to have control over a couple of beautiful young girls but to make them know and feel how helpless and controlled they are, makes it so much more intense. If you like to watch two horny love slaves kiss and masturbate each other while desperately trying to please their master, repeat mantras (slowly and monotone), mindlessly stare into nothingness, role their eyes on their way down into deep trance, scream and beg while being denied to orgasm, kneeling in front of their master with their arms stretched out in front of them while feeling helplessly fucked and orgasmed into mindless bliss, hypno bound and orgasmed while being trained to perfection then this segment is definitely for you.

We start off with some slow mind reduction which makes them not only stare but it also shows in their wide open eyes how they slide right back under my control "You are my master." Time to put them on their knees while repeating the mantra "mindless slave" very slowly and monotone. Again, I make them feel that all control, mind and will has been removed and that pleasing me is all they want to do. The girls are starting to go nuts, driven by lust and the desire to please, they can not seem to wait to finally be allowed to kiss and finger each other to orgasm. The intensity with which they make each other orgasm in order to show me who the better slave is cannot be put into words.



Ashley & Taylor Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Too weak and too horny to resist

"Yes master, I am your controlled slave"

Eaten out, rendered mindless and in bliss "I am your controlled slave master"

Ashley's sexy body is rendered weak and helpless as she is laying on the couch. Her eyes are dim and they keep rolling back as she drifts into an even deeper trance. Her repetitions of "you are my master" become slower and slower. I can feel how her weakness and complete helplessness is an incredible turn on for Taylor who is dying to orgasm her into oblivion for her master. The desire to serve as my slave and to help me take complete control of Ashley drives her crazy for lust. Taylor goes down on Ashley who has no choice but to open her pussy and to surrender to her little friend's intense tongue lashing. Insane for lust but unable to move even so much as an inch, Ashley's body quivers as she screams, "I am a mindless horny shell". You should see her eyes rolling all the way back when she is finally allowed to orgasm all over Taylor's face (both girls orgasm at the same time).

Of course we are not done yet; Taylor' s mind is slowly removed before I freeze her in the chair and now Ashley has to prove that she as well is nothing more than a horny slave who is allowed to help her master to take control of yet another servant. It does not take her long to make the helplessly frozen Taylor scream for lust as her eyes just drop all the way back into her head. She keeps repeating "I surrender" all the way through her orgasm. Lots of repetitions, slow and monotone mantras, orgasms on command, rolling eyes, screaming hard orgasm and absolute fantastic and sizzling hot girl/girl sex. Believe me, it does not get any more real than this.



Ashley & Taylor Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I hear and I obey

“You can do with me what you want master, I am here to obey”

The girls are standing in front of me as they slowly say over and over “I hear and I obey”. Their hands fondle each other’s wet pussies while their eyes are mindless and empty staring into my direction. Of course they have to wait until they are allowed to cum while still repeating “I hear and I obey”. The combination of intense arousal and slow monotone repetitions is truly intense to watch. Now it is time for the zombie/sleepwalker pose and more mindless repetitions of no control of body and mind. This technique is the best way to make suggestions and triggers sink into the subconscious and horny girls like Ashley and Taylor sure eat it up and let it happen.

Suddenly the girls feel their arms pulled up and tied to the ceiling while being whipped. I can feel how the feeling of helplessness turns them on and it is hot to watch their bodies lustfully quiver and shake under the whip. The feeling of being penetrated and fucked while the Hitachi is working its magic on their clits drives them over the edge. They keep screaming, “there is only one master” and “you can do with me what you want master”. Still there is more to come. The girls are driven up the wall by yet another forced masturbation contest which will show who is the better slave. The way they take care of each other and force each other to orgasm is just too intense to put into words.



Ashley & Taylor Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a slave born to serve

For the last round of what I like to call the initial female training, the girls are placed in the 69 position and now they are given a chance to prove to me who the better slave is by making each other orgasm for me as fast and as hard as they can. Every love slave has to learn how important it is to please their master. I could not tell you who orgasms first or who cums harder for that matter. It really is impossible to describe the intensity with which the girls go at it just so they can please me with their intense and very long lasting orgasms. Of course that is all just the warm up for the final and unconditional surrender that is still to come. Placed on their backs my two horny lovers are ordered to masturbate each other’s wet pussies while their remaining minds are sucked out.

If you like powerful stares and rolling eyes accompanied with slow repeated mantras, like “mindless horny shell” you are going to love this. We are still not done; our little slaves have to learn and experience the power of breath controlled orgasms. Watching their faces turn red as they are gasping for air is hot, believe me. With their arms stretched out in front of the girls are thanking me for training them. This segments ends with more rolling eyes, exhausting final orgasms which makes them pass out, eye checks …



Ashley & Taylor Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
That's what you get for screwing my husband

Do we have any pussy cat lovers in the house?

Here we get to see a very different side of Ashley who, believe it or not, has quite a dominant side to her when it comes to controlling another girl. Taylor wakes up disoriented and it seems like she has no clue as to where she is. All she knows is that she is dressed in a very sexy cat costume. Well, Ashley makes it perfectly clear to her that she has her and that she is about to get punished for having screwed around with her husband (guess who the husband is). Anyway, with the help of a carefully planted post hypnotic trigger, she takes control of her unsuspecting victim and turns her into a meowing, purring and very horny little kitten. Watching Ashley control her new toy, spank her, make her kiss her feet, make her lick milk from the bowl on the floor and eventually force her to orgasm, is just too hot to describe.

Taylor's eyes keep constantly rolling back as she lustfully meows and purrs. What kind of bugs me though is that Ashley does not only talk down to her victim but that she also keeps talking about her cheating scumbag of a husband who she is about to leave. I don't think I can allow her to have a big mouth like that, what do you think? It is time to step in and to render my sexy yet unruly little wife mindless by waving my hand in front of her eyes. Mindless and dim, she finally shuts up but why should I stop here? I believe that having two horny meowing little kittens is better than one. Let's see what we can do with our two horny pussy cats in heat. Maybe we should have them lick some milk out of the same bowl or watch them fondle their pussies or ... Really intense and very sexual, too bad though that they had to fall asleep jut when...




Ashley & Taylor Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Bi-sexual program activated

What do I have to do to get some attention around here

After having been put to sleep in the last segments, the girls come to and after the initial confusion they start to bitch at me and, believe it or not, at each other. Really funny, you got to see this. Anyway, at some point, I am getting tiered of the whole bitching and wanting to kick my ass thing which makes me decide they my two love birds are ready for an attitude adjustment and what better way is there than to turn them into mindlessly programmed robots.

Of course they don't really agree with me on that one but than again, who cares. I am a robot, I am programmed to your specifications, master. What follows is a whole lot of stiff robotic movement, monotone robotic voice while repeating orders, many yes masters, spankings which lead to orgasms, robo girls going down on each other, program activations and deactivations and a very unlucky ending for Taylor. I am programmed to please, I am a bi-sexual.... You can really tell that the girls are into this kind of stuff.



Ashley & Taylor Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Agent woman

Taylor believes to have finally found her friend Agent Ashley who had been into some rich guys harem. Strangely enough though, agent Ashley does not seem to remember her and by the time Taylor realizes that her friend has been brainwashed and now enjoys being an owned slave, it is already to late for her to resist. Ashley suddenly pulls out a fast rotating light and hypnotizes her despite her desperate attempts to resist. Ashley soft voice finally gets through to her and she can not seem to take her eyes off the light in front of her by now, wide open eyes.

Mindlessly entranced, agent Taylor is now under Ashley's control and she has to learn the pleasures that come with pleasing her mistress. Ashley, here again, does an amazing job to prepare her helpless victim for me, her one and only master. You will live here for ever and you will learn to please and obey. Taylor is forced to smell and love her own stockings, feel an orgasm while being spanked, orgasm on command while being fondled by her mistress and to experience the intense pleasure that comes with having her nipples pinched. Really intense and again the girls proof to be excellent subjects.



Ashley & Taylor Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Two harems slaves are better than one

Looks like it is time to take control of both of my harems slaves. Ashley who is very proud of having turned Taylor into an orgasmic and very obedient slave, is rendered mindless in mid sentence by the waving hand. Now it time to take control of Taylor and to suck out the rest of her remaining will as she mindlessly stares at the light in my hand. My two slaves are placed on the bed with their arms stretched out in front of them as they are made to feel helplessly fucked and taken without being allowed to orgasm which makes them scream and beg.

Their young bodies quiver and shake so hard that it knocks down the picture behind them but still, they are not allowed to orgasms until they are willing to do anything their master wants them to do. It get even more intense when I put them in the 69 position and now they are given a chance to proof who is the more skillful pussy eater and who can drive the other girl into mindless lust. I tell you, these two girls love to eat each others pussy and it is hard to tell who orgasms harder for me. Of course there is a lot more to cum, I have not even mentioned the intensely rolling eyes, the many mindless and slow yes master, the sleepy orgasms and last but not least the eye checks.



Ashley & Taylor Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
You are kind of weird

A different kind of nail salon

I don't know whether I mentioned this already but both of our girls have a foot fetish and it certainly shows in this one. The way they worship, kiss, suck and adore each others feet is definitely every foot lovers dream. Of course it does not start of that way at all. In fact, Ashley who believes to be at a new nail salon to get a pedicure, seems very uncomfortable and almost ready to leave because of Taylor's obvious obsession with her feet. Only after Taylor makes her feel a very sensitive spot under her feet by putting pressure on it, does she slowly calm down. Well, when I say calm down, what I really mean to say is, that she loses all mind and will which makes her a helpless and mindless play toy. You should see the way Taylor worships her victims feet by sucking, licking and kissing them in a way I have not seen in a very long time.

At some point the owner of the salon has to step in and teach his unruly employee a lesson. It is really funny to watch Taylor try to BS her way out of this one. She lays about having taken advantage of yet another unsuspecting customer which she believes has gotten her in trouble before. To make a a long story short, Taylor is rendered mindless through the waving hand and now both girls are ordered to worship each others sexy little feet. Great mindless stares and intense lust are also part of the excitement.



Ashley & Taylor Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Want more feet

This next one is short and sweet. Now it is time for the girls to show me their feet from every angle and they are given a chance to let me feel who is the better foot slave. The way they spread their toes, twirl their panties around with their feet while getting very aroused is, yet again, every foot lovers dream. At some point the girls lose all control of their helplessly weak bodies and now it is my time to have my way with their feet. Intense close ups.



Ashley & Taylor Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
The things I have to do to get some attention around here

Our two girls wake up and sure enough, the bitching and complaining starts as soon as they overcome the initial confusion and embarrassment about the fact that they are almost naked and that their pussies are dripping wet. First they bitch at each other and then they accuse me, believe it or nor, for being behind of all this. They keep going on and on without paying any attention to what I say and I just see no other way than to mindlessly freeze them in place. Now it is my time to play with them which becomes even more fun when their little minds come back so that they too can enjoy the situation. OK, maybe they are not having as much fun as I do particularly Ashley who can not seem to get the electronic cigarette out of her mouth which might have to do with the fact that the dam thing is stuck between her frozen lips.

Well, Taylor keeps complaining about who knows what and the only way to shut her up is to freeze her hand over her mouth and nose which almost makes her go down but of course we can not let that happen. Of course the unavoidable orgasm does not seem to make the girls anymore well behaved and it is now time to render them mindless by waving my hand in front of their eyes. Of course there is more, like the become aware again and it turns out that Taylor still has not learned a thing and we have to put her hand back on her mouth and nose.

 One would think that Ashley might have learned a thing or two from all this but, no, of course not and now it is her time to feel her own hand on her mouth and nose until she almost goes out. Too much fun to describe it all but it sure is a different kind of freeze clip.


Ashley & Taylor Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
There is no way I am taking my clothes off

Let's wake up our sleeping beauties and see how they feel by now. I have to say, their attitude still needs some adjustment. Do they always have to get dressed almost immediately? Being the nice guy that I am, I warn them that putting on those clothes is just not a good idea but do they ever listen. Sure enough, the second they are dressed, the clothes start to tickle them and the only way to avoid being tickled silly, is to take those dam clothes off right away. You should see the kind of fight Taylor is putting up before she finally gives in and rips off her clothes. Finally the tickling stops but now they are frozen. What can I say, the tickling starts again while they are helplessly frozen.

Being, here again, the nice guy that I am, the girls are finally unfrozen but unfortunately for them, the tickling continues. You should see them rolling around on the floor while gasping for air as they are begging me to stop the torture. I think it might be a good idea to render them mindless and turn them back into my slaves. Why do they freeze up again while passionately French kissing remains a mystery until you finally watch this clip. Both girls have a serious tickle fetish which makes this an amazingly intense tickle and freeze clip which also includes programming of the girls for the future as well as turning them back into slaves.



Ashley & Taylor Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Finding the right parts... Frank buys a used android online, and discovers that she needs major repairs after delivery. He employs the help of his android girlfriend Taylor to help him, who seems a bit put off by the new competition. When he has trouble finding parts to complete his repairs, he salvages them from his girlfriend. He repeatedly asks her to remove the parts from her own body. Reluctantly she reaches up under her blouse and skirt and yanks free a different wire or microchip, sending jolts through her that cause Taylor’s body to jerk and spasm as her eyes bug out. She staggers a bit, appearing dizzy, but regains her composure and reluctantly hands the parts to her insensitive boyfriend/owner. She objects to being cannibalized to repair her replacement, and insist that she is being damaged by the process. He assures her each time that she won’t even notice the missing parts, and insist that they’re just extras, redundant components that really don’t do anything.

Taylor isn’t buying it and begins to exhibit more and more glitches as the repeated removal of her components cause her to become stiff and wobbly on her feet. She stutters and repeats herself; she twitches, as she protests and demands that he return her components. As the new robot Ashley becomes more and more functional, she begins to flirt with Frank and the two of them begin to make fun of Taylor and her clumsy movements. When Frank leaves the room the new android begins to fondle Taylor, taking delight how the slightest stimulation causes the damaged android to malfunction.

Ashley is shocked and dismayed when she sees how Taylor has a bit more life in her than she realized. Taylor manages to turn Ashley’s sensor levels to a dangerously high setting. AshleyBot states the danger only to be fondled and caressed by Taylor until she begins to malfunction. Warning ...Warning Sensor levels exceed design parameters…Oh my god what are doing that’s much too high………….don’t touch me …get away…..don’t touch me or I’ll short circuit…….You set my sensors much too high. Both malfunction on the floor and urge Frank to fix them, instead of the other girl. They even try to seduce him, but are functioning so poorly that it is a lost cause. At the end, Frank must decide who his favorite girl is...




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