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Ashley Grace Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


Rolling eyes lead to deep relaxation

Ashley Grace, young and very seductive brunet came with very high expectations. Not a stranger to what I do, she was dying to find out how far she could be taken. The idea of going on a wild sexual joy ride and to experience something she had never done or felt before seemed too intriguing to turn down. I was just as excited and when I saw her young hard body and those deep eyes that seem to say, let's have fun, I just knew it would turn into a sizzling hot session. Rightfully so, Ashley turned out to be extremely trainable, incredibly horny and most importantly, willing to give herself up. Of course as with every session there was some futile resistance here and there but that only made her surrender feel so much sweeter.

I started her off with the magnets in the floor, the raising arms and of course the swinging .. Ashley's eyes started to roll back into the back of her head and she went down like a rock. Ashley went so deep that her mouth opened and her eyes first rolled and then flickered.

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Ashley Grace Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Please let me succumb

The distractive power of repeating slow and monotone mantras makes her orgasm without so much as a touch. Ashley feels her hands helplessly pulled behind her head while her legs are spread wide. She feels deeply penetrated and licked senseless at the same time. Her sexy young hard body is squirming but held in place by the invisible hands. Her breathing is getting deeper and louder and she starts to shiver and tremble. The mantra: "all I want to do is surrender", makes her orgasm deep and hard. There are lots of, Oh my gods, in this one and it shows how deep Ashley is. There is something about the intensity of her orgasms that is not easy to describe. Just go and watch her first and very important surrender to me.



Ashley Grace Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Sink into bliss

The white in her eyes shows me that Ashley keeps drifting further down with each orgasm I allow her to feel. There is something very hot about watching a deeply entranced girl slowly and zombie like take off her clothes and then masturbate herself into a deep and lustful state of bliss. Ashley's eyes are rolling back and the slow and monotone repetition of: "I am letting go", seems to take her into a state of oblivion and unconditional submission



Ashley Grace Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
More rolling eyes and mindless surrender

Please train me master, please make me empty

Ashley has proven to be submissive and very horny. Her young hard body does not seem to stop shaking and I know she wants to be trained even further. The vibrator between her legs not only drives her nuts but it also seems to take up her entire attention. By using her feelings of lust and arousal, I keep taking her even deeper. Her sexy, please fuck me, eyes are open and it seems like her eyeballs drift into the back of her head. Ashley's sexy, raspy voice is slow and monotone when she repeats: "Please make me empty". She keeps begging me to train her and I know she is gone and empty minded by the time I force her to orgasm on my command.



Ashley Grace Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your mindless puppet

First I have her feel the vibrator with even more intensity, only this time the vibrator is not between her legs. I make her feel it even more than when it was actually there. After another hard and mind reducing orgasm, I now have her stand up and masturbate the hell out of her juice pussy: "I want to be your good little girl master". Repeating the word "Mindless", in a slow and monotone manner makes her sink again and by the time she is allowed to cum, Ashley is mine and ready. Female training is an art form and to take them through these steps ensures their mindless obedience and believe me it certainly works with Ashley who happily gives up all fighting.



Ashley Grace Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
Orgasmed out, empty and exhausted but unable to stop

Ashley's young body is quivering, her eyes are open and again role in the back of her head. The next orgasm seems to keep her cumming until her body twitches and her exhaustion is obvious. For some reason though she is so turned on that she just can not seem to stop cumming. I keep taking her deeper, more twitching and more rolling eyes. Time to plant the orgasm and sleep triggers which will come in handy. Ashley's deeply asleep body is still twitching and I decide to make her cum again in her deep sleep. This is another very intense segment.



Ashley Grace Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
What girlfriend, Honey

The wife with the rolling eyes

More hot white eyed fun with Ashley.

Ashley is made to believe to be my jealous wife who is, again, waiting for me to get home. Naturally she is quite pissed when I finally show up and the fact that she smells an unknown perfume on me does not seem to help either. In fact she keeps bitching and griping until I finally have enough. I should probably mention that she is, just as usual, not in the mood. You know what she is not in the mood for. Maybe it is time to show her the new necklace I just bought for her.

The last thing she says the second she sees the skull necklace is something like: what the fu... Her eyes widen, turn dim and her body loses all strength. I keep taking her deeper and deeper and her eyes role to the back of her head. I suggest that the licking and the deep hard penetration she is feeling, is taking her even further down, thus making those feelings even more intense.

Her sexy young body is going into lustful convulsions and Ashley's will is broken: "I will be a good wife now, master". Ashley's voice sounds monotone and slow, just the way I like it. Repetitions, training, rolling eyes and surrender. I should probably mention the part where I have her change, deeply entranced that is, into something a lot more appropriate than what she was wearing before.




Ashley Grace Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a bad wife, I need to be punished

After the zombie walk to the bedroom, Ashley is now ordered to pleasure herself but she is not allowed to orgasm. I want to see her body quiver and shake first until she begs me to let her cum. Ashley is drifting incredibly deep, her eyes are rolled back again and it is obvious that she has let herself go completely. Intensely aroused she now repeats, in the same monotone voice as before, "I am a bad wife, I need to be punished". I keep letting her wait and slowly take her even deeper until her mind and thoughts are gone and all she wants is to obey. After she is finally allowed to cum, I order her to go on her knees and I then intensify the training by using a vibrator to drive her into complete exhaustion and her last orgasm takes her into complete mindlessness. Very intense, absolutely real and too much to describe it all. Lots of "yes master", mantras.




Ashley Grace Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
How can I serve you, master

Ashley seems empty, orgasmed out and completely exhausted but I decide to take her even further. Ashley's little hard body is still shivering and I can feel that she is, although exhausted, still very horny and unable to stop cumming. Her body keeps twitching even after I put her to sleep and play with her limp body. I decide to take her through another round of orgasms while she is asleep. There is something very sexy about a sleepy girl's body going into uncontrollable convulsions. I open both of her eyes, while she uncontrollably orgasms, and all I see is the white in her eyes. Time to snap her out of it again and now (although she still believes to be my wife), all she wants to do is serve me. How is that for successful female training: "How can I serve you master". Great eye roles and slow monotone speech.



Ashley Grace Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
Tickled, orgasmed and the removed pussy

As the title says, Ashley feels tickled senseless and orgasmed at the same time. Her sexy young body goes all over the bed and she is screaming and begging: "Please stop, oh my god, please stop". I keep playing with her for a while until she is exhausted. Now comes the part where she feels her tits like never before. Massaging her tits makes her feel just as intensely aroused as if she was touching her pussy. In fact she believes to be playing with her pussy. Again, with lots of "Oh my gods" Ashley's body is uncontrollably shivering and again she just can not seem to stop cumming. In fact she went so deep again that it took me a while to get her back up but not before having her go into lustful convulsions again and again and... More rolling eyes, real deep trance and exhaustion.




Ashley Grace Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
What's on your mind ?

Ashley believes to be here to see my wife. It seems like the two have a lot to discuss, being in the same women's league for the empowerment of women. You know the kind of women's clubs that seem to have nothing better to do than bashing men. Anyway seems like my wife is running late and I decide to offer her a seat and to just wait for her. Sure enough, Ashley sees the delicious looking grapes on the table and I can feel how much she would like to eat some of those. Being the nice guy that I am, I mention to her that I am a scientist and that those grapes are genetically altered and maybe not all that good for her.

Does she believe me? Of course not, I mean who has ever heard of grapes that make, women in particular, horny, oversexed and quite mindless. Ashley starts munching away on those delicious grapes and sure enough she starts to change. Naturally she denies feeling horny and the fact that she slowly starts to strip and touch herself does not mean anything. Her mind is slowly going away and Ashley turns into an oversexed and completely uninhibited little slut with only one thing on her mind and that would be sex. Great transformation from being Mrs. Proper to becoming a completely mindless slut.




Ashley Grace Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
No more mind

Time to teach her the proper respect, don't you think? Still in mindless bliss from the last segment, Ashley now goes through the female adjustment training. I start her off with some mindless masturbation, some forced as well as some denied orgasms. Of course that is just the warm up. Next, I have her strip down to her pantyhose and then put her on her knees. That girl certainly has a nice ass in those pantyhose.

Ashley now learns that there are some very sensitive spots around her heels and shins and that those spots, when touched right, make her helplessly orgasm. I can feel her being completely mindless and exhausted. Her eyes are open and they keep rolling back into the back of her head. Well I guess it is time for some arms out zombie walk: �Thank you for empowering me Master�. There is a whole lot of breast jiggling, screaming and begging, rolling eyes and complete submission going on in this one.




Ashley Grace Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen, ordered to crawl, blank and embarrassed

How can you do all that in one clip, you might ask? Well, let's see. First I snap her out of it, feeling like the woman who came to my house to talk to my wife about some women's empowering stuff. Naturally, she feels incredibly embarrassed about what just happened and she tries to get the hell out of here. That would be the time to freeze her, don't you all agree? I switch her back and forth between being mindless, aka blank, and being fully aware of her predicament. No matter whether she is aware or blank though, my little girl has to orgasm on my command. Is there some fun bitching going on? Of course. Rendered mindless again, Ashley is now taken deeper yet again, only to wake up with the irresistible urge to masturbate. Does she feel a bit weird about all that and do you think she will find herself frozen again before she has a chance to cum. Yes, yes and yes. What happened to the crawling? Go find out.



Ashley Grace Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
Not designed to eat

Creating a new fembot is certainly not easy but it looks like I did it. Look how beautiful and sexy she is and the best part about all this is that I designed her to be my personal companion. OK, you got me, she is designed to be my personal fuck toy but hey it certainly beats chasing girls, with not much success. Anyway let's turn her on and do some tests. I decide to perform some very simple tests on her first, like opening and closing of the eyes, raising one arm at a time and so on. She even states her name and that she is designed for sex and companionship. How much more can you ask for. Well, actually a whole lot. Let's see how she responds when her sex program is activated.

Again it seems to work like a charm and besides the fact that she is just a tad stiff and her communication skills are a bit off, she knows how to pleasure herself, dance and strip. Beautiful, don't you think? Thinking that her programming needs just a little more tweaking, I decide to put her into maintenance mode so she would not run around while I am getting my laptop from the office. That turns out to be a mistake. For some reason, the maintenance program does not seem to work, the second I leave she wanders around. Now that would all not be so bad but did she have to find the grapes on the table? Not designed to eat, oh shit!





Ashley Grace Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Not designed to eat and fuck

Of course her glitches and even the malfunction in the last segment are no reason to give up on my project, after all it took me long enough to get her to this point. After resetting some of her programming everything seems to be just fine. My sexy fembot is back and better than ever. "How can I please you" is her first response and it gets even better from here. Turns out she is, besides being just a bit stiff, incredibly sexy and very well programmed. Pleasing me seems to be most important to her. Watching her pleasuring herself, quickly gets me in the mood again but just when I am about to get into the action, she starts to talk about the dam grapes again. Malfunctions, orgasms, repairs, masturbation and lots of twists.



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