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Ashley Grace Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


Grateful to be back

Ashley grace, even more beautiful and stunning than ever; could not wait to come back for another round of intense training and uninhibited fun. Who could ever forget Ashley's prior sessions, her intense stares, rolling eyes, her deep hard orgasms and most importantly her complete and unconditional surrender? What am I doing here, trying to describe Ashley? You guys know what I am talking about anyways. The question was could her third session (one solo and one with Lacy Lynn) become her best and most intense session? Would it be possible to top the intensity of her prior sessions? Could she be trained to even more perfection? We all know that Ashley is an amazingly good subject and the answer to all the questions above is, yes, yes, yes and yes. I could go on and on about how exciting, intense and amazing her session is and that each segment has so many of your favorites that it is impossible to describe it all in the clip descriptions but I think it is best if you go ahead and see for yourself.

The first segment is a bit different than usual. Ashley stares at her floating hands and arms as if she can not believe what is happening. It is obvious that she went down right then and there. Ashley loves crystals and as she stares her eyes keep following the crystal left to right and back until she can not keep them open any longer. Her head drops back her mouth opens and she is gone.

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Ashley Grace Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
All I want is to please you

Ashley seems to be right back under my control. With every snap of my fingers, her feelings of arousal intensify until she screams for lust. Ashley has no control over her body and mind and the more I suggest how helpless she is, the more intensely aroused she becomes. Just repeating, "I want to be a good little girl", drives her absolutely nuts. Her first orgasm of the day, induced by the snap of my fingers alone, is more than intense and it just seems to keep going on and on.

The first "oh my gods, just keep coming and I can feel that Ashley is ready for the ultimate experience. The suggestion that taking off her panties will increase the intensity of her arousal even more, makes her rip off her cute little panties as if her life depended on it. She keeps repeating, "I want to please you so bad" and "all I want is to please you." Ashley is ordered to pleasure herself for me and I can feel how badly she wants to cum for me.

Her sexy young body goes into convulsions, her hands claw into the couch and her lustful screams fill the room. Without me mentioning it, Ashley keeps screaming, "I am cuming for you." Ashley is ready for the ultimate orgasm experience and complete surrender. What I just described is merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg and does not even come close to describing all that is happening in this segment. The lights went out a couple of times during this segment but Ashley did not notice anything that is how far gone she was.



Ashley Grace Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
can only be one master

This clip again includes lots and lots of your favorites from Ashley's unforgettable rolling eyes, intense stares, very slow and monotone repetition of mantras, oh my gods, intense touch less orgasms, intense self pleasuring, crystal mind and will reduction and so much more. Ashley's eyes are fixated on the crystal in my hand as every ounce of will and mind is sucked out of her. Her eyes suddenly seem to role all the way back into her head as she feels fucked like never before, "Oh god, oh god oh god". Her voice sounds very slow and monotone when she repeats the mantra, "I will follow and obey". To describe her lustful excitement and the intensity of her uninhibited orgasms, is almost impossible, "Thank you for having me back, master." Put on her knees with her arms up, Ashley is driven into another series of "touch free" orgasms. More mantras, like there is only one master, send her into lustful oblivion. I know, lustful and oblivious, don't seem to go together but believe me in Ashley's case it does and it is incredibly exciting to watch. Of course we are not done yet. Ashley is crawling on all four towards her master as she all of a sudden feels helplessly penetrated and fucked. Her hands claw into the rug as her sexy young body goes into lustful convulsions. Yes, there is more even yet.



Ashley Grace Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
l will be your slave as long as you want

I am your horny, mindless slave

Ashley is standing in front of me and I decide to take her even deeper yet. With her eyes glued to the crystal as she is learning to only feel and to obey. You will know what that means once you watch this segment. Her beautiful, seductive eyes keep rolling back again as she drifts even deeper into the abyss. You only feel what I tell you to feel. Ashley seems empty and quiet for a moment as she sinks. Her hands and arms rise up into the "zombie" position, "I will be your slave as long as you want". Her body starts to shiver and shake again as she feels her hand pleasuring her pussy again. What seems to make it even more intense, is the fact that her hand is not even close to her wet pussy. Ashley comes so hard that it almost drops her to the ground. Don't you love the power of suggestions? Ashley's eyes role all the way back again as she surrenders to the ultimate training. I wave my hand in front of her wide open eyes and No, there is nobody home.

The slow over and over repetition of the word, "mindless", seems to make her body float as it gently sways back and forth. I now prepare her for another very intense orgasm by suggesting that once she feels my hand touching her hand (arms and hands are still stretched out in front of her) she will feel another very intense orgasm hitting her. Again, too many rolling eyes, mantras, intense orgasms, and intense deepeners, to describe them all.



Ashley Grace Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
I want to be the perfectly trained slave for you

Ashley has proven so far that she wants to be the perfectly trained slave and now is the time to turn her into just that. Trained to perfection, ready to obey at the snap of my fingers, willing to give it all up for her master. If you have watched a few of the clips, you will know that Ashley is all that and believe me, she loves it. At the end of the segment, Ashley tells us a bit about how it felt and how it made her feel. This segment starts off with Ashley experiencing her most intense forced orgasm ever. Her legs are spread wide as I hold the vibrator. Her body quivers and shakes like a leaf but she does not dare to move her hands to stop me. Well, I guess we all know how much the feeling of having no control turns her on. Bend over the couch, with her beautiful ass pushed out at me, she now keeps repeating," there is only one master", as she is orgasmed again on my count of three. Amazing stares and rolling eyes. I decide to take her even deeper. Ashley's sleepy eyes first stare at the crystal and they role all the way back again. She repeats, "I want to be the perfectly trained slave" as she sinks into mindless lust. Ashley's young body quivers and shakes and another series of orgasms make her give it all up. It is hot to watch her slowly go out as she loses all strength in her body with every orgasm that hits her. At last her body twitches and she is finally done. Almost, that is. I have her cum one more time in her sleep with her eyes held open and then I take a little time to play with her limp body.





Ashley Grace Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
Webcam girl and the mirror of transformation

Anyone who has ever tried talking (I am using the word talking, loosely) to these hot webcam girls has probably wished to be in the same room with them instead of being behind a computer screen. The question is, how could you get her to give you her address or even better yet, how could you get her to come to your place? Here is one way. Send a beautiful mirror to her PO Box address and the next time you talk to her over the net, have her dance a bit and then get her to look into the mirror for you while she is touching herself. Use your soft voice to take her under and once entranced make her please you. Ashley's eye lids flicker as she tries to resist losing herself in the mirror but she has no chance. Her eyes role back and we all know what that means.

Deeply entranced, our little webcam girl quickly changes into an obedient sex toy. Her voice is slow and monotone, her eyes sleepy yet open, her arms stretched out in front of her and all she wants is to please me. Of course she does not even notice that I am in the room with her, "I will be your slave master". Time to get her excited and trained, don't you think? Ashley's lust increases with every snap of my fingers until she is a quivering, horny mess with no other desire than to please me. Just touching and pinching her nipples makes her orgasm on my command. Great training clip with lots of screaming excitement.



Ashley Grace Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a helpless slave

I am deeply entranced, I am here to please you

This segment shows how our little webcam girl is trained into obedient submission. Slow and monotone repetitions, intense hands free orgasms as well as masturbation, lots of rolling eyes, unbelievable stares, swinging crystal mind reduction, lots and lots of OH my Gods, yes masters and mantras make this an incredibly hot clip. Ashley finally arrives at my place. Deeply entranced with no will or mind of her own, she has only one desire and that is to become the perfectly trained slave. This segment is so intense that it leaves Ashley completely exhausted. Watch her beautiful body quiver and shake, her mindless stares and so much more.




Ashley Grace Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
You screwed me

I am only good for cleaning and pleasing

Even if you are not into the obedient and well programmed robot segments, I am quite sure that you will enjoy this one. Ashley believes to be my business partner's wife and that the two just screwed me out of a lot of money. Of course when I confront her, she tries to deny the whole thing and when that does not fly, she accuses me of smooching off her husband who is the brain of the company anyways. Now that is rich. She gets even more disgusted with me when I mention that I will turn her into my obedient and well programmed robot. All of a sudden, there is this robotic voice which seems to fill the room. Ashley seems struck by it and has no choice but to follow the instructions. Her eyes widen, her hands try to cover up her ears but drop back down, her body straightens out and she stands at attention with her arms bend slightly. Her voice is slow and monotone as she repeats, "I am programmed". I have her undress and then turn in circles for me, just to get a better look at her beautiful body. After some orgasm on command training, Ashley is now ordered to sweep the floor with her little broom.

Of course, broom handles can be used to orgasm little girls as well. Watch that one, it is pretty hot. As we all know, the saluting, standing at attention, cleaning and mechanical repetitions are just the warm up. Ashley is standing in front of me, her eyes seem empty but her body is shivering and shaking for lust as she is ordered to pleasure herself for me. Her eyes role as she orgasms so hard for me that it almost deactivates her. Well, maybe it is time to deactivate her for a bit.

Shortly after, Ashley is activated again and forced to pleasure herself this time though her system prevents her from having another orgasm. This is another very intense segment with lots of yes masters, rolling eyes, even more intense orgasms, complete obedience, bottomless standing up masturbation and so much more. As mentioned, not only for the robot lovers.








Ashley Grace Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
The stripper with a freeze problem

Ashley, my favorite stripper at the local club has finally agreed to take me back to the “private room” of the club. Of course getting your private lap dance is a bit more expensive but then again, I am not paying her anyway so who cares. Ashley makes it very clear that there will be no dating, having sex or anything like that, ever in the future. It is strictly all business. OK, fine with me, I had something very different in mind anyways. My question whether she has ever been hypnotized seems to amuse her and no, that kind of stuff is out of the question as well. She does not seem to think much about the light shaker I am holding in my hand but that changes the second I gently touch her body with it.

Ashley’s body slowly freezes up. Which ever part of her body is touched by the light shaker becomes stiff and ridged. Her mind and thoughts slow down and finally seize completely. Time to play with her, pose her in the same position as the mannequin next to her, have her mind come back, listen to her confused bitching and of course to orgasm her with the light shaker which seems to be stuck in her panties. Of course at some point it is time to unfreeze her so that I can freeze her again. I love the part where I wave my hand in front of her eyes.

Ashley’s eyes widen for a split second and then go dim which is actually the perfect time to open her mouth and rearrange her mindless little body. I decide to take her even deeper. Her eyes are glued to the crystal in the mannequin’s hand. Unable to take her eyes off the crystal (in parts because she is frozen) Ashley’s eyes role all the way back and she is gone. Turned on beyond belief, Ashley starts to pleasure herself but unfortunately, every time she gets close to orgasm, her body freezes up again. Now that really dives her crazy. Lots of freezes, waving hands, intense orgasm, rolling eyes, mindless stares... This is probably one of my most intense freeze segments.







Ashley Grace Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
Tickle and orgasm torture

My beautiful young stripper wakes up after a brief nap and of course she does not remember what has just happened. Unfortunately, she is still not much friendlier and she certainly does not want to tickle herself for me. Well, as we all know, I am doing all the work around here anyways and it looks like I have to do the tickling myself. Of course, as we all know, I don’t have to touch her at all. Ashley is actually very ticklish and all I have to do is mention the word tickle and she goes off. The tickling is starting to make her feel aroused. I keep driving her up the wall.

Ashley is screaming for lust and laughing all at the same time. We all know that Ashley is an amazingly good subject and this one proves it again. To describe the intensity of her orgasms while she feels tickled is almost impossible but definitely worth watching. I decide to freeze her again and to make her feel the tickling with even more intensity which makes her cum again.

Ashley’s eyes role back again as soon as I wave my hand in front of her eyes and she drops like a rock. Bent over the couch with her cherry ass pushed out at me, my sexy young girl is tickled and orgasmed until her quivering body finally goes out and she drops into deep sleep.




Ashley Grace Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
You are crazy, why would I do that?

Two more drags of that cigarette will make you…

Ashley returns from a brief nap and of course she does not remember what has happened in the session so far. In fact she seems to believe that we just met and who could blame her for thinking that she is not much of a subject. I have a feeling that she thinks I am nuts when I mention that she will start masturbating as soon as I snap my fingers.

No way. Oh , I am really masturbating. OK, maybe that was a fluke. Ashley sees the cigarette on the table and lights up without even asking me whether it is ok. Of course being the nice guy that I am, I let her know that if she takes two more drags, she will go blank and mindless. “No way”, first drag, no problem, second drag…mindless silence. I decide to keep her blank for a while and have her take off her dress, put the cigarette in her mouth and orgasm for me.

There is something sexy about a mindlessly staring girl having an orgasm while smoking. At some point, I decide to have her come back with her little mind of course. Unfortunately, she does not remember what just happened and I guess it makes sense that when I mention that another drag of her cigarette will make her horny and that she will start masturbating is not something she can easily believe. Oops, here we go again. Another drag of your cigarette will make you…




Ashley Grace Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
A little bit of this and a little bit of that

This is the final clip for Ashley Grace

Ashley still suffers from short term amnesia and she just can not seem to believe in what I do. All of a sudden though she is transformed into my obedient robot again and just like before, she salutes, orgasms on command, deactivates and obeys just like a robot. Snapped out of it again she laughs about my idea to turn her into my horny love slave but that does not last for long either, “You are my master and I obey”. Put on her knees, Ashley is taken deeper again, her eyes role all the way back as she sinks under my control. Lots of intense orgasms, rolling eyes, zoned out stares, slow and monotone repetitions, eye checks, sleepy orgasms and more. As I said, a little bit of this and a little bit of that.



Ashley Grace Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Mrs. Jones would not like that!

You can not imagine how surprised and thrilled I was when I first saw her. I mean, why on earth would my wife hire a beautiful housekeeper like her? We all know, including my wife (unfortunately so), that I occasionally hit on the help. Of course I could not help myself this time either and what do you know, the second I hit on her, she played stupid as if she did not know what the hell I was talking about.

I don't know why it took me so long to figure out that my wife had hired a fembot who was programmed for one thing only and that was to clean the house. Leave it to my wife to hire a beautiful yet completely non sexual maid, just to torture me. I mean come on; don't you think that is cruel? Anyway, to make a long story short, I could not resist messing with her.

I figured all I had to do, was to turn her off, add a couple of, let's call it, useful programs, add a few circuits, connect some wires and voila, my little maid had changed into a usable, promiscuous sex toy. OK, the first attempt worked only to some degree, mainly because the program did not download all the way and her inhibiter switch was still blinking in her chest panel, but as soon as I removed that, she was perfect. Ashley is really great in this one. Lots of glitches, confusion, hot masturbation, strip dance, malfunctions, repairs and a funny ending.




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