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Ashley Jensen Sneak Preview Members - Click here to view this clip


Ashley Jensen, kinky and very horny blond with perfectly rounded natural breasts, drove eight hours to be trained by me. I know, I know I am lucky. Ashley's bubbly and sweet demeanor reminded me a little bit of the unforgettable Jaelyn Fox, who had been in for training not too long ago. Besides that, she seemed just as eager to learn something not only new but hopefully kinkier and even more exciting than anything she had ever experienced. I know, I know I am very lucky. I had a feeling right off the bat, that Ashley's naturally big appetite for sex and her underlying submissiveness would make this another very memorable afternoon. You be the judge of that.

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Ashley Jensen Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip
Back ground noise helps you to go deeper.

It took me a while to slow her down to the point where she was ready to let herself go, which can be the initial problem with subjects who are almost too eager. After using the flashing ring for the initial relaxation, I started using the back ground noise as triggers to deepen her...

Ashley went down and the fun could begin.




Ashley Jensen Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Orgasm control

I often times start off the session by leading the girls through a sexual experience which eventually leads them to experience a very powerful orgasm. In Ashley's case, I decided to start the orgasm training differently. My feeling that Ashley might be a good subject turns out to be right. The suggestion that the feeling of being in deep trance and having no control would make her feel aroused and that she would slowly start feeling a very deep and hard orgasm coming on made her almost instantaneously orgasm for me. Good girl and because it felt so good, let's do it again. A series of intense orgasms not only leave her shaking body exhausted but also ready for the rest of the session. As you all know, orgasm control and the instantaneous orgasms are part of any good session.




Ashley Jensen Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Gang banged

This next segment is incredibly hot and steamy. Ashley feels fucked front and behind by four good looking volley ball players on the beach. The second I mention that she feels attracted to these guys, a smile seems to just briefly go over her face. I can not really explain why but I had a feeling that Ashley might like the idea of getting fucked by four guys at the same time. Sure enough her beautiful young hard body starts to show excitement. By the time she feels it in her pussy and mouth, her entire body seems to go into lustful convulsions. It is a beautiful site to watch her rock hard tits swaying while she is getting it doggy style. Horny as can be she sucks and takes it anyway the guys want her to. The last guy makes her masturbate while putting his dick deep into her mouth and Ashley cums again extremely hard. The power of the mind is just an amazing thing and watching her is very intense and sensual.




Ashley Jensen Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
First futile fight and surrender

First open eyed orgasm training, breath controlled forced and denied orgasms, mantras and surrender. Need I say more? Maybe a couple more things like, Ashley at first tries to fight it but her futile fight ends with her being mindless without will of her own. "I give you all my mind and will master" becomes her mantra until she really means it. This segment nicely shows how I slowly take complete control of her by using her own lust and the pleasure that comes with being rendered powerless.




Ashley Jensen Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
Why is everybody naked?

That certainly is a good question. Ashley is made to believe that she is in a very hot and happening night club. Besides it being the new hot spot in town, you know the kind of place where everybody wants to hang out, it seems to also be a bit of an odd place. Everybody in the joint is naked except our little girl. Thinking that she is talking to the naked owner of the club (guess who that might be) Ashley seems to feel incredibly awkward about being the only one dressed. Everybody seems to be staring at her as being the odd ball in the crowd. Reluctantly and very slowly, Ashley starts to peel off one layer at a time until she is completely naked, just like everybody else. Of course being the nice guy that I am I had to help her a bit, just to make her feel more comfortable.




Ashley Jensen Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
Why is everybody dressed?

I know how to dress!

Just as awkward and confusing as the last segment. After a brief, let's call it nap, Ashley now believes that she is the only person in the club who is naked. Completely confused, she keeps apologizing to the now very well dressed owner. (guess who that might be). In her more than clumsy attempt to get dressed, the poor girl now seems more than confused, she has completely forgotten how to get dressed! No, that is just not possible, I know how to dress? I am not so sure about that girl, I do not think your cute little panties really fit over your tits! Lots of fun until it is nap time again for our little girl.




Ashley Jensen Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
am so sorry, I just can not stop it

Things are getting worse. Ashley, still at the club, suddenly seems to have the insurmountable urge to masturbate. Of course she keeps apologizing for doing this in front of a stranger but there is no way she can stop it. No matter how often I ask her to stop masturbating in front of everybody, the poor girl just can not seem to stop. Sure enough, she orgasms and believe it or not she even tries to hide that. Unbelievable what some people do. Looks like the poor thing needs a break and I think it is probably a good idea to put her out again.



Ashley Jensen Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Are you writing this down?

Ashley who is made to believe that she is writing an article about what I do, for the local news paper, goes on and on about how much of a realist she is and that she just can not imagine that any of this could possibly work. I mean, how can you make people orgasm on command or turn them into seductive strippers and masturbating fuck bunnies? I think I am getting ahead of myself here. Let's start from the beginning. Skeptical to say the least, Ashley starts taking notes for her article. Before long though, I can not seem to help but notice that her concentration starts to weaken. I have to keep reminding her to write the things I am saying down. It sure looks like my sexy reporter has no idea what hits her. Slowly but surely her eyes become dreamy and kind of dim. I wonder whether it has something to do with what I am saying to her. Deeply entranced, Ashley now becomes my willing, very seductive and excessively horny love slave.

Of course just because Ashley orgasms on command, behaves like a stripper who even tears a whole into her fishnet pantyhose to get to her pussy, screams and begs doesn't mean that what I do works. Right?




Ashley Jensen Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
Please make me your slave master

Looks like our news paper reporter is very confused and terribly embarrassed about the situation she finds herself in. Unable to explain what just happened but still not really convinced that what I do works, she now tells me that she does not want to become my mindless, horny love slave. As we all know, many of my girls have that notion at first, but then enjoy it immensely when it happens. Ashley is no exception. After dropping her under again, in mid sentence of course, her attitude changes and her mindless surrender begins. Mantras like: "please make me your slave master" and "I will follow and obey", certainly help with her training. The open eyed mind removal, forced orgasms on her knees with her ass pushed out at me and of course her own lust are some of the other training methods. By the time I put her to sleep and play with her sexy body, mouth and eyes, Ashley is not only in dreamland but also in a state of bliss never experienced before.

Another hot one with a bit for everything.




Ashley Jensen Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
The mindless female orgasm study

Ashley believes to be the test candidate in a clinical study about the female orgasm and how it can be stimulated. Having problems to orgasm easily, Ashley does not mind to try out our newly developed aphrodisiac. The first one we have her try is just a placebo and certainly has no effect on her. After all this is a clinical study and we have to make sure it is not all just in the subject's mind. Oops, now we come to the real thing, a giant penis shaped lollypop. Not very impressed or turned on by the shape and size of the lollypop, Ashley starts to suck on it. She sure does like the taste a lot it seems like but that is about all she can feel. The fact that she is slowly starting to play with her luscious round tits is merely an accident, of course. The poor girl does not even realize what slowly but surely hits her, in fact she keeps denying being horny and orgasmic almost until the very mindless end. Watch Ashley go from mildly aroused to excessively horny, from witty to mindless and from being the absolutely not impressed test subject to being an oversexed bimbo at the same time.




Ashley Jensen Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless Frozen stripper with an attitude

Ashley believes to be a stripper who does have a bit of a shoulder problem from all the pole dancing she does. Well, what can I say, being a great admirer of hers, I try to work out a deal with her. You know the kind of deal where I check your shoulder and you check know what I mean? All of a sudden my sexy stripper seems to cop an attitude. No money no honey. Ok then let's try something else. How about I touch your shoulder and you freeze? Oops, that worked! Ashley all of a sudden not only freezes into a beautiful mannequin but she is also speechless and very surprised. After playing with her for a while, I decide to be a nice guy and at least let her speak. Great idea, now she is bitching at me and instead of changing her mind, she seems to have even more of an attitude. I guess she did not like me rearranging her body or taking off some of the excess clothing she was wearing. Maybe it was the vibrator between her legs that made her upset? One never knows these things with women. Lots of freeze fun, helpless body and face play, undressing, surprises and awkwardness.



Ashley Jensen Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless Frozen stripper with an attitude

Ashley Jensen clip twelve Frozen mindless stripper with an attitude The vibrator is still between Ashley's frozen legs but even after I helplessly orgasm her, there still seems to be no change in her attitude. Maybe despite her bitching and pleading, she did like it after all. One never knows these things with women. What shall I do, take her hand and jiggle her own breasts with it, bent her head up, open her mouth and let her go blank. Actually that does sound like a good idea, don't you think. I decide to be nice again and not only unfreeze her but also let her snap out of it. Not a good idea, here she goes again. Luckily, there is this kind of strange sound almost like a high pitch beep that, as soon as she hears it, makes her freeze up again. Let's play a little more, shall we? I thought I told her not to wear all that stuff, keep her mouth open, bent over and stay blank. Looks like I have to do it all over again.



Ashley Jensen Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Reluctant Fembot Ho

A beautiful two bit street hooker who is, against her programming, being turned into a sophisticated, refined and sensual escort. Whoever programmed her had obviously no clue what he or she was doing. I mean who would have something beautiful like this turn cheap tricks on the street when there can be so much more money made by having her work as a high paid escort? Despite her beautiful body and flawless skin, her behavior certainly needs to be changed. No one is going to pay a lot of money for her, at least not as long as she talks and acts the way she does.

You know the kind of abrasive "Ho" talk that gives you the feeling that they just want to get it over with, collect the $50 and get the hell out. To make a long story short, the poor thing is not aware of the fact that she is a fembot, nor does she want a pimp. As I said, little does she know that someone already owns her. Thrown off by my questions regarding her past and the fact that I keep calling her by her serial number, my big mouthed Ho slowly starts to crumble. Maybe the idea of turning her into an escort and have her work for me is not the most ethical of ideas, but hey who would ever claim her? I just wish I had known the tricks the bastard used to protect her from a take over like this a little earlier. It would have made everything so much easier and less painful. It is amazing though to see what a bit of programming can do. Ashley's slow transformation from the cheap hooker to a more sophisticated sex bot is sizzling, but not without a few distressing malfunctions!

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Running Time : 12:00
File Format : Windows Media Windows Media
Resolution : 640 x 480
Bit Rate : Medium (500kbs to 1.5mb/s)
File Size : 64MB
Date Added : 2/8/09




Ashley Jensen Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
The not so reluctant Robo Ho

Just like in the last segment, Ashley goes back and forth between being well adjusted, I mean programmed, to being her old self again. It starts with her coming back up after another crash and all of a sudden in the middle of her pleasuring herself, she seems to remember her old programming. She tarts to yell and scream at me again and let's me know with absolute clarity, that she wants me to fuck her so she can get her 50 bucks and get the hell out. Dam, that guy sure put some security backup programs to make it difficult to change her permanently. Well, now things start to get personal, I will show him who the better programmer is. Watching her finger fuck herself to orgasm makes it all worth it. Of course that is not all, her behavior, after a couple more crashes, is finally close to how I want it. Something is still missing though and I think I know what it is. Will she become my obedient working girl in the future?



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