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Ashley Sinclair Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Back where you belong

Ashley Sinclair, drop gorgeous sweetheart with a killer hard body is most likely one of the sexiest, sweetest, horniest and most importantly, submissive young girl, I had the pleasure to play with in a while. Ashley is certainly the kind of girl that can easily drive every red blooded guy out of his mind just by smiling at him and yes, she knows that which makes her the perfect sweet brat who wants to be put into her place by the right guy. I hope this all makes sense but if not, you all will know what I am trying to say here once you watch her session.

This is how I described her the last time and nothing has changed, except the hair color. Needless to say that when I found out she was traveling through our area, I just had to play with her again and yes, I am glad I did. A turned out to be another great session which neither of us will ever forget. We started off with a combination of different induction techniques. First the rapid induction which took her down right away. After that I decided to use the slow eye opening and closing to deepen her state. (the subject seems to wake up for a few seconds before slowly going back down, really hot to watch BTW) Once sleepy, I took my time to move her around, do some eye checks and so on. Once entranced I had her open her eyes and stare at the crystal. Of course that was just warm up for her first intense orgasm while feeling helplessly fucked and used. Repetitions of, I am back under your control master, finally bring her to orgasm. Really hot and different first segment.

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Ashley Sinclair Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
There is no life without you master

Clip Highlights include slow repetition of mantras like, My brain needs to be put to sleep and there is no life without my master as well as intense open eyed orgasms, zombie/Sleepwalker pose, masturbation, orgasms on command, yes masters, laser mind reduction and zombiefied stares as well as a hot foot segment in which she remembers the sensitive spots under her feet that make her orgasm (planted triggers from her last visit)

This segment is certainly not only for our foot lovers but also for our female training fans. Ashley's hands feel forced between her legs and start to caress her already wet pussy. her sexy young body quivers and shakes as she repeats, I want to bring myself to orgasm for my master. The intensity in her wide open eyes during her orgasm is not easy to describe. Time to take her back down into a more subdued state. Her eyes are clued to the crystal, her arms are stretched out in front of her body while her repetitions of, there is no life without my master, become slower and slower. Back to more orgasm training and more mantas. Now we come to the part where I take her down again and remind her (subconscious) how wonderful it felt, the last time, to show me her feet and to touch those magical spots on the bottom of her feet, which eventually brings her to orgasm again. I am back under my masters control. Ashley ends up on all four on the couch. Very different clip two, including great close ups of her feet, ass and.... Ashley started automatically repeating my orders and answering by saying yes master as she seemed still very well trained from before.



Ashley Sinclair Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your slave for as long as you want me

I will masturbate and expose my breasts for my master, I am a good little girl for my master

Ashley is placed on all four on the couch as the camera slowly glides over her feet, ass and face (at the same time). She keeps repeating, I am back under my masters control, as she is made to feel helplessly fucked and used. Really hot watching her quivering little body as she feels pounded. Of course that is all just warm up. Next we have her masturbate for us with her legs and pussy wide open. I will make myself cum for you, I am your slave for as long as you want me. Time to take her down again. Her beautiful eyes are mesmerized by the watch and I can feel her sinking into oblivion while I make her remember (subconsciously) the bliss she felt during her first session. Ashley goes so deep that I decide to put her out for a while and then have some fun playing with her limp body, perform some eye checks and enjoy her neck. Very hot and not easy to describe.



Ashley Sinclair Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I am in deep trance for you master

I decide to make Ashley fully aware of the fact that she is a controlled slave with no will of her own. Her arms slowly go out in front of her and she starts to repeat (on her own) I am your controlled slave master, I am in deep trance for you. I decide to have her walk back and forth through the room a few times while repeating her mantra. Really hot watching her zombiefied look on her face while stiffly walking. Of course she needs to be rewarded for being a good little girl, which BTW, is all she wants by now, with a very long and hard orgasm. Placed on her knees with her arms stretched out, she is programmed even deeper before she is made to crawl in circles. Her repetitions of, I am your mindless slave master, become slow and monotone( mantra) All of a sudden, she is made to feel helplessly fucked again and...



Ashley Sinclair Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Puppet show

For the final round of her initial training, I decide to start her off with a series of very intense breath controlled orgasm which eventually take most of her remaining strength. Slow repetitions of, I am my masters mindless slave, take her down in to the abyss. Now it is time to turn her into a mindless little puppet and to pull those imaginary strings. Her arms rise, her head tilts in different direction and turns sideways. ( and so on) After playing with her for a while, I decide to cut the strings and to the manually, so to speak, move and manipulate her body, open her mouth and do some eye checks as she just sits there and stares into nothingness. At some point I decide to put her to sleep and then play with her limp body, place her hand in her mouth and so on. Really hot and different.



Ashley Sinclair Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Sure you need to see my breasts

Ashley, our beautiful young nurses aid on her first day of work, does not seem all that impressed by all the medical equipment that's all around her, nor does she seem to have any interest in the "nice" doctor who tries to explain some of the hospitals rules to her. In fact she keeps playing around with all the stuff on the table in front of her until our nice doctor has to stop her from doing so. The thing that seems to attract her the most is a hose that is connected to some type of tank. The doc's warning not to touch that goes into one ear and right back out the other. Sure enough the second he leaves, our sexy young nurse starts to suck in the content (air) of the tank. Watch her arousing transformation from being cute and naive yet intelligent to becoming increasingly horny, uninhibited, stupid, bimboish and definitely oversexed. Ashley is really cute and the way she almost begs me to check out every part of her horny body is really fun to watch. Needless to say, she ends up without having so much as an ounce of brain left, if you know what I mean.




Ashley Sinclair Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
I would never touch that

After putting her back to sleep in the last segment, I decide to check out Ashley's sexy little feet before waking her up again. The second our confused nurse comes back, thinking that she is all alone, she starts to put herself back together. Well, let's try this again. Sure enough, she does not listen to the 'Nice" doc's warming yet again but this time the potion has a very different effect on her. Don't you just love the power of suggestions. Anyway, up and refreshed, our little girl sucks it in again and with that, she turns into an oversexed foot worshipper who seems obsessed about having to show off her feet. Needless to say, she learns all about those sensitive pressure points under her feet and the power of the doc's hands and mind. Yes, she does end up mindlessly entranced after too many orgasms. Hot foot segment with twists and turns.




Ashley Sinclair Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
You really think that this is going to fix me?

One more round of fun with our "inquisitive" young nurse who cannot seem to stay away from the forbidden hose. Of course she denies, just like in the last segment, that she has ever touched the dam thing but as soon as I leave the room again, she sucks it in as deep and hard as possible. This time is seems to cause an nasty tickling/ irritating sensation all over her body. Still, she seems unable to leave the dam hose alone. As soon as I come back, I try my utmost best to help her but even the my examination of her body and tongue does shed any light on why she could possible experience the above mentioned irritations. Freezing her and uncovering her tits and or checking her pussy, does not seem to help either, in fact it makes her kind of wonder what kind of doctor I might be. Too bad that she cannot really talk with her tongue out but then again, who cares. Still, she denies having sniffed the ... Hot and funny with lots of mind games.


Ashley Sinclair Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
I have just about enough of this nonsense

This next one is a fun freeze, go blank in mid sentence and surprise orgasm at the least desired moment, kind of clip with lots of mind games.

Ashley, a beautiful yet quite full of herself model, is not the least bit interested in cooperating with the photographer when it comes to holding her pose for just a bit longer so he can draw a quick picture of it/ Guess who the photographer is. Anyway, the fact that she is not all that interested in my either does hurt but I am used to it. Anyway, Ashley freezes up in which ever pose I have her assume which gives me plenty of time to mess with my mindlessly stiff little girl. For the most part, she does not even seem to be aware of the fact that she keeps "losing " her clothes, although there are some very confusing and somewhat embarrassing moments for her to overcome. At some point I do decide to make her aware of not only her nakedness but also the fact that she cannot seem to move and as expected, the bitching begins. Luckily, the waving hand trick, puts her right back into place, meaning into dim mindlessness. There are so many freezes, aware and unaware moments, bitching, waving hands, surprise orgasms and other fun moments in this one that I cannot describe it all without getting to lengthy, so go ahead and enjoy the clip.




Ashley Sinclair Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
A different kind of robot

I am here to serve you master

Ashley, who is made to believe that the session just started has a hard time believing that I can just turn her into a programmed fembot. Poor thing cannot seem to remember the first visit either, which makes this seem even more strange an bizarre to her. What makes this segment different from some of my other obedient robot segments is the fact, that for a while, Ashley is aware of the fact that she is in a robot body and that her body does exactly what I program it to do, without her having any control over it. She is even surprised that she walks, moves and talks like a robot. Really interesting. Of course at first, she is all robot (after being triggered) and as that she strips, repeats orders, walks stiffly, talks like a fembot, salutes, orgasms on command and so on. I am robot Ashley, I am here to be programmed. Lots of yes masters



Ashley Sinclair Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
I don't think so

We need more dim witted mindless love slaves

Ashley, who still does not remember much of her first session and or the one today, just cannot seem to believe that she would make a good and obedient love slave. Well, let's see whether some of those triggers I planted still work. Sure enough, once triggered, she stands up, her arms rise up in front of her body, her eyes go blank and all she has to say is, I am my masters horny slave. Let's see how she crawls, kneels, masturbates and pleases her master. Yes masters, slow repetition of orders and... I am here to obey my master.



Ashley Sinclair Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
That's crazy talk

Ashley, who still cannot seem to remember much of what just happened, insist that there is no way that she might be under the influence of some carefully planted triggers from her last session. Well, I guess, the fact that she is butt naked without realizing it, might be proof enough but we will not tell her that just yet. What I do tell her though, is that I will render her mindless in a few seconds, which is something she considers to be, "just crazy talk". Oh well, here we go. I have fun moving her sexy little body, her head and ligaments like a puppet while she just stares mindlessly into nothingness. Time to snap our little non-believer out of it again. Still, no way I could ever just render her mindless. OK, let's count backwards from three to zero. Her triumphant and quite self assured face turns blank and mindless as soon as....


Ashley Sinclair Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
I am so easy

You slowed down my brain. I am easily hypnotized even though I don't....

This next segment is quite different and I think it came out very well. In fact it is one of my favorite segments. Ashley, although fully aware, seems to have a hard time moving and even her thinking seems sooo much slower. Confused yet unable to explain why she feels that way, her body moves like in slow motion and it is obvious that it even seems to effect her speech. I decide to make her even more aware of the fact that she does everything in slow motion and she finally has to admit that her brain seems to be slowing down even more. It gets even worse when she orgasms in slow motion, which really seems to though her off. I eventually decide to snap her out of it and what do you know; now she has to admit that she is an easy subject, no matter how hard she tries not to be too easy. Of course there is more to come. The second she shakes my hand to say good bye, she drops into mindless bliss yet again. I am so easy to be h-
hypnotized, my master has full control over me. Really interesting and different, go have a look and see for yourself.




Ashley Sinclair Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Robots are metal

I think every married man should try to have, at least once in his life, some extra - marital fun in his life, don't you think. Well, in my case, I tried it by ordering one of the hottest call girls in town. Of course, I had to get out of my own town first but that was the easy part. After many years of being a semi professional bowler, my wife had no problems letting me attend a bowling tournament in the big city by myself, after all, she does not share my hobby what so ever. Anyway, I could not wait for my dream girl to finally arrive and believe me, she was everything I was hoping for. Sexy, seductive and ready for whatever I wanted to do with and to her.

A dream come true. Well, it seemed that way until she tried to swipe my credit card through her little hand held terminal. I don't know what happened but when she pulled it out of her purse, she must have accidentally dropped her remote control and that is when she went from promiscuous, sexy and ready for anything to just plain weird. At first I thought she somehow must have picked up on my (secret) robot/fembot fetish but as it turned out, she was not playing a fembot, she actually was one. I know it sounds weird and yes, it took me a while to get it but once I understood, the rules suddenly changed. Why was it still the best night of my life? I guess you have to watch the clip to find out.


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