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Ashley Sinclair Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Safely into the abyss

Ashley Sinclair, gorgeous sweetheart with a killer hard body is most likely one of the sexiest, sweetest, horniest and most importantly, submissive young girl, I had the pleasure to play with in a while. Ashley is certainly the kind of girl that can easily drive every red blooded guy out of his mind just by smiling at him and yes, she knows that which makes her the perfect sweet brat who wants to be put into her place by the right guy. I hope this all makes sense but if not, you all will know what I am trying to say here once you watch her session.

I chose a different induction by taking her to her safe place within herself which allowed her to feel herself not only safe and secure but also uninhibited and ready to enjoy her body and feelings unlike ever before.

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Ashley Sinclair Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Feel that you want to be controlled

This next segment is all about making her feel how much she really wants to be controlled so that she can finally feel herself without any inhibitions. We all have a tendency to hold back at times and to not allow the amazing energies in our body to flow freely. I can feel that her need to proof that she is a good little girl makes her finally give up all resistance. Her body goes slowly into lustful convulsions when I make her feel deeply penetrated and caressed. It does not take long and she allows me to sensitize her body, thus making her feelings of arousal even more intense. I make it perfectly clear to her that the next orgasm will send her into a feeling of mindless surrender to my control. Making her take off her shirt makes it more intense as she feels more exposed and with that more vulnerable.

Her eyes are clued to the watch in my hand as I make her realize how much she actually wants to let go of her thoughts, mind and will which takes all inhibitions and fears. The slow and monotone repetition of, take my thoughts, make her eventually want to orgasm for me while being in a state of mindless love. First open eyed orgasm, mantra, masturbation, mind reduction and willing surrender.



Ashley Sinclair Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Learn all aspects of being controlled

Ashley has to learn about all the aspects of being controlled while being taken care of at the same time. It is always important to make the subject feel safe and taken care of while being under control and it is really the only way to get a subject to submit and with that, to let herself go for you. Ashley is ordered to masturbate without being allowed to orgasm. I let her get close and then take it up a notch by disallowing her to touch herself. Instead she is made to feel deeply penetrated while still feeling her hands as if they were still caressing her wet pussy. Watching her pelvis rock under the intensity of the penetration is hot. Of course she has to learn to orgasm on my command next. After that it is time to take her into an even deeper state of mindlessness.

Her repetitions of, take all my thoughts, you are my master, are slow and monotone as she is staring into the laser light (in the sleep walker position of course). More mantras like, Only my master is what counts and, I am cumming for you master, make her mindlessly surrender. Of course we are still not done. After all, she has to learn that touching, pinching and caressing her breasts can be just as stimulating as masturbation, (power of suggestions) The segment ends with another slow and monotone repetition of, I HEAR AND I OBEY MASTER. Lots of yes masters, screaming hard orgasm, slow mantras, begging and signs of complete surrender. Yes masters and more



Ashley Sinclair Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
My master owns my body and mind

Understand that you are her to learn to mindlessly obey

Ashley has to learn that the more she exposes her body and mind for her master, the more she feels her own vulnerability and which in turn intensifies her feelings of bitter sweet surrender, a feeling BTW, that she loves to feel because it gives her permission to let go and to enjoy without inhibitions. First we have her spread her legs as wide as she can while she is ordered to open her pussy and to finger fuck herself until she is allowed to orgasm. She keeps screaming, I orgasm for you master and I am here to learn to be obedient. It gets even more intense when I make her aware of her vulnerability, her openness and the fact that she has not privacy.

More intense repetitions of good little girls need to be trained to become even better while her mind is taken even deeper, eventually make her orgasm like never before. Still we are not done yet. Place on her knees with her arms stretched out in front of her body, our little girl goes through another round of mind reduction while repeating, my master owns my body and mind, I am nothing without my master. All good slaves have to learn to crawl for her master while feeling fucked and used at the same time.



Ashley Sinclair Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I surrender to you master

This next segment is a bit longer but it does not need a lengthy description. Ashley experiences for the first time what it means to not only give up all control but also every ounce of energy and strength Imagine a beautiful girl like her struggling, squirming, finger fucking herself as hard as she can with her legs spread apart as far as possible, just so she can give you all of her strength, mind and will. She screams, I surrender to you master, over and over while her young body goes into lustful convulsions. The breath controlled orgasms at the beginning of the segment drive her insane and she begs for more of them as they make it clear to her that I have taken control of her like nobody else ever. Needless to say, there is also some mind reduction with the laser , repetitions and final surrender, as part of this intense segment. Watch her slow and intense struggle turn into an obsession to give it all up. Yes masters...



Ashley Sinclair Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Not tonight honey

Ashley, my beautiful young wife comes home from work and despite the fact that today is Wednesday, she is not in the mood for you know what. Needless to say, I was looking forward to our "Wednesday night sex" but it looks like my little sweetie does not really care about my feelings, or maybe I should better say, my feelings of lust. I even go as far as reminding her how good and relaxed it usually makes her feel. Finally she notices the new lamp I bought. I am sure you all remember the fluorescent blue Dolphin light. Unfortunately though, she does not really seem to like the lamp, in fact she calls it hideous. Well, all that changes when she finally turns it on.

Her eyes flicker here and there as if she tries to take them off the light but her resistance is soon broken and she sinks into the abyss. Now it is time to open the doors to her subconscious mind for some intense programming. First we have her change into a more appropriate outfit, while slowly repeating, I am your mindless slave master (sexy lingerie, stockings and boots) than watch her masturbate herself to orgasm on my count of three in her pantyhose and bra. Of course that is all just the warm up. She still has to learn that good love slaves crawl around in circles on the bed while repeating, Please train me master. Ashley is placed on the edge of the bed and ordered to use the vibrator between on her pussy until she al...



Ashley Sinclair Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
These feet are just for you master

Ashley, who still believes to be my somewhat reluctant wife, wakes up and she does suspect that the dam lamp had something to do with the situation she finds herself in, the moment she opens her eyes. Needless to say, she does not want to look at the light again which, as I explain to her, is not necessary anymore anyways because by now she is sufficiently programmed to do as I say, whenever I say so. The second she refuses to "play the foot worship game" she finds herself frozen stiff and wide open for programming. What a change. All of a sudden my wife has no other thoughts and or wishes than to please me with her feet. She seductively caresses her legs all the way down to her feet while describing every move.

Her desire to please me and to seductively worship her feet for me turns her on and eventually drives her nuts for lust. I decide to freeze her a few times so that I can mess with her feet and body. before rendering her weak and unable to move. Time to make her aware of what is happening and to make her feel her helplessness. Ashley has no other choice than to orgasm whenever I touch her feet. Her reluctance turns into surrender and eventually she admits that what I do with her feels good. The best part about all this is that at the end our little girl believes that being trained is wonderful. Limp body/neck play, eye checks and more. Yes master




Ashley Sinclair Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
You make me love it master

This segment starts where the last one left off. Ashley is mindlessly frozen before I decide to rendering her weak and unable to move. Time to make her aware of what is happening and to make her feel her helplessness. Ashley has no other choice than to orgasm whenever I touch her feet. Her reluctance turns into surrender and eventually she admits that what I do with her feels good. The best part about all this is that at the end our little girl believes that being trained is wonderful. Limp body/neck play, eye checks and more.


Ashley Sinclair Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Every wife should be trained by her husband

This next one shoes my still slightly reluctant young wife being frozen, tickled, orgasmed and played with until she finally admits that she loves be trained by her husband.



Ashley Sinclair Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Funny water

Water makes people feel good and sometimes it makes them even feel , uninhibited, somewhat silly and definitely excessively horny.

Ashley, our sexy yet snooty model, goes from being quiet normal and professional to being completely fucked up, sloppy, extremely horny and definitely a bit stupid and bimboish in this 17 min fun segment. Of course she falls off the couch in the process, offers me sex, her speech becomes sloppy and getting up off the couch seems at some point impossible but the masturbation seems to feel good anyways.




Ashley Sinclair Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Slave program loaded

Don't you hate noisy neighbors? Well, I do, particularly when they think that they are so dam cute that they can get away with pretty much everything.

Ashley has the nerve to bitch at me for having called the cops which ended her noisy party quite unpleasantly. Needless to say, she has the "I am so pretty" something like this cannot happen to me attitude. Even the fact that I have to get up early does not seem to bother her a bit, after all, she can sleep for as long as she wants to. Well, I don't know about you but in my opinion, that calls for an attitude adjustment. How do I get her to pick up and eventually activate the transformation device? Go and find out.

Robot walk, reprogramming, activation of programs like the sex program, orgasm on command and so on, deactivation of brain/mind and will, testing of numerous motor skills, interrupted and or denied orgasms, bend over laser activated orgasms, Banana blowjob, salutations, robotic repetition of my orders, standby mode, yes masters and the list goes on.






Ashley Sinclair Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Romeo and Juliette

This week's robot story is about an aspiring young actress who seems to have lost her touch, so to speak. First I thought that being the lead actress in our Romeo and Juliette play might have been a bit too much and or stressful for a young girl like her. I mean, why else would she all of a sudden recite her lines without any feeling and or emotions. Well, I should find out soon enough. At the time I saw no other way than to invite her to my house over the weekend to rehearse her roll with her and to maybe get her back on track.

It was horrible, she read her lines as if she was reading her grocery list and what made it even worse was the fact that she did not even seem to notice what she was doing and how awful her acting had become. Well, as mentioned, it dawned on me when she started to drop things, gave me those ditzy smiles as if nothing had happened and eventually started to jerk, that she was one of those new Fembots who seem to be take over the world. To make a long story short, she eventually malfunctioned and at that point, I kind of forgot myself. I know, reprogramming her to become my personal web cam girl was not my most ethical idea but as we all know, the flesh is weak.


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