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Ashley & Sophia Sneak Preview Members - Click here to view this clip


Ashley and Sophia's sneak preview

Ashley and Sophia both came in with believing in the power of the mind and mind control but both were also not sure whether it could work on them. The idea of the touch less orgasm and complete surrender seemed just a bit too far fetched. As you can see in the pictures, both girls are beautiful in their own way. Ashley, tall blond and long legged is certainly the more aggressive one and her natural desire for new and different sexual adventures certainly helped to make this session another screaming success, if you know what I mean. Sophia, petite ethnic brunette with the sexiest tight little body, tends to be more submissive although not without putting up a fight first. Sounds like a winner? You bet ya! Watch yet another hot training session and see what makes these girls not only believers but also addicts.


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Ashley & Sophia Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip
I started them off with the stretched out arms and the crystal eye relaxation, then took them to a very deep place. Both girls responded well right off the bat and there is a lot of eye movement, flickering and some toe wiggling going on in this one.




Ashley & Sophia Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson # two The more you try to stay in control the more intense you will feel it.

As part of lesson two, the girls are now driven up the wall for lust. I let them feel and experience their bodies in ways they never thought was possible. Both girls seem to want to outdo each other in showing me how horny they are. The suggestion that the more they fight it the more intense they will feel it certainly works.

My two horny girls go off even more and I can feel that they are getting ready to fall into an unknown state of bliss. It never ceases to amaze me how many of my girls have this very deep seeded desire to show what a good girl they can be as soon as they feel authority. Nice hot start and warm up which we all know is important for the rest of the session.




Ashley & Sophia Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson # three Always thank your master for making you better.

The mantra: "I will follow and obey master" is an important part of lesson # three and my two horny girls are about to learn that. First though, I have them strip down to their sexy panties and then continue to intensify the sensitivity of their young bodies even more. I make them feel each other's hands like magic hands.

The girls are mindlessly masturbating each other and their quivering and shaking bodies are certainly proof of their increasing arousal. Now we come to the mantra and that seriously gets them going even more. Their tight bodies seem out of control and I can feel the pressure of having to orgasm built up to the point where it is almost impossible not to cum.

Sorry girls, not yet. An also important part of lesson three is to learn to obey and to realize that their body is mine as long as I say so. Finally allowed to orgasm the girls now learn the final part of lesson three and that is to always thank their master.




Ashley & Sophia Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson # four Mind removal and the uninhibited bliss that comes with that.

"I am empty for you master" - "I want to be completely uninhibited for you master"

Those are all very important repetitions and mantras of this lesson. The best way to make someone let go of their mind, meaning their conscious thoughts and will, is by distracting their conscious mind and what better way is there than using lust and arousal to achieve just that.

The girls are learning the art of the open eyed masturbation while they are slowly turning into empty yet excessively horny shells of themselves. " I am empty for you master." It really is amazing to watch their intensely quivering bodies and to hear their trembling voices throughout this segment. Ashley's body shivers so hard that she almost can not speak and when I teach her the art of the mute and breath controlled orgasm, she almost loses it. Oh, it feels so good master. Great surrender after some initial attempt to resist along with lots of stares.



Ashley & Sophia Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson # five Why being helplessly eaten out makes Ashley feel so good.

First we start the girls off with some sleep training which as we all know is important for the rest of the session. In order for the girls to learn this lesson, I take all muscle control away from Ashley and her limp and helpless young body has no more strength left. Sophia is ordered to go down on Ashley and to drink and suck her wet pussy like she has never before. I have Sophia masturbate at the same time which makes her work Ashley's pussy even harder. Ashley, completely immobilized has no choice but to surrender her wet orgasm all over Sophia's face.

Of course throughout all this, Ashley not only loses control of her body but also surrenders her mind and will to me. Empty and zombie like, she now regains her strength just to help me take care of Sophia the same way she just learned her lesson. "Only you can make me cum like this master" followed by lots of very intense and sexual screaming and begging. The girls can not even be bothered by the fire truck sirens, as I mentioned all they can feel and hear see and do, is what I want them to hear see feel and do.




Ashley & Sophia Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson # six Why being frozen and eaten out helps Sophia to become a better girl.

Empty and zombie like, Ashley now regains her strength just to help me take care of Sophia the same way she just learned her lesson. " Only you can make me cum like this master." Sophia is put on her back on the floor, just as immobilized as Ashley was, she is now taken care of by her new lover. Sophia's will is removed and she experiences something very new and incredibly intense. Her surrender to me is just as intense and deeply felt as Ashley and both of my horny toys are now ready for lesson six. Just as intense as the last one, mantras, surrender, screaming and begging certainly comes with this clips as well. This segment ends with the girls being fully aware and very surprised, while I am using the p h orgasm trigger on them followed by a short interview.





Ashley & Sophia Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson # seven Imprisoned and turned into a cum slut deepens the experience of surrender

Sophia, believing to be in prison has no choice but to slowly succumb to her guard and soon to be "Mistress Ashley". First, Sophia tries to put up a fight but she is no match against the power of her horny mistress's magic wand which saps the energy and strength right out of her. It is very obvious that Ashley is right in her element. Dominant and aggressive, she toys and plays with her young victim and slowly but surely turns her into her cum slut. Sophia's futile struggle comes to an end and she now starts to comply with her mistress's orders to kiss and lick her feet, pleasure and please her anyway she is ordered to do.


Ashley & Sophia Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson # eight Why revenge after getting fucked feels so good.

Ashley seems to be in complete control of Sophia and in order to show her who's boss, she now fucks her weak slave with a strap on. Sophia is getting it deep and hard into her wet pussy. It is obvious that her resistance is weakening even more and it becomes even more obvious how she actually loves the feeling of being a fucked slave. Ashley's triumph is short lived when I decide to put her out.

Being completely conscious but unable to move she now has to learn that there is only one master. Sophia is ordered to eat her ex-mistress's pussy without making her cum. As we all know, there is only one person who decides when it is time to orgasm and that would certainly be neither one of them. Both girls end up kneeling in front of me repeating: "you are my master," until I decide to put them back to sleep and have a little fun with their sleepy helpless bodies. Great eye checks on both girls.



Ashley & Sophia Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson # nine Little horny dolls do not need a mind of their own

After a brief deepening my two angels wake up thinking that what I do works only on the weak minded and certainly not on them. In fact, when I tell them that I will turn them into sexy little fuck dolls, they even start laughing at me. What can I say, about two seconds later, the two have already transformed into a couple of horny and submissive windup dolls with their first and only response: "I am here to please you master". Now the fun begins and my sweet dolls learn what it means to be programmed. Just the beginning of this lesson is walking in circles and masturbating each other while chanting: "please make me your little fuck doll master. Both girls are amazing little horny dolls who just can not help but to be obedient. Sexy doll segment for adults only.



Ashley & Sophia Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson # ten The importance of being used

I am your horny doll and I am here to be used

My little horny dolls are winding back up and we keep playing a bit more. All they seem to have to say is: "I am a good little doll, use me". Let's start off with the big doll smile which seems to become even bigger when my sweeties are orgasmed on my command. We all love to watch a couple of horny little dolls masturbate each other's wet pussies while chanting: "all I am here for is to be used and I want to be a good little doll" right? Oh yes, and these two obedient dolls are certainly beautiful to watch, especially when standing up bottomless masturbating with smiles and repetitions.




Ashley & Sophia Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson # eleven Puppets on a string have no choice

This is another hot Puppet segment. The girls are fully aware and awake yet they seem to have no control over their bodies. Believing that they have strings attached to every part of their body, the two are now moved like puppets on a string. It is amazing to watch their helplessness and surprise when they feel their hands pulled between their legs. Their bodies are limp while their hands seem to be busy finger fucking their little wet pussies. I can hear the wetness dripping down their fingers and at some point the girls are orgasmed at will. Want more, how about putting them on their backs with both legs spread and pulled up into the air. It is really hot to watch the girls being pulled and moved around with no choice over anything that is happening.









Ashley & Sophia Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson # twelve Understand the importance of orgasm control

In this next segment the girls are brought to orgasm and or interrupted while cumming in various ways. First I pick up their sleepy bodies, one at a time that is and let them feel the power of the magic wand. Next comes the blank and mindless masturbation and last but not least the uncontrolled sleepy orgasm. This segment shows nicely that the girls have absolutely no control over any part of their being.



Ashley & Sophia Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson # thirteen Learn to apologize for your uncontrollable urges

My horny little sweethearts wakeup not remembering what just happened. Both seem completely unable to stay away from each other's bodies. Aware but unable to stop, the girls masturbate each other's wet pussies while profusely apologizing for their inappropriate behavior. The more I try to stop them the less they seem to be able to let go of each other. Both cum so hard that they go out and drop in the middle of their orgasms. Both are out cold and I start playing with their limp bodies and faces. Great close ups during the eye checks at the end.





Ashley & Sophia Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson # fourteen Why being a robot makes you learn about obedience

I make the girls believe that they are at a photo shoot for a new high tech magazine which mainly features the most up-to-date and most sophisticated robots and androids. Just mentioning the word robot seems to amuse the girls and when I mention that I will have to turn them into robots they start laughing at me. I decide to play a little with them first, just to divert their attention. After some posing I ask them again what they would think about being robots and again, they don't seem to want to have anything to do with that. I think the obedience part about being a robot is what makes them so reluctant.

Before they know what hits them and of course in mid sentence, my reluctant models are turned into obedient, slave like robots again one at a time. Sophia gets to see her friend drop and stand at attention; before she has a chance to find out what just happened, it hits her as well. The transformation is instant and perfect. "I hear and obey master." Perfectly programmed and obedient my two fembots are now doing all the things they did not want to do before, like take off their clothes, show me their asses and most importantly follow and obey with no will of their own. Fembot Ashley is ordered to go down on fembot Sophia and drink her wet pussy.






Ashley & Sophia Clip XV Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson # fifteen Why deactivating yourself is so important.

We start off with fembot Sophia finger fucking Ashley who is not allowed to move, from behind. After fembot Ashley is being orgasmed at my command, my two sexy fembots have to deactivate themselves by pushing their own navel. Both drop and bend over for a brief nap. Up and running again, Ashley is ordered to deactivate Sophia, drag her to the couch and go down on her. Deactivated and limp, fembot Sophia is now taken advantage of. Both fembots are tested and orgasmed before I deactivate them myself. Lots of action, "I hear and obey" mantras as well as interrupted orgasms.


Ashley & Sophia Clip XVI Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson # sixteen Being helplessly frozen makes attractive

This next one has the girls waking up not remembering the session. Both believe they just got here, are dressed and that they absolutely do not like each other. The girls start picking on each other right away, Ashley even mentions that Sophia smells like pussy! Talking about not liking each other. All that changes when Ashley all of a sudden freezes up. Sophia seems to be fascinated by her helplessness. Dying to humiliate Ashley, she starts to fondle her and when she realizes that her victim is getting wet, she orgasms her at will while spanking her ass with one hand and finger fucking her with the other. Don't worry, Ashley is getting her revenge. Sophia all of a sudden freezes up and now it is Ashley's turn to pinch her nipples and orgasm her humiliated victim as she pleases. Both girls end up frozen and blank, ready to serve their master.



Ashley & Sophia Clip XVII Members - Click here to view this clip
A couple of odd yet horny cheerleaders

I must admit, I always had a thing for cheerleaders and the time for tryouts is always my favorite time of the year. Today we have a couple of particularly cute ones who seem to be more than eager to make next season's team. The problem is that despite being cute and sexy, they are not all that good at cheerleading. Perhaps I can use them for something else, if you know what I mean. Did I mention that they are, besides being cute, a bit strange.

For example, when I ask them to show me some sexy poses or whether they have boy friends, both of them seem to feel awkward and very uncomfortable, almost like they have no clue what I am talking about. Sophia even makes up having a boy friend and then takes it all back. I should have known what was going on much sooner but it really hit me when Sophia started to malfunction and going haywire.

Ashley tries to cover for her by giving me the, "maybe she had the wrong breakfast" type story and to take her to the hospital. Sure, I am going to fall for that one. Looks like the two are in for some of my special repair jobs. I always wanted to have a couple of cheerleaders say to me: "I am programmed to your specifications master." Of course having them French kiss and masturbate each other to orgasm was always another one of my dreams as well but without the malfunction!






Ashley & Sophia Clip XVIII Members - Click here to view this clip
A couple of odd and not so well working cheerleaders

I am quite happy with my progress and my two horny little cheerleaders turn out to be pleasing and very responsive when it comes to follow my orders. Unfortunately there are still these dam malfunctions and although I am using fembot Ashley's precise fembot hands for some of the repairs on Sophia, the two keep giving me pleasure but not without a lot of trouble at the same time. Watching two cheerleaders go down on each other is certainly worth all the trouble though. Why did Ashley have to go out for good will always be a mystery to me but luckily there is always Sophia to play with.





Ashley & Sophia Clip XIX Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson # nineteen Repeating a bit of everything makes it sink in even deeper.

The girls snap out of it and are fully aware and yes, still frozen solid. "Why can't I move?" Well, mainly because I said so. When I ask them whether they would like to orgasm, my little sweeties are suddenly shy and both say no to that question. Sorry guys wrong answer. Anyway, after playing a bit with them, I decide to let them go blank, one at a time. The nice thing is that as soon as I snap them out of it, the girls now thank me for having had such a great time. I wonder what made them do that, oh well. Just when they think the session is over though, I mention the word robot and both of them all of a sudden stand at attention, while saying, "I am programmed to obey." Beautiful thing, isn't it. Fully aware again, my two sweeties all of a sudden drop to their knees and bow to their master. Interesting, I wonder what made them do that. Maybe it was because I mentioned the word slave. Let's do some final freezes and some sleep training before we send them home, shall we?



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