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Asia Perez Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Don't we all love it wet and wild?

A different kind of surrender

Asia P, exotic beauty with a perfect little hard body, had no idea when she traveled to Florida to attend the annual Fetishcon in Tampa, that she would come in for a session. Luckily, a friend of hers mentioned our site to her and she was more than intrigued by the idea of being controlled in a way she might have dreamed about but never thought was possible. To make a long story short, we had a cancellation the day she called me and I have to say, that was one lucky coincidence. Asia turned out to be a perfect subject who ended up having squirting wet and hard orgasms every time I allowed her to cum for me. Besides all that, Asia is not only cute and sexy but she also has the sweetest personality. I am glad I got to her first because I am sure every producer at the Fetishcon tried to book her and believe me, you will know why once you watch her clips.

Magnetic hands, slow eye closing (flickering lids), slow close ups of her entire body (head to toe) eye checks during the induction, body tests like raising her arms and so on.

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Asia Perez Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Yes master, yes master, yes...

Asia's legs slowly spread far apart, her sexy little body quivers and shakes as if she was licked and finger fucked at the same time. I had a feeling that Asia is naturally very horny but she surprised even me when I saw how quickly she gets wet and how naturally the yes masters are starting to flow. Some girls are naturally submissive and our little girl seem to be one of them.

The more force she feels the more turned on she seems to be and as we all know, that is just the way I like it. I start to slowly run my new lightsaber sword over her body while programming her further. Slowly but surely her body starts to go into lustful convulsions as she is made to feel the heat of the sword between her legs. Asia's hands claw into the couch and her wide open eyes show her surrender when I finally allow her to orgasm for me. Time to take her deeper again and to take a closer look at her almost naked body. Placed on her knees, she is ordered to masturbate and to bring herself to orgasm for me as fast and a hard as she can, after all, slaves have to show how willing they are to follow and to obey.



Asia Perez Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Only a mindless slave is a good slave

Put my brain to rest master. I want to be your perfectly trained slave master.

Asia has shown already that she is a great subject but now it is time to take it up a notch. She is placed on the couch with her legs spread wide and ordered to bring herself to a squirting wet orgasm. Needless to say, it does not take her long before cuming all over the couch while screaming, I want to be a good little girl for you master. Asia’s extreme arousal and the intensity of her desire to please is almost impossible to describe. She keeps repeating my orders without me even having to mention it. Her eyes are glued to the light shaker in my hand while her repetitions of, only a mindless slave is a good slave, become slower and slower. Suddenly she drops so deep that her young body just falls back on the couch. Of course that is all just warm up.

Asia is taken through another round of intense and very wet orgasms on my command to make her feel her surrender to her master. If you like lots of yes masters, then you are going to love this one. Our little girl seems to love being controlled and she shows it with every one of her wet orgasm, her begging and pleading. I decide to take her deeper by distracting her mind with the fast rotating light shaker while she is being programmed. Asia’s eyes cross and she drops down on the couch again while still repeating, put my brain to sleep master. Placed on her knees, our little girl is driven up the wall for lust again until she screams and begs. I am your obedient slave master. Slow repetition of mantras, entranced stares, yes masters and more.



Asia Perez Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
A different kind of fucking machine

Crawling, begging, mantras, squirting hard orgasms, sleepwalker pose, dim stares, yes masters and an unbelievably intense ride on our fucking machine (mannequin) and laser induced orgasms

I am a mindless shell

Asia is really unbelievably exciting to play with and it obvious that all my suggestions seem to hit the spot. First we have her crawl back and forth so that we all get a great view of her entire body. Suddenly she is made to feel fucked and used from behind. I have seen a lot of girls get pounded but the way her body goes into lustful convulsions while she feels every thrust with more intensity, cannot be described. Time for more crawling, while repeating another mantra. Her repetitions of, I am your horny slave master, are slow and monotone as she slowly crawls in circles around her master.

Now we get to the (most intense) fucking machine ride of her life. Asia body goes nuts when I make her feel the intense vibration of machine between her legs. (She almost breaks the mannequin) Exhausted and ready to surrender, Asia lets go of her mind, thoughts and will. My hand slides cross her face without her even noticing it. She just sits there while I continue her with her programming. Of course there is more. I make it clear to her that she is here to learn to obey and to be trained to perfection. With her arms stretched out in front of her, she is now Orgasmed by the heat of the laser beam between her legs. More mantras and stares towards the end.



Asia Perez Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Giving it all up to your master is only the beginning

Asia is really unbelievably horny which eventually drives her into complete obedience. Her body rocks
back and forth when I make her feel deeply penetrated and taken from behind. Again, she almost breaks the couch in her uninhibited excitement and extreme lust. Needless to say, her pussy is dripping wet and she squirts all over the couch. Every orgasm makes her beg for more. Now it is time for her to experience the power and intensity of her first breath controlled orgasms. Asia goes nuts and you just have to see for yourself what happens next. More squirting wet orgasms bring her to exhaustion and now she has to show her complete and unconditional surrender by giving it all up. Her strength and energy are slowly sucked out and drained until she falls over and into deep trance. I am here to obey you master. Drained and sleepy, she is Orgasmed again while I am holding her eyes open. Needless to say, I take my sweet time to play with her limp little body while she…The camera did not catch all her squirting orgasms but man, they were there.



Asia Perez Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Money never sleeps but you will honey

Asia who believes to be our new maid, denies having found the $400 my wife left for me in one of the drawers of our bedroom dresser. Can you believe it? I could have sworn it was there. Of course she is very cute about all this and her sweet smiles would have convinced me if I did not know better. My attempts to use my charm go nowhere and my inappropriate attempts to hit on her are rejected. Your wife would not like this. I guess that is true but I am after a different kind of fun anyway. The second I leave the room (so she thinks) I sexy young maid pulls the crisp hundred dollar bills out of her bra and sniffs the money. I like the smell of money (who doesn't) but in her case it is a big mistake as it sends her into mindless trance. Yes master, I will obey.

Her arms raise up (sleepwalker) as a sign of her surrender and slave hood. Her repetitions of, I am your mindless slave master, are slow and monotone. Let's have her sniff the money again. Asia drops even deeper and her wide open eyes just stare mindlessly into who knows where. After slowly taking of her pantyhose, our dishonest young maid is ordered to pleasure herself with the vibrator until she squirts her wet juices over the bed. Of course we are not done with our slave training just yet. I keep driving her up the wall for lust again until she begs me to let her cum but as we all know, little thieves need to be punished. Lots of yes masters, stares, screaming hard and wet orgasm, limp body play, eye checks and so much more.



Asia Perez Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Still not honest

Dishonest maid gone horny foot slave

Asia comes back up from her, let's call it nap, without having any recollection of what just happened. All she remembers is that she has the
money and yes, she lies about again when I ask her whether she had seen it. OK, let's do this again, except this time, she is slowly turned into an obedient foot slave after sniffing the money again. Her triumphant smile goes away as her eyes go dim. Watching her taking off those pantyhose very slowly while seductively caressing her legs and feet, is very arousing. I give her some time to show off her feet and legs while the camera pans very slowly over her body.

Asia just stares mindlessly ahead. I gets really hot and wild when I touch her feet without her having any control over it. Her body starts to quiver and shake and before long she has to orgasm. Of course there is more. Let's see what she thinks about all this when her mind comes back and she becomes aware of the situation she is in. Needless to say, she tries to get up but that seems impossible. Could it be that I froze her body before waking her up? Will she (reluctantly) orgasm again when I touch her feet? Go find out.



Asia Perez Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Born foot slave

This next one is short and sweet. Asia is now made to believe that she has always been my foot slave and that pleasing me and enticing me with her feet, is what she was born to do. Asia is really a horny little girl and I can feel her getting excited again. She starts describing her feet and that she wants me to sniff them (under the toes) rub my face on them because the smell so amazingly well. Her hands wander between her legs as she seems intensely turned on by all this. Should we let her orgasm again, or does she need more punishment? After putting her to sleep, I take my time to inspect her beautifully pedicure feet and of course her sexy limp body.



Asia Perez Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Tickled to orgasm

Her wettest squirt of the entire session.

Asia really gets off when she feels being tickled and the fact that she is frozen drives her up the wall even further. First of course we have her wake up and this time, our dishonest maid does admit that she did take a nap but she still lies about the money. I think she needs to sniff the money again. It takes about a second or so before she goes off. Her body quivers and squirms all over the bed while I keep intensifying the feeling of being tickled all over her sexy young body. As mentioned, she really goes nuts when I freeze her while she feels the tickling.

My finger goes close to those sensitive spots (including her feet) which seems to make her go nuts. Still, she tries to BS her way out of this one which leaves me no other choice than to render her mindless while being frozen. Her mind slowly comes back and I decide to let her sniff the money again. OH no, she tries to hold her breath but that does not help her avoid the inevitable. Eventually she has to breath and with that, she feels tickled even harder. Asia orgasms so hard that her hot cum squirts all over the bed. Of course we are still not quite done. Let's do that again and then use the waving hand trick to send her into mindlessness.




Asia Perez Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
FBI android

Asia who believes to be an undercover agent, gets surprised by her boss while snooping through his paperwork. She has no other choice then to tell him that she is an undercover agent and that he is in trouble for running not only a high end escort service but also for transforming unsuspecting women into willing Fembots. Of course, the whole transforming women into Fembots idea, does not seem to make sense to her but as it turned out, she would have to learn the hard way. The second she picks up the phone to call for backup, it happens. As if struck by an invisible force, her body stiffens, her eyes lose all expression as her mind seems to be gone. She is quickly programmed and all she knows now is that she is a high end escort who has to serve her master and owner.

After more programming, she has to pleasure herself while showing me how she would blow me if I ever wanted it. Asia cannot seem to get the dildo deep enough into her throat and I can feel that she is ready to squirt again. Unfortunately for her though, I decide to set her power setting to minimal power which makes it impossible for her to touch herself. The poor thing goes nuts. After sensually torturing her even more with the (hot) laser beam, I eventually allow her to cum for me. I am cuming for you master. Robot Asia ends up being fully converted into an escort with no recollection of her prior life. Too many details, plenty of yes masters, intense transformation and power play, nipple deactivation, bend over ass out orgasm training, arms out pose, nipple torture and more.



Asia Perez Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
I dominate men like you

What the f... just happened Asia, a hard ass dominatrix, believes that we just met at the fetish con while waiting for a shoot. We start talking and I mention what I do which makes her cringe, after all, that is kind of opposite of what she seems to like and enjoy. She keeps telling me that what I do is BS and kind of stupid. Our little hard ass does not even allow me to take her picture before licking her feet. Well, looks like she might need a quick demo of my power. Our eyes look and a few seconds later, she is already gone (rapid induction) Asia goes out hard and her body drops all the way down onto the couch.

Time to play with her limp body and to expose her tits and pussy, move her head and drop her arms while she naps. Let's have her wake up and bitch a bit before sending her back to sleep by touching her beautiful face. Asia gets more upset after each "nap" and when she comes back again, she is ready to kick my ass but that all changes when the light hits her eyes. I guess some people are light sensitive and in her case, it is so bad that it cold again. Still, when she comes back, she insists that what I do, is nonsense. OK honey, let's try this again. Towards the end, Asia, our confused dominatrix, goes very slowly to sleep and despite her struggle (futile attempt) to stay awake, she ends up at my feet.



Asia Perez Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
That is a bunch of BS

Surgeon general's warning: Smoking may cause feelings of lust, arousal, weak minded lustful behavior, misconduct in public and in some cases it might cause feelings of love.

Asia, our hard ass dominatrix, wakes up again with no recollection of what just happened and it seems like she is a bit nervous. Suddenly she sees the smokes next to her and she just has to have one, despite my warnings that is. We keep talking about the fetish con and again, I mention what I do, which to her, sounds like a bunch BS. Watch her slow transformation from being dominant to soft, loving, extremely horny and quite dim minded. Asia's sexy body squirms and quivers while she begs me to fuck her. Of course that is not all. At some point she even falls in love with me and all she wants to be, is my good little girl.



Asia Perez Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip

thirteen      A little bit of this and a little bit of that  One more squirt and a lot of transformations    

What the f... did you just do       Enjoy Asia, who still believes to be a dominatrix who loves to kick guys asses, being transformed into an obedient Robot, despite her disbelieve that something like this could ever happen to her. Robot Asia, please command me master. Of course that is all just warm up. The idea of turning her into an extremely horny, oversexed, squirting and mindlessly obedient love slave seem absurd. Asia drops instantaneously back under my control as soon as she sees the light in front of her eyes.

Asia snaps out of it again and I guess it needless to say, that she is quite upset about all this, after all, she is usually the one calling the shots. Looks like freezing her in the middle of her, I am going to kick your ass, speech, does not help to improve her mood much at all. Oh well, it is a lot of fun though. Driving her up the wall for lust again with the lightsaber sword is even more fun. At some point, the waving hand trick sends her back (in mid sentence) into a more mindless and manageable state of (no) mind. Believe it or not but at the end, our little girl is so well trained that she puts herself to sleep by placing her hand over her mouth and nose. Yes master, instantaneous transformation, yes/no orgasms, freeze fun and more.



Asia Perez Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I will be right with you Sir

Fuck me and you never want a human again

I would have never picked a restaurant like this dam dive I ended up in, if it was not for the fact that I had been on the road all day without eating anything. I have to say though, I did like the sexy young waitress at first but that changed quickly when she kept ignoring me. Of course I kind of expected the service to be a bit slow but that girl did not even seem to see me.

Finally, I got her attention but that did not help much either as her head seemed to be somewhere else. Not only did she keep asking me the same dam questions but she also kept dropping things and or walking away from me without warning. To make a long story short, she eventually started to ramble on about being an android who was just about to malfunction. Figures, I had to pick that one. You might not believe me when I tell you that I really tried to help her and that all the programming I did was supposed to fix her, but it is the truth. Why she suddenly switched to being a horny yet still malfunctioning little sex toy, I will never know. Maybe you will figure it out once you watch this clip!

Asia Perez Clip 8  

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