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Atlantis Sneak Preview Members - Click here to view this clip



Atlantis, black beauty with an awesome hard body is another girl who came in for her training about a year ago and I was finally able to edit her session. Atlantis is besides being beautiful, a woman of few words but lots of action. Naturally sexual, she was more than curious to explore her body in ways never thought possible. Besides some camera problems the session turned into another fun filled and exciting afternoon and Atlantis left with a huge smile on her face.  

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Atlantis Atlantis Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip

I start the relaxation part with the locking hands and it shows right then and there that Atlantis is already entranced and all set to be trained. You get to see a lot of the white in her eyes while she is following every move of the swinging crystal and her head drops after only a couple of minutes.




Atlantis Atlantis Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip

To be in deep trance makes me feel aroused, the mantra 

 Atlantis learns that the better she obeys, the more pleasure she is allowed to feel. She also learns that there is no limit to the amount of pleasure she can feel while being deeply entranced. Her nerve endings are sensitized and Atlantis is starting to feel her body unlike ever before.

After a brief struggle, her lust and the desire to orgasm for me gets the better half of her and like a good little girl, Atlantis lets herself go. Repeating: "to be in deep trance makes me feel aroused," drives her finally over the edge. I have her orgasm for quite some time while I keep planting the orgasm trigger for the rest of the session. I love watching her quivering hard body under the tongue lashing I have her feel and it is now obvious that she has surrendered. A few questions and the always important sleep training conclude this segment.





Atlantis Atlantis Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip

Those clothes make me look like an elephant   

 I don't think any of this will work on me 

Not remembering what has happened so far in the session, Atlantis wakes up and the first thing she does is to take off her dress. I wonder why, but then again it is about time that those clothes come off! Don't you think? What makes it even stranger is the fact that she believes that she looks like an elephant in her dress. Well, we all know what to say when a woman asks us whether the clothes she is wearing make her look fat.

Atlantis does not seem the least bit concerned or embarrassed to do all this in front of me, a total stranger. I wonder why, could it be because of some suggestions I planted? Of course, now that she is naked, she feels cold. Too vain to get back into her "fat" dress, she is trying to warm up under the pillow. It is a lot of fun to watch and listen to her reasoning as to why she prefers to take off her dress and be naked over looking fat!





Atlantis Atlantis Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip

It is not coming off    

I hate to say this but I told you so 

Despite my warning, Atlantis can not seem to stay away from the vibrator on the table next to her. Not remembering that the session has already started, the poor girl does not really know what hit her. I mention that I have to leave the room for a few minutes and being the nice guy that I am, I also warn her not to use the vibrator. What do you know? The second I leave, her hands wonder over to the vibrator and a few seconds later the little joy stick is working between her legs. What Atlantis does not know is that once the vibrator is between her legs, she will not be able to get it off. Watch how she tries to explain all this, her utter embarrassment and her futile struggle to avoid the inevitable orgasm.





Atlantis Atlantis Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip

Open eyed and frozen mind removal  

 Crawl my sexy little Leopard  

Atlantis does not seem to be too thrilled about the idea of having her mind removed and to be turned into a willing love slave. Frozen in mid sentence, her big beautiful dark eyes now stare at the blue light as her mind slowly runs out. I can feel her being empty and ready for more training. All she knows how to say is “yes Master” and believe me, she says it a lot.

 I start her off with some masturbation on her knees. Too early though to allow her to cum, it seems like being denied to orgasm makes her even more obedient. Atlantis is now ordered to crawl and her cat like moves are very hot to watch. At some point I snap her out of it and what do you know, she still complains. Now is a good time to freeze her again and let the blue light take care of her remaining mind.

Zombie like and obedient, Atlantis learns about the power of the muted forced orgasm. Exhausted and empty, my little slave finally surrenders. Lots of “yes master” repetitions like: “I have no more will,” zombie poses, forced masturbation, mind removal and surrender.



Atlantis Atlantis Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip

More mind removal leads to being a perfect slave   

 Fully awake again, Atlantis experiences sudden tickle attacks and on top of all that she is frozen yet again. The poor girl can not seem to win, as soon as she is ready to leave, my hand slightly touches one of her hands and all of a sudden she is blank and mindless again! "Please master let me serve you," as we get back the obedience training, things begin to heat up quickly, empty minded and muted, Atlantis is now going crazy for lust. Her hands are wet from her own cum, her body is quivering and shaking and the repetition of “please master let me serve you” seems to drive her over the edge. Very dramatic surrender along with lots of twists and turns...




Atlantis Atlantis Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip

Please can I give you a foot job? Please…   

 Thinking that she is talking to a complete stranger at a party, Atlantis is dying to give me a foot job. Her feet seem incredibly sensitive and although she feels a bit awkward about her own behavior, she keeps begging me to let her do it. Enticing and seductive, my horny little girl starts to play with her feet and breasts. She squirms whenever she touches her pretty and perfectly pedicured feet and the way she slowly applies the lotion I hand her sure makes me feel hot. I convince her that, being a stranger and all, she has to show me her talents by using a dildo first and I have to say, I should have just gone for it. This one is for our feet and orgasm lovers with lots of close ups of her sexy feet in action. Really nice clip and slightly edited due to the loss of a couple of frames.



Atlantis Atlantis Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip

My feet are not sensitive  

 Short but sweet, in this clip Atlantis all shy and embarrassed tries to cover up her naked body. I guess that happens when one does not remember what has just happened. Believing that her feet are not sensitive, she now learns that whatever part of her body I touch is sensitive and brings her to orgasm.





Atlantis Atlantis Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip

I have to pee, please     

Believing she is on a blind date, Atlantis all of a sudden has the sudden urge to pee. Right in the middle of our somewhat awkward conversation, she suddenly gets up, excuses herself and tries to leave to the bathroom. Unfortunately though, she does not make it too far before she stops dead in her tracks. Frozen and helpless, our little girl is now played with to the point where she almost can not hold it any longer. Bitching and pleading.




Atlantis Atlantis Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip

Frozen, mindless, embarrassed and still has to pee!  

 The poor girl just can not seem to win. Now she has the urge to strip and pose for me and again, she finds herself helplessly frozen and orgasmed in the most awkward positions. Switched back between being aware and being completely blank, Atlantis goes from being bitchy to silent and obedient. At some point it hits her again and she just has to pee. Of course it would all be so much easier for her if she could just move. Lots of twists and turns, bend over orgasms, hot posing and fun freezes.




Atlantis Atlantis Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
Wet fembot date

Don't you love it when your single friends send you a beautiful young call girl for your birthday? What a beautiful young girl and the best thing about all this is that she is paid for and all mine for the night. I just love the way she moves and shakes her sexy ass for me and believe me I can not wait to take her to the other room. You all know what I mean. Having her fix a drink for me first was probably one of the dumbest ideas ever but how could I have known? She politely turns down the drink I offer her but she is more than happy to pour one for me and that is when it happens.

The soda bottle must have been warm or something the second she turns the cap, the water keeps gushing out and splashes all over her breasts. Everything goes down hill from here. Before long, she malfunctions and goes down and so do my dreams for the night. I just wish these bastards had told me that my birthday present was a fembot.




Atlantis Atlantis Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Wet fembot date

After I get her back up from the last segment, my disappointing Birthday present is at least making some progress. Finally she seems to at least feel her pleasure center again; in fact, my hopes seem to go up again. Horny, promiscuous and quite sexy, my fembot is getting ready for penetration and to watch that is just plain hot. Unfortunately that does not last for too long and just when I am ready to get the sugar, she goes out again. What can I say, I get her back up but now her motor skills are screwed up. Instead of going to the left she marches to the right, next she bounces into the coach and then she can not seem to pick up the pillow in front of her. If only she was just not so darn sexy and I was so dam horny... Maybe I should have given up right then and there … watch and you will know why I did not.





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