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Audrey Lords Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


Float into submission, the journey begins

Audrey, very horny, beautiful red headed little spinner with an amazingly sexy young body was quite nervous and almost shy when she first arrived. I was not really sure whether she would be a good subject at first and let me tell you, I was so wrong. Audrey turned out to be a whirl wind of energy, a fantastic subject, insatiable horny and most importantly deeply submissive. If you enjoyed Ashley Grace, Ginger, Jen Capone and the list goes on, you will certainly love Audrey. Trying to describe the intensity of her session and the fun I had with this beautiful young girl, is almost impossible. Audrey, unlike most of my girls, did not have to travel far and she was, despite her nervousness, ready to play. Get ready for another exciting, real and absolutely sizzling hot session.

I noticed right away after starting her off with the floating arms test that her entire body started to sway and it almost seemed like she was floating. Her eyes glanced over and she told me how wonderful she felt already. Nice slow induction with flickering eyelids and a lot of body language.

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Audrey Lords Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
I succumb to your control

This segment right after her initial induction shows already that Audrey is an absolutely amazing subject. Her body goes into lustful convulsions under my suggestions and she screams her first Oh my God's. It is obvious that the more she feels controlled the more she gets turned on. I give her no choice but to obey and that seems to be what she, deep down inside, needs and wants. She keeps repeating, "I succumb to your control," and her beautiful young body goes into more violent confusions after every repetition. Her head is spinning by now and she understands that the more she submits the more pleasure she is allowed to feel. Of course that is just the warm up. I intensify her feelings of arousal and the pleasure she feels between her legs ten times, twenty times and up. Audrey never felt this good and there is no doubt in her mind that I can take this where ever I want to.



Audrey Lords Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
I am completely under your control

First intense freeze, mantras and wide open eyed surrender

After some more intense orgasm and repetitions, Audrey is now put on her knees in front of me. Her little body is shivering and shaking when she takes off her dress. She is programmed to feel what ever I tell her to do with an amazing intensity and no matter what it is, it turns her on even more. I tell her that she belongs on her knees in front of me and that she has to obey even better. Just mentioning that seems to drive her even more crazy. Her eyes are wide open now and she is not allowed to close them even during her intense orgasms. Audrey's eyes are fascinatingly big, glazed over and show her deep seated desires. More Oh my god's, more lustful convulsions and lot's of mantric repetitions like I am completely under your control. I decide to freeze her entire body and keep her cumming for as long as I like. The fact that she is helplessly frozen and stiff drives her nuts and I keep suggesting that the harder she freezes the deeper and more...



Audrey Lords Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
I want to be a good slave, master

There is only one master and that is you please make me a good slave

Audrey is now for the first time in her trainings session allowed to touch herself. Ordered to masturbate she is orgasmed on the count of three. My sexy little red head is standing in front of me and her body is shivering and shaking under the orgasms. To have an orgasm standing up is not easy and to have them on command needs training. Audrey's eyes are wide open and she stares at me as if she was afraid to miss a single order I am giving her. "I have no more will and no more mind. Next comes the part where I wipe out the rest of her mind. Her beautiful eyes glaze over even more and now she stares right through my hand in front of her face and her head suddenly drops back. I keep taking her deeper and watch her completely mindless masturbation. If you like the zombie like masturbation and repetitions, this part of the clip is for you. Great slow repetitions, screaming loud orgasms and mindless submission.



Audrey Lords Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
I freeze for you master.

"I was born to be your slave master, please use me," yet another mantra into blissful and screaming surrender.

Audrey loves the feeling of having no control and or choice and I decide to freeze her again. This time she is standing in front of me with her arms stretched out. The hand I make her feel between her legs is making her scream again. Frozen solid, her body can only shiver while her moaning and groaning becomes even more intense. Audrey tries to close her eyes here and there which is perfectly natural for people to do when they feel lustful arousal but I want to see them open and that is why I decide to freeze her eyelids as well.

After this warm up, I have her now bend over the couch with her ass pushed out at me. She keeps repeating, please use me and that makes her orgasm, after I give her permission of course. It is really not easy to describe the intensity of these segments, the way her body keeps going unto lustful convulsion, her voluntary repetitions, the screaming which really comes from deep within and her desire to be controlled and used, can hardly be put into words. "All I want is to obey you master." Audrey last orgasm in this one makes her give it all up and it puts her out which is my favorite part of this segment. Go see and you know why.



Audrey Lords Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a female, I need to be trained

I am a mindless slave and you are the one to train me

Audrey's intense training continues. First I have her assume the zombie position while she is repeating, I am a mindless slave and you are the one to train me, ". Her big dark eyes are staring in nothingness, her voice sounds slow and monotone. Of course that is just the warm up for even more intense training. Audrey's beautiful, tight young body goes into lustful confusions under my suggestions, her moaning and groaning intensifies while I have her refer to herself as female.

I am a female, I need to be trained becomes her mantra into completely mindless surrender. Audrey's eye lids seem to be glued open and there is no so much as a flinch. Can it become even more intense. You bet ya. The way Audrey screams for lust particularly when I suggest that she is a helpless female, her monotone repetitions, her mindless surrender, the way her body twitches and shakes throughout her training, her sweaty, glistening wet skin and her unbelievably incredible stares are, again, not easy to describe. Towards the end of the clip, I have her finger fuck herself into complete oblivion. Everybody who enjoys the slow mind sucking scenes will love this one.



Audrey Lords Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
The ice-cream Testers mindless, horny wife

Maybe I am a little bit horny, honey

Audrey is maid to believe that she is the wife of an underpaid and not very ambitious ice-cream tester. That job really exists. Anyway, needles to say that she sees me as her husband who wants some sugar, meaning pussy, tonight but as usual, she is not in the mood. Audrey seems to only be interested in the ice cream I brought home and despite my warning that it might, let's say' change her, she almost forces me to finally let her have it. OK, suit yourself honey but don't say that I did not warn you. Sure enough after a few spoons into it my sexy yet reluctant little wife seems to become more and more aroused. She even starts to find me attractive.

Of course she tries to deny the whole thing but after a few more big spoons of the sweet love cream there is just no more denying it. Horny, loving and in need to get fucked, she now offers herself to me. I notice that her little mind seems to be leaving her which is another side effect of the ice (love) cream. Her eyes become dull and all she is interested in, is to get fucked. It fun watching her mind slowly slipping away and when I sweep my hand in front of her eyes, she goes completely blank. Audrey is incredibly horny in this one and the way she plays with herself, undresses and offers herself to me is just hot.



Audrey Lords Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
What are you talking about, I am Human

T 1000 in need of the annual update

I had a feeling that something was wrong when she did not show up for her annual check up/upgrade and I decided to have her brought in. Usually the T 1000 series is pretty good about coming across as humans while maintaining a sense of what they really are, which would be Fembots but then again, what do I know, I am just the assistant programmer and they usually don't let me work on anything higher then the 800 series. Anyway, she seemed utterly confused about all this and it was quite obvious that she had no clue as to why she had been brought in.

The poor thing kept asking me where the hidden cameras were, thinking she was on some kind of TV show and I just could not get through to her. Don't ask me what and why it happened but all of a sudden she started to ramble off numbers, kept repeating herself and her body seemed just a tad out of wake, if you know what I mean. I first thought she might just be confused and when she switched back to telling me how human she is, I was almost ready to believe her but then it happened. Right in the middle of her strip dancing for me, all hell broke lose. Why was she dancing for me, you might ask. Well, that was her way to proofing to me that she was real. Lots of action, confusion, monotone robot talk, twists and turns.





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