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Audrey Lords Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Please make me an obedient female

Female is Cumming for you

More rolling eyes, the most intense breath controlled orgasms, crawling, mantras, blank stares, the wave of my hand and uncontrollable orgasms. All the above is only a small part of this next segment. Audrey learns to be a good and obedient female who has no choice over how and what she feels and that is exactly what turns her on thus makes her surrender. We start her off staring into the camera while repeating, Please make me an obedient female. I can feel her getting incredibly turned on. She is now ordered to pleasure herself with the vibrator I am handing her and my little girl goes berserk after only a few seconds. She is mindlessly absorbed into the pleasure she is allowed to feel and becomes wide open for my programming. Audrey's body goes into lustful convulsions again, her eyes are rolling back further with every once of her mind, she is relinquishing. I am an obedient female, I am cumming for you. I have done a number of breath controlled orgasms but I have to say, Audrey's are probably the most intense once I have seen. Her little body and head almost explode while is ordered to hold her breath during her orgasms.

I can feel that she wants to please me so badly that she would do anything, even if it means passing out at the end. Her reward is to be put on her knees, to crawl and to be orgasmed at will. Audrey's eyes are wide open throughout this part of the training and believe me her stares and screams are unbelievable. Wait there is more. Audrey wakes up again, after a brief deepening, as my reluctant and bitchy wife. That is not funny at all. Waving my and in front of her eyes makes her manageable again. The segment ends with her being trained, orgasmed and worn out, while she is fully aware of it yet unable to stop it at the same time. Very intense and lot's of twists and turns.




Audrey Lords Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
Robotic Bridesmaid programmed to obey

Instead of finally being the bride, Audrey is yet again the brides maid. Sick and tiered of being always the one in the ugly dress who never seems to get married herself, Audrey is certainly in a foul mood. The fact that she ends up at the dinner table with me instead of a young hunk, does not help at all. In fact she seems to be taking her frustration out on me and that of course hurts. Imagine what her reaction is after I mention that the necklace, I just gave her for to try on, will turn her into an obedient little robot. That is the dumbest pickup line I have ever heard. Wait until you see what happens when I push the button on the remote, you know, the one that activates the crystal. I am a programmed robot, control me. Let's see what's under the ugly dress, shall we. How about some standing at attention, walking in circles, orgasm training, repetitions and a lot more programming/training. Very hot and different.



Audrey Lords Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
Robot is fucking itself

I am a machine

This one is seriously hot. Robot Audrey is programmed to masturbate for me, standing up and on her knees. All she wants, is to show me how well she is programmed and how intensely excited she is. Again her body goes from being robotically stiff to being violently convulsive. I can hear my robots wet pussy and it is time to take it up a notch. Put on her back my horny little robot bridesmaid is ordered to fuck itself with the vibrator and when I say fuck itself, I mean it. Audrey is going at it like I have not seen before. She keeps slamming the vibrator deep and hard into her wet pussy, her shivering body is all over the place and she keeps screaming, robot is fucking itself, through out her violently hard orgasm. I don't know how to better describe it and you will see what I mean once you see the clip. Of course we are not done yet. Back on her knees, robot Audrey acknowledges that she is a machine and as that she keeps fucking herself so hard that it finally deactivates her. Intense from beginning to end and even if you are not into robots, I promise, you are going to love this one.




Audrey Lords Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen and still unwilling Bridesmaid
Audrey wakes up as the somewhat unpleasant bridesmaid. Completely confused, ashamed, embarrassed and clueless, she tries to collect all her belongs of the floor. Can you blame her for feeling this way. I mean, what woman would not feel that way after waking up with a vibrator stuck in her pussy, butt naked and utterly clueless as to way she is in this predicament. Maybe somebody put something in my drink. No, I don't think that was it.

Anyway, her attempts to get dressed gets abruptly interrupted when her little body suddenly freezes up. Blank and frozen with her unblinking eyes wide open, Audrey is now send through a series of orgasms. In the middle of one of those hard cums, her awareness suddenly comes back and now she feels that there is no way for her to stop it. Frozen and helplessly orgasmed, she realizes that the more she tries not to cum the harder it hits her.

Why is she cumming like this. Well, just because I say so and that awareness certainly makes her orgasms even harder. I suggest that I can do with her what I want and just mentioning that drives her up the wall. I can not describe all of what is going on in this segment. Audrey tries to put up a fight and realizes how much she loves to lose. She is taken back and forth between being frozen, aware and unaware, confused, completely helpless and unable to resist any of my orders. Lot's of no/yes, no/yes and please.




Audrey Lords Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a mindless puppet, I am your toy

The puppet master and his empty toy

Audrey is one of the best puppets I have ever had. Her body moves like it really is on strings and her mind is just like the mind of a puppet, which is empty and non existent. Audrey is moved around, her hands and arms are raised, her body is put on the floor, on her back and into the spread eagle position and her eyes are held wide open by those invisible strings. Of course there are slow and monotone repetitions like, I am a mindless puppet and or I am your toy. Watching those strings making her finger fuck her wet pussy is almost as hot to watch as what follows next. Very intense and certainly not a cute doll clip.



Audrey Lords Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
give up, I give up

Back up, my little bridesmaid wants to leave the party yet again but again I mention to her that it might be a bit early for that. Does she listen? No, of course not. Let's find out whether some severe (touch less) tickling might change her mind. Sure does, now she is not only begging me to stop but she is also willing to go out with me. Sorry honey too late for that. I can feel that she is ready to do anything for me and making herself cum is just a small prize for her to pay. Orgasmed and tickled at the same time, Audrey wiggles and screams but all her begging is not convincing enough for me. Taking off the rest of her clothes is nice but she does not do it fast enough and here we go again. This is not a cutesy tickling clip, be prepared to watch some serious female training, intense begging, even more intense helpless orgasms and a very hot ending.


Audrey Lords Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
Will you ever doubt me again?

The answer is no, after this last segment, Audrey is convinced that I can do with her as I please. The segment starts with her coming back from a brief deepening. For reasons unknown to her, she has the desire to touch her feet and as soon as she does, she explodes into a violent orgasms. I agree with her that what just happened was quite strange and encourage her to do it again, just to see whether it was a fluke or not. Of course it happens again and this time I keep her cumming. For some reason she still seems doubts that I have all the power and she dares to close her eyes. I suggest that the second she opens her eyes and sees me, she will orgasm again.

Does she believe that one, No, not until she opens her eyes. Unbelievable, the eruption that follows and the surprised look in her eyes is just priceless. I keep her cumming and even increase the intensity of her feelings, just to show her that she can not control that one either. Will you ever doubt me again. Audrey's body is shivering and shaking and she keeps screaming, no not ever again. I switch her to feeling tickled again and then orgasmic, without letting her orgasm though. I know she wants it so badly that she does anything I want. The segment ends with very intense eye checks. The description only begins to describe what is happening in this last segment of one of the most intense and fun sessions I have done.


Audrey Lords Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not a robot, want to fuck?

I have to say these T1000 sure know how to drive a man nuts. The way she plays with herself, those deep hard orgasms, the strip dancing and her promiscuous behavior are impossible to resist. Did I have something to do with the fact that she suddenly did all this for me? Of course and you know what I am proud of it. Yes there were problems and her orgasming during my "repair attempt " might not have been a good sign but by then I was way to horny to give up. At some point everything seemed perfect, Audrey, I mean the T 1000 seemed wet, horny and only interested in pleasing me. How much more can you ask for. " I will follow and obey all programming." Just like in the last clip, there are lot's of orgasms, hot strip dances, repairs, malfunctions and more in this one. Audrey is most likely one of our best fembots.





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