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Aurora Sky Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


That's what good little girls do

Aurora Sky, adorable, beautiful and very sexy young blond, could not have ever imagined to go as far as she did during our session. Only a very short while ago, she was too shy to even show her beautifully rounded natural breasts in front of a camera and see what happened during our Time together. I am not sure how to explain what happened but the result was that our sexy young girl went from shy to insatiably uninhibited and sexual in a matter of minutes. I could go on and on about how amazing her transformation was and how she discovered her, let's call it wild side" but I am sure you will see all this once you start watching her clips. Enjoy another real and authentic one.

I could feel her dropping right away during the 4/3/5 breathing exercise, which by the way is designed to reduce stress in the brain. Eye checks towards the end.

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Aurora Sky Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I follow my master wherever he takes me

Needless to say, Aurora's session starts off intense and very hot. I decide to let her feel my power over her by taking her close to orgasm (at the snap of my finger) without any warning and or foreplay. I don't know why but I had a feeling that she was ready to respond to a more forceful training and it turned out to be right on. Her beautiful body starts to quiver and i can feel she is close to being orgasmed at yet another snap of my fingers. Of course that is all just warm up. Time for her to learn that a mindless subject is a good subject. Her eyes are wide open and it becomes obvious that all thinking has stopped.

 After more orgasm training on my command, Aurora is placed on her knees. Again, she just stares into nothingness when I wave my hand in front of her empty eyes. She keeps repeating, I am here to be trained master, I am a good little girl, before orgasmed again. Well, as mentioned, Aurora seems to like it rough. Let's watch her masturbate without being allowed to orgasm. Sure enough, our little girl goes crazy and I can feel that all she wants to do is orgasm for me. Let's see what happens when she is eventually allowed to explode. Te segment ends with her being taken down again while slowly repeating, no control (mantra) I am cuming for you master.



Aurora Sky Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your willing slave master

Thank you master

Enjoy more intense stares during slow mind-reduction, uninhibited screaming hard orgasms, zombie/sleepwalker pose, slow repetition of mantras, the waving hand, mindless posing while being zoned out, nipple torture and more.

Aurora is taken through an intense rollercoaster of emotions while being dropped into mindless dimness and then back up into intense orgasmic arousal. Enjoy her first public masturbation while being trained and tamed.




Aurora Sky Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Oh my god

Everything I do is for my master

Rolling/cross eyed entrancement, crawling while feeling helplessly fucked and used from behind, intense foot worship, dim stares, slow repetitions and so much more.

Aurora's hands are still caressing her beautiful breasts and, believe me, our girl goes absolutely nuts. She is made to feel the hands on her tits as if she was masturbating. She keeps screaming, oh my god while her body goes into lustful convulsions. Suddenly she is dropped into mindless oblivion which makes her feel that I can give her pleasure as well as take it away from her at anytime. As you can see above, there is a whole lot more to come. Aurora turns out to be a very willing and horny foot slave who goes nuts at the slightest touch of her masters hands. Just seeing my hand approach her feet drives her insane. Imagine what happens when she is placed on her knees for some very intense obedience training. Great close ups of her feet and ass. Really hot.



Aurora Sky Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Everything your master makes you feel and do is exciting

I am your mindless empty shell master

This next one is just a intense as the ones before. Aurora learns that having no will, thoughts and mind of her own, is what good little girls who want to become well trained love slaves have to experience in order to let themselves fall completely. No question here. Aurora is ready to give it all up and the intense "breath controlled" orgasm training is only the beginning. Enjoy more stares, rolling eyes, intense and uninhibited orgasms on command and her final and unconditional surrender. Zombie/sleep walker pose, slow repetition of mantras like, I am your mindless empty shell master, waving hand, sleepy orgasm during final eye check, kneeling and so much more.




Aurora Sky Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
It must have been the long flight

Masturbation is good for the Children

Aurora, who believes to be our new Au-Pair girl, does not seem impressed when I mention to her what I do for a living. I mean, that cannot be real right? Anyway, we keep chatting about her duties and I can't help but notice that she seems to feel tiered and sleepy. What do you know, right before I am ready to share something very important with her, she goes out and is deep asleep. Poor thing does not even notice that I am playing with her sleepy body, lift and turn her head, look into her wide open eyes and so on.

Well, let's try this again. Up and confused, our sexy Au-pair cannot quite peace it together and before you know it, she again. Let's take a closer look at her beautiful breasts. Auroras limp body wobbles and her arms drop like rocks when I take off her top. Needless to say, that when I wake her up again, she does not notice the missing top. In fact, now she starts to masturbate as if that was the most appropriate thing to do. Of course everybody does that, particularly in front of the young ones. Will she be able to orgasm or will she be put to sleep by the quite concerned father?




Aurora Sky Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Nudity is good for...

Do you really think I did that intentionally

Our sexy Au-Pair girl seems to believe that being naked and flashing her ass in front of everybody is quite normal and sort of expected from her. Well, I guess, we all have different standards. Still, she does not seem impressed with what I do for a living, as we all know, it does not work. Things change though when she slowly freezes up. Starting with her feet, her body becomes stiff and ridged, despite her attempts to move.

 I wonder what happened. Wait until you see her reaction to all this (including her nudity) when she becomes aware of all this. Believe it or not, she seems to think that I might have something to do with all this. Needless to say, she does not believe me when I mention the power of "THE WAVING HAND" until it is too late. Aurora goes down with rolling eyes. Still there is more to come. Finally she can move but what do you know, as soon as she sits on the couch her body freezes up yet again. Now what. Really fun segment and her comments are funny as h...





Aurora Sky Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Please turn it back on

Entrancement does not work

Our horny Au-Pair girl cannot seem to win this one either. Here we have our young lady go from being shy and prudish (Christian upbringing) to being horny and free about her masturbation, as if it was the most normal thing to do in front of a stranger. It is really fascinating how easily her mind can be made to believe whatever I suggest. First we have her frozen on the couch with the Hitachi wedged between her legs. I wonder how that got there. I guess I put it there. Poor thing tries to fight it which makes me decide (being the nice guy that I am) to turn it off but that turns out to be even more torturous for her. Now she wants it on. Looks like she is really horny but still reluctant. Let's put her to sleep and play with her. It would take way too long to describe all what is going on in this one because there is a lot of back and forth, freezes yes/no orgasms, confusion, bitching, pleading and begging, unforeseen and or spoiled orgasms, stares, rolling eyes, embarrassing moments, waving hand entrancement and sleep training going on.




Aurora Sky Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a very serious person

It must be a pulled muscle

Our sexy young Au-pair girl, who cannot seem to remember what just happened to her, goes on and on about how serious she is and how important it is for kids to grow up with high morals, keeps cracking up for laughter for no apparent reason. Could it be that she laughs about me ad or the way I look. Could it be that she does not take her job all that serious. Of course not, it is the invisible tickler that makes her do that. Poor thing has no idea that she is under P H suggestions and commands. Things get even more dramatic when she freezes up again while being tickled. How does she end up with the Hitachi between her legs and why would she need to be punished. Go and find out. Hot clip, forced orgasms, stares, sleepy play, freeze, tickle and female training.




Aurora Sky Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Another magic Ring story

I hear and I obey

Aurora, who believes to be a guest at my house warming party, wonders off and somehow ends up in my bedroom. Believe it or not but the little is snooping around in my stuff and sure enough, she finds the ring, you know the magic ring. Of course when I start talking to her about the fact that she is in my bedroom which is off-limits, she tries to come up with all kinds of excuses. Oh well, to make a long story short, she ends up entrancing herself by looking at the ring and all she knows how to say is, I HEAR AND I OBEY. She will actually say that many times over during this intensely hot segment. What comes next is for our foot worship lovers. Of course we need to train her by making her crawl in circles while repeating, I hear and I obey and then make her orgasm by touching those helplessly immobilized soft feet of hers. Rolling/cross eyed entrancement




Aurora Sky Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Want more feet

Be grateful to be allowed to please your master with your feet

I don't like the ring anymore

This next segment is the continuation of clip Ten. I decided to split it up for all of our viewers who cannot download the large files but I do recommend to watch both clips as they are hot.

Watching her suck, lick and gently massage her feet, run her fingers through her toes, orgasm when touched, crawl, beg and plead is really hot and intense. It shows that Aurora is the perfect foot-slave and that being overcome by power is what turns her on. As mentioned, she likes it rough. Of course there are those times where our little thief becomes aware of her situation and yes, she complains, bitches and pleads but it all ends with her being a willing slave for as long as I want her to. Dim stares, yes masters, I hear and I obey, masturbation, close ups of feet and pussy and more.

Thank you for allowing me to show you my feet master.




Aurora Sky Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Does it remind you of when you were young


Aurora, my beautiful yet unctuous neighbor has no compassion for the poor guy who lives in the apartment right underneath hers and who simply cannot take her loud music and dancing in the middle of the night any longer. Believe it or not, she goes on and on about him being too old to have fun and so on. Needless to say, at some point he just has enough and he start giving her a well needed "attitude adjustment." The laser beam seems to go right into her forehead, her brain seems to stop functioning and her body becomes stiff. Robot Aurora preparing for programming. There is a lot of programming going on, robot monotone speech, robo walk on her knees, a different kind of deactivation, Hitachi torture (find out what that means) arousal and orgasm program activation and deactivation and so on. Not only for our obedient robot segment fans


Aurora Sky Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Lust in space

Would you like to hear about our specials

I was debating whether or not I should try out the new and quite artsy restaurant which just opened around the corner from my house. One look through the window and I was sold. Who could resist checking out the extremely pretty young waitress in her sexy and very short little dress. OK, so I am weak but what else is new? I should have known that something was wrong when she kept asking me what kind of drink I would like and the fact that she started to repeat the "specials" for today. What made it even more bizarre was the fact that she did not seem to know how to respond to my (maybe clumsy) attempts to hit on her. Don't get me wrong, I have been turned down in the past but in her case it almost seemed like she did not know what I was talking about. When you look at the pictures next to the clip description, you see our sexy little waitress masturbating, being naked, malfunctioning, being repaired and so on and you might wonder how this all happened. I think the best way to find out is to watch the clip. Robotic movements, bug eyed responses, slow glitches and more of your favorites.


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