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Ava Addams Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Even deeper

Ava Adams, stunningly beautiful and extremely sensual seductress with long black hair and big natural breasts was just as excited to come back for a solo session as I was. I am sure that most of our longtime viewers remember her from her session with Renna way back when. I was certain back then that I just had to have her back for a solo session and yes, it took quite a while but as we all know, good things are worth waiting for. Needless to say, the afternoon with her was loaded with intense sexual energy, some futile attempts to test her limits and most importantly, lots and lots of lustful screams, yes masters, mantras, mind games, orgasm training and so much more. Ava has a wonderful attitude and her eagerness to find out how far she can be taken makes her a fabulous subject.

Of course the fact that she is highly sexual and naturally horny makes it even more exciting to teach or I should better say, to train her. We did have some technical difficulties that day in part due to a thunderstorm and the fact that my favorite camera decided to give me grief. Luckily, I filmed most of her session with two cameras which made it possible to edit most of her clips except two really nice ones which had too many dropped frames to do anything with it. Well, I think that Ava might just have to come back so we can do it all over again. Despite the camera problems, Ava's session is sizzling hot which I am sure you will agree with ones you have watched her clips.

Ava was quite nervous and full of expectations and it did take me a while to calm her down with the help of deepeners and of course by reminding her of her experience during her first session. That is the nice thing about the subconscious, nothing ever gets lost and every memory can be triggered at a moment's notice. The roaring Florida thunderstorm which started right after we began the session eventually helped to take her down into the inner world.

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Ava Addams Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Remember you have to let go of mind and will

Female training step one

Good little girls have no will of their own

Now that our beautiful girl is in deep trance, it is important to take her right back to where we left of at her last visit, meaning, to take her right back under my control. Her well rounded body starts to rhythmically move under the penetration I make her feel as her breathing turns into moaning and groaning. I remember how lustful Ava is and I can feel that, just like last time, her intense desire to please me, is taking her right back into a state of mindless obedience.

She keeps repeating my suggestions without me having to say so which means, she not only agrees with them but she is also intensely turned on by them. She keeps repeating, good little girls follow and obey as her moaning and groaning turns into lustful screams. Ava's sexy body goes into lustful convulsions as soon as she is helplessly hit by her first orgasm. Taking off her panties and exposing her pussy to her master drives her even further up the wall. Time for her first mindless repetition of, I follow and obey. Very intense start which shows how trainable Ava is and how intense the rest of the session will be.



Ava Addams Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Unlocking the inner mind

Female Training step two

First mantras, yes master, forced orgasms, futile fights, empty stares and mindless orgasms.

We all know that programming the subject works better when they are made to focus their attention on something else. Ava started staring at the key in my hand by the end of the last segment and by now, her mind and will has been greatly reduced. All she seems to feel is lust as she is ordered to pleasure herself for me. I can feel that she is trying to test my strength by closing her eyes here and there which we all know, is not allowed. Love slaves do not have the luxury to have even so much as a private moment during their orgasms.

Of course her will is broken soon and she now screams, I want to cum for you master. Now it is time for some more slow mind reduction and her first mantra of the day. Ava keeps repeating, mindless and empty, over and over until I can feel her dropping even deeper. Ava's big eyes stare at me and I decide to orgasm her just like that, after all, she has to learn to be ready to orgasm for me at any time. Our little girl screams for lust as she repeats, I am cumming for you master. More repetitions of the words, No thoughts and I am just a slave, prepare her for the next segment. Ava's intense orgasms and the sensuality with which she surrenders is almost impossible to describe.




Ava Addams Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Thank you for letting me serve you master

Mindless slave

Ava is standing in front of me, as her wide open eyes stare right through my waving hand. She keeps repeating I am a mindless empty shell. Finally completely mindless and empty yet very aroused, she is orgasmed again at will. I am cumming for you master. I can feel that she drifts even deeper as she is ordered to pleasure herself for me. My little slave has to learn that her orgasms and with that her body and mind are under my control which is why I keep driving her up the wall without letting her cum. I can feel that she is ready to explode and repeating, thank you for letting me serve you, seems to drive her over the edge but still, she has to wait until I finally count to three. Our little girl cums so hard that it puts her on her knees. Of course that is all just the warm up. Ava's beautiful body goes into lustful convulsions when she suddenly feels helplessly fucked from behind and she keeps screaming, you are my master, without me even having to mention it.



Ava Addams Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your horny slave

Nobody has ever fucked me like this before

Time to make her learn and understand that good and obedient slaves go on all four for their master. Again, her beautifully rounded body goes into lustful convulsions as soon as I make her feel helplessly fucked and used. Nobody has ever fucked me like this master. With her arms stretched out in front of her, she keeps repeating, mindlessly fucked slave and I can see in her eyes that she is drifting deeper with every slow repetition. Of course there is more. Ava has to learn that touching her breasts and squeezing her nipples is just as arousing as touching her clit and that she is program to feel every sensation her master makes her feel. I wish I had the right words to describe the intensity with which she brings herself to orgasm simply by caressing her big breasts. The segment ends with more mind reduction while she is repeating, mindless and empty, no thoughts of my own. Very intense with lots of mantras, screaming hard orgasms, stares galore and complete surrender.



Ava Addams Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
No more will of my own

Initiation into slavery

Ava body is placed on what she believes to be an altar for her final initiation into slave hood. Her body feels weakened and helpless yet intensely aroused. She has to learn to let go of her mind and will and that all she wants is to obey and serve. She feels the hot candle wax slowly dripping on her silky skin and her body goes into lustful convulsions. The idea of being helplessly taken drives her insane for lust and she keeps screaming, I am a mindless horny slave. Suddenly her hands go between her legs and she has no other choice than to pleasure herself. Watching her big natural breast jiggle up and down as she makes herself cum on my command, is too hot to describe. More mantras like, I am your obedient slave thank you master, seem to drive her even further into mindless lust. Of course the best is yet to come. Not allowed to breathe without her masters permission, Ava orgasms so hard that it eventually puts her out. Very intense with lots of mindless mantras, stares, hard orgasms and so many more of your favorites. The segment ends with her having a last orgasm in her sleep while I am holding her eyes open. Not for the weak.



Ava Addams Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Let me think about it honey

Ava who believes to be my girlfriend is about to break up with me the minute I come home from a long day at work. Unhappy about my financial situation and a few other things, like she really does not want to cook for me or do anything at home, she seems to believe that the new guy she met will give her a more luxuries life. Now that hurts. The worst part about all this is that I just went out and bought her an engagement ring from my recently inherited wealth. You should see the change in her when she hears about the inheritance. Somehow she seems to believe that the ring I am giving her is worth a fortune. I wonder why. Anyway, what really gets me is that she wants to keep the ring without really committing to our relationship. Sounds to me like she wants to think about the whole thing as she is holding on to the rock.

Well, I guess you all know by now that my kind of rings all have, let's call it, special properties and this one is no different. The second my little sweetie twists the top of the ring, she sinks into mindless bliss as she repeats, very slowly and monotone, "obey my master". Time to remove the last bit of her will and mind. Ava just stares into nothingness as she says, I am an obedient mindless slave now master. Ordered to strip and then to pleasure herself, my sexy slave is starting to get very excited to be controlled by her master. Yes masters. intense stares and a very hot transformation scene from bitchy girlfriend to obedient and very horny slave.




Ava Addams Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Learn to bow to your master

Forced as well as denied orgasm, yes masters galore, slow mind removal leading to intense mindless stares, kneeling, slow repetitions, kneeling and bowing as well as final surrender

Short and hot, clip eight is the continuation of clip seven in which we started to train my unruly yet very hot girlfriend. Watching her quivering and shaking body as she is not allowed to orgasm or looking into her empty wide open eyes while her mind slowly runs out is definitely hot. Ava ends up screaming and begging before she is put back to sleep.



Ava Addams Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Did you do one of your weird things with me again

My little girlfriend wakes up again and it is quite obvious that she is very confused and still not all the way back. She slowly tries to piece it all together but her ability to think seems a bit off. Anyway, the fun part about all this is that she suddenly has the desire to change into something more sexy. I wonder what made her do that. Anyway, she grabs the hot red lingerie and gets dressed while blaming me for what happened. Looks like she is on her way out yet again but then it suddenly happens. My little sweetie freezes up and just stands there, just like a mannequin. Could this have happened just because I mentioned the word freeze? I guess so. It comes as no surprise that the first thing she asks me as soon as her mind comes back is, WHY CAN'T I MOVE?

 That is a good question honey. Of course she has a suspicion that I might have something to do with her predicament , particularly when I start messing with her, you know, take off her bra, place her hand over her mouth and nose which makes her talk really funny. My idea that an orgasm on my count of three might help to shake things lose does not seem to make sense to her but, despite her attempt to avoid the inevitable, it happens anyways. All of a sudden it seems like she can move again but unfortunately her freedom is short lived and she turns to stone yet again. Let's see whether a vibrator wedged into her panties will help her. No, that just makes her reluctantly orgasm very hard.



Ava Addams Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
This sucks

This is not a laughing matter
Some tickling, more freezes, an unwanted finger in her mouth plus an even more unwanted orgasm, muted, liquefied and helplessly played with as her mind seizes to function are just a few of highlights of this segment

Ava snaps out of it again and believe it or not, the first thing she does is bitch at me for whatever she thinks just happened. Of course my suggestion to laugh the whole thing off, does not go over too well. In fact, she insist on blaming me which turns out to be not convincing at all. I mean, who would take somebody who jumps and wiggles around in front of you all that serious. It sure looks like she feels tickled all over her body and now, believe it or not, she asks me for help.

As you all know, I am doing my best to help her but that only leads to her being stiffly frozen again while still feeling the tickling. That sucks. Try being orgasmed at the wrong time (we all know there is never a wrong time for that in my sessions) or being muted and liquefied. The way she goes down after her body loses all strength, her intense stares while I am playing with her and the intense convulsions her body goes into every time she is made to orgasm is impossible to describe.



Ava Addams Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip

Didn't I tell you not to sniff around
Ava, who is made to believe that she works as a nurse at a renown hospital meets her new boss, the head of the podiatric department, for the very first time. Being new and quite inexperienced, she seems a bit nervous when she first sees me and my comments about her beautiful feet, certainly do not make her feel any more comfortable. In fact she thinks that my remark about her feet is quite inappropriate, given the fact that I am her boss and all. What can I say, I am a man who loves his job and looking at feet never seems to get old for me. Anyway, now is probably a good time to leave her alone. Of course being the nice doc that I am, I warn her not to open any of the jars which are filled with experimental substances which could potentially numb her mind and her ability to think.

Well, what can I say, the first thing she does after I leave the room is to sniff around the jars. Her eyes straighten out, she drops whatever she is holding in her hands and sinks into deep trance. I guess this would be a great time to turn our sexy nurse into a mindlessly entranced, oversexed and very horny foot slave who loves to play with her feet, show them off while bringing herself to orgasm. Towards the end of the segment, our little nurse has to learn about this very sensitive spot under her feet which, when touched by her master, makes her lose all strength in her body, thus renders her even more helpless while her feet are touched and examined. I know that was a long sentence. Anyway this is a very intense segment not only for our feet worshipers. Great transformation from perky nurse to oversexed foot lover.



Ava Addams Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Lollypop lust

This segment was suggested by viewers and it is all about nurse Eva demonstrating her blowjob giving talents and believe me, that girl has talents. Nurse Eva wakes up and she is consumed by the desire to show me how good she is at giving head. Believing that it is my dick in her mouth, she goes to work on the lollypop. I cannot even begin to describe what she does with the sweet joy stick in her mouth.

The way she slowly roles her tongue over it, swallows it deep and then slowly runs her lips over it makes me sweat just remembering it. Of course it gets even hotter when she takes it between her big breasts and then sucks on it again. She is ordered to masturbate while feeling me in her mouth which makes her take it in even deeper. The more aroused she gets the more intense she sucks and licks. At some point I decide to freeze her mouth as she feels the hot cum exploding in her throat which makes her orgasm again. After that she slowly goes out and now I can....Really hot and it sure makes you want to be a lollypop.


Ava Addams Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I do not want to get a cold

I don't want my hair to get all curly

This week's robot story is about a young and somewhat inexperienced model who has been chosen by a big shot photographer, to pose for the cover of his new book, women from all around the world. Being chosen by such a famous photographer certainly makes her proud and yes, a bit nervous. The problem with all this is that he wants her to pose in a wet T-shirt. Why would this be a problem, you might ask. Well, for one she is a fembot who desperately ties to hide that she is not human.

The fact that he insists on spraying her with a whole lot of water to make the picture look as authentic and real as possible, slowly but surely turns the whole shoot into a nightmare. No matter how hard she tries to change his mind, he just does not get it and sure enough, our beautiful young model starts to glitch and eventually even malfunctions. Could this be the end of her modeling career and the beginning of a steamy love (lust) affair with our big shoot photographer. Wait until you see how he miss-uses her and what he does to her otherwise prudish programs and where the hell is he taking her at the end.

As mentioned my favorite camera gave up that day but luckily I shot this scene with two cameras and I was able to use the footage from the second camera to make this segment.


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