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Bella Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Dive into the abyss

Bella, hot blond with a very sexy and most importantly, almost always horny, natural body, was more than intrigued by what I do and it certainly felt like she could not wait for the session to begin. The idea of letting go and to basically surrender her body and mind to a stranger, seemed quite hard to believe but definitely exciting and different. Bella had of course, like most of our girls, never been put under before and it took a bit to make her let go of her need to control the situation. Oh yes, Bella can be quite bossy which you will see in some of the segments but as soon as she is put back in her place, our sexy wild cat purrs like a little kitten. Be prepared for very loud and hard orgasms, mind games, slow yes masters and mantras, rolling/cross eyed trance, re-inductions/transformations, candyfication/bimbofication and soooooo much more.

Bella seemed quite confused when I used the heavy hand/light hand confusion method on her which was in fact exactly what I was hoping for. Slow eye closing, close ups

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Bella Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I surrender to you master

I had a feeling that Bella is the kind of girl who likes it rough and wild which made me decide to not waste any time. First she is taken into an intense sexual fantasy. Her sexy body and nerve system is sensitized and sure enough, before long, it hits her and she starts to moan, groan and eventually scream for lust. Time to have her open her eyes (stare at the watch) for more deepening and another round of intense pleasure. I can feel her giving in to her own lust and the over and over repetitions of, I surrender master, drive her up the wall. Of course she has to wait before she is allowed to climax, which makes it perfectly clear already who is in control. You are my master for as long as I am...



Bella Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am under your control master

Show me and let me feel that you are a good little girl

This next segment shows our little girl go from being excessively horny to mindlessly dim and obedient. Training a female subject is often made more effective by taking the subject from intense heights back to mindless stillness. The back and forth of the emotions tend to through off the conscious mind thus opening the inner/subconscious mind. Anyway, long and slow repetitions of mantras like, I am your mindless slave master, eye fixation on the watch and slow deepening (mind reduction), screaming hard orgasms, kneeling, masturbation as well as hands free (made to feel fucked) orgasms and more. Repeating the mantra, I am under your control, makes her give up all will and thoughts. Very intense.



Bella Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your orgasm slave master

I am cuming for you master

If you are into intensified orgasm training of a female subject, long and slowly repeated mantras like, I am your orgasm slave master and I am your mindless slave master, bend over ass out masturbation with great views of the subjects ass, rolling/crossing eyes as the subject is taken deeper into the abyss, orgasms on command, silent/mindless stares, zombie/sleep walker pose and unconditional surrender of the female subject, than this one is certainly for you. Watching her quivering and shaking body almost collapse as she is made to feel helplessly fucked, is hot, hot, hot.



Bella Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your crawling slave master

I am your hypnotized slave master

Anybody hear likes to watch a female slave crawling back and forth for her master, roll and cross her eyes as she drifts into oblivion, repeat mantras like, I am your obedient hypnotized slave master and or you control me master, having her breath stopped before and during intense orgasms on command, stare into the light while her mind goes to sleep, masturbate and finally being put to sleep so that her master can play with her limp body and perform eye checks. Well than go ahead and watch this one. Of course there is more going on than what I described above but again, trying to describe all of the intense moments of this segment would take forever and I have a feeling that most of you would not read all of it anyways.



Bella Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
I love you master!

Not all candy is created equal

I am your hypnotized slave master

What are the chances of a beautiful model running into her EX-boyfriend, who happens to be the photographer, at a candy commercial shoot. Slim, I know but that is exactly what happens to Bella. Surprised and a bit upset, she realizes that her ex is still just as upsetting as she remembers him. What can I say, she left me, after all. Anyway, this segment shows that Bella has quite a bitchy and bossy side to her. Of course all that changes when she tries one of the candies. Being the nice guy that I am, I did warn her about eating the European candies as they have not yet been FDA approved.

To make a long story short, after trying one of the yellow colored candies (those are save) our little girl cannot seem to resist the orange ones and that should turn out to be a big mistake, for her anyways. Suddenly her mind seizes to function and she drops into mindless trance. Looks like my ex needs a serious attitude adjustment which includes, mindless and slow repetition of mantras, spankings, bend over ass out masturbation, orgasms on command and or denied orgasms, zombie/sleepwalker pose, crawling back and forth, kneeling and a lot of programming. Instead of being allowed to climax, she is send back into dim mindlessness which again, makes her roll and cross her eyes.



Bella Clip Seven & Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
The magic lollypop

Some candy can cause muscle stiffness, loss of mind, involuntary orgasms and eventually mindless slavery. The hand trick is oftentimes the cure for such occurrences. After a brief deepening, my ex slowly comes back and what do you know, the bitching starts again. Looks like she is suffering from short term amnesia which is probably why she does not remember what just happened. Of course she is a bit confused about the fact that she is almost naked. Oh well, here we go again. Still surprised to find me, her ex boyfriend, to be the photographer for the candy commercial, she signed up for, our little girl agrees to do the shoot anyways.

Let's do it again and see what happens when she tries one of the blue candies. Yes, I did warn her not to swallow them, after all, I am a nice guy but she does not listen. Sure enough, her body freezes up and her mind drifts into dim and mindless obedience. Frozen and helpless, just the way I like it. The fun begins when I make her aware of her situation. Of course she does have a hard time talking which is probably because of the finger I had stuck and then frozen in her mouth. OK, me undressing her, does seem to irritate her a bit but the fact that I make her orgasm with the "magic lollypop" between her legs, really gets her going. Looks like it is time for the hand trick to render  her mindless and then turn her into an obedient slave.




Bella Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Let's try the orange candy

Giving your ex-boyfriend the finger is just not nice, honey!

Some candy may increase the sense of humor while leading to muscle stiffness, mindless love and other strange occurrences...

Up again, my surprised and confused ex, still wants to go on with the photo shoot which might be in part because of the severe memory loss she seems to encounter. Of course there is more bitching and bickering before she finally tries one of the orange candies. Of course, despite my advice, she swallows it and now she rolls around like a mad woman. Could it be that the candy makes her feel tickled or maybe just overly stupid. At any rate, her rolling around and the laughing suddenly come to an end as her body freezes up again.

Poor thing. Now the tickling starts again. It get so bad that she even seems to have a hard time hearing me which makes me decide to have her lose all control over her muscles. Now my sweetie just lays there, fully aware yet helpless. What can we do next with our limp little girl. I think you know. This one leaves her speechless, exhausted and better yet, madly in love with me. Believe it or not but at the end, she wants to get back together with me. I don't know about that though.




Bella Clip Ten & Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
That could never happen to me!

This next segment got a bit longer again because I had so much fun with Bella that I completely lost time. There will be a split version available but honestly, if you like watching a beautiful Kindergarten teacher being transformed into an oversexed, yet at times mindless foot lover, who loves to show off her feet, than I definitely suggest that the clip in its entirety.

Bella believes to be applying for the position of the kinder garden teacher at a very prestigious kindergarten. Being interviewed at home seems a bit unorthodox but here again, she is supposed to teach the kids of the rich and famous. Who would not want that position. I even mention to her that the last teacher was to weak for the job and that she was hypnotized and then forced to do funny things with her feet, by one of the kids. Well, what can I say, it makes her laugh and she goes on and on about how strong minded she is and that something like this could never happen to her.

Needless to say, foot worship is not her kind of thing anyway. All that changes as soon as she hears the click. Mindlessly entranced and programmable, she now loves to worship her sexy and very well taken care of feet. Yes foot master, I am your foot slave. Mindless foot worship, heal masturbation, aware foot play yet unable to stop it. Bella is rendered weak and unable to move while I am taking a very close look at her feet. Great if you love pantyhose, orgasm due to the simple touch of my hands and so on. I think this one covers every one of your favorites. Eye checks at the end.



Bella Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Don't you love my body?

More cross eyed white eyes and unexplainable behavior...

Our kindergarten teacher wakes up again from a brief deepening and boy, is she confused and embarrassed about the situation she finds herself in. Needless to say, she begs me to give her another chance but just when I am willing and kind enough to even consider her, she flashes her ass. Wait till you see what happens when she becomes aware of her behavior. Of course the apologies and excuses just seem to be flying out of her mouth and in the midst of all that, she suddenly flashes her ass as well as her tits. The worst part of all this is that she cannot seem to stop doing what she is doing, despite her best efforts. Looks like we need to put her out again and look at those crossing/rolling eyes, make her helplessly orgasm as well as play with her.


Bella Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Who would want to watch that

I am your willing object master

Bella believes to be auditioning for a Sci-Fi movie in which unsuspecting young women are turned into perfectly programmed robot servants with no mind or will of their own. Needless to say, she does not agree with the concept behind the movie and the storyline seems absurd. Why does she audition anyways. Well, the money is too good to be true. Sure enough, as soon as she switches on the high frequency light, her mind goes by-by. Ready to be programmed, her voice has become monotone and her body seems far more rigid, which is always a good sign. Lots of yes masters, slow and monotone repetitions of orders, some dusting, bottomless masturbation, deactivation, standing at attention, arms out in front, stares and more of your favorites. Long repetition of, I am your property master, while cleaning the desk.


Bella Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Would you like a blowjob?

I am not old!
I usually never say no to receiving a blowjob from a beautiful blond but in her case, I was concerned about her old age and with that her functionality. I know, I know, she does not look old but, as we all know, the R4-2000 was designed nearly twenty years ago. How did I get into this mess. Well, let me start from the top. When I got to my (much) older brothers house for dinner, I noticed that he was not there yet which made me decide to let myself in by using the key, he always hides behind the planter in his driveway. I know, not smart but that is how he is.

Anyway, I noticed that the door to his study was open. I always knew that my brother was a bit strange but what I found that night in his room, shocked even me. I never thought that a grown man like him would play with a bunch of mannequins. Things got even more bizarre when one of them suddenly started to move and to talk. Finally it dawned on me that the life like looking dolls were in fact, somewhat outdated, Fembots.

To make a long story short, I had the time of my life that night at my brothers house but I do not think that I will go back there for diner, at least not anytime soon. Hot strip tease, some masturbation, slow malfunctions, stiff robotic moves, monotone speech.


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